Wei Wang

Wei Wang
Crimes: Child Abuse, Aggravated Assault

Jealousy is a terrible thing, and can make people do terrible things. A Richmond, British Columbia couple found that out the hard way when a terrible thing was done to their baby boy.

In February 2013, the new parents had their sleep disrupted by the screams of their 7-week-old baby boy. Not being able to figure out what was distressing their tiny infant, and finding themselves unable to comfort him, the couple rushed him to the local hospital.

The examining doctor checked out the baby boy, and made the startling discovery of a hardened, plastic-like substance in and behind his ears. The stuff had a chemical smell to it. Weird.

This foreign substance stuck the baby’s ears to his head. It also covered the entrance to both of the baby’s ear canals. No wonder the tiny tot was screaming. Painstaking and delicate surgery had to be performed on him to remove the gunk from his ears.

So what the hell was this mystery substance? Superglue. Yeah, that’s right, Superglue. Somebody had put Superglue in the infant’s ears.

Now who the hell would do such a terrible thing? It turned out to be Wei Wang, the baby’s aunt.

Wei Wang, a 30-year-old mother of 2 daughters, had wanted a son. She was worried that, because she had no son, she would lose out on a family inheritance. Her sibling had this beautiful baby boy, and Wei Wang was green with jealousy.

I guess it’s fortunate that Wei Wang merely wanted to harm the baby instead of kill him, but it’s completely, disgustingly evil that she took her rage and jealousy out on a vulnerable, helpless 7-week-old baby. It was a spiteful, hellbeastly thing to do.

Fortunately for all, the baby is expected to make a full recovery.

The parents contacted the Richmond RCMP when they learned what had been done to their baby.

“What followed was a lengthy criminal investigation. As investigators dug deeper, a bizarre tale unfolded of deceit, jealously, and the cultural pressures to conceive male offspring,” said Richmond RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Dennis Hwang.

The RCMP arrested and charged Wei Wang with aggravated assault.

“This was a bizarre, yet extremely sad case,” said Cpl. Chris Tarasoff. “There were many investigators involved and it was emotionally trying at times. We do have a message though; we have zero tolerance towards any types of crimes against children. These crimes will not be tolerated and we will investigate them to the full extent of the law.”

Well said, Cpl. Tarasoff.

On December 5, 2014, Wei Wang was convicted of the single count of aggravated assault. She was sentenced to 4 months in jail and 2 years probation.

I should imagine that Wei Wang will not ever be allowed near her victim ever again. Who would trust her with him? She’d better hope and pray that nothing bad ever happens to the little guy, because no doubt she’ll be suspected.

The fact that Wei Wang was willing to harm, possibly even deafen a helpless baby, and actually carried out her plan, speaks volumes as to the type of character she is — immoral. She was extremely lucky her nephew recovered.

I am glad to learn the baby will be fine. I wish the little guy all the best. I hope his cousins — Wei Wang’s daughters — are treated well. I wish them the best as well. It’s hard going through life knowing your mother is a convicted criminal.

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10 Responses to Wei Wang

  1. Bengalpuss says:

    Wei wang is an absolute wicked human being to commit that act of abuse on that little boy. Thank god he is going to be ok, she could’ve caused that poor little boy to lose his hearing. Thank god the police uncovered the nasty act that she committed on a helpless 7 week old infant, the mind beggars belief!

  2. moodymagic says:

    I am so glad the little guy is going to be fine. Wei Wang you call yourself a mother. How could you do this to your own nephew. Punishment was not enough.

  3. Rhonda says:

    Wow, even worse than possibly rendering him deaf she could have killed that child! I think she got off awfully light. I hope her own children were taken away. Anyone who could do that to a seven week old child has no business being around children ever!

  4. cleo says:

    Hello, readers. Once again I shall have to ask for your patience. I have yet another medical appointment so I am not sure that I’ll get a new article posted tomorrow. Getting older sucks!

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Too true cleo, i’ve got an absess on my tooth at the moment and the pain is horrendous. Then my left hand has started to get arthritus, and last but not least my eyesight is terrible. Yes getting older sure is shite, hope your procedure goes well love!

  5. 2cute says:

    Sick bitch! How can anyone do anything on purpose to harm an innocent, helpless, beautiful baby? It’s a mercy she didn’t do permanent damage.

  6. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Sickening Appalling

  7. MSM says:

    While this was definitely a heinous crime, it’s not all that shocking knowing what we know about Chinese culture. Having a male child is THE goal – in China that is. The fact that they were living in Canada didn’t erase the pressure for the aunt I guess. My point is, I’ve seen this before. We had a case when I interned with CPS in undergrad where an Asian immigrant poisoned her own daughter because she wasn’t born a boy. The little girl lived, thankfully, and was given to other family members – but the point is that the pressure is SO strong, some of these women, immoral or not, they can’t handle the pressure and the snap and do stupid things like this. She deserves to go to prison for a very long time…

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