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Crimes: Kidnapping, Murder, Gross Abuse of a Corpse

The tragic Summer Cook Inman saga is finally over. The unfortunate 25-year-old mother of 3 was mercilessly murdered on March 22, 2011 and now the last of her killers has been tried and sentenced.

Summer Cook married William Inman Jr in June 2004. The young couple lived with his religious parents in Ohio. The in-laws were so religious that apparently William Inman Sr had converted his garage into a makeshift church. This endeavour never attracted many worshipers — it was a bust.

William Inman Sr was the undisputed boss of the household — not surprising in a religious family. His son was equally demanding and domineering.

Summer InmanWith both men ruling the roost, Summer began to feel controlled and in her journal she described herself as a “slave.”

Under William Sr’s direction the Inman family moved to Florida where William Sr got his minister’s license. For 2 years the men-folk searched for work in construction. It didn’t work out.

The family returned to Ohio in 2008 after they lost their home to foreclosure. They moved to rural Vinton County, Ohio to make their home and set up another ministry.

William Inman Sr and his wife Sandra tried to set up Mercy Ranch, a nonprofit organization that was intended to minister to orphans and widows. To fund this scheme they tried to sell raffle tickets for a new home or $200,000 — neither of which they had to give away. The raffle was a bust.

William Inman Sr’s minister’s license was later revoked for unknown reasons.

Summer and William Jr had 3 adorable children together, but that wasn’t enough to make Summer contented with her lot in life. She wanted more out of life than being a servant to her overbearing husband and in-laws.

Inman weddingIn her journal Summer wrote, “I’m so tired of having to please everyone else but leaving myself high and dry. Don’t I deserve to be happy, too? Don’t I deserve to fall in love with someone again and feel love from someone again? I think so … I don’t know if it’s the right time to tell Willy or not … I feel bad not telling him because I think he deserves to know the truth and to know that I don’t want to be with him right now.

“I want to be alone for a while and find out who I am again. I’m just some slave that runs around and does as she’s told … I’m so used to just doing whatever everyone else wants to that I’ve forgotten who I am.

“I love my kids with all my heart and I wouldn’t trade them for anything, but I don’t want them to grow up remembering their mom as someone that just did as she was told. … I would be OK with shared custody and wouldn’t try for full custody unless he wanted me to or forced me to. I think that the kids should see both of us the same amount of time.”

Summer knew, though, that her husband could be cruel and vindictive. After one argument, William Jr punished her by putting all her cats in the car and driving away with them. He told her he had thrown them out of the car window. Whether that was true or not, Summer never saw her beloved kitties again.

And that was definitely not the behavior of a loving, supportive spouse. That was the behavior of a selfish, sadistic beast.

Still, knowing her husband didn’t take kindly to being defied, Summer bravely decided to leave him.

“I just don’t know how Willy will react to all of this,” she wrote in her journal. “I don’t know if he will get mad and try to take the kids and run, if he will threaten to hurt me, or worse yet actually do it … I know his parents will gang up on me and try to get me to just work things out and not want me to leave.”

Summer Inman left with the kids and filed for divorce in June 2010. She and the children moved in with her parents in Logan. It didn’t go over well with her husband — he did not behave at all well.

The divorce proceedings were very contentious, and Summer feared for her life.

Summer swore in an affadavit that William Inman Jr had threatened to kill her if she ever “took the children from him.” She also said he tried to hold her captive in their house by taking her car keys, wallet and cell phone.

The court granted Summer a civil protection order. Yeah, those really work.

Still Summer and William Inman Jr argued over child custody, visits, and especially over Summer’s boyfriend, Adam Peters.

Yes, Summer had made definite moves to get on with her life. She got a new boyfriend and she got a job cleaning the Century National Bank after hours.

The Inman clan, however, did not move on with their lives. When Summer returned to the family house with Adam Peters to retrieve her belongings, her father-in-law got involved. He threatened Adam Peters with bodily harm.

That’s mighty Christian of him — not! I don’t think he’d make a very good minister after that.

Vinton County Sheriff’s deputies were called to control the situation and Willliam Inman Sr wound up tussling with one of them. That got him a date in front of a judge.

For aggravated menacing and disorderly conduct, William Inman Sr received a suspended sentence and a year’s probation. That was in December 2010. I’m sure the whole episode had not soothed tempers one iota. In fact, I’m sure tempers were becoming well and truly inflamed.

When William Inman Jr got the children for visits, the exchange had to take place at the police station in town. That’s how tense the situation had become. It would only take the littlest spark to ignite his fury.

Family photoUnfortunately, Summer provided that spark in March 2011. On her Facebook account she updated her profile picture — it showed Summer, the children and Adam Peters all together as one happy family. That was like a red flag in front of a raging bull.

The Inman clan immediately devised a diabolical plan — it’s goal was to get Summer out of the picture so the grandchildren would wind up with their loving daddy and grandparents. They began to scheme and prepare for the big event.

On March 22, 2011, William Inman Jr phoned Summer’s mother to say he couldn’t pick up the kids for their scheduled visit the next day because of car trouble.

Summer had supper with the children, then aged 5, 3 and 21 months, and her boyfriend before she drove to Century National Bank for her cleaning job.

Now Summer always made a point of calling or texting when she was leaving the bank to let her family know she was on her way. On March 22, 2011, she didn’t make that call — and for good reason. She was being kidnapped.

Kylee Helman and Emily Hedges of Logan were out for a walk near Century National Bank at around 11 pm when they heard and saw a struggle. A young woman was screaming as she lay curled up on the ground as 2 men used a stun gun on her. A bleached blonde woman sat in the driver’s seat of a white car that looked like an unmarked police cruiser.

There was yet another witness to the abduction who was pepper sprayed by the assailants before they bundled the poor woman into the car and drove off.

Kylee Helman and Emily Hedges, who had seen the whole thing, immediately headed for the Logan Police Department to report the abduction. The other witness phoned 911.

I googled Logan, Ohio. Logan Police Department is at 50 S. Mulberry Street. Century National Bank is at 61 North Market Street — a mere 2 blocks away!

Now I mention this because I am very curious about the Logan Police Department’s inexplicable inaction regarding this horrible, shocking event. Two distraught women show up talking about a violent abduction, and a caller to 911 calls about a violent abduction ONLY 2 BLOCKS AWAY and the police do …. nothing. At least they did nothing for over an hour.

See, Summer’s mother and boyfriend didn’t get the expected phone call or text message so they eventually went to the bank to find her. They, of course, hadn’t heard from witnesses about an abduction, not like the police had.

Instead of Summer the mom and the boyfriend found pieces of Summer’s cell phone, her ipod and her car keys. They also found a blue ballcap.

The police WERE NOT THERE. There were no roadblocks set up. WTF were they doing? Was there a major crime wave to hit Logan, Ohio that night?

According to the site http://summerinmanmurder.wordpress.com, the witnesses who went to the police station had been treated rudely and were told officers were “tied up in a traffic stop”. It seems they weren’t believed.

The witnesses with some urgency then ran to one of their homes and got one of their husbands to drive them back to the bank’s parking lot. The police STILL were not there and didn’t arrive until, according to http://summerinmanmurder.wordpress.com, one hour after they reported the abduction.

Geez fricking Louise!

When the Logan police finally showed up at the scene they found Summer’s car parked at the bank and her keys on the pavement. They also found shoe impressions in the ground, indicating that someone had been lurking in wait.

Summer’s parents and boyfriend told the police that the missing woman was in the middle of a terribly contentious divorce. They told the police that they strongly suspected that William Sr, William Jr and Sandra were the abductors. They also told police that Sandra had bleached blonde hair just like the driver of the kidnappers’ car.

Good thing the police listened — finally — but it was too late to help Summer.

Logan Police Chief Aaron Miller phoned the Inmans the next day for a chat. Their story was William Inman Jr hadn’t been in Logan since March 17, 2011. They claimed their car broke down and they were stranded in Cleveland at the time.

That’s the same story they told the FBI later that day at their home in Akron.

You know, it’s really stupid to lie about crap like that because of good old cell phones and GPS devices. William Inman Jr’s cell phone records indicated he was in Logan at the time of the abduction. His GPS system showed that he was indeed very near the crime scene.

Actually, the GPS device contained directions from Akron to Logan and indicated the time of arrival at Logan to be 6 pm on March 22. The device also showed they returned to Akron after 2 am on March 23 and were subsequently parked at a car wash vacuuming station near Cleveland.

Hmmm, not suspicious at all.

Inman CarThe car wash had a surveillance camera that captured the Inmans cleaning their vehicle’s interior. And their vehicle was a white Ford Crown Victoria — just like the kidnappers’ vehicle.

Hmmm, not suspicious at all.

The Inmans then drove to Pearl Road Auto Wrecking and Salvage in Cleveland where they traded their new tires in for a used set in worse condition.

Hmmm, not suspicious at all.

Remember that ballcap that was found at the scene? A DNA test showed it belonged to William Inman Sr.

Now that’s totally suspicious! And so was the fact that a search of the Inman home in Akron turned up a fake police badge, a tactical flashlight and walkie-talkies.

PoliceThe evil Inmans were arrested on March 24, 2011 and charged with Summer Inman’s kidnapping.

William Inman Jr, 26, Sandra Inman, 46, and William Inman Sr, 47, pleaded not guilty to 1 count of kidnapping and 1 count of abduction.

The investigators continued searching for Summer Inman. They spent days and days looking for the poor woman.

Summer’s children were being cared for by her parents. I can’t imagine what that family was going through, waiting for the young mother to be found, wondering if she was alive or dead.

Summer was, in fact, dead. She’d been murdered within 45 minutes of her abduction. And her killers, *surprise* were the Inmans. That’s right, the super-religious nutters who apparently hadn’t heard of “thou shalt not kill”.

On March 29, 2011, while being held at the Southeast Ohio Regional Jail, the hellbitch Sandra Inman finally gave the game away. She told Hocking County sheriff’s investigators that Summer had been killed accidentally. She told them to look in a sealed septic tank behind the Faith Tabernacle Church in Nelsonville — the church the Inmans attended religiously every Sunday.

Yeah, that’s how good these Christians behave — they murder defiant young women and dump their bodies in septic tanks behind churches.

Summer foundWhen investigators opened up the church septic tank they immediately spotted a foot clad in a sock protruding from the disgusting filth. Summer Inman, 25, was found. Her purse was still on her arm.

Sandra Inman explained to investigators that their intent hadn’t been to kill Summer. She and her husband only wanted to “talk” to her about visitation. They were certain that the new boyfriend had been abusing their grandchildren.

I call that bullshit! You don’t use a stun gun to “talk” to somebody. You don’t kidnap when you want to negotiate visitation. And accusing the boyfriend of imaginary abuse was an obvious ploy to deflect and distract. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit!

And how was Summer’s death “accidental”? Prepare for more bullshit.

Sandra InmanAccording to Sandra, William Jr had placed plastic zip ties around Summer’s neck and wrists when they got her into the back seat of the car. But then poor William Jr panicked and blacked out and he couldn’t find a knife to cut the zip tie off her neck and Summer strangled to death.

In actuality, the tie around Summer’s neck was pulled so tight it actually cut into the poor woman’s flesh.

The Inmans were now charged with murder, kidnapping, tampering with evidence and gross abuse of a corpse. They faced separate trials.

William Inman Jr was tried first in Hocking County. The jury deliberated for 4 whole hours. On June 12, 2012, he was found guilty of all charges. Yay! He was sentenced to life in prison without parole for the murder of his wife. May the evil hellbeast rot and fester in prison and then roast in hell.

William Inman JrSandra Inman decided to make a deal instead of going to trial. She pleaded guilty to murder and the other charges on June 28, 2012 and was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison. May she rot too in hell.

On February 4, 2013, William Inman Sr was found guilty of all charges connected to Summer Inman’s murder, including 2 counts of aggravated murder.

On the aggravated-murder counts, a jury in Chillicothe, Ohio found the evil elder Inman guilty both of being the principal offender in the murder and also acting with prior calculation and design in aiding and abetting the crime.

William Inman SrWow, I guess the jury really, really didn’t like him. Still, they gave him a life sentence instead of the death penalty which was generous of them, I think. That was life without the possibility of parole.

And may that murderous hypocritical bastard rot in his prison cell and then descend into the fiery depths of hell.

I pray that Summer’s children are happy and safe with their grandparents, and will live successful, contented lives.

RIP Summer Cook Inman.

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10 Responses to William Inman Sr, Sandra Inman & William Inman Jr

  1. pj says:

    They sure prepared for murder with the zip ties and taser. Not much talking was going to go on so the motherinlaw is full of shit. Putting a zip tie around the neck has only 1 purpose and that is choking. I hope they suffer every single day and then die a cold unforgiving death.

  2. hairy says:

    They all should have gotten the death penalty. I think their state allows it. Still, I would be happy if they never get out and wind up buried 20 feet under the prison.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    Those monsters would rather have the kids without their mom than have a mom who is independent and happy. Evil bastards. And to dump her in sewage is vile. They should all get the needle.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Damn straight bulldoggy, they should get the needle. What a bunch of wicked cunts they are, murdering the children’s mom, all because she wanted out of that shit marriage that she was in. Basically they had lost their slave, how dare she leave them, so they punished her with the ultimate punishment, death. And as for the pig, hurting those kittens also, i hope his ass is being made to do overtime, by his fellow inmates, especially with the handle of a plunger, fuck it, any object that will cause intense pain up his rectum. In fact i hope the full inman clan, are made to suffer severe Rectum examinations and trauma on an hourly basis.

  4. awesomeblossom says:

    Bulldoggy, the needle would be too kind. I suggest strangling with zip ties. It would only be fair to put them through what they put their victim through. Come to think of it, dumping them into a septic tank and sealing it shut would also be appropriate. They are nothing but human sewage anyway.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Awesomeblossom, that’s a good idea “Dumping them into a septic tank and sealing it shut” Wish i’d have thought of that one. Also stuff cat shit into the tank with them, for hurting the cats. In fact, i’d make em eat the cat shite before i sealed them into a septic tank, horrible wicked Disfunctional Family they are.

  5. moodymagic says:

    Burn in hell all of them.

  6. moodymagic says:

    They all need to suffer real bad.

  7. moodymagic says:

    These bastards need to die painful deaths then brought back just to be killed again.

  8. Tom Fuller says:

    Ha. This article seems to be about a whole bunch of selfish, evil morons, none of whom has/had any credibility. And with all the prejudicial commentary against Christianity, I wonder about the author, as well. These people had nothing in common with real Christianity. Just one question: If you don’t believe in God, how can you say so many times, you hope they rot in hell? Atheists don’t believe in hell.

    What a hoot. Lord, be merciful to me, a sinner, and to the rest of these people, too. I am imperfect, and so are they. That second part is really obvious.

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