Willie Bee Turner


Crimes: Animal Cruelty, Arson

OK, I gotta admit that I’m a dog person. In particular, I love Chihuahuas and have my own pack. They have so much love to give, and ask for so little in return. They’re ecstatic when you come home, and when they go for car rides and walks, and when they get treats. There’s nobody else in my life who’s that thrilled by my very existence.

So when I learn about spoogerags who torture and kill dogs, I’m outraged beyond belief. That brings us to today’s spoogerag — Willie Bee Turner of Oakland, California.

Willie Bee Turner, 21, got himself a tiny Chihuahua-cross puppy named Angel Star. She was a darling, tan-coloured little pup that most people would have gone gaga over. People with hearts, that is.

On January 17th, 2015, when Angel Star was just eight or nine weeks old, Willie Turner took her and a female friend by bus to Sacramento. They were going to visit with the young woman’s mother and siblings.

I’m thinking the idea of getting a tiny puppy was Willie Turner’s way of impressing the ladies. Maybe Angel Star was going to be a magnet for the women, and he could show them how gentle and loving he was. Except he wasn’t.

I doubt Willie Turner had any love in him. He certainly didn’t have any love for Angel Star, especially when he learned she had worms. Poor little Angel Star had an accident in the apartment, and when Willie Turner picked up her poop he discovered those worms. That totally grossed him out. He became angry and told his friend and her mother that he wanted to “get rid of the dog”. He said the puppy had “betrayed” him.

The ladies, of course, objected. There’s medicine you can give dogs to eliminate worms. They offered to go to the pet store the next day and buy some. But no, Willie Turner wasn’t satisfied. Angel Star was infested and he wasn’t going to deal with that crap. He told the ladies he was going to “take the dog and put her on someone’s porch”.

I’m sure at this point the young woman friend figured out that Willie Turner was not the loving, gentle guy she might have thought he was. His hellbeastly character was starting to show.

Later that same day little Angel Star was limping and reeking of bleach. The young woman suspected that the f*ckturd had done something awful to the puppy, and he had. He’d tortured her.

Willie Turner, the POS turdbrain, had thrown Angel Star off the second storey balcony in his first effort to kill her. He’d only succeeded in maiming her. He then drenched the poor thing with bleach which probably caused her a great deal of distress, pain and discomfort but didn’t kill her.

In his next attempt to get rid of the puppy, Willie Turner put her in a cardboard box and abandoned her in a church parking lot. The young woman had seen what he’d done, so she retrieved the puppy. She found a former neighbour’s plastic dog carrier and put Angel Star in that along with a sweatshirt to keep her warm. She and her family still intended to take the puppy to the pet store the next day.

The women were all upset with and disgusted by Willie Turner’s treatment of the helpless little dog. The young woman friend told Willie Turner outright that she didn’t want to be associated with anyone who mistreated dogs, and she packed his clothes and put them on a living room chair.

It’s a shame the women hadn’t thrown the dog abuser’s ass out of the apartment then and there, but they generously let him spend the night.

The family went to bed, but Willie didn’t. You know what the evil f*ckturd did? I’m warning you now, Angel Star didn’t survive, so you might want to miss the next five paragraphs.

It was January 22, 2015, just after midnight. Willie Turner had carried his puppy in the plastic carrier to the Masonic Lodge on Becerra Way. He deposited his load onto the sidewalk. He then set the carrier on fire. Angel Star was alive at that point.

A homeowner in the neighbourhood woke up to an awful screeching that lasted up to 2 minutes. The horrible sounds changed into yelping and finally a single howl before there was silence.

Angel Star suffered excruciating agony as she died. I’m sure there can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that she did, bless her wee heart.

A passing motorist saw the fire and called 911. Firetrucks arrived and the blaze was extinguished. Enough remained for them to determine that a small dog in a crate had been set on fire.

The pathology report on the puppy proved she’d been alive when she burned to death. Her legs had only stumps remaining. She had inhalation burns. And of course the vet found intestinal worms.

The Sacramento Sheriff Department appealed for public assistance, and animal welfare groups gathered up $17,000 in reward money. There were over 70 calls from people trying to identify the puppy killer, and one of those was the mother of Willie Turner’s now ex-friend. As soon as she’d heard about the crime on the news, she knew exactly who’d done it.

A Sacramento detective asked that the young woman call Willie Turner to ask about his puppy. She agreed and the conversation was recorded.

Willie Turner admitted he left the dog by the Masonic Lodge but told her, “I did not know the dog kennel was on fire.” Riiiight. He also said the puppy was “in a better place”.

On February 19, 2015, Sacramento Sheriff Department deputies visited Willie Bee Turner and arrested his nasty ass. When questioned, he claimed he’d given his puppy to some guy in Sacramento, but wouldn’t say who it was or where he lived.

Willie Bee Turner went to trial in March 2016. He was charged with maliciously and/or intentionally torturing or killing of an animal, subjecting an animal to needless suffering while in charge or custody of that animal, and 2 counts of arson on an inhabited dwelling or property.

Willie Bee Turner was found guilty. In April 2016, Sacramento Superior Court Judge Lawrence Brown called the horrific crime “an unspeakable affront to societal norms” before sentencing the sadistic bastard to 3 years 8 months in state prison. He also ruled that the dog killer cannot own a pet for 10 years, or own or possess a firearm ever, and is to be registered as a lifetime arson offender.

I would naturally have liked to see a much longer prison term for this evil dog killer. All I can do is warn people to beware of Willie Bee Turner. If he can torture and kill a tiny, helpless puppy, imagine what he can do to children, women, anybody who makes him mad. Give him a wide berth, people of California. He’s probably only beginning to show his true colours, and I’m alarmed by the evil he’s capable of committing.

Telegraph News article – guilty
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12 Responses to Willie Bee Turner

  1. Moodymagic says:

    This dirtbag should be beat and lit on fire so then he’d know exactly how much that poor helpless animal suffered. Burn in hell.

  2. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Evil and Obnoxious

    Should be Banned from having a Pet For Life

    Still the Sentence is Longer than the Suspended ” Sentence ” Sick Joke
    Handed to the Thugs who ILL Treated Baby the Bulldog basically
    Murdered the Dog in Thug Haven UK of ” European Human Rights ”

    Netherless Animal Murder Warrants the Death Penalty and Public Flogging

  3. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Should be Banned from having a Pet for Life the Murderer

  4. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Given the State of the UK and what I have heard about people calling
    999 and being Let Down I cannot help Feeling that it happened in the
    UK and someone called 999 about it there would be NO Sense of Urgency
    and very unlikely a Fire Engine would of been Sent

    Over 6 Years of the Damaging Public Spending Cuts of the previous Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer have Ruined the Country

  5. bulldoggy says:

    What the hell is wrong with this bastard? The puppy betrayed him? Because she had worms? He must have sheet shit for brains if he thinks that way. He deserves to be chased down by a pack of rabid dogs for what he did to that poor helpless innocent puppy.

  6. Dawn says:

    He’s going to have a rough time in jail. Convicts don’t like people who abuse babies and animals.


    • Ugh Why says:

      That is a fact, Dawn. As of today, 12/31/16, I do not see him as an inmate in the California Correctional system. Did he get out early? I can only hope that karma meets up with him really soon, and he dies a slow and very painful death.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Please tell me that this bastard isn’t free already? What’s the point giving out sentences for the bastards only to be released very early, it makes no sense. Please someone if you see this turd bag, stick him in a box and set him alight, its the least this bastard deserves.

  7. Lynn Temple says:

    I think people do bad things to animals should have the same done to them. I love my little shin Tzu so much. She’s like one of my children. I would die if someone touched one hair on her. There’s a special hall for bastards like Willie Bee Turner. He should be locked up with really bad boys in prison. They will take care of his ads every night. Willie you burn in hall you stupid idiot . you don’t deserve to breath air . to eat. Someone should burn your ugly ads up. Crazy ads no good for nothing jerk off

  8. Lynn Temple says:

    I think people do bad things to animals should have the same done to them. I love my little shin Tzu so much. She’s like one of my children. I would die if someone touched one hair on her. There’s a special hell for bastards like Willie Bee Turner. He should be locked up with really bad boys in prison. They will take care of his ass every night. Willie you burn in hell you stupid idiot . you dont deserve to breath air . to eat. Someone should burn your ugly ass up. Crazy ass no good for nhing jerk off

  9. Tom Daly says:

    Let’s see what happens when HE gets set on fire and left for dead. Yep, karmas a bitch

  10. Cara says:

    Hope the bastard never gets out. Hopefully some one will do unto him…….

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