Wayne Ryczak

Hellbeast Wayne Ryczak
Crime: Murder

Stephine Beck of Niagara Falls, Ontario was a prostitute, no doubt about it. OK, some people prefer we call her a sex-trade worker, but regardless of what we call her, Stephine Beck provided sex for money.

Wayne Ryczak of St. Catharines, Ontario was willing to pay for sex and he was a frequent customer of women like Stephine Beck.

On March 4, 2007, Stephine Beck was strangled to death and her partially nude body was dumped beside a road in Vineland, Ontario. The person who did the strangling and the dumping was Wayne Ryczak.

Stephine Beck was only 29. After high school, Stephine Beck had gotten mixed up with a no-good boyfriend who was into drugs and she followed him from Nova Scotia to Ontario, where he acted as her pimp. Life went kind of downhill after that.

But Stephine Beck had family that loved her. She had 5 children and was 14 weeks pregnant. Her kids loved her. Her mother Alice Dort loved her. Stephine was also HIV-positive and addicted to crack cocaine. It was a tragic life and a tragic death.

Wayne Ryczak was a 50ish-year-old divorced father of three adult children. He associated with prostitutes (i.e. paid the women for sex) and went on drug binges for days or weeks at a time.

The differences between Wayne and Stephine are: he had a good paying job, she didn’t; he bought sex, she sold it; he hadn’t been caught picking up prostitutes or buying drugs, she was known to police; he left his trailer home alive, she was dead.

Hellbeast Wayne RyczakWayne Ryczak was caught because a neighbour actually watched him lug Stephine Beck’s dead body out of the trailer and into his hatchback, cover it with a blanket and drive off in the wee hours of the morning. The whole thing took 15 minutes. Damn snoopy neighbours! Gotta love them!

Wayne Ryczak must have thought he’d got away with killing the poor woman after he dumped her body from his vehicle beside a rural road. He certainly had no intention of being caught.

Stephine Beck’s discarded body was discovered just after 6:30 a.m. She was face down in the snow with her pants pulled down and her shirt pulled up.

Thanks to the snoopy neighbour, Wayne Ryczak was arrested on March 5, 2007 and charged with Stephine Beck’s murder.

Fourteen months later, the case against Wayne Ryczak went to trial in St. Catharines. He appeared before Judge Stephen Glithero.

Right off the bat the murderer Wayne Ryczak pleaded not guilty to 2nd degree murder but guilty to manslaughter. So far so good.

And then Wayne Ryczak stood up and spoke in his own defense. And what was his defense? Self -defense of course.

See, Wayne Ryczak came home alone, at 3:30 a.m., without a prostitute, and there was the victim in his trailer. He didn’t know who she was, but she may have looked familiar. And then the intruder attacked him! With a brass lamp! So he struggled with this woman and pushed her back — apparently by the throat. He yelled at her to “settle down” but she didn’t so he grabbed her again by the throat — same as before only harder. Then she collapsed on the couch, not breathing.

At this point did he call 911? No, because he PANICKED! And that’s why he hauled her body away and dumped it, because he was SCARED!

And what did Stephine Beck say to Wayne Ryczak’s accusation that she had broken into his trailer and attacked him? Nothing, because she was dead.

To recap, this man who habitually buys sex from prostitutes did not bring this prostitute home. This pregnant woman, a total stranger to him, came from Niagara Falls and broke into his house in St. Catharine’s, supposedly to rob him because that’s what prostitutes do. And then when he came home at 3:30 in the morning she did not run away. Instead, this pregnant woman attacked him with a brass lamp. He strangled her twice until she was accidentally, unintentionally dead. He did not call 911, did not try to resuscitate her, but instead pulled down her pants and lifted her shirt and tossed her at the side of a rural road.

Yup, totally believable, right? I mean it’s hardly likely that Wayne Ryczak, who routinely used prostitutes, brought a prostitute home for sex, got into a fight with her and murdered her, and then tried to cover his tracks by dumping her partially nude body at the side of a road.

The Crown asked for a sentence of 7 to 10 years in jail. The prosecutor mentioned that Wayne Ryczak led a double life, publicly working in construction and privately using prostitutes and drugs.

But the court heard that even though Stephine Beck was strangled to death, she also had cocaine in her system that could have caused death. Too bad she was strangled first, eh?

And the court also heard that Wayne Ryczak had no criminal record, and earned about $78,000 a year working for the Newman Brothers construction company. The court also heard that that he was a member of a city hall advisory committee and a former cub scout leader and minor league lacrosse coach. And his mom said he was a good son.

There was no evidence that Wayne Ryczak had picked up a prostitute THAT DAY. And there was no evidence that Wayne Ryczak used drugs THAT DAY.

And Stephine Beck was a dead hooker.

Judge Stephen Glithero thought and thought long and hard for 20 minutes before he came to his decision. Did he give this killer the 7 to 10 years in jail that the Crown asked for? Nope, not quite.

In sentencing Wayne Ryczak Judge Glithero took into account the poor man’s remorse and his early guilty plea that spared the court the time and expense of a full trial.

Judge Glithero took into account the issue of self-defense. He took into account the cocaine in Stephine Beck’s system.

Judge Glithero also took into account the testimony that Wayne Ryczak was a good employee and a good son. He took into account that he had contributed to the community.

“In my opinion, he presents as a person with many admirable qualities,” said the judge, and added Wayne Ryczak the killer has values of family, community and hard work.

Oh, yeah, Wayne Ryczak was a model citizen. Totally. You just have to overlook the drug use, the murder, and the disposal of the evidence (i.e. the heartless dumping of the body).

Judge Glithero determined that a 30-month sentence in prison was appropriate for killing a prostitute and since Ryczak had spent 14 months in prison already, that was equal to the 30 months. Huh?

Wayne Ryczak, 55, was therefore sentenced to ONE MORE DAY IN JAIL. He also got 3 years’ probation.

It’s hard to believe he got one day in jail after pleading guilty to manslaughter. That’s Canadian justice at work.

Hellbeast Wayne Ryczak“Devastated, we’re devastated,” the victim’s mother, Alice Dort, said from her home in Nova Scotia shortly after a police detective phoned her to break the news. “This is just so unbelievable.”

“There’s no justice. None whatsoever. I’m just so disgusted.” As am I.

“She was a very loving person,” Alice Dort said of her girl Stephine. “She had a heart of gold. Her lifestyle, to me right now, this whole thing has judged her on her lifestyle, not as a human being.”

The Crown appealed this appallingly short and “manifestly unfit” sentence. The appeal was rightly granted after protesters demanded more appropriate justice.

Alice Dort, the victim’s mom, travelled from Nova Scotia to Toronto to hear the appeal.

“She’s still a human being, she still had family, she’s still a person,” Alice Dort said. “I think if it had been somebody else, some other girl, it would’ve turned out totally different.”

And I think I agree with her.

Sadly, disturbingly, a panel of three Appeal Court judges dismissed the appeal. *sigh*

It is a tiny measure of solace to note that while Wayne Ryczak was awaiting trial, he was attacked by fellow inmates. As a result of the assault he lost four teeth and was placed in segregation. Awwww, poor baby.

Wayne Ryczak was subsequently transferred to another institution in another city, and that prevented him from having frequent family contact while in custody. Awwww, poor baby.

Wayne Ryczak also suffers from testicular cancer, which requires bi-yearly monitoring. His dental problems continued to plague him.

Well, that’s some solace but not enough.

And so Wayne Ryczak, you model citizen/hellbeast you, rot in hell.

You readers might be interested to learn that in the 12 years leading up the Stephine Beck’s murder, 5 other sex trade workers’ bodies were dumped around the Niagara region. If anybody is ever brought to justice for their murders, hopefully they will not appear before Judge Stephen Glithero.

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17 Responses to Wayne Ryczak

  1. moodymagic says:

    Apparently it is Ok to murder sex trade workers. Stephanie was a human being first of all. Even cancer isn’t enough for Ryczak. Burn in hell pig. What a great Canadian justice system. Criminals have all the rights and victims just don’t matter. Poor Stephine.

  2. Kimber says:

    Isn’t there a giant outcry from the Canadian populace when these scumbags get sentenced to a slap on the wrist? At least when American judges pass down these ridiculous sentences the Americans freak out. Witness that murderess Casey Anthony, virtually sentenced to a life in hiding after her bullshit trial. Or OJ Simpson, universally despised after his circus trial in Los Angeles.

  3. Trace says:

    So why isn’t there a huge public outcry. Guess people figure it’s her fault since she was a hooker. Look at all the women Pickton killed before anything was done about stopping him. If he’d been killing kindergarten teachers there would’ve been more action a lot quicker.

  4. bugman says:

    His entire story is full of shit! The judge needs to be sent to the unemployment line asap for being a total, gullible idiot.

  5. m.c says:

    i truly a sad thing,jut one thing i am the boyfriend that socalles led her to the bad life .just for the record i pleaded many times for her to stop what she was doing ,plus she was already into those things when we met ,i told her parents what she was doing in niagara falls they did nothing

    • Kris says:

      PEople don’t make people do things. I knew stephanie and was in the same lifestyle at the time. . . . she was a sweet girl. All the help in the world can’t help a person who doesnt wanna be helped. We choose our path in life and sometimes when we want out its too late, or takes too much work.

      • Trace says:

        Just wondering, Kris, do you believe that Stephine broke into Wayne Ryczak’s place to rob him and then attacked him with a lamp? Or do you believe he took her there for sex? Do you believe he had to kill her to save his own life? Or do you believe he got mad or crazy and strangled her for no good reason? Because I don’t believe that Stephine did anything to deserve being strangled and dumped at the side of the road despite her chosen “path in life.” I do believe Ryczak got away with murder.

      • Trace says:

        Oh and btw Kris, people DO make people do things. They use blackmail, threats, extortion, violence, emotional blackmail and so on. You can’t be that naive or stupid not to understand that. I don’t know if Stephine chose her lifestyle or was forced into it, but either could be true.

        • Errrm says:

          Who forces people to become crackheads?
          What I find baffling is that if Wayne found a woman robbing him and accidentally killed her, then he would have assumed she was a robber. So, why did he pull down her pants a pull up her top before dumping her? Is that something you do to robbers or people you accidentally kill? Maybe he just has more experience in killing people than I do but I have never heard of this ritual.

  6. bengalpuss29 says:

    I guess prostitutes don.t have the same human rights as everyone else then. And them 5 other prostitutes that have been found dumped murdered near Niagra Falls, it could be that piece of shit, that killed those women as well, just a thought. If that was a kindergartens teacher or a nurse etc, he would have been given maximum sentence. So everybody if you see a prostitute in your home at night waiting to hit you, then you can murder her because She’s not worth shit to the courts. You can.t blame the police they Stoically Do their jobs for some wanker of a judge to screw up all their hard work. And the judges on the appeal did nothing stupid cunt’s my heart goes out to stephanie’s family, especially those children of hers. May she be remembered for the mother, daughter and sister that she was. Instead of some worthless prostitute that the courts and that murdering bastard portrayed her to be. Rip stephanie.

    • goatgirl says:

      I’m sorry the girl is dead and this guy got away with it, but on the other hand, using crack when you’re pregnant is pretty beastly behavior, also.

  7. unknown says:

    I’ve known this man since i was a child, I’ve also known for years his history with women, He molested me more than once and he also molested his children.funny that’s never mentioned. I’ve been with him in his house when he and I would talk i was only 10 at the time, he would give me money and bought me things, what kid wouldn’t go to someone who spoils them? its been over 25 years and not sure why i am just saying this now, but i wish i told someone what he did to me i am not the only victum. man walks around this city free and clear I KNOW for a FACT he brought her home, he lied about his story from the very beginning.

    • Carly says:

      Wow. I remember when I heard the verdict I couldn’t believe it! Now he’s out to commit more crimes. I have an outreach to women whom are in prostitution in Toronto to help them get out if they want to leave.

      • cleo says:

        Sorry, Carly. I accidentally removed your link. Please comment again and I’ll make sure it is displayed.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Carly, organisations like yours really do help street working women, god bless you. There’s one in leeds where i live called the genesis project, they even go to the women while on the streets giving them free condoms and sandwiches and drinks, they also keep a bad punter’s list, tricks who have turned out to be nasty, the girls report these to the genesis workers and they then can let all the girls know who to avoid, they do some really good work.

  8. Disturbed valley girl says:

    I know the family. Sweet people. The mother is a loving and devoted grandmother. Drugs are nasty. They take the lives of young people down many different treacherous paths that always end in a similar fashion, institutions and or death. Drugs prey on people with low self-esteem. They can transform someone great into a disgrace. It’s sad because most people who struggle with addiction almost always suffer some kind of serious mental illness. Addiction should be seen for what it is a symptom of an illness. As far as I’m concerned this man takes advantage of desperate women who are mentally unsound and uses them to pleasure himself. Canada has a serious problem with how it deals with crimes against the destitute of society. I feel as though if you’re living in poverty it somehow gives the more fortunate the right to use and abuse however they see fit. Aboriginals are finally raising the issue to a national level. How long will it take for people to see one another as human? He should’ve gotten life.

    • anonymous says:

      I remember this case vividly. I worked in in the construction field and we dealt with Wayne Ryczak through Newman Brothers on a regular basis insomuch that the girls in our office asked our owner not to allow him in the offices because he was creepy, inappropriate and constantly hitting on us.the men in our plant did not like him
      and were very protective of us in the office. When I heard about his sentencing it was disgusting I knew that Newman Brothers took him back and they actually got a backlash from the business Community because they did. Then to my horror he moved into the same apartment complex that I lived in with my children. My daughter was a young teen and when I was working at at a hospital in Hamilton Halton my son he was 4 years older & took care of her as well as two people in my building, when I came home early one day I found Wayne Ryczak trying to schmooze her at the pool it was an outdoor pool and I told her in no uncertain terms never to get near him and she said he talks to me all the time he tries to take me to the store since you never go with him. I approached him with within a day or so of that and asked him Wayne do you know who I am because you look familiar and I said I work at such-and-such construction and his face went white and I since I’ve know what you’ve done you ever go near my daughter again who at the time was only 11 years old if you ever talk to her again I will make sure that the police are involved I told the office of who he was and what he’d been charged with and I informed the public of our of multiplex apartment building so I did what I could I’ve often wondered what kind of trouble he’s gotten into sense anybody knows please publish it. I I’m grateful that othour familyer than that incident wasn’t affected by his horrible Behavior and I feel so terrible for her family and what they’ve been through it was atrocious and tragic

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