Willamette Valley Animal Rescue

Hellbeasts Inglish, Noonan and Oakley

Crimes: Animal Abuse, Cruelty, Neglect

Willamette Valley Animal Rescue in Salem, Oregon was anything but an animal rescue organization. What it was was a warehouse full of 149 horribly neglected animals. The “president” Alicia Marie Inglish, 24, has been charged with 20 counts of animal neglect. She has also been charged with tampering with evidence.

The Willamette Valley Animal Rescue’s secretary Amanda Noelle Oakley, 19, has been arrested and charged with animal neglect as has board member Merissa Marie Noonan, 21.

Bear in mind this Alicia Marie Inglish, Merissa Marie Noonan and Amanda Noelle Oakley have not been found guilty yet, they’ve only been charged, but the pictures from the day the dogs were rescued from their evil clutches say it all for me.

On Sunday, January 13, 2013, authorities finally entered the 7500 square foot warehouse at 8955 Pueblo Ave. Brooks, and seized the starving and neglected dogs. The poor animals had no food or water available to them. They were emaciated and in considerable distress. They’d been stuffed 3 or 4 to a crate that should only accommodate one. The crates were piled on top of each other against a wall.

There were no staff or volunteers on the premises to care for the dogs.

Dr. Kriss Otteman, the veterinarian for the Oregon Humane Society, assessed the dogs’ conditions.

“The condition of these animals is terrible. They are lacking the basic care needed to survive. I found no food available to them and the water in their cages was filled with stench,” reported Dr. Otteman.

Willamette victim“I saw one animal stuffed into a cage that was so small he was unable to lie down, sit or stand up. He had no food or water in the cage, and I’m not sure how long he’d been left in that condition. I saw another cage that contained four dogs; it was designed for one. These dogs need immediate medical care.”

The Oregon Humane Society called this case the largest animal neglect case they’d ever had. I should think so!

The rescued dogs were given to 3 different shelters. The Oregon Humane Society took in 110 of them, which put them at double their capacity for dogs.

To relieve the congestion, the Oregon Humane Society reduced the price of all adult dogs to $50 through January. I hope people in Oregon step up and adopt or donate.

The rest of the rescued dogs were sent to Marion County Dog Shelter and Willamette Humane Society in Marion County.

Many of the dogs will need long-term medical care. Some of the poor dogs were so starved they were refusing to eat. They required special refeeding.

Joan Towers, executive director of Willamette Humane Society, said the dogs had open sores, wounds, and their rib bones were protruding. The poor beasties!

The dogs are being treated for ringworm, mange, malnutrition, internal parasite infestations, eye infections and untreated bite wounds. One poor dog also suffered from an untreated broken leg.

Who the hell can live with themselves after putting innocent, vulnerable creatures through such misery?

Dogs seizedPrior to the January 13 raid, the Oregon Humane Society and the Marion County Sheriff’s Office had received several complaints about the care of the animals, the food they were being fed, and the conditions they were being kept in.

Authorities had tried working with the Willamette Valley Animal Rescue but got no cooperation from Alicia Marie Inglish, Merissa Marie Noonan or Amanda Noelle Oakley. They would not allow officials to look inside the warehouse.

Gee, I wonder why.

People who live near the facility had long noticed constant loud barking. They also never saw anybody bringing the dogs outside for exercise. The concerned neighbours phoned the Sheriff’s Office, PETA, and the Marion County Dog Shelter.

Nothing could be done by officials until they could look inside the warehouse.

Willamette facilityFormer employees of the animal rescue came forward to authorities and provided details about the dogs being fed stale bread instead of real dog food, and about multiple dogs being stuffed into crates.

Finally a formal investigation was opened. Still Alicia Marie Inglish, Merissa Marie Noonan and Amanda Noelle Oakley denied authorities entry. In fact, they got a lawyer to make sure authorities didn’t get in.

Marion County officials finally received photos of inside the facility from an anonymous informant and the Sheriff’s Office used those to obtain a search warrant. It was none too soon. All of the dogs were in urgent need of medical care by then.

It’s a mercy the dogs were still alive, even though they had suffered long and needlessly.

So who the hell is Alicia Marie Inglish? The 24-year-old woman had once worked for 6 months at Coppercreek Mercantile, a pet store in Keizer. She lost that job. I don’t know how that could qualify her to be president an animal rescue operation.

Police raid on Willamette Animal RescueMaybe, just maybe, the three women began the whole animal rescue with the best of intentions, but as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. And good intentions don’t feed dogs.

Amanda Noelle Oakley and Merissa Marie Noonan appeared in Marion County Circuit on February 28, 2013, and pled not guilty to 20 counts each of animal neglect and 1 count of tampering with physical evidence.

Alicia Marie Inglish faces 10 counts of 1st-degree animal neglect, 10 counts of 2nd-degree animal neglect, and 1 count of attempting to tamper with physical evidence.

I shall keep readers posted about the progress of their trials. I truly hope at the very least they are prevented from owning a pet for the rest of their lives — that includes a pet rock.

Those animals suffered horribly, and some have a long recovery ahead of them. Kudos to the private civilian who took those photos and sent them to the authorities. If not for that person providing the evidence for a warrant, plenty of those dogs might have been dead by the time the facility was raided.

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32 Responses to Willamette Valley Animal Rescue

  1. bulldoggy says:

    Those girls like such nice friendly people, not at all like evil dog starvers. Evil people should look evil, you know? So we can spot them and stop them from inflicting pain and suffering on the helpless. So despite them being so young and so attractive, they are hellbeasts at heart and should be made to suffer as they made all those poor dogs suffer. My dog Charlie would like to have a go at them, would he had teeth.

    • Foxx says:

      You’re right they do look like your friendly average Joe.
      Surprise!! Evil comes in all shapes and sizes.
      Just assume everyone is a bastard.

  2. pj says:

    What was their deal? Were they looking for donations and then pocketing the cash? Why the hell would they not ask for help when the animals began to suffer? Nasty bitches!

    • bengalpuss says:

      Ah ha, pj, your thinking along the same lines as me. This is what i think, they’ve started up an animal rescue center, and people donate to these places. Also when a family want a new dog, some go to shelters and pay money for a dog, in britain Around £100 which would be about $170. There bitch’s have seen the ££ Signs, and haven.t given a fuck about those dogs. And what makes it worse is the fact that, when people came and could have saved those poor dogs, instead of saying “We can.t manage and we are overwhelmed” They prefered to keep those poor dogs suffering, and even got a lawyer to stop people entering that warehouse. Don.t lawyers cost money? Thank god someone had the sense to get proof by taking pictures, so a warrant could be obtained. The three fucking bitch’s even have the cheek to plead not guilty. Oh its the dogs fault, they’ve locked themselves in cages and starved themselves. I hope when these three lumps of shit go to court, that there are people there with banners saying “Lowlifes”

      • MsM says:

        Here in the states animals are usually adopted out for less than $50.00. I’ve never seen a shelter charge as much as $170.00. Although I agree, Bengal, they saw money signs…

        • shans4boysak says:

          Actually, $170 is not that much for adopting a dog. I know of no legitimate shelters around here who charge as little as $50. The least expensive adoptions around here are from animal control, and that’s $72 for a spayed animal, $152 for unsprayed. Puppies and small dogs are even more.
          We adopted from a rescue org., and it was $250. So these women could definitely seen dollar signs.

  3. 2cute says:

    Those poor dogs! Those poor creatures only wanted a home, a family, and they wind up starved, diseased, neglected, tortured at the hands of those bitches! I hope they are found guilty and sent away for years.

  4. bengalpuss says:

    Bulldoggy, has charlie lost all his teeth? You have to laugh at the titles that they’ve designated to each other “President” “Secretary” “Boardmember” Do they think that it makes them sound important? Because from what im looking at, it makes them look absolutely pathetic. I had to chuckle when i read those titles, president indeed, worthless bunch of slack arse bitch’s. I hope that they are banned for life from ever owning a pet again, plus they should be given community work, and that should entail, cleaning dog shit up, and they have to do it with their bare hands, not allowed to wash them, and then have to eat food using the hands that has picked the shit up, three freaking ugly bitch’s.

  5. bulldoggy says:

    Charlie had teeth out and it cost a thousand bucks. Ouch! But he is family and deserves the best I can give him. Somebody should’ve taught these 3 evil twats that lesson about how to treat pets.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Yes im the same bulldoggy, tyke had the runs, so i panicked, took him to the vet, and to have him on a drip for a couple of hours, the robbing twat charged me £328.00, it brought tears to my eyes when i asked how much, but its tykey and i’d pay thousands if i ever thought he was uncomfortable in any way. Cunts like these three turd’s from the toilet bowl, wouldn’t know the meaning of compassion and basic care. They should be locked in a cage together, and given dirty water and moldy bread, evil fuck ugly twats.

  6. dogwalker says:

    Shoot those bitches. Once they’re found guilty, of course. Which they are, just look at the pictures.

  7. awesomeblossom says:

    How the hell can they plead not guilty? They signed on as president, secretary and board member so they can’t just walk away from their responsibilities. Those dogs couldn’t walk away. They had no choice but to stay in tiny cages and starve.

  8. moodymagic says:

    The lawyer who stopped anyone from getting inside the warehouse, what a piece of work. Were is his/her punishment

    • bengalpuss says:

      Moodymagic, wonder why the lawyer didn.t ask them why they wanted to keep the police and animal welfare out. I’d certainly want to know why they had a problem letting them inside. Surely if they were legitimate and nothing to hide, they would have let them in, but obviously they did have something to hide, what a bunch of evil bastards they were, who were obviously, getting donations and selling those poor beasties for financial gain, the 3 evil pigs. Your right moody, that lawyer should be prosecuted as well, but he’ll be trained in “How to worm your way out of trouble” The lot of em should be shot, chopped up and made into pig swill. Was gonna say dog food, but it might make em ill, with these witches been nasty and all.

  9. MsM says:

    The animal rescue world here in the states is not exactly a healthy environment to start with. There are some people who do an awesome job with rescuing and caring for animals – then there’s a whole underworld to it that would turn your gut. A decade or so ago I dated a guy who was heavily into animal rescue. There were meetings, there were group activities, they went above and beyond to rescue animals – to the point where humans were expendable. That made me very uncomfortable. As a few examples, he once told me that he would push a child in front of a moving vehicle to save a cat. Someone attempted to break into my home while my two teenage daughters were home alone – when I told him the first words out of his mouth were “are your cats okay?”. At first I thought it was just him but I saw others just like him – antisocial personalities that channel their hatred of humans into caring for animals. While they DO take good care of the animals, the reality is that it can be at a cost. I found this out first hand when he and several of his family members went to rescue animals right after Hurricane Katrina. They came back boasting about how they had let a man drown so they could rescue a dog. That was it for me. I turned them in, walked away and never looked back. Because of the mess the legal system was in down in LA for a long time nothing ever came of what they did. There were too many bodies to clean up off the streets, sadly. A few years ago I heard that he’d been arrested for breaking and entering into another rescuer’s home to “free” her animals because he didn’t think they were well taken care of enough. I called the police there and told them what I knew. True, it was hearsay but they needed to know what type of weirdo they were dealing with. He actually ended up with some jail time to which I say, damned good thing.

    So what does this have to do with the case here? Girls like this are part of that same bizarre underworld of animal rescue. They get into it because it’s “cool”. I knew of a few that got into the practice because they saw some hot actor promoting it. Guy had probably never rescued an animal in his life but because he was promoting it, they started their own rescue which, like this one, failed miserably, although they weren’t accused of neglecting the animals. They did care for them, it was the paperwork they couldn’t handle so ultimately they adopted all their animals out and closed down.

    Sadly, because of the aforementioned jerk I have a very bad opinion of animal rescue. Frankly, I think the practice should be outlawed. Let the ASPCA and Humane Society do their jobs. The way it is right now, there are too many loopholes and open doors so that idiots like these women can “open” a shelter and ultimately abuse the animals. I’m all for saving animals, I love animals, but I think that the system itself lends to abuse because the checks and balances are so few. When I lived in the midwest the Humane Society in that city paid properly vetted people to foster so they could adopt out a large amount of animals without overcrowding the shelter itself. They were very successful and there was not one complaint about any of the foster people in the decade or so that I lived there (and volunteered at the shelter). In order to stop crazy people like this the laws need to be updated, adapted or completely reworked to keep people like this from even attempted to start an operation like this.

    Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now…this is what I get for reading before I have my coffee…*mumble mumble grumble grumble*

    • FlyingLeadChange says:

      Interesting perspective… I’m definitely into the “animal rescue” and welfare world (mostly horses, but I do help out with housepets from time to time. As you said, there’s good and bad people in it, like everything else in life.

      I’d be very adverse to outlawing rescues and shelters except for the Humane Society and ASPCA. While they’re not (usually) terrible, neither are they all that great. They occupy a mushy middle of the spectrum.

      The very best shelters that I’ve seen are smaller, volunteer run organizations. I helped out at one for a while, and did my interview with the president as she was cleaning out dog stalls. Everyone contributed, nobody cared about status. Pretty much the reverse of this outfit, where everyone was a board member of extremely high status, but whops, they forgot that someone needs to actually take care of the animals.

      • MsM says:

        I know it would be foolish to outlaw animal rescue shelters and I know my take on it is a tad extreme – thanks to said jackass I dated. Realistically, I think that better laws should be developed so people like the perps in this case couldn’t have even opened up a shelter in the first place. Like you said, there has to be a strong volunteer base where status means little in the grand scheme of things or things will fall apart. Changing the laws to protect the animals would be a smart thing all the way around…but then that would get all the prolife people pissed off and start another whole battle elsewhere…

    • Sherry says:

      Sorry unfortunately there is no safe haven for animals including the ASPCA and Humane Society. Those so called people who are doing their job also kill animals after a certain period of time if no one adopts an animal. They are euthanized. You cannot take a small mid western humane society shelter and think that is the way of the world. Just not reality. Like everything else in the world, there are good rescues and bad rescues and I thank the authorities tracked down these horrible women and I hope they rot in jail with stale bread and get treated just like they treated those poor unfortunate creatures.

      • goat says:

        Also, once I called the humane society because there was a pup in my neighborhood that was outside in all weather, even when his water was frozen in his bowl, chained to his doghouse… Which had a door too small for him to get inside. Looked just like their tear jerking commercials. They said there was nothing they could do. Maybe if they spent their donations helping animals instead of sending donors t shirts and stuffed animals…

        • momof3canada says:

          As long as the dog has a dog house they wont remove a dog. I was told this by spca (canada) i think thats bullshit.. fine for a few hours a day but no dog should be outside all the time. Wish i had pictures of this dpg in my town. Owners built a outdoor cage and dog house. Poor dog is in a inclosure all year. (Not sure about wintertime. Btw we got enough snow last year that half of our one story house was completely covered in snow. Up to the roof)

  10. FlyingLeadChange says:

    I’m trying to wrap my head around how this happened… my understanding of the animal care world is that profits are only made at the very high end. Shelters aren’t a gain, they’re a money sink. So I have difficulty believing they went into this to make a quick buck…

    They’re all quite young, and seemed more interested in giving themselves fancy titles that they can brag about, rather than focusing on the animal care. My bet is, they did this to boost their egos and pad their resumes, as opposed to actually giving a damn about the animals.

    • MsM says:

      Yeah, saying “I’m on the board” of such and such sounds SO prestigious. Had they done things properly they would have known how much work goes into maintaining shelter! I’ve been on various boards of directors over the years and it was always a ton of work all the way around. Couple all that paperwork with having to actually care for animals is a time consuming process and then some. Evidently they didn’t get the memo about just because it sounds cool doesn’t mean it is cool.

      • bengalpuss says:

        Those 3 idiots don.t know their arseole’s from their elbows. Money can be made in opening a “Rescue center” People do donate, & the buying of the animals brings in money. My guess is that, these 3 idiots were money orientated, & didn.t plow any of it back into the centre, hence the animals became neglected & sick, so eventually when people went to buy one of the poor dogs, they were in that poor a condition, that people just walked away & complained. But being the evil pigs they are, they wouldn’t let anyone help those poor animals, god forbid, they were money for those greedy pigs. I know it sounds crazy, but these 3 idiots are clueless. I can also understand why some people are more for animals than they are for humans. Animals don.t try and screw you over, where as some humans do. Plus its man that is basically the problem, where animals are concerned. I prefer my tyke(Cat) Rather than have idiots around me. But im not extreme where i’d push a child in the road to save a pet, just a nonce or scumbag.

        • MsM says:

          And that’s why we luv you Bengal!!!

          • bengalpuss says:

            I’ll be getting a big head, with comments like this. Bigger than president Alicia inglish, From the willamette valley animal rescue. Slight irony in that name “animal rescue” After those 3 hellbitch’s got their paws (No pun intended) on those poor dogs, the poor things ended up needing rescuing from the rescue center.

  11. bengalpuss says:

    Exactly what i said, and they would have been keeping the money they got, not buying much dog food, otherwise we wouldn’t be reading this post if they had even given the poor dogs basic care. Without a doubt this was all about money, otherwise why would they hire a lawyer to keep people out of that place, that wanted to help those animals. If it was someone that had started the rescue center with good intentions, but then became overwhelmed, they would except any help that was offered, but these bitch’s didn.t give a flying fuck about those poor dog’s, and if those animals would have been removed, which they knew they would, then no more ker-Ching for them. I really don.t know how they have the cheek to plead not guilty, they went out of their way, to prevent those dogs from being rescued, that to me is cruelty at best. Another thing, don.t lawyers cost money? They must have been raking it in. President, secretary and board member, LMFAO, bunch of slack twats.

  12. TWad says:

    Volunteered for Alicia believing she was of good intentions. Alicia paid $4000 alone on the facility monthly that the animals were in. I was one to take pictures as well and turn her in. The adults starved and the puppies were kept plump. You know why? Well, because puppies are where the money is at. She even had an old camper rv outback full of animals. She simply manifested this lesson.

  13. BP says:

    Thank God the dogs were found! Is there an update to this story? (12/13)

  14. john la berge says:

    twade said it all the only reason animal rights activist organizations exist is to suck money from a public that is to stupid to realize the group e.g. peta and the hus us exist is for the money that can be raised to support thier cause. if you really want to have a thing to consider ask sir paul how he not only had the wrong province but the wrong specie of seal that he was suckered into by farley mowat and his group to protecting the rights of. what the seal harvwest in newfoundland canada was portrayed to a really stupid and ignorant group of german investors was a chance for them to excuse the slaughter of nuisance bears and wild pigs that are being drawn by the easy accessd food sources they find in berlin garbage dumps. as for cheryl fink and alli have been since hearing of how she allegedly reproduced in a experimentalong with a guy named levigne of the guelph university animal health research labs a ancient chines recipe for three penis wine. the mixture of FRESHLY PROCURED seal dog and deer penises has been touted as a aphrodisiac in chinese culture. who is really sick the newfie who wants to feedhis family, the whack jobs in the lab or the dingbats in wallamete valley animal rescue.> I DARE ANYONE TO REPLY TO THIS<

  15. Safta says:

    makes me very sad and very angry

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