Kruse Wellwood & Cameron Moffat

Hellbeasts Kruse Wellwood and Cameron Moffat
Crimes: Abduction, Rape, Torture, Murder

The world would so totally have been a better place if Kruse Wellwood and Cameron Moffat had been aborted. The world truly does not need these two pieces of human offal. But unhappily for us all, Kruse Wellwood and Cameron Moffat were allowed to be born, and they grew up to become killers. Sadistic killers, in fact. I shudder to think that they might yet live to prey on other, worthwhile people again.

Kruse Wellwood possibly inherited his penchant for murder. His father, hellbeast Robert Dezwaan, is in prison for killing a 16-year-old girl in 2001. Her name was Cherish Oppenheim, and she had done nothing, but nothing to deserve her horrid fate.

Dezwaan had picked young Cherish up at a gas station. He claims a fuzzy memory (that’s original) and may remember drinking beer and having sex with her at some point. Regardless, Dezwaan whacked Cherish on the head with a rock and then he strangled the poor girl. He buried his murder victim’s partially clad body under some logs in a wooded area outside of Merritt, BC.

Happily for us all, Robert the POS Dezwaan was caught and convicted.

Kruse Wellwood was all of 7 when daddy dearest was arrested, but he was already a violent, antisocial kid. He lived with his mother Nadine in Vancouver at the time his POS father was charged with murder. By grade 5 he was totally out of control. He would hit his mother and attack fellow students.

Nadine should’ve aborted the creep.

Young Cameron Moffat was no angel either. He was also a violent kid. He attacked his family members and other children. He once kicked the family dog so hard he broke the poor beast’s leg. That didn’t stop him. He even brought weapons to school and was suspended. In February 2006 he was arrested for threatening his mom with a knife.

When Kruse POS Wellwood and Cameron Shitstain Moffat met up, they were in 5th grade. The two of them gravitated toward each other and they, being total little monsters, boosted each other to do more and greater violence against others. They liked to start fires. They also started doing drugs. Ten years old and this horrific twosome were well on their way to destroying their own and other people’s lives.

As these two got older they began sharing rape fantasies and finally murder fantasies.

In February 2009 Kruse Wellwood posted on a blog “Early Warning Signs of a Serial Killer.” In that post he admitted that he himself met all the criteria. Was nobody paying attention?

Kruse Wellwood was 16 and Cameron Moffat was 17 when they seriously planned to kill. Their motive? “Shits and giggles,” according to the Satan spawn Wellwood.

On March 16, 2010, Wellwood asked an unknown World of Warcraft friend, “What would your opinion be on me if I killed, raped, or brutalized someone?”

This anonymous friend answered, “I’d be pissed at you.”

Apparently that was the wrong answer if it was meant as a deterrent. The two budding killers proceeded deliberately and hellishly with their plan. They texted each other, mapping out the abduction and murder that was to take place.

Kimberly ProctorOn March 18, 2010, these two POS hellbeasts arranged to meet 18-year-old Kimberly Proctor of Vancouver Island. She knew them — they were classmates. In fact, the boys had hit on her in the past and she had shrugged them off and shot them down. That’s when they began to treat her like crap, trying to make her life miserable.

Moffat and Wellwood wanted payback. And payback for these two POS losers meant loosing total evil upon their victim.

Kimberly wasn’t to know what these two murderous and sadistic teenagers had in store for her. She thought they wanted to meet to explain why they were being so nasty.

Kimberly was ultimately lured to Kruse Wellwood’s home. Mommy Nadine wasn’t home — she wasn’t even in the province. Kruse had the run of the place.

Once in the house, Kimberly was overpowered, bound with duct tape, gagged with a sock, and brutalized.

Kimberly was raped and raped for hours. And then her torturers introduced a knife to the situation. They began mutilating their victim, and Kruse Wellwood later bragged that he actually stuck the knife into Kimberly’s vagina and cut through to her organs. He BRAGGED about it.

Kimberly was finally suffocated to death. Her killers had placed duct tape on her face that prevented her from breathing. Some news outlets stated that they continued to rape the body.

The poor girl’s body was stuffed into a freezer in the garage, and the next day Wellwood and Moffat carried it in a duffel bag on a public bus. Eventually Kimberly was dumped near Galloping Goose trail near Colwood, BC. They set her body on fire.

Fortunately for us all, these murderous monsters were also idiots. Boastful idiots. They were so pleased with their big accomplishment they wanted to share it with everyone.

It was only 5 days after Kimberly’s horrific murder that Kruse Wellwood the mental deficient confessed to an anonymous friend in a chat on World of Warcraft.

See, Wellwood and Moffat, being brainless idiots, believed that the police could not access chats on World of Warcraft. Hah!

Also on a World of Warcraft chat Wellwood boasted to his ex-girlfriend, a fellow gamer, about the horrific crime.

“He told me that she went over to his house, and they like raped and murdered her, and then took the body and burnt it,” she told an RCMP constable.

Yet another gamer friend told police that Wellwood had confessed in a phone conversation.

“When I asked him why he did it, he just said, ‘Because it was easy.'”

About a month after the murder, Wellwood the big-mouth POS loser confessed to his 14-year-old girlfriend.

“He just says ‘I killed Kim,'” she told investigators. “I was shocked the first time he told me.” I can believe that.

But then this brain-damaged female said, “I still wanna be with him.” I can’t believe that! How absolutely desperate and stupid could she be? But I digress.

With all this online bragging and boasting Kruse Big-Mouth Wellwood was doing, the police soon twigged to the identities of the murderers. They soon began to monitor and analyze the two monsters’ online activities. They bugged their homes, they bugged their cellphones, and they even bugged the gazebo the killers liked to hang out in. The police also kept the two under close surveillance.

Through forensic analysis of the teens’ computers and cellphones, the police uncovered old transcripts of texts and instant messages and Google searches. The Tech Crimes Unit gathered the equivalent of 1.4 billion sheets of paper on the online activities of those two.

In a nutshell, the police had them by their nutsacks.

In June, 2010, the killers were arrested. Still the murderous pair didn’t know to shut up.

Big Mouth Wellwood described his crimes in details to other prisoners at the Victoria Youth Correction Centre. In fact, at least 5 inmates contacted the police to tell them about Wellwood’s confession.

The arrest though had changed things a bit. Now Wellwood’s confession put the majority of the blame on his pal Moffat. Poor Kruse was forced to play along, and it was Moffat who murdered Kimberly while he slept.

Cameron Moffat, meanwhile, was housed separately in another unit at the correctional centre. He told his fellow inmates that Wellwood was the instigator. He claimed Kruse murdered Kimberly while he slept.

Such good friends — each blaming the other for the horror they had both enthusiastically participated in.

Still, I wish that every murdering piece of scum were as willing to blab about their crimes as these two.

And still they didn’t shut up! While being driven in a police van to their first court appearance on June 21, 2010, the two monsters had a lovely chat — recorded of course. They laughed and joked. They chatted about the gross food in the correctional centre, they joked about the police interrogation and their smart-ass answers. They even joked about escape plans. One thing they did not mention was any remorse for their crimes.

That’s because they both lack remorse. They lack empathy and every decent human feeling. Psychiatric reports label both Wellwood and Moffat as psychopaths with little chance for rehabilitation.

I feel for the investigators on this case who found the details so upsetting that they sought counselling.

In October, 2010, the murderous monstrous pair pleaded guilty to 1st-degree murder and indignity to human remains. They were sentenced as adults to life in prison with no chance of parole for 10 years.

Kimberly Proctor’s father Fred said he hoped they never get out of prison. I think every Canadian echoes that hope.

“These guys, these animals aren’t (able to be) rehabilitated,” he said. “They deserve to die a long, slow, horrific, painful death.”

Yes, Mr. Proctor, that is exactly what they deserve. I hope they never see the light of day again, and free up space on this planet soon. And then they both can rot in hell.

Ditto for Robert Dezwaan.

BC CTV News article and video
CBC News article

40 Responses to Kruse Wellwood & Cameron Moffat

  1. Kimber says:

    If you had taken a good look at the two of them at age 10, you could have seen this coming a mile down the road. Real monsters are born, not made, and I have met little kids that I made a point not to ever be around after they grew up. That poor girl. I hope that hell is real and that these two end up there, after years of being someone’s wife in jail.

    • troy says:

      if hell is real im sure those 2 will see you there. your morals are weak and understanding weaker. monsters are created, proven over and over. sad about the girl even more sad that 2 children grew up conscientiously having aggression built up into their mental health. while she may have had a few days of utter horror these kids life were engulfed in horror. not to justify them but people, your children learn from subliminal messaging and most of all you! raise them right or dont have them.

      • TheMinorMajority says:

        What a fcking idiot you are. “while she may have had a few days of utter horror….” stop. These kids life were in englufed in horror? really? Ive been to places in the world where kids wished they grew up with an ounce of what these kids had….grow up you stupid sob. Ya there lives were so horrific…i mean waking up to bomb threats and rape militias raiding their village….oh wait nevermind, worong country….these kids wake up the sounds of world of warcraft and tv shows. Monsters are created , yes, but if you have studied the human mind and phyche at all, including serial killers and mass murderers you would understand that some are born pure evil…..some killers have even admitted to having murderous thoughts as early as 4 and 5. Now go read a fucking book.

      • Anonymous says:

        I know the family of one of these young men. They are loving wonderful people and they tried everything. He was born evil, and everything they tried to do to raise him well and fix him failed. You can’t always blame the family.

        • Wally says:

          I suggest you read the transcript of the recording between the parents and their son while he was in jail waiting to go to trial. Absolutely no remorse about the victim from either party.

      • Mike says:

        seriously, both of you…. Monsters can be born, and they can be made. But most monsters are that way because of a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

        • Anonymous says:

          No, it is a conscious choice. There’s people out there with environmental factors that can predispose them to violence, but they remain civilized. Monsters are made–scratch that; self-made.

  2. moodymagic says:

    What wastes of skin. What the hell is 10 years for what they did. I feel so bad for Kimberly’s family. My how she suffered.


    Sadly, kids like this aren’t rare.

  4. Never realized how fucked up kids in Canada are.

    • Sapphire says:

      Fucked up kids can be found everywhere, all over the world. These two POS don’t collectively define all of Canada’s kids. Grow a brain.

    • Catharina says:

      You can not ignore behavior like this. These boys needed to be identified a long time ago. Good luck to the families.

  5. uforgiving says:

    Its too bad we cant nail them to Crosses and severely torture them to the point of death…bring them down…give them medical attention and then recrucify them with the same process for, let’s say, the next 4 years…yeah…then throw tbem in a pit with hungry zoo lions…and forget they ever existed…but the reality is they’re in club fed living in comfort for the rest of their lives while decent people and even the victims foot the bill…law makers and judges need reckoning in this country…..

  6. Bill says:

    I hope I never see these goof’s walking the streets of Victoria, or else I’ll do the entire world a favor and show these idiots how to actually kill someone, what fucking losers, I hope they get let out just so they can be kidnapped, Raped and have their penis cut off while they are still alive and awake. Fucking GOOFs

  7. bengalpuss29 says:

    Very true canada isn.t the only place with fucked up kids, thats an unfair statement. Look at where im from england, we had the james bulger murder a little 2 year old boy, murdered by two ten year old boy’s, we now have the carrying a knife culture where teens carry knife’s so when there’s a scuffle instead of a few punches these clowns pull the knife out & thats another life snuffed out. I could go on & on but won.t. You can.t tarnish everyone with the same brush, meaning just because you have a few bad apples doesn’t mean the whole batch is. I would love to go to canada & thankfully i know that murders like this one are very few & far between, your comment might give a potential tourist the wrong idea & not want to visit canada which has a lot of holidaymakers that bring revenue to your country. Its amazing how fast things spread on the internet & before you know it you’ve got something that has gone Viral & people saying they didn.t know canada had a load of bad kids doesn’t really help the Situation.

  8. bengalpuss29 says:

    I know not to upset you in the future lol. Yes the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. They raped and tortured that poor girl, and they were given a poxy ten years. Thats really gonna deter future rapist’s. Its a shame (uforgiving) that we can.t leave you alone with them for half an hour so you could nail them to crosses torture them and like you said recrucify them, now thats what i call justice.

  9. Mrs. Polifax says:

    Just to clarify, they were not given 10 years. They were both given 25 years for the murder and 5 years (concurrently) for causing an indignity to a dead human body.

    Both are eligible to apply for parole after 10 years but in sentencing the judge noted the recommendations of various psychiatrists that said the both of these scum bags would be dangerous for the rest of their lives and for any treatment to be even mildly effective, it would take up to 40 yrs of intense treatment.

    I don’t think either of them will be getting parole during their lifetimes.

  10. Thundar says:

    These 2 are pieces of crud. I read this story months ago, and as a father of 2 girls, it literally haunts me. I find myself thinking back to this story, and how these 2 cretins could do what they did, inflicting so much pain and suffering on her is unfathomable to me. I’ll search every month or so hoping to find a story (I know this is poor of me) detailing how they died a horrific death in prison. I can only hope that the innocent children of the world are safe from monsters of this ilk.

  11. Beautifully Broken says:

    To the creator of this group.. please email me… I am the bestfriend of Kimberly proctor and I would like to speak with you about some of the information you have posted on here.

  12. shayneo says:

    You people are absolutely sick. Especially you Cleo. I read a lot of your postings, and as tragic and sad these cases are, what makes you any better than these criminals? The same goes for the people posting all these hateful and sick things and wishing death on these people that you don’t even know, let alone understand. A decent human being would be wishing healing for the families and survivors and rest for the dead victims, not spouting more hate for people that has done nothing to you. It doesn’t matter what they did, those people that you wish death on are still human beings whether you like it or not. And people that spread more hate and anger in this world doesn’t deserve much better than the worst criminals.

    • cleo says:

      Wow shayneo, I’m in awe that people like you exist — people who think that wishing ill on someone is as bad as killing someone, raping someone, battering someone, and molesting someone. Because I write bad things about bad people, that, according to you, makes me as bad as them. Really? And I’m supposed to wait for someone to do something to me personally before I am allowed to write about them? Bullshit.

      You come to a site called Hellbeasts without figuring out this writer’s attitude. You then read a lot of my postings before you come to the realization you don’t like my attitude. And then you sit and pen your own deep thoughts about my postings and my readers’ comments. Well, shayneo, even if I gave a flying rat’s ass what you think about me I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve heard from victims, from victims’ parents, from victims’ children, from victims’ friends and they have thanked me and said they appreciate my site. So head back to your fragile fantasy world full of happy thoughts, shayneo, and don’t wander into sites like this again for your own sake.

      • Wally says:

        I totally agree with your response Cleo. Shayneo needs to wake up and smell the Roses. Hope nothing ever happens to you or a family member or friend to upset your fantasy world.

    • Hopeless Pedantic says:

      Maybe rapists and murderers don’t see the harm in what they do because people like Shayneo equate their disgusting crimes as akin to writing an article. Or, maybe people like Shayneo normalise savage rape, cannibalism, etc. by making it seem like other people are just as bad.

      Think of what the implications are of what you say before you utter your conflating nonsense.

  13. shayneo says:

    And to clarify something else, yes these criminals deserve to be punished just like anyone else that breaks the law. But no one serves death or torture no matter what they did.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      You are a fucking idiot, do you honestly believe that when some scumbag murders his child or a nonce rapes a child that we should forgive them? where i come from people like you that sympathise with these scum bastards, are just as bad. If you don’t like what other people say here, then the solution is quite simple, fuckoff and don’t visit a site called hellbeasts. I don’t like watching people being brutalised, so if i came across a site saying man decapitated, do you think i would visit it? you don’t like what we say, then stay away, dumb arse.

    • TheMinorMajority says:

      If someone rapes,tortures and murders someone you love…we will see if you keep singing to the same tune. Some people are PURE EVIL. They dont deserve to breathe the same good air that I do…they have no right drinking water nor eating food, reading or writing, smiling or talking to anyone, enjoying any of the pleasures of life…..why….because they restricted someone else from it against their own will. I believe in Capital Punishment, and I believe that humans who do sick and depraved things to others which ultimately lead to their deaths do themselves deserve a similar fate. I consider myself to be a good human who helps others, does volunteer work and keeps a positive attitude….but its stories like this which really makes me question the fabric of some people…..question if they are in fact….people

      • BENGALPUSS says:

        The minormajority, couldn’t have said it better myself, your so right when you say that people who take another persons life, don’t deserve to be alive, they should be wiped off the face of this earth, without a doubt.

  14. Angel of Retribution says:

    Animals do not deserve free meals and a warm cell. They deserve a public execution in front of Langford residents. When and where are they being transferred?

  15. TheMinorMajority says:

    There are some people in this world who struggle and bleed for pennies, just to survive, who have to walk miles to fill a pale with water….just so they can live….then you have these kids who play wow, eat junk food , do drugs,are so bored with their lives that they decide to rape, torture and murder an innocent girl for “shits&giggles”. Beautiful world we live in.

  16. BENGALPUSS says:

    And it isn’t getting any better, i really worry for the youngsters in my family. when i was younger, my dad only had to look at me a certain way, and i’d shite myself with good reason, because i knew i’d been disrespectfull, but now parents can’t discipline their children in case they end up in trouble, time to stop treating these idiots with kid gloves and start getting some respect again. i’m not saying beat your kids, but nowadays they are too spoilt and expect things on a silver platter, time to teach them to work for their x box or laptop, instead of just giving it to them, and scumbags that commit heinous crimes like this, get rid of them off this planet, they don’t deserve to be here if they can kill someone for a laugh, so get rid of them.

  17. t. osborne says:

    They’ve already moved Moffat to medium security & offered him rehabilitation programs, this was reported in 2014. I would not be surprised to find out that he is already getting day parole.

  18. BoostahWoot says:

    Yep, mark my words, these two will be out and living in our community within a couple years. It boggles the mind. I don’t think we should have a justice system like the US where people get 30 years for selling pot but the idea that these two demons who committed this unbelievably horrifying crime and laughed about it afterwards will be free before their 25th birthdays is unspeakable…the justice system will have their next murder/crimes on their consciences. What possible benefit does it give society to give these two a second chance? Lock them up and throw away the key.

    • Pam says:

      Well, the only benefit I can think that it would provide is that it would give people an opportunity to get rid of them for good. People this broken CANNOT be fixed.

    • bob says:

      I think everyone is missing the fact that they were sentenced to LIFE IN PRISON, with the POSSIBILITY of parole in 10 years time.

  19. Tom Daly says:

    I agree. The world would be a much better place if these two pieces of s**t weren’t born. If I could travel back in time, I would tell Wellwood and Moffat’s mothers to abort them.

  20. fonestar says:

    I remember when this happened and the police had the tape all over the highway in that area where they found the remains. I had no idea it was this graphic and terrible. I hope these two never get out and burn in hell.

  21. Jer says:

    I did 2 years time with cam moffat in federal prison, he wasnt the same guy that went into jail, im not excusing his actions, they were morbid, violent, and outright disgusting. We came to talk many days about what he done. He seems very remorseful for what he had done. I can see he has made many efforts to change in become a better person. i feel still he wont be released, but thanks to our flawed justice system he is allowed to apply for parole. and eventually yes he will be released.

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