Woody Alfred Wood Jr.

woody wood jr

Crimes: Murder, Dismemberment.

Woody Alfred Wood Jr. of West Virginia, USA, was much loved by his wife, Rebecca. He was, in fact, so loved by her that he received half ownership of her house as an anniversary present. That was a generous gesture, and spoke of Rebecca Wood’s anticipation of happily ever after.

Tragically, 17 years of marriage, love and devotion didn’t lead to a happy ending for Rebecca Wood. It couldn’t, because Woody Wood Jr. is a turd-brained hellbeast.

Around March 29, 2016, the couple had an argument. Big deal — all couples argue. But inconceivably, Woody Wood Jr. decided this time would be the last time they’d argue. He wasn’t thinking separation or divorce. He, being a monstrous hellbeast, was thinking murder.

Rebecca Wood was in bed when her husband approached her with his rifle. I hope and pray the poor woman was asleep and blithely unaware of what her husband was about to do. She deserved to not know.

Rebecca Wood

Rebecca Wood

Woody Wood Jr., while several feet away from her, mercilessly shot Rebecca in the head. For no discernable reason he killed her. Never mind she’d devoted herself to him and their marriage. Never mind she was a generous, loving, valued soul. He had decided she had to die by his hand, and he remorselessly made it happen.

Woody Wood Jr. found himself with an unwieldy body, a bloody mattress and bedding, his bloody clothes and a crime scene to deal with. He was ready. He assembled the necessary tools and trash bags, and got to work.

The POS killer decided that his victim’s final destination would be in a hole dug in the basement. Obviously he had no respect for her, and no regard for her family. Rebecca Wood had to disappear.

To get the body into the basement, the soulless monster dismembered it, and placed the parts in trash bags.

It is unimaginable to me how anyone could cold-bloodedly take an innocent life, but to further butcher the victim and reduce her to pieces of meat and bones is something only a heartless subhuman would do.

Woody Wood Jr. got the heinous deed done — likely with help, but nobody knows for sure who his helper was. He also hauled the mattress outside and sloshed 2 types of paint on it to cover the blood.

The next day, Woody Wood Jr. had the unmitigated gall to go to Rebecca Wood’s parents’ home for dinner. He naturally lied about his wife’s whereabouts, and tried to act normal.

While the evil turd-eating murderer didn’t value his wife, her family sure did. And her disappearance didn’t go over well at all, especially with her mother.

Rebecca Wood used to phone her mother frequently, and when those calls stopped, her mother knew for sure something was very wrong. She contacted a deputy who lived in the area, and reported her daughter missing. She also pointed out that her son-in-law was acting “a little strange and different”.

When law enforcement arrived at the Wood home to investigate, Woody Wood Jr., totally not suspiciously, fled into the woods.

I gather the cowardly killer wound up running to his mother’s home, because she and her husband hauled his pasty ass in to the McDowell County Magistrate Court in Welch.

Deputy R.L. Blevins questioned the monster, who confessed to “accidentally” killing his wife and revealed the location of the body. Woody Wood Jr. was arrested and charged with 1st-degree murder.

The West Virginia State Police Mobile Forensics team was dispatched to search the basement. That sort of job must be horrible beyond belief, digging up flesh and bones. Kudos to the forensics team. They are absolutely heroes.

In August 2017, Woody Alfred Wood Jr., 36, pled guilty to 2nd-degree murder. In October 2017, Circuit Court Judge Rudolph Murensky sentenced the evil bastard to the maximum of 40 years in prison, and further commented, “It probably should be more.”

It is indeed a shame that Woody Wood Jr. has a chance to outlive his sentence. Personally, I’d like to think he’ll wind up buried and forgotten in the prison’s basement.

I extend to Rebecca Wood’s family and friends my sincere condolences. I have found it exceedingly upsetting that while I was researching this story, I came across many comments making fun of her size. Her murder was no joke, just as she was no joke. She was a loved and loving individual who didn’t deserve to be killed.

As for Woody Wood Jr., I hope he’s a miserable little piece of shit who suffers daily. And as for whomever had helped him dispose of the body, I hope that creature will be plagued with endless misfortune.

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16 Responses to Woody Alfred Wood Jr.

  1. Moodymagic says:

    Jr needs to suffer greatly. Burn in hell Woody

  2. Epi says:

    She must have loved him to give him 50% owner of her house. Now he has 50% ownership of a jail…aw nevermind…state owns that. Looks like he just murdered the one person who loved him. May life on the inside be hard and you will be someone’s bitch.

  3. Bengalpuss. says:

    I have to admit that I did notice she was a big girl, and that’s why he probably dismemberd her Body to move into the basement. And before anybody opens their mouth, I’m only being logical. I used to be a big girl, I’m talking slap my thigh and ride the wave big girl, I weighed 23 stone and when I walked my pelvis used to hurt carrying all that weight around with me, I now weigh 11 stone so I lost a whole me. I can’t see this guy planning this because look at all the trouble he went to having to cut her up, if it was planned he coulda lured her to the hole in the basement and shot her there, that still doesn’t condone what he did. She had a big heart and she gave him half her home and her heart, shame it was the wrong person.

    • Jeni B says:

      I understand where you are coming from, BP. I am actually quite big for my frame and height. I am 5 foot 5 inches, and I weigh almost 200 pounds. Granted, I am not as big as Rebecca Woody was, but I agree with you when you said that due to her being a large woman, he dismembered her, because he couldn’t carry her or lift her, or even drag her to the basement. That sounds awful, but I know you didn’t mean it in a mean way, or a joking manner. Just by looking at her picture, she has a warm smile, and had a big heart also, as evident in how she gave him half of her home. I guess her generosity wasn’t good enough for him. And like Cleo, I hope he doesn’t outlive his sentence. He doesn’t deserve to walk amongst humans.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Jeni B, I was massive, I kid you not, I was so big that I couldn’t walk 100 yards without being outta breath and my pelvis hurting. I used to sit and eat and eat and eat, whether it was a comfort thing I don’t know but I needed to do something, it was hard but I went from one extreme to another and lost more than half of me within a year. I then had the problem of loose skin, but I wasn’t gonna go under the knife and make myself acceptable to how society views females, Fuck that. My kitties love me as I am, and as long as they get fed, groomed and stroked, they’d like frankenstein and not judge the looks. This poor girl had a load of love to give, but woody woodpecker was an ungrateful cunt who didn’t realise he had himself one hell of a gal who loved him unconditionally, just a shame it wasn’t reciprocated.

  4. Flyingleadchange says:

    Woody Wood is such a pecker.

  5. Bengalpuss. says:

    If you were Irish you coulda said “woody wood pecker is such a fecker”

    • Tom Daly says:

      I PRAY that this piece of subhuman offal is subjected to the same kind of pain that he put his wife through. That’s the gods truth

      • Bengalpuss says:

        If somebody gave me fifty % of their property, id be kissing their feet. Some people just don’t realise how good they’ve got it.

  6. Jeni B says:

    I live in West Virginia, and I have NEVER heard about this!! I have lived here all of my life, in Kanawha County, about 20 miles outside of Charleston, the capitol. I am actually about 2 to 3 hours from Mingo County. I have been to Mingo County. It was like going back in time! I swear, this county has to be about 20 years behind the rest of the world!! This Woody Wood guy, he is just what you called him, Cleo: an evil turd-eating murderer! The only wrong thing his wife did was love him…and trusted him. I actually applaud Woody’s mother for turning him into authorities. A mother knows when her child is in trouble. Kudos to her, and her husband, for doing the right thing by their daughter-in-law. This makes me so ashamed to be from WV. We are always portrayed as inbred rednecks, like in the “Wrong Turn” movies! We are always portrayed as toothless inbreds who have never set foot outside of WV. And this guy just makes us look even worse. Thanks a lot, Woody Wood!! You piece of shit murderer!

  7. Sonia says:

    Hi, I need some help please! Can anybody point me to help… I have some very bad feelings lately of revenge it’s getting too much I can’t cope. I need some help please. I’m a survivor and I’m nearly 40 and I can’t cope just lately. I need to kill my rapist I need to find him and ruin his life and it’s eating me up and really not good please help me I’ve found him his wife his children, I know everything

  8. Sonia says:

    I need help I don’t know where to turn

  9. Sonia says:

    Ive tried everywhere, there’s no hope for me i may as well just die. There is no place for me to go they say we can sort you in counselling, then the counsellors are like,?we only have the ability to deal with a person who has been raped once! What do I do

    • Bekah says:

      I sincerely hope that if you are serious about hurting yourself or others that you immediately check yourself into a psych hospital. Go into an emergency department and tell them. You will absolutely get the help you need.
      here is a link for international suicide hotlines, depending on where you live. I wish you the best in getting the help you need, and never, ever feel that you are better off dead. http://ibpf.org/resource/list-international-suicide-hotlines

  10. Prettiest Girl in the Morgue says:

    It kills me that people (not you guys, of course; you’re all lovely) are belittling this woman for her size. I like to think I’m good at reading faces, and going by her picture she looks like she was a warm hearted person. She did not deserve to die, and she doesn’t deserve to have her memory belittled like this.

    And Sonia, even though you posted your comments over a month ago: I sincerely pray you were able to seek out help. I do not know you, your situation or your pain, but I do understand the pain of feeling suicidal and alone, believing there is no hope or help; I’ve dealt with being suicidal myself many times. Even if it something as simple as talking to a loved one, there IS help. I hope you’re okay.

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