Yves Bureau

Hellbeast Yves Bureau
Crime: Murder, Torture

Yves Bureau defies explanation. Truly. Yves Bureau was a 56-year-old French farmer in the Dordogne region of France. He was married with two children. He lived an unremarkable life for those 56 years it seems. He did at some point achieve some status as a deputy mayor of Verdon, but that was the pinnacle of his achievements. He wasn’t rich, revered, noteworthy or very intelligent. He was burdened by debts and a boring life.

But then, inexplicably, on September 10, 2009 Yves Bureau erupted in such evil, such barbarity that he will be forever thought of with horror and revulsion.

His unfortunate victim, Edith Muhr, came face to face with that evil and did not survive.

Edith Muhr, a 68-year-old German pensioner, was by all accounts a lovely woman inside and out. She had been a well-liked and respected teacher before her retirement. She loved to walk in the countryside and feed the donkeys carrots she would bring along just for them.

Edith Muhr had retired to Dordogne six years before that fateful day and quickly made many good friends. She was popular and much admired in France just as she had been in Germany. She’d been a lifelong Francophile, loving everything French, and was very happy to realize her dream and live in the Dordogne village of Faux.

Edith Muhr did nothing, absolutely nothing to deserve her awful fate. Hitler would have deserved her fate, Robert Pickton deserves her fate, but not that lovely, friendly woman.

On September 10, 2009, Edith Muhr was walking from her home to meet her hubby Ralphe for lunch at a restaurant. She didn’t get there. She got as far as Yves Bureau’s mother’s farm. Possibly she was trying to cross the farmland and that’s what sparked the eruption of savagery from within Bureau’s deepest depths.

Yves Bureau forced the helpless woman into his van and drove her into a barn. He hauled her out of the vehicle and beat her mercilessly. That was only the beginning of the orgy of violence and cruelty.

Yves Bureau next tied Edith Muhr to a ladder that was leaning against a barn wall. She was secured with a ligature around her neck and then her legs and arms were tied to the ladder. Edith begged him for mercy. I cannot imagine her terror. She had good reason to be terrified.

The creature Bureau had no mercy.

At some point Edith Muhr’s clothes were cut off her body. It may have been at this point.

Yves Bureau began by cutting off one of her fingers.

And then another.

And then another.

Edith Muhr was screaming for mercy but still he continued until he had cut off every single finger on both hands.

What kind of creature could do that? A creature from the depths of hell no doubt.

I hope and pray to God Edith Muhr was unconscious by then, because the beast Bureau was not done.

She was still alive when Yves Bureau used butcher’s knives and a meat cleaver to cut off her arms and her legs. I cannot confirm this but I strongly suspect that her limbs were first cut at the elbows and knees. The tally of body parts seems to indicate this is true.

And then finally, finally Edith Muhr died when Yves Bureau cut off her head.

And holding the head in both hands he used it for sex. That’s right, this hellish creature had oral sex with a decapitated head.

Bureau continued the mutilations, slicing off the breasts and removing the uterus. Ultimately most of the remains of Edith Muhr were stuffed into six black bin bags and dumped, some in a pond and some in Bureau’s cornfield. One finger and her uterus were not included. They were never found.

Ralphe Muhr had been waiting patiently for his wife’s arrival for their luncheon date. She, of course, didn’t arrive so Ralphe Muhr immediately contacted the police.

Edith Muhr’s remains were found the next day.

Police tracked down Yves Bureau who began by admitting he’d disposed of the body in the bags but denied he’d murdered the poor woman. He first claimed Edith Muhr had been hit by his car so in a panic he disposed of her body. The police, of course, found no corroborating evidence of a car accident.

Bureau next claimed he found her unconscious at the roadside and, fearing he’d be blamed for killing her, cut her up and tried to hide the body. Kinda stupid, wasn’t it, to claim she was found unconscious instead of dead?

Anyway, Yves Bureau told a dozen or so fairy tales about how he came to dispose of Edith Muhr’s body, but one look at the barn told the police everything. The blood on the walls and floor, the blood on Bureau’s clothes and the blood on the instruments of mutilation were evidence enough of the brutality and violence Edith Muhr was forced to endure.

Yves Bureau was accused of voluntary homicide, torture and acts of barbarity as well as voluntary homicide preceded or accompanied by another crime.

In court the beast Bureau offered no explanation as to why he tortured and murdered a woman he hardly knew. The prosecutor Jean-Luc Gadaud conjectured it was because of jealousy.

“She was everything that he was not – rich, intelligent and popular. He was crippled by debt, shyness and led a very boring life.”

Prosecutor Gadaud also suggested that possibly Edith Muhr’s German nationality sparked the violence as well.

“Perhaps it was an act of vengeance. His father was arrested by the Gestapo in 1944.”

Bureau’s father died six months before Edith Muhr’s murder.

Stuff and nonsense. In my mind the reason for the torture and murder was crystallized when I learned he had sex with the head. Yves Bureau is a sexual sadist. Torturing and murdering poor Edith Muhr sexually excited him and it got his rocks off.

The beast Bureau wasn’t thinking of Dad when he shoved his dick into his victim’s lifeless mouth. He wasn’t thinking of his wife and children or his mother. He wasn’t thinking of money he owed or popularity he lacked.

Yves Bureau had spotted the attractive Edith Muhr alone, on foot, and decided he would take her and use her to fulfill his every sexual, sadistic fantasy. Her screams ignited his savagery, and her agony fueled his cruelty.

Yves Bureau did not help his case when in court he laughed and joked when those stomach-churning photos of Edith Muhr’s remains were shown on a large screen.

The creatured showed no remorse, no empathy for his victim.

Not surprisingly Yves Bureau was found guilty.

Shortly before receiving his sentence, the pathetic creature burst into tears and sobbed, “It wasn’t me, it wasn’t me!”

Big surprise — his only tears were for himself.

Yves Bureau was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole for 20 years.

That is some justice for the death of Edith Muhr. Real justice though would be for him to suffer as she had suffered.

Off to hell with you, Yves Bureau. May you rot in pieces.

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9 Responses to Yves Bureau

  1. Anna says:

    OMG I can’t even! OMG! That poor woman!

  2. Kelli says:

    OMFG! I just pray that Edith was unconscious throughout her ordeal. This maniac needs to be tortured! They should take a piece off of him every day, just one, and start with his dick!

  3. Minx says:

    And they say that the punishment should fit the crime. There is no amount of punishment that could appease such an atrocity as this. I hope this thing rots in the valleys of hell for eternity!!

  4. Trace says:

    Somebody should take him apart piece by piece. Start with his balls. This creature deserves to suffer for the rest of his worthless life.

    • a_french_girl says:

      Hi ‘Trace’. Punishment should not be the exact replica of the crime. There is nothing that can be done to release the pain of Edith’s relatives & friends. Even if Yves dies, that wouldn’t reduce their pain and sorrows.
      Having a society based on a exact match of the crime (thus based on vengeance) would not work and would be in-human. It would be an escalation towards the worst. (and it would be hard to have someone accepting to have his dick into dead-head-yves…)

  5. moodymagic says:

    This poor poor woman! How she suffered. Reading this made me cry for Edith. I dont know what else to say but hell is to good for him. Rot Pig! Rot

  6. bengalpuss says:

    French girl, it might not reduce the victim’s families pain and sorrow of losing their loved one, but it would make them feel a damn lot better, that this pig is punished, cannot do what he did to their loved one, to anyone else, and that he will have gone through the same pain and suffering as what he gave to his victim. If i knew that killing someone horribly that my punishment would be the same done to me, then i wouldn’t do it, that would be enough of a deterent to make me not commit that murder.

  7. Raheja says:

    Sickening. Wish I hadn’t read it now. Sick bastard.

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