William Todd Lewallen & Erin Elizabeth Lewallen

William and Erin Lewallen
Crime: Child Abuse, Neglect

Some women can really pick them. According to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, William Todd Lewallen of Tulsa was convicted in 2011 of manufacturing controlled dangerous substances (methamphetamine). Nice. He was given a 2-year suspended sentence for that. Nice for him.

William Todd Lewallen also has past convictions for grand larceny, possession of a stolen vehicle and 2nd-degree burglary. Yup, he’s a real prize. And golly what a looker he is! What woman could resist this 47-year-old hunk of burning love?

Apparently Erin Elizabeth Lewallen found him irresistible. The 27-year-old mother of 3 somehow thought that marrying and breeding with William Todd Lewallen was the best that life could offer. So what if he was 20 years older? So what if he was an alcoholic and drug user? So what if he was a thief and drug manufacturer? He was her man!

Maybe she was on drugs when she settled on this f*ckwad loser. Maybe she was hallucinating when she figured William Todd Lewallen was husband/father material. Or maybe she was incredibly desperate to have a man.

Normally I would say live and let live. If she wants to marry a major f*cktard criminal loser, fine. Let her throw her life away. But when Erin Elizabeth Lewallen brought 3 innocent children into the situation, I can’t say live and let live. Not when their wellbeing and their very lives were put in danger because of their daddy.

On November 12, 2012, Erin Elizabeth Lewallen trotted off to work, leaving her POS husband in charge of their 3 little children. That’s right, she left William Todd Lewallen in charge of 3 helpless, vulnerable children, knowing he was a drunk, knowing he had drug addictions.

What could possibly happen? Plenty, that’s what.

See, William Todd Lewallen decided, instead of being a decent daddy and babysitter, to indulge in his favourite vices. He took some narcotic pain medicine, Oxycontin, a muscle relaxant, Flexeril, and an anti-seizure medication, Dilantin. He topped those off with some Busch beer. And golly, doncha know, it made him sleepy.

Before William Todd Lewallen flopped down onto his bed to have a nap/pass out, he took care of the kids first. Problem was, he took care of the kids not as a caring parent and decent human being does, but as a drug addict/alcoholic does.

Thank goodness for concerned neighbours. If it weren’t for them, the 3 little children would have been in dire straits.

Lewallen HouseMatthew Testerman, a neighbour of the Lewallens, heard a child crying and crying. After 20 minutes he decided to investigate. He headed outside into the sweltering hot afternoon. Much to his shock he found a naked 4-year-old child, crying and screaming, locked out of the Lewallen home.

Matthew Testerman knocked on the door but nobody answered. He then wrapped the naked boy in his coat and took him home. He immediately called authorities.

The police arrived and spoke with the neighbour first before they headed toward the Lewallen house. They could hear a child crying and screaming inside the residence, so they peeked through a window. What they saw must have made them furious. It would’ve made me murderous.

Through the window the officers saw a small, naked child locked inside a metal dog crate. Yup, that’s how Daddy Lewallen takes care of his brood — locks one naked outside in extremely hot weather and locks another one naked inside a dog crate.

The officers broke open the back door and were almost overcome by the unmistakable and powerful stench of feces. Why am I not surprised?

Cage in Lewallen HouseThe distressed and naked little girl in the dog crate was only 18-months-old and covered in her own poop. The officers immediately took the screaming, crying toddler out of the crate.

Officers found William Todd Lewallen passed out in his bed. Lying beside him was a third child — a 3-year-old who was also naked.

Big surprise, there was an open can of beer beside the bed.

I can find no mention of a dog in the house. They had a dog crate but no dog. Hmmm, interesting.

I’m guessing it took some doing to wake the f*cktard father up from his nap. If crying and screaming children didn’t, if police breaking down the door didn’t, it probably took a whole lotta poking and yelling to rouse the drugged-up drunk.

The children were handed over to the Department of Human Services. And William Todd Lewallen found his disgusting, drugged-up ass in police custody.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Mr. Testerman. “You only hear horror stories about something like that. Those kids are lucky to be alive.” Yeah, they’re lucky Mr. Testerman cared enough to investigate and take action. Kudos to him!

Both William Todd Lewallen, and later his wife Erin Elizabeth Lewallen, were charged with child neglect — specifically for failing to provide supervision and a safe environment for their children.

Before her arrest, Erin Elizabeth Lewallen filed for divorce and began seeking to regain custody. She maintained that since she was at work, she knew nothing about what was happening to her children. Riiight.

Prosecutors didn’t believe that crap. To them, and to all decent-minded people, she as the mother was responsible for the care of her children. The prosecution maintained she should have/must have known of her husband’s misuse of medication, history of substance abuse and his criminal history.

Therefore, Erin Elizabeth Lewallen knew, or should have known, that leaving her children in his care would put them at risk of harm and injury.

At William Todd Lewallen’s hearing in February, 2013, his defense attorney, Adam Haselgren, admitted his client had taken prescription medications and then passed out, but said it may have been one of the children who locked the baby in the dog crate, and maybe the 4-year-old wandered outside and was accidentally locked out.

“This is something that could happen to any parent or any babysitter,” Mr. Haselgren said. Riiiight.

District Judge James Caputo wisely disagreed. He reminded Mr. Haselgren that the police had to kick the door open because it was locked from the inside. FROM THE INSIDE.

“Is a 3-year-old carrying a set of keys? asked Judge Caputo.

BTW, I love Judge Caputo for saying that.

District Judge James Caputo decided to revoke William Todd Lewallen’s 2-year suspended sentence and send him back to prison.

On May 2, 2013, Erin Elizabeth Lewallen pled guilty to child neglect. She is facing up to 5 years in prison when she is sentenced in June 2013.

I am glad she did the right thing and took responsibility. I am glad too she filed for divorce from her f*cktard husband but she did it much, much too late. She should have done it years ago. She’s extremely lucky that his neglect and abuse didn’t kill or permanently injure her children. She’s extremely lucky her 4-year-old wasn’t snatched when he was locked out, naked and alone.

William Todd Lewallen pled not guilty and is scheduled to go to trial in October 2013. I wonder what his defense will be. I will keep readers posted about this and about Erin Lewallen’s sentence.

Nothing anybody can say will convince me that November 12, 2012 was the first and only time that these children were left in the care of their drunken, drug-addled father. It was criminal stupidity on the part of the mother, and so I hope she gets the max.

William Todd Lewallen is in no way, shape or form a decent, caring father. The children were nothing but a nuisance and a bother who disturbed him as he used drugs and drank. That was why he locked the baby in the dog crate, and that was why he locked his 4-year-old son outside. They were all naked because he couldn’t give a flying rat’s ass about dressing them or cleaning them. I’ll bet he didn’t even bother feeding them either.

I hope all 3 children are in a safe, happy environment now, filled with much love and joy. They deserve nothing less. I pray they do not suffer any damage, emotional or otherwise, from the neglect and abuse they suffered.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that William and Erin Lewallen learn from their time in prison what totally rotten parents they are, and that they either wise up and become decent human beings or they take vows of celibacy to avoid becoming parents to more precious children.

Yeah, like that’s gonna happen!

Babies in dog crates, what is this world coming to?


Erin Lewallen was given a 5-year deferred sentence and ordered to pay $1600 in court costs.

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23 Responses to William Todd Lewallen & Erin Elizabeth Lewallen

  1. pj says:

    Damn she must’ve been desperate to choose him as the father of her children and love of her life. Stupid bitch chose him over the safety of her own children so she should be tucked away in prison for the maximum term. And I’ll bet that creep used that dog crate every day to confine his kids. Without a dog, why did they need a dog crate for anyway? She had to know. It’s not like just before she got home he’d jump up and wash the shit off the kids and dress them. Evil bastards.

  2. ErikaD says:

    A dog cage is the perfect place for both Lewallens to spend some quality time.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    The conditions those poor little kids were living in were not a one off, really bad day. The police stated that the stench of feces hit them in the face as soon as they entered the house. That sounds like a long-standing situation to me.

    Both parents should never get these kids back. When will idiots like these learn that children are not the property of their parents to use and abuse as they please? Children (and pets) have the right to have family who love them and ensure they have happy, fulfilling and productive lives.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Bulldoggy great minds think alike, the stench of shit doesn’t occur from 1 misshap, it builds up over a period of time. That property must have been filthy. Glad the kids are out of that shithole and away from the parents of the year. By the way, yes he’s ugly but shes no oil painting either, 1 eye is going to the shop, and the other is coming back with the change, ugly pair of cunts.

      • bulldoggy says:

        Ooooh, bengalpuss, not only are we in agreement – again! – but you think I have a great mind! I told my Charlie and he just rolled his eyes at me. Don’t think he agrees. But I’m sure he’d like to chew on these two ugly beasts (he doesn’t approve of dog crates for dogs or babies). Course he wouldn’t do much damage since he’s almost toothless, but he’d get them real soggy.

  4. 2cute says:

    I’d like to lock this lowlife scum bucket in a crap-filled dog cage and throw away the key. May he live a life of suffering and may he die a cold, miserable death.

  5. Trace says:

    Oh he doesn’t look like a booze/substance abuser…much. Meth doesn’t do much for your looks, dude. I wonder if he has any teeth left. The missus is looking a bit foggy herself. I can’t tell if that’s from drugs or from a low IQ. She’s no genius that’s for sure, leaving her babies with HIM when he’s totally zoned out.

  6. moodymagic says:

    The poor kids. Hope she never gets the kids back.

  7. Bengalpuss says:

    I’d love for old charlie boy to crap in their mouths, but it would be animal cruelty putting poor charlie where these two brain dead idiots are. But it would be funny to see. Maybe charlie could crap over them while They,re locked inside that dog crate, that would be poetic justice, for the Lulz of course.

  8. MsM says:

    It’s Oklahoma, Moody, and she’s not Native, she probably will get them back, sadly.

    • 2cute says:

      I sure hope you’re wrong MsM. Those kids deserve a decent home with people who love and care for them. Those parents deserve to be childless.

  9. Mindy says:

    If a judge can make abstinence from drugs/alcohol a condition of parole, they should be able to mandate birth control with randomized testing. Seriously. Let them fornicate with all the drug addicts they like, but don’t let them breed.

  10. Stiegler179 says:

    I have a nice aluminum baseball bat that I would gladly loan to you, if you think that would help in any way. Just remember, there is no problem on Planet Earth than cannot be overcome with the proper amount of high explosives.

  11. Carol Carson says:

    She was not on drugs. She divorced him and completed a several classes to get the children back. Those of you who chose to judge should be judged as well. YOU are idiots.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Carol, the only idiots is the mother for leaving her kids with a man that out of his head he locked his kids outside and in a crate. And your an idiot for defending someone slack enough to leave her kids with an incompetent bum. I judge what is clearly a bad case of child neglect and only an idiot would think otherwise, like you.

    • Tera says:

      Did you even read what you wrote? The level of stupid you are throwing out is astonishing. You should have just let us believe she was a junkie…smdh!

  12. Bengalpuss says:

    And the fact you bring up about her not being on drugs makes it worse, because at least she would’ve had an excuse for why she made a stupid move by leaving her kids, so she did it when she was lucid, compus mentos and it must’ve been on a regular basis leaving those poor babies with an incompetent drugged up boozed up lowlife, idiot.

    • Athena says:

      I love you BengalPuss! Man, your comments, and the conversations between you and Bulldoggy, are the only thing that keeps me sane after reading these horrible stories! Well, that and the fact that after all this disgusting shit I see here, I can grab my daughter, hug her & be SOOOOO thankful that she will never experience the horrors that these poor angels named on this site went through.

      • goat says:

        Same here. Don’t know why I torture myself with this stuff but it sure makes me hold my babies closer. Makes my resolve to speak up when I see abuse stronger, too.

  13. BENGALPUSS says:

    Thanks, me and bulldoggy aim to please and put down these disgusting pigs at the same time, while thinking of ingenious ways to torture the scumbags in my imaginary torture basement lol.

    • 2cute says:

      Imaginary? How disappointing!

      • BENGALPUSS says:

        2cute, i have to say that otherwise i’ll blow my cover, oh fuck just blown it now, i have the concrete and bricks plus my torture device called tykey shite, just waiting for the customers, nicola tedder is 1st up when she is released, mind you she m ay already be out of the shovel knowing british pissy sentences

  14. BeenThere says:

    Holy Shit!!! I must be dumber then a rock. I thought the cage I used to transport out dog to his vet was to put our kid in.
    Guess eight years of college I must of missed those classes…

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