Yuan Xi Tang

Yuan Xi Tang

Crime: Murder

Yuan Xi Tang is one cowardly shitpile of the dog turd persuasion. And if I hurt his feelings to say that, good! I only hope that all who encounter him in the future will recognize his supreme, craven shittiness.

So why am I so down on this snot-nosed assbag? Because he killed his mom. The mom who spoiled him. The mom who wanted the best for him. The mom who sacrificed a lot for him.

Both of Yuan Xi Tang’s parents had great hopes and expectations of their boy. They sent him to study in Canada in 2006. In 2012 he was still “studying” in Canada. Actually, being away from his parents’ oversight, Yuan Xi Tang was living his own life. He had often lied to his parents and told them he was doing what they wanted him to do. It was easy to lie to them when they were thousands of miles away in China. But then they came to visit. Uh oh.

What Yuan Xi Tang didn’t want his parents to find out was he wasn’t living where they thought he was, and that instead of buying a car like he said he did he’d leased it.

At this time Yuan Xi Tang was a fully grown man of 25, but he wasn’t mature by any means. He was a craven wussy who was afraid of upsetting his parents. Instead of owning up to his lies and being a real man, he reverted to being a petulant, wimpy little boy. Pathetic in every sense.

When Yuan Xi Tang’s parents visited him in 2012, the snivelly little asswipe took them to stay at the apartment in Richmond, British Columbia where he told them he was living. Actually, he was pretty much living in a different apartment — I’m guessing with a sex partner. Why else the secrecy?

On June 7, 2012, days before his parents were to return to China, Yuan Xi Tang found his mother snooping through his papers. She found the lease agreement that proved he hadn’t bought the car like he’d told her he had.

Lianjie Guo

Lianjie Guo

What Yuan Xi Tang did next is incomprehensible.

He grabbed a hammer out of his school bag. (Why the hell would he have a hammer in his school bag?) And once he got the hammer, he smashed his mother on the back of her head with it.

Holy crap.

And did Yuan Xi Tang immediately regret what he did? Nope. His mom had fallen onto the bed with her face up. Her eyes were open. The cowardly turdpile of a son picked up a quilt and pillow and held it over her face. He didn’t want his mommy to see who was killing her.

The mother, Lianjie Guo, tried to struggle free but didn’t succeed. Yuan Xi Tang smashed her twice more on her head with the hammer. Her blood seeped through the quilt.

“During the whole time, she didn’t make one single sound,” said Yuan Xi Tang.

At this point, the monstrous little piss pot sat on the floor too scared to check if she was still alive. It took him about 15 minutes to gather the courage he needed, and he found no pulse.

Lianjie Guo was only 47 years old, RIP.

Yuan Xi Tang found himself with a corpse on his hands and his father asleep in the apartment. That’s when he contemplated murdering his father too.

“Then I thought that I was crazy, so I quickly abandoned that thought,” said Yuan Xi Tang. “After I had calmed down a bit, I thought that there was still a way of covering up this matter.”

This matter? That’s what he calls the murder of his own mother?

That’s when Yuan Xi Tang grabbed a suitcase and proceeded to stuff the body into it. She must have been a tiny woman. Once he was able to close the suitcase, he took it down to his leased vehicle. He drove to the apartment where he’d really been living and put the suitcase into a storage locker there.

When Yuan Xi Tang returned to the murder scene, his father was looking for Lianjie Guo. The killer actually kinda sorta told the truth — that she was at that other apartment. He left out, of course, that she was dead.

When Yuan Xi Tang had time, he collected the suitcase and drove it to Harwood Island to dump it and the murder weapon into the water.

Lianjie Guo wouldn’t be found for 7 weeks. For 7 weeks Yuan Xi Tang’s father was desperate to find her. For 7 weeks over 100 investigators looked for the missing woman. Finally, the suitcase washed up onto a beach near Powell River, and the investigation turned into a hunt for a killer.

Yuan Xi Tang and father

Yuan Xi Tang and father

Canadian police officers honed in on Yuan Xi Tang right away.

Disgustingly, there was insufficient evidence to charge the killer. And so they went to great and creative lengths to get the nasty little bastard to confess.

Undercover officers presented themselves as gangsters who were extorting money from the disgusting little fuckturd. They recorded his every word, and hit the jackpot.

Yuan Xi Tang complained to the officers about how controlling his parents had been. According to him, he’d been in love with a girl they disapproved of back in China, and to break up the affair they sent him to Canada. He told them that when he’d graduated he wanted to return to China to marry his girlfriend but his parents refused him permission.

Hell’s bells, he was 25 years old! He should’ve grown a pair and done what he wanted to do! Pathetic little apeshit of a man, killing his mother over a long lost girlfriend and/or a leased car.

Yuan Xi Tang, thinking he was talking to gangsters, confided that he’d cleaned up the crime scene so there weren’t any bloodstains, and described where he’d disposed of the suitcase and hammer.

On September 8, 2012, Yuan Xi Tang was arrested and charged with 1st-degree murder. Because he was suspected of trying arrange his father’s murder, the cowardly killer was also charged with counseling to commit an indictable offence.

Yuan Xi Tang, 28, went to trial in BC Supreme Court on October 22, 2015, and pled not guilty to 1st-degree murder. His defense was that the killing had happened in a “moment of madness”. His parents had used corporal punishment on him during his childhood and then they deprived him of his first girlfriend. Oh boo frigging hoo.

Yuan Xi Tang was found guilty of 2nd-degree murder. The conviction carries an automatic life sentence, but in Canada that doesn’t mean life behind bars. The judge ruled that the POS mother killer will be eligible for parole in 17 years. When he’s released from prison, Yuan Xi Tang will be sent to an immigration detention centre and then deported back to China. Good! We don’t need him here in Canada.

I extend my sympathies to the friends and family of Lianjie Guo. How horrible for that poor woman to discover in the last minutes of her life that she’d raised a monster.

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23 Responses to Yuan Xi Tang

  1. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Canada should have the Death Penalty For Murder just like the UK
    should Have

    1 Murder is Enough Reason to Restore the Death Penalty for Murder

    I Wish Politicians came out of their Ivory Towers and had some
    Common Sense and Restored the Death Penalty for Murder in Canada
    and the UK

    • Appalled says:

      I totally agree. Such incredibly heinous murders, with an irrefutable conviction, don’t justify a comfortable life in prison!

  2. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    There are too many Sickos Engaging in Murder and Thuggery

    It Makes my Blood Boil to say the Least

    The Death Penalty should Exist For Murder Rape Child Abuse
    and Cruelty to Animals Resulting in their Death or Horrific Disfigurement or Injury

  3. DecentPeopleOnly says:


    How many People have to Die before the Death Penalty for Murder is
    Restored ?

  4. bulldoggy says:

    Wow Cleo, I don’t think you like this guy at all. He is despicable in every way. I hope he doesn’t get paroled for decades.

  5. Bengalpuss says:

    Rotten little bastard he is. It would’ve been easier and wiser to tell the truth, but numb nut’s education obviously hadn’t worked because he couldn’t make normal adult decisions, thick cunt he is.

    • Shuo Yang says:

      He should’ve known how lucky and fortunate he was to go to such a good university. He should be wise enough to learn how to make the right decisions and not lie his way out of some of the most difficult situations that surface. He just doesn’t seem like the kind of person who knows how to make good choices in his life – which in good conscience, allowed him to erupt and kill his mom with a hammer.
      None of us are perfect, I know I am not, but that does not mean that we get to kill or harm someone else (esp. someone who cares about us) very much, just because we weren’t good enough at what we did, like making decisions that’d help us become more responsible and independent. Mistakes happen and every good decision comes with a price.

      He chose the opposite. He chose hate, violence and anger to avoid being a disappointment to his family. Well guess what, he already bought further shame to the Asian community, in China, as well as that in Canada – because of what he did.

  6. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    To Murder One’s Mother is just Creepy

  7. Bengalpuss says:

    It is creepy dpo, normal thinking people wouldn’t even think about let alone commit such a cruel act. This murdering bastard should never see the light of day again. The poor husband and father has lost two family members, one with no scruple’s, utterly sad.

  8. Bengalpuss says:

    I think the uk should bring back capital punishment, that’d make the criminal bastard’s think twice.

    • Shuo Yang says:

      Death is too easy. Keep some of the most hardened criminals (terrorists, rapists, gangs, murderers and serial killers), in prisons where it’s cruel enough for them to suffer, while other inmates throughout the prison system can navigate their way through the system for all I care. Death row is just an easy waste of taxpayers’ money.
      Also, we should make more outside conditions and pardons more difficult for them to obtain in the future so that way, we’ll feel safe from those who did us harm once they’re let out into society. Their problems are not our problems – we don’t have time to feed, cloth and care for everyone of them for the rest of time.
      We want to make parole conditions, release conditions and pardons more stiffer than they ever will be in the future so that none of us will have to worry about these offenders, because we don’t deserve any sympathy from them nor do we ever want anything to do with them.

      It’s just a waste of money and a waste of time to even think about it.

  9. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Indeed it would and certainly it would Stop them Murdering again

  10. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Through Not Murder Directly Two Things are Disgusting about
    Present Britain are the Scum who leave Broken Glass about which
    can Injure Animals and People and those who do Not have the Decency
    to Clean Up after their Dogs

    Dogs Mess can cause Injuries as Well

    They both should be Fined £20,000 Pounds for each Offence and
    Equally those who leave Broken Glass laying about should be Charged
    with Attempted Wounding whilst those who cannot be Bothered to Clean Up after their Dogs must be Banned from Owing Dogs for Life

    The State of Society is an Amoral Abyss which Needs Cleaning Up

  11. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    I Hope Canada and the UK Restore Capital Punishment for Murder

    It will be a Victory For Common Sense

    • Shuo Yang says:

      Sadly, the harshest sentence in Canada is the dangerous offender designation, which means people given that sentence are unlikely to be released from prison into society. This man is one good example because that should knock some sense into what he did and why.
      Similar in the UK, where the stiffest term is ‘whole life tariff’, where I feel some of the most hardened offenders, esp. potentially dangerous ones, like this one, mentioned above, should be one perfect candidate.

  12. moodymagic says:

    Glad this mother killer will be heading back to China. It is pathetic only 17 years for killing his mother.

  13. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    It is Pathetic Indeed.

    Liberal Do Gooders who Care More for Murderers than their Victims are to Blame

    The State of the West is such an Evil Mess

  14. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Something Awful in Australia Namely the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Torture Prohibition and Death Penalty Abolition) Bill
    which Prevents Australian States from Restoring the Death Penalty for Murder

    Nothing Helps a Murderer to Get Away with Murder more than Liberal
    Do Gooders and there being No Death Penalty

    Repeal this Edict which Condones Murder and Let the Australian States be Able to Restore the Death Penalty

    Then Real Human Rights such as Not to be a Victim of Murder will
    Not Go Down Under

  15. Chan says:

    I am sure that the Chinese Government will know how to “take care” of him once he got deported back.

    • Shuo Yang says:

      They’ll probably beat the crap out of him for sure, esp. when they find out about his criminal record in Canada, which he has been convicted of.

  16. Shuo Yang says:

    I’ve argued with my mom many times, but that does not mean that I have the right to resort to both rage and roadkill just because of a relationship or some other small thing. Not in the way this guy did.
    I think what he did to his mom was wrong and his lies kept coming at him, when he told he was studying, when in fact, he wasn’t; which apartment he was living and he lied about it, too. His lease papers show that he did not even buy a car, though he insisted he did. So much for a spoiled brat who had so much to live for in a country where his family wanted him to thrive continuously, Canada.
    I’m not sure if he should kept in a Canadian prison forever, but whatever fate throws at him, it’s not up to me or any of us to decide that for him. I just cannot imagine how someone like that can lie their tongue and all of a sudden claim they got a beating from their parents and all of a sudden, a relationship.
    If I were in this guy’s shoes, I’d know what to set aside first, and then what decisions I’d make first before I do them, finish school, get a job, find a place of your own to live, don’t mess around with your sex partner or anything, and learn a skill/trade, learn how to save money, and you’ll eventually get what you want.

    This guy took completely the wrong turn – and guess what – that window of opportunity he has been going after is now a deep, dark prison cell. Tough luck, pal. You’re going to need it!

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