Wayne Acott

Hellbeast Wayne Acott

Crime: Manslaughter

Somebody had better tell Susan York of Maidstone, Kent what a “good parent” really is. And since I see nobody else stepping up to the plate, I’ll take a stab at it.

A “good parent” is a provider essentially. He provides a safe and nurturing environment for his child. He provides a roof over the child’s head and food on the child’s plate. He provides opportunities for the child to learn and thrive and grow. He provides a good role model for the child to emulate. He provides help and guidance so that the child grows into a responsible, caring, independent and law-abiding adult.

That in a nutshell, Susan York, is a “good parent”.

The father of your baby Mackenzie, Mr. Wayne Acott, is not a “good parent”. Here’s how you can tell. The 22-year-old idiot would often not return home until the early hours. He spent his nights watching TV, playing on the computer and smoking cannabis. His own father sacked him because he couldn’t be bothered to show up for work in the morning. He robbed a pizza delivery guy.


Mackenzie Acott, at the ripe old age of 4 months, died of head injuries inflicted by his asshole POS father Wayne Acott. His last day on earth was January 28, 2011, 7 days after he was shaken so severely that he had bleeding to the eye, bleeding to the brain and brain damage caused by lack of blood flow.

The doctors at London’s King’s College Hospital said that baby Mackenzie’s injuries were so severe that they’re usually associated with a high-speed car crash. That’s how brutal the shaking was. That’s the kind of father Wayne Acott really is.

And when he denied to the police and to the court that he’d done anything to the baby, that’s the kind of lying turdball disgustoid hellbeast he really is.

The truth came out in court. And the truth was that on January 21, 2011, Wayne the asshole Acott didn’t get home until 4:30 a.m. after presumably spending the night at a friend’s apartment toking up, watching TV and playing on the computer. At 6:30 a.m. he fell asleep on the sofa in the living room.

Wayne Acott was in no shape to go job-hunting as if he ever intended to. And he was in no shape to babysit either.

At 8:45 a.m. Susan York had to leave their Square Hill Road apartment to take her 10-year-old daughter to school. She put the baby in his highchair and tried to wake asshole Acott but he was out of it. He mumbled a bit but that was it. Baby Mackenzie was happy and contented in his highchair when his mommy and sister left.

Well, if Susan York couldn’t wake Wayne Acott, little Mackenzie could. He got hungry waiting for mommy and he began to howl and cry for his breakfast. And Wayne Acott, the “good parent” awoke all bleary eyed and lethargic and pissed off.

But no, he wasn’t pissed off, insisted Wayne Acott.

“I picked him up and put him on my lap,” he said. “I picked up his bottle.” See? He’s a good dad. But then something went inexplicably wrong.

“He started struggling to breathe. I picked him up and patted his back.” But wait a second, Wayne. You picked him up twice then? When did you put him down? You left that part out. Did you put him down or throw him down? What aren’t you telling us?

According to you, you picked Mackenzie up, he started struggling to breathe and you picked him up. Doesn’t make sense but I’ll shut up and let you finish.

“He started going ‘Ah, ah’. I was told to put him upside down and pat his back. He started to breathe better. He was all limp and his breathing was funny,” said Wayne the “good parent” Acott.

Excuse me, but WHO told you to put him upside down and pat his back? You were alone with the baby when he went into distress. Did you have the presence of mind to call for help?

“I put him on the sofa and rang my other half. She literally walked through the front door. She rang for an ambulance. They started telling us to do stuff,” Wayne Acott said.

So Wayne Acott didn’t call for an ambulance. Susan York did at 9:17 a.m.

The ambulance arrived and medic Charlene Carter met Wayne Acott outside the apartment. She asked him what was wrong and he told his cock and bull story about feeding the baby and the baby just stopped breathing.

Little Mackenzie was lying motionless on the floor of the apartment. He was blue.

Charlene Carter had to immediately begin resuscitating the baby boy. At 9:36 a.m. other paramedics arrived and continued the resuscitation efforts. Little Mackenzie was unresponsive and wasn’t able to breathe on his own.

The ambulance got the little boy to Maidstone hospital at 9:59 a.m. He was in very critical condition. He was later transferred to Kings College Hospital and put on life support.

Dr. Tashar Vince, a consultant at Kings College Hospital, said there was “no naturally occurring process” to cause the injuries. She said the injuries could only be caused by “excessive, unusual force”.

PC Joanna Hazelwood and her colleague went to the Acott residence. They could smell cannabis. And they noticed that Wayne Acott’s eyes were red and sunken.

“He had the appearance of someone who had potentially been up all night. He was very lethargic and mumbling,” PC Hazelwood said.

The answers they got from Wayne POS baby shaker Acott were the bullshit ones about giving the baby a bottle and then he had trouble breathing.

A week later Mackenzie was dead. Four months old and dead.

The post-mortem exam found that the baby had suffered either impacts to his head or severe shaking.

Wayne Acott was charged with manslaughter on August 9, 2011. He pled not guilty like the pathetic excuse of a drug-addled coward he is.

Maidstone Crown CourtOn July 9 his trial started at Maidstone Crown Court, with Judge Jeremy Carey presiding.

Wayne Acott told the court that he’d had trouble sleeping because he had suffered from a toothache and a headache. The cannabis didn’t affect him at all! In fact, he hadn’t even been under the influence of the drug when he woke up that morning. *snort with disbelief*

“The second I heard Mackenzie crying I was awake. The bottle was next to me on the floor. I did feed my son,” the baby killer said.

Susan York, 30, testified that poor misunderstood Wayne Acott was a “good parent” and a “loving father” and that he did indeed have a bad toothache.

She also testified she didn’t believe he’d been using cannabis on the morning Mackenzie collapsed. *snort with disbelief again*

On July 25, 2012, baby shaker Wayne Acott was found guilty of manslaughter.

Judge Jeremy Carey said the verdict proved Wayne POS Acott was responsible for the “tragic and wholly avoidable death” of little Mackenzie.

“You were indeed asleep when Mackenzie was crying and crying loudly near you, having been left by his mother in your care,” the judge said.

“You had been asleep for more than three hours having been up most of the night. You were unhappy about being awoken and, particularly, in those circumstances you had chronic toothache.”

I guess Judge Carey bought the toothache story after all.

“You had been taking drugs,” the judge continued. “I doubt that had any effect on your state of mind at 9 a.m., but that is the backdrop to this offending.”

Maybe the cannabis did affect his mind or maybe it didn’t. I don’t know enough to say.

“When Mackenzie did not take his feed, you snapped,” said Judge Carey. “It was momentary but it was devastating in its circumstances, because you shook that little baby.”

Now there I agree 100% with the judge.

Wayne the lying loser Acott didn’t like what he heard. He shouted at the judge, “I didn’t do anything!”

Judge Carey continued regardless, “You threw him down and caused him appalling injuries about which this jury has heard.

“I am quite satisfied you had no intention of harming the child and what you did was an expression of your temper. That is the basis on which I will sentence.

“There was here a loss of life and that must be reflected in the sentence. I take into account that not only are you still young, but you are immature.”

Judge Carey also took into account the 21-month jail sentence the asshole Acott served for robbing a pizza delivery guy.

Wayne the POS hellbeast baby killer Acott was sentenced to 5 years in prison. Only 5 years.

Poor Susan York will spend a lifetime without her baby boy.

I hope that those 5 years are enough time for Acott to mature into a real man instead of a whiny wannabe man. And I hope 5 years are enough time for him to learn to be a real “good parent” instead of a selfish, irresponsible loser of a sperm donor.

I want the 5 years to be enough for Acott to learn that it isn’t enough to give excuses for doing the wrong thing. “I had a toothache. I had a headache. I was tired. I didn’t get enough sleep.” Whine, whine, whine.

None of those pathetic excuses relieves Wayne Acott of the guilt of shaking that tiny little boy to death. Mackenzie is dead because Wayne Acott shook him brutally until his wee brain bled and died.

Wayne Acott, the so-called “good parent” is right now nothing more than a rotten, worthless hellbeast who robs and steals and lies and does drugs and kills babies.

Hopefully by the time Acott gets out he’ll have morphed into a decent human being who spends the rest of his life making up for the grief and suffering he has caused.

I doubt that miracle will happen, and I consider it far more likely he’ll go on to live a worthless life causing more grief and suffering. I hope he proves me wrong!

Here’s a note to those mothers out there who have introduced drug users into the same households that have your precious children: that’s a bad choice and it could have tragic consequences.

Drugs and children do not mix. Put the children first, PLEASE! No penis is worth the grief.

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21 Responses to Wayne Acott

  1. Trace says:

    Yeah it takes a big man to shake a 15 pound baby, right? He didn’t know how to be a good father because he was the biggest kid in the house. I’d bet my right arm he never changed the diapers, never put the baby to bed, never bathed his son, never soothed him when he was crying. All he thought to do when the baby cried was to shake it until it didn’t cry any more, or breathe for that matter. And all he knew to do after that was lie, lie, lie. Stupid bastard. Hope he’s rendered infertile from now on so he can’t breed any more victims.

  2. bengalpuss29 says:

    What the fuck is wrong with the mother, standing up in court and defending that bastard. If i left my happy baby with his dad came back and my baby was unresponsive and then later i would be told my child had been shaken with enough force as a high speed crash, then they would be charging me with manslaughter because i’d fucking kill him. That piece of useless turd baby killer needed to be given a proper sentence like life, something he took away from that baby. And to the mother “Never leave your baby with a drug addict and if you do and your baby ends up dying because of the drug addict, do yourself a favour, don’t defend the fucker in court, its the least you owe to your baby boy. And to all the mothers out there, “Don.t leave your children with someone under the influence of drugs. In fact don.t have a child to someone who is on drugs, because your gonna end up stuck in a rut, find yourselves a nice man with a job and a brain & if you do have children at least you know you’ve done everything you can.

  3. ashl33 says:

    See I don’t get it. I know Susan York is grieving and has lost her baby boy, but she knew when she left the baby behind that her boyfriend wasn’t awake even. And she knew he was a druggie. Why the hell she chose to have a baby by a loser like that I don’t understand, and why the hell she chose to leave her baby with him I don’t understand. And then to defend him in court, saying he’s a good father when her baby couldn’t even survive an hour alone with him? WTF is wrong with her?

  4. bengalpuss29 says:

    My sentiment’s exactly ashl33, why didn.t she just take the baby with her, she knew he wasn.t in a fit state to look after himself let alone a baby. The guy had crawled in at around 4am and she knew he was fucked. We don.t need to discuss that piece of baby murdering shit, we know what he is. Im just gob smacked at the mothers incompetence and then defending him in court wtf is wrong with her. He couldn’t even look after that baby for under an hour, because he needed his beauty sleep for the nights drug session with his buddies, how dare that baby wake him up. And then susan york must have a brain the size of a pea to believe this dumb fuck. Im not saying she killed her baby, what im saying is she made a lot of stupid choices. 1having a baby to a drug addicted loser, 2leaving the baby with this loser while under the influence of drugs, 3standing up in court to defend this loser. Susan york please learn a lesson from this, get yourself a decent fella, not a drug addicted baby killing bastard.

  5. moodymagic says:

    Five years for a child murderer how disgusting. Should let him loose in the general population. I hope you experience everything painfull in life. May you suffer long and hard Acott.

  6. bengalpuss29 says:

    If an adult murdered someone they’d get life in jail, yet this prick murdered this baby boy and got 5yrs where is the justice in that. And the mother defending this piece of crap. Now if my partner did that to our baby, i’d fucking kill him, simple. But then again i wouldn’t leave my child with someone off their face on drugs

  7. aunna says:

    are you seriously insinuating that smoking weed makes people want to shake babies to death? because that is fucking retarded. Several sentences in this “article” make it evident that the “author” is lame, square, and judgemental as fuck. seriously. you think this guy got high and the weed made him want to abuse a baby. get some perspective.

    and of course this dude deserves to be shot in the head.

  8. bengalpuss29 says:

    No im not fucking insinuating that smoking weed makes you want to shake a baby to death. What im saying is that, this piece of shit was out all night fucked out of his skull smoking weed, and because he’s always fucked out of his brains, the poor dear needs his beauty sleep. But because the baby woke him up because he was that fucked from his smoking session he lost it with the baby and shook the baby. But anyway smoking weed i do not agree with it gives you paranoia and makes your clothes stink, and it also makes people come out with fuckwit comments, about peoples writing, i personally think cleo delivered a superb article about cunt’s that smoke weed and get that fucked off their tit’s that they commit unspeakable acts like shaking defenceless babys and coming out with shit excuses. And i personally and probably the majority of peoples that comment on this blog certainly wouldn’t be leaving our precious child with some fuckwit high on weed.

  9. bengalpuss29 says:

    Cleo aunna thinks your lame square and judgmental about your article and to insinuate that someone that smokes weed and shakes a baby to death is retarded. Cleo would you leave you baby with someone off their tit’s stoned on weed? I know i certainly wouldn’t. I think aunna’s mistaken the point, that we are not saying that people that smoke weed are all baby killers, the point was don.t leave your children with someone under the influence of drugs because something bad could happen. Also i don.t think your being judgemental, your just stating the facts and the obvious which was, he was left for a short period of time with his baby and when the mum came back the baby was in a bad way, so bad that the baby died, and there was only the baby and scumbag in that house. Doesn’t take a brain surgeon to work that one out. And i think he should be shot in his head.

    • cleo says:

      Well I think aunna is remarkably astute about me. I am judgmental — I judge who I consider hellbeasts when I put them on the site. I am lame but I didn’t think my limp showed in my writing. Square? I am far more round than square. If by square aunna means I consider anyone under the influence of anything that impairs judgment is unfit to take care of a baby, then aunna is right. I am not saying weed kills. I am saying that this asshole loser druggie kills.

      • Trace says:

        We’re all judgemental about bastards like this. And using weed is no excuse for shaking the baby to death. He should have gone away for decades instead of a halfass 5 years.

  10. bengalpuss29 says:

    Another one of my comments has vanished into cyberspace again, its your spam deleting finger cleo it must be on overdrive lol.

    • cleo says:

      I don’t think it got deleted, Bengalpuss. It probably contained one of those target words I have put on the spam filter to try to keep out all the junk comments. I have to go through all of those to make sure legit comments aren’t lost, and I don’t think yours was. I feel just awful when I do delete the real comments.

  11. bengalpuss29 says:

    Cleo i love you being judgemental, and yes people that smoke weed in my opinion, and a lot of it, tend to stagger about in a haze, a bit like woodstock. But back then the weed wasn’t that strong nasty smelly one that they call skunk weed, and it has been proven to screw with peoples minds. It was even noted by the police that the baby shaking bastard’s eyes were like “piss holes in the snow” Now i don.t tar everyone with the same brush but i know from reading and seeing first hand through my job that skunk weed is fucking up our youngsters minds and its getting stronger by certain peoples cultivating different species of plant. If something isn’t done then in about 20yrs time our next generation are gonna be walking around like zombies. Scary isn.t it. And the majority of peoples wouldn’t leave their child with anybody that takes drugs no matter what kind of drug they are under.

  12. 2cute says:

    You know who I feel bad for in all this, besides of course the poor murdered baby. His grandpa. Wayne Acott’s father likely did what he could, giving his loser son a job and then having to fire his lazy ass when he didn’t even get to work on time. And now his loser son has cost him a precious, adorable grandson. His son the killer is alive and going to get out soon enough to carry on his worthless life, and his grandson, a child full of promise and potential, is dead and buried. R.I.P. baby Mackenzie.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      2cute thats the problem with selfish narcissistic cunt’s like this. They only think about themselves, he didn.t think about his family when he shook that little baby. That fucker was Only thinking that he needs his beauty sleep and that damn girlfriend has left him with the baby how could she be so selfish leaving that crying little brat with me. Thats what he would have been thinking. I would even bet a thousand pounds that he will have said to his girlfriend “Listen i can.t go to jail, i need you to stand up in court and lie and tell them im a good dad” And she did. I feel sorry for the grandparents too 2cute but this narcissistic waste of space doesn’t, he only feels sorry for himself.

  13. TakuroSpirit says:

    I doubt drugs really had anything to do with this. I’ve once or twice in the far and distant past took a little toke, a beer, a glass of wine to calm frazzled nerves and extend my patience for my then baby daughter. My husband partakes of the maryjane and he’s more patient and kind with the kids than anyone really could be. People like to blame these substances, like they turn people into mindless raging demons (old reefer madness propaganda comes to mind), but basically these people are just foul pieces of cruel inhuman shit. They blamed lack of sleep, they blame pain, they blame anything and everything else. Weed is just another thing to blame. They are sick maladjusted ass-holes plain and simple.

    Now for the usual on these sites: someone should shake him until his brain bleeds out. I’m not sure how that could be accomplished, but someone could figure it out.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Im not saying people who partake in the off toke of a spliff are baby abusers. But when you have a numb skull that smokes all day everyday and plays video games and have smoked that much that they are basically brain dead shouldn’t be allowed to be near a baby. If the guy i just described was an option to baby sit for you would you let him? I fucking wouldn’t im all for being social and mellow but fucker’s like this are on a totally different level than a social occasional smoker.

  14. Lillith says:

    I don’t know about the rest of the sane world (not that I ever claimed to be sane, so this could be a starnge notion), but if your child’s caregiver is passed out on your sofa, presumably from a productive night of getting higher than a kite at a friends house, WHY leave your helpless 4 month old in thier high chair UNSUPERVISED with this person? For 30 minutes no less? I won’t even leave my 4 & 5 year olds alone with my hubby if he’s up late working, nor will he leave me alone with them if I’m up late. THIS SHOULD BE COMMON SENSE! NEVER leave a child unattended (and a person who’s sleeping isn’t up for consideration as an attentive caregiver!). Why couldn’t the idiot mother take the baby with her? In cases like this the enabler is just as much to blame as the the person who commits the crime. Personally, I think they should both be punished for thier lack of brains that led to this tragedy.

  15. Emmmmily says:

    I want to know why the baby’s mother left him with a person that was obviously not capable of caring for a child? Why did she not take the baby with her? Is that not neglect?

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