William Dhondt

William Dhondt
Crimes: Murder, Dismemberment

William Dhondt, 29, of Farmington, Michigan, has a good old excuse for killing his girlfriend, Kaitlin Hehir: it was ALL HER FAULT! It had to be since he’s such a good guy, an Eagle Scout fer gawd’s sake. And she was drunk and bitchy so she totally asked for it.

That’s William Dhondt’s version of reality. Which is the misogynistic asshole version of reality.

On February 23, 2013, Kaitlin Hehir was at a coworker’s going away party when her boyfriend of 3 years made her leave and pick him up from work. Yes, she had been drinking, and yes, she was pissed off. Hadn’t William Dhondt ever heard of a taxi?

Kaitlin Hehir caved in to the demands William Dhondt made and drove to pick him up at the Olive Garden where he worked. And being ticked off by the situation, I’m sure she let her asshole boyfriend know the whole way home how unhappy she was with him. According to William Dhondt, they “got into a very heated yelling match”.

When the arguing couple got home, Kaitlin Hehir was feeling sick — maybe from her booze intake. Her blood alcohol level was 0.18 percent. That’s pretty drunk. Not surprisingly, Kaitlin Hehir threw up.

This is when William Dhondt, the good guy Eagle Scout, graciously offered his beloved girlfriend a glass of water, according to him. And Kaitlin Hehir didn’t appreciate his offer, according to him. She tried to kick him in the groin, according to him. And then he flipped his shit on her.

William Dhondt, who hadn’t been drinking and was totally sober, went postal on his girlfriend. He hit her in the face with the glass. He “f*cking laid her out” (his own words).

Kaitlin HehirBy hitting Kaitlin Hehir in the face with the glass, he caused her to hit her head on a dresser, knocking her senseless. She collapsed to the floor. The assault didn’t stop there. William the POS abusive asshole Dhondt climbed on top of her and hit her over and over and over in her face with his fist. He made her bleed from her nose and mouth.

Still the assault didn’t end there. He slammed his girlfriend’s head against the floor over and over and over. She began to bleed from her head then.

Instead of stopping, William Dhondt raged on. He wrapped his hands around Kaitlin Hehir’s neck and strangled her. The poor woman fought but stood no chance against this maniac.

“I choked her, to make sure,” William Dhondt said. To make sure of what? To make sure she died, of course.

And for 2 hours, with poor Kaitlin Hehir lying dead on the floor, William the heartless killer Dhondt cogitated about what to do. His solution: he had to get rid of the body.

Bodies aren’t so easily disposed of. But William Dhondt had the stomach to do some really gross and vile things.

Gotta warn you, dear readers, it’s about to get gory.

William the nasty hellbeast Dhondt dragged the body to his basement where his handy dandy tools were. He got busy and chopped his girlfriend into pieces. He then stuffed those various pieces into garbage bags.

“I took care of that and went to bed,” said William Dhondt. “I woke up, said ‘That’s not going to work,’ so I skinned her, removed flesh.”

Yup, that’s what he did. William Dhondt took the pieces out of the bags, and using an X-Acto knife he skinned them and removed the muscles and tendons. He then used a power saw on the bones.

It was apparently no big deal to William Dhondt. As he said later to police, it was like he was “slicing and dicing her like a pot roast or some shit.”

The murderer put a bloody garbage bag containing some of the remains in a trashcan in the garage. The rest of the body he stored in various containers in the house. Ewwww.

I don’t know why William Dhondt didn’t take better, effective steps to dispose of the poor woman’s dismembered body, like making a bonfire or burying her. Probably he was too confident and too stupid and too lazy.

William Dhondt called the police at 10 p.m. Saturday to report Kaitlin Hehir missing. She’d been dead for 20 hours by then. Obviously she wasn’t going to turn up for work as a court clerk at 47th District Court in Farmington Hills. If he didn’t report her missing, her coworkers definitely would.

Investigators showed up on his doorstep right away. I don’t know precisely what bullshit he was tossing at them, but I’m sure they saw through his shifting story and knew he was lying.

William Dhondt granted the investigators access to his garage. Ooops. Guess what they found in the trashcan. They must have known then they weren’t dealing with a missing person.

Dhondt crime sceneThe investigators wasted no time in obtaining a search warrant. Big surprise — they found the mutilated remains of Kaitlin Hehir scattered in containers throughout the house.

When William Dhondt was questioned by Detective Andrew Morche, he wound up confessing. He was caught red-handed, so what choice did he have? But of course the evil bastard just had to place the blame on the victim.

“I flipped, yelling at her, asking her why she has to treat me like shit all the time, punching, kicking, slapping me,” the killer wrote in his police statement.

“Without realizing it I was strangling her and before I knew it she was blue and gone,” he wrote.

I call that bullshit. It takes more than an instant to strangle someone to death. It takes minutes — long, agonizing minutes. And how does someone not realize they’re strangling someone? He wasn’t drunk. He wasn’t high. He wasn’t insane. He was furious, and being furious doesn’t make you black out.

William the merciless murderer Dhondt also wrote that he cried while he mutilated the body.

“Every bit of it hurt me,” he wrote in his statement to police. Riiiight. Just keep on polishing that turd — it still won’t make it shine.

And then, incredibly, the completely egocentric, sociopathic William Dhondt complained that the murder “was probably 4 minutes of the worst thing that ever happened to me.”

Now we know — it took him 4 minutes to strangle Kaitlin Hehir to death. That poor woman! Being battered and bashed and punched and then throttled for 4 minutes, looking into the eyes of her killer.

At his murder trial, William Dhondt’s attorney depicted the victim as a cruel woman who abused the poor killer and that SHE was out of control.

“Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors,” said attorney Judith Gracey. “The person could be a wonderful daughter, an excellent friend, but she could’ve been a lousy girlfriend.”

She’s right you know. Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors. The person could work at Olive Garden and still be a murderous asshole with a vicious, trigger temper. He could also have a criminal record including embezzlement and DUI.

Attorney Judith Gracey tried to downplay the revolting dismemberment to the jury. “The dismemberment was after,” she’d said. “It was on a dead body. Kaitlin was no longer Kaitlin at that point.”

Oh, so Kaitlin Hehir was essentially what? Meat? A pot roast?

It so totally pisses me off that this beautiful 29-year-old woman is being reduced in everyone’s minds to a nasty, drunk girlfriend and a dismembered corpse. It’s only on her vicious killer’s say-so that she belittled him and berated him. I, for one, don’t believe Word One that comes out of that shitstain’s mouth about the victim.

Kaitlin Hehir was loved and loving. She was a valued employee at the District Court. She was a dog owner. She had parents and other family members who miss her very, very much. She had a bright future and she deserved to live it to the max.

Her heartless, soulless, cowardly killer took it all away from her, and then tried to blame it all on her.

Attorney Judith Gracey had also tried to downplay the murder itself to the jury. “It was a fight, she fought, and then she lost her life,” said Ms Gracey.

Wow, that really makes it seem like Kaitlin Hehir’s fault, like poor widdle Willy had nothing to do with it. But it wasn’t her fault. Poor widdle Willy had choices. His victim didn’t.

William Dhondt had the freedom to leave the house. He had the freedom to choose to walk away. He chose instead to kill.

So I think it’s far more honest to say, it was a fight, he pummeled and battered her, and then he strangled her to death.

Thankfully the jury agreed with that. In March 2014 they found this murderous turdbrain guilty of 1st-degree murder and mutilation of a dead body. It took them only 3 hours to reach their verdict.

I am glad to learn that the jurors are being provided counseling by the court. What those poor people had to listen to and look at was so graphic and so horrifying, no doubt they will need it. It’s the stuff of nightmares.

William Dhondt is going to spend the rest of his life in prison. Good. The evil Eagle Scout is caged like the animal he is.

RIP, Kaitlin Hehir. I extend my deepest condolences to her friends and family who loved her. May she now be remembered, not for her death, but for the wonderful, beautiful person she was.

And may her murderer be left to rot and fester, forgotten and alone, for the rest of his worthless life.

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11 Responses to William Dhondt

  1. Moody Magic says:

    Well poor little Willie will never be free again. Good. What a sick freak. He should be in a Russian prison. American prisons are a joke

    • MR_Peace_Man says:

      I feel very bad for what happen but I’ve known women who treated their boyfriends like shit, so I do believe that was the case, there was nothing or no one stating that this man was abusive or a psychopath, they were together for 3 years witch tells me that this was an act of accumulating anger to me, not justifying what he did, just saying some women out here are cold hearted bitches who ask for trouble, you cant proclaim everyone as innocent if you didn’t know them personally,with that being said I do feel bad for her, they just should have never met, husbands and wives both should honor, respect and treat each other better regardless, sorry but it may be inaccurate of me to just say this women was an angel, I mean how do we know she wasn’t the abuser and flicked his switch? You have to always understand that there are two sides to every story, this to me sounds like a lousy wife suffered an over exaggerated and unnecessary karma and what happen to her was very unfortunate.

      • Hopeless Pedantic says:

        Quick quiz, mister “peace” “man”:
        If a person finds themselves in a relationship with an undesirable partner for three years, a reasonable course of action is to
        a) seek couple’s counselling
        b) break up with partner
        c) obtain individual therapy to introspect why they remain in bad relationships
        d) reach out to community services for a safety plan to leave partner
        e) pummel partner viciously, continue bashing once helpless, strangle, then cut up their corpse

        The fact that you can see some understandable behaviour in the murderous abuser’s actions and that the victim is partially to blame for their failure in the impossibile (of being no angel) is sickening.

        Why are you excusing this man’s actions? Every evil done in the world is done by someone who thinks they’re justified. And you help by normalizing it???

  2. Aletheia says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this man has the creepiest eyes imaginable on an otherwise reasonably pleasant-looking face? It’s not just the soulless void, although that’s part of it, but he sort of looks as if his eyes were made of metal.

    Hey Judith Gracey! If (possibly) being a “lousy girlfriend,” or at least unpleasant when intoxicated, makes a person deserving of death, what do you think a guy who beats someone up and strangles her deserves? Oh, and the whole “Kaitlin wasn’t Kaitlin anymore”? That’s not exactly a mitigating circumstance, that’s the REASON YOUR CLIENT IS ON TRIAL, because he KILLED HER. But I guess we can give him a few brownie points for waiting until she was dead before he started chopping her up – how about a speedy execution instead of a slow and painful one? That’s all the mercy he’d get from me. My real sympathy lies with Kaitlin and everyone who loved her, and everyone in the criminal justice system who has had to deal with this nightmare. I’m not blaming his attorney for taking the case; everyone is entitled to a vigorous, competent defense. But implying that murder is somehow less wrong because the victim may have had normal personality flaws is pure bullshit.

  3. 2cute says:

    Aletheia, this bastard has less soul in his eyes than a goat. But yeah, they look metallic to me too, like something out of a sci fi movie. I almost suspect Cleo of fiddling with them but she’s not done that to any of the other hell beasts on this site.

  4. awesomeblossom says:

    Kaitlin will be remembered for the lovely lady she was. Her killer will be remembered for the useless waste of flesh he is. RIP Kaitlin.

  5. BENGALPUSS says:

    He just couldn’t get a taxi like most people,

  6. pj says:

    The judge should’ve added a few years for the disgusting victim blaming. I know it’s not a crime but it’s nasty and reprehensible.

  7. co-worker says:

    a few of us worked with both of them, not only was she working at a court in Farmington hills but she was also a cook at a local diner, where he worked too. tho it was over a year ago, a lot of us remember her daily, a few of us even remember the morning that we were wondering why she wasn’t at work or even called, which was not like her. she worked 2 jobs to support his ass, and this isn’t said because of what happen, but this guy was just a straight up asshole before. the only thing she should be blamed for is taking care of a piece of shit like him. he slaughtered the only woman that took care of him, all in hopes that he might one day not be a piece of shit and marry her…
    she did love him…
    and he stole her from us…
    stole her from her family and her friends…
    and for what???

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