Warwick Spinks

Hellbeast Warwick Spinks
Crimes: Pedophile, Kidnapping, Child Porn

He is called the “Pied Piper of Pedophiles” because of his reputed ability to provide young boys to sex tourists. He is a violent pedophile who has drugged, kidnapped, abused and sold young boys. He is Warwick Spinks, 48, and his depravity has spanned 3 decades and many countries.

Warwick Spinks came from Greenwich, south-east London. He was initially investigated by police in 1992 when a gay man approached Scotland Yard about his shocking meeting with Warwick Spinks in Amsterdam. The man said Spinks wanted him to sell “special films” and showed him a movie of a boy being beaten, castrated and cut open.

Upon investigation, Warwick Spinks was determined to have links to pedophile rings in the UK and across Europe. The beast was known as a “fixer” in Amsterdam. He hooked sex tourists up with underaged boys he picked up from Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland.

The disgusting hellbeast was convicted at Lewes Crown Court in 1995 of a whole pile of offences against young boys. These offences included serious sexual assault at knifepoint, taking a child without lawful authority, and taking indecent images of children.

Pedo Warwick SpinksWhen the revolting pervert Warwick Spinks was being sentenced, the court heard how he had drugged a 14-year-old boy and then sold him to a gay brothel in Amsterdam.

He had also been caught on secret camera offering to supply undercover officers with a snuff film featuring the death of a 10-year-old boy. He’d claimed there were only 10 copies made and American customers had paid $5,000 each to buy them.

Warwick POS pedophile Spinks was sentenced to only 7 years in prison but an appeal succeeded in reducing it to 5 years. You can probably guess my opinion about British justice when it does crap like that. I am outraged. He kidnapped and SOLD at least one boy! He raped countless boys! He created and sold child pornography and STILL his sentence was reduced to 5 years!

And then the whole thing with British justice went really, really wrong. In 1997, Warwick the pervert Spinks was released “on licence” i.e. parole, and the disgusting bastard promptly fled the country!

Holy f*cking hell, the system not only reduced his sentence but then let him out on parole, and didn’t even keep tabs on the violent child raper/kidnapper! How absolutely appalling!

Warwick the putrid roadturd Spinks fled the UK and spent the next 15 years on the run. He used creative aliases such as William Spinks (ooooh, brilliant!) and Willem Van Wijk. He set up his new home in Prague. He kept busy setting up sex tours for other pedophiles.

Former “Sunday People” investigator Roger Insall actually tracked the pervert down in Prague in 2000. He notified authorities but those authorities didn’t arrest Spinks then. WTF? Why the hell wasn’t he arrested then? He was a wanted man, and not the sort of individual any country would want in their midst.

Sex Tourism victimIt took an investigation by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), the Serious Organised Crime Agency and the Met to finally net this monster … in August, 2012 … in the Czech Republic where he’d been living since at least 2000.

In other words, Warwick Spinks was granted an extra 12 years of freedom to rape, kidnap and sell young boys.

Warwick the festering meatstick Spinks was taken into custody, put on a plane and formally arrested when he arrived at Heathrow Airport.

CEOP chief executive Peter Davies said, “CEOP officers, in conjunction with officers at the Metropolitan Police Service and SOCA (Serious Organised Crime Agency), have worked tirelessly over a number of years to locate and trace a high-risk child sexual offender, who believed he could avoid being managed in the UK by travelling overseas.

“I hope this arrest sends a clear message to other missing child sexual offenders that however far you travel to avoid facing the consequences of your actions, we will track you down and bring you to justice.”

Spinks in AirportAnd what justice does Warwick Spinks face after 15 years on the run, living free and supplying countless young victims to fellow pedophiles?

The justice this monster faces is the remaining 18 months of his original sentence. That’s it. And that hardly qualifies as justice in my book.

If there were any justice, any divine justice, Warwick Spinks would find himself featured in his own snuff film, beaten, castrated and cut open. And then would come an eternity of rotting in hell.

I hope his victims have been rescued from their plight and are living happy, safe lives, but I don’t believe they are. Warwick Spinks has only been stopped for a very little while, and all his pedophile connections remain very active.

As far as I can determine there’s been no arrest in connection to the snuff film. Since the undercover cops didn’t get their hands on a copy of it, the investigation was dropped.

This monster Spinks will be getting out all too soon, free to pursue his life in Britain or abroad as he will have served his time. That is horrifying to me.

I hope and pray that he will be watched by authorities for the rest of his life so that he can no longer victimize any children. And I hope and pray the rest of his life will be cut short, brutally, painfully, immediately. He serves no purpose on this planet except as potential fertilizer.

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26 Responses to Warwick Spinks

  1. 2cute says:

    Wow, this guy is so dangerous! Why isn’t he being locked up forever? He kidnaps young boys to sell them into the sex trade! He is a violent pedophile! He should have been put away forever! I don’t understand why he was let out before and will be let out again.

  2. bulldoggy says:

    Why is British justice so lenient with pedophiles? This violent pervert served only 2 years before being paroled! Two piddly ass years! What will it take to put him away for good, a murder? Does he have to kill a kid before he’s taken seriously?

    And what the hell were Prague authorities thinking when they didn’t arrest his ass in 2000? Didn’t they care about the kids that he snatched at all? Did they ignore him because he picked German and Polish boys?

    Or are there a few highly placed and influential pedophiles at work perverting the course of justice? Is that what’s going on?

  3. Netherwarper says:

    I would really like an honest answer, does the British justice system just not care? Does one single judge sentence him (and other hellbeasts) to a prison time length? And why are these laws for harsh crimes like this followed with such light sentencing???I mean if I was a judge I would know this man would obviously be a flight risk, and has no remorse whatsoever. Poor underaged kids are falling victim to him its horrible! I swear I honestly dont know what I would do if I saw this guy in public, besides set his car or clothes on fire. Something panful…on a lighter note, I had no idea what a “snuff” film was…i googled it…wow.just wow. I am sooo damn grateful for this site, its so important for all of us to get a good look at these crooks, for our safety of course, and for our imaginations (i picture strangling each one of these sonsofbitches everytime)

  4. moodymagic says:

    Why didn’t the other countries put a stop to this horrible monster. I am with you Cleo justice would be him starring in one of his movies

  5. steve-O says:

    Life is cheap. I guess the boys that are chosen by these pedophiles are throw-aways, with no family or authorities looking for them. Everyone assumes they’ve run away when really they’ve been snatched, taken to another country, and used and abused in a brothel until they’re too old, too sick or too unappealing. Then what happens to them, I wonder? Do they die of drug overdoses? Do they kill themselves? Or are they murdered in movies and their bodies dumped? They certainly don’t turn up back at home to live happy, productive lives. They certainly don’t turn up at Scotland Yard or its counterparts to tell about what happened to them. They wind up dead. And that’s why these predators can’t be punished enough.

  6. Bengalpuss says:

    The british police and justice system couldn’t arrest him, because he hadn’t committed a crime in britain since he was freed from jail. The only thing he could be locked up for was breach of his licence when he was freed from prison. Because he went abroad while still on licence, he had to be recalled. I agree british justice is fucked up, a shoplifter gets more time than a paedaphile, stupid and wrong, tell me about it.

  7. Bengalpuss says:

    Shoot all nonce’s

    • bulldoggy says:

      Shooting’s too good for them in my opinion. Still, for the good of the community they should be eliminated somehow. Brits are known for fox hunts right? Why can’t there be a pedo hunt, with dogs and horses and people blowing horns? Would make a great outing, doncha think? Even PETA wouldn’t protest, I think.

      • Trace says:

        Too British for my taste. I’m thinking a pedo rodeo, y’know with roping and branding and hog tying. Do it in Texas, they won’t mind.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Bulldoggy, fox hunting is banned in britain, otherwise its a great idea. Im thinking more along the lines of putting this cunt in a room with nicola tedder, and get her to sit on him, or jump on him until the piece of shit dies. Im actually embarrassed to come from a country that basically let paedaphiles get away with murder literally. Its upsetting to know that theses bastard’s out there that can murder a child, film it and then actually sell it to other sick twisted monsters to watch. We live in a sick world.

  8. Bengalpuss says:

    If duplicate comments appear i apologise

  9. Bengalpuss says:

    I wish britain was like harris county in texas. They’ve got the right idea, you fucking commit a heinous crime, then you get a date with a needle plain and simple. Studies show that in america 2 thirds of americans agree with the death penalty, and it does act as a deterent. Biggest mistake britain made was abolishing the death penalty, big mistake.

    • slapka says:

      Warwick Spinks alias Willem Van Wijk, Wilhelm Pawel and William Spinks, is not just a Child abducter, killer, and Rapist, he is also a producer of Child porn and Drug Dealer, and when he gets back to he´s comfortable apartment in the Vinohrady district of Prague, he can return to renting out accomodation to Perverts looking for young boys,and running he´s disco ” ON”

      • The Enforcer says:

        This Pedophile is already out of Prison in England and planning his return to his comfy apartment in the Vinorady district of Prague, so he can get back to the business of renting out accommodations to Perverts looking for young boys and selling Drugs in one of the gay clubs in Prague.

  10. Perez says:

    ++++KILL HIM!!!!!!!+++

  11. Andreas J says:

    WOW! I have seen this guy in gay clubs in Prague many many times.
    I didnt know about his past. A big surprise!
    He is fat, ugly and always partying with 3-4 boys in early twenties.
    Czech boys like free alcohol,hehe

  12. kaz says:

    there have been numerous sightings over last few months, and now his name and pic have shown up http://www.mysedcard.tv/sedcards/warwick-spinks

  13. Stephanie says:

    so..anyone feel like killing him? im sure if i met him at a disco, a knife might accidently slip into his fat body *ooops*. gahh but forreal!! someone should just end his life!! before he hurts other children!!

    • Sue says:

      No knifing him is too good. Put him in the prison general population and let them take care of him and use him as a rubber dolly. Why do these guys always spend their time in special protection? That has to stop as is too good for them.

  14. Tammy says:

    And to think that my daughter thinks that Britain and Canada would be good places to live! NOT! I’ll stay here in the good old USA where at least there is a better justice system. On the other hand, I guess if I murdered a filthy pedo over there, I wouldn’t be imprisoned for long..if at all!

    • Bengalpussy says:

      Tammy, the reason why this scumbag didn’t go to prison was because he hadn’t commited a crime here in britain. They could only send him to jail for breaching his licence that ppl are given when they are released from prison. He was in prague for ten years, and the british police wanted him for prison recall, had he commited any more beastly crimes, im sure his fat ass would’ve been kept longer. It should be up to the authorities in prague, to jail this cunts ass, britain jailed him for what they were legally allowed, otherwise some dumb arse would’ve screamed “your breaching his human rights” and the cunt could’ve sued. You see in britain Tammy, the scumbag’s have more human rights than the poor victims, only last month was it ruled that to keep a murderer locked up for life, is cruel and your depriving them their right to a family life. If you think im making this up, look on google about the case jeremy bamber took to the court of human rights. We now have to do what a court in strasbourg tells us to do. Fucking get us outta the european union, its a load of bollocks.

  15. Sue says:

    There must be something seriously wrong when someone I like this is caught with a snuff movie and given such a light sentence. How complicit is a system that gives this guy such a light sentence? and yes I agree, people are given more time for petty theft. Perhaps there is a pedo ring within the law and judiciary? It would not be a first.

  16. survivor of spinks abuse says:

    Warren spinks used other aliases including john Williams where he passed off himself as a church organist and is linked loosely federated to the Chichester child abuse rings within the church of England.It is a Li that Spinks hid for 15years in the Czech republic: He entered UK regularly on fake passports and was spotted in Hastings on numerous occasions…the hometown of zHomeSecretary Amber Rudd,ironically considering PM May started the iicsa enquiry. Not only has Spinks admitted supplying boys to parties at Elm house, he was witnessed selling a video of French children abused by a man in priests garb.If you want to do some good lobby both the French press and Judicial system,for exploitation of French children.You can guarantee the UK police and Amber Rudd have neither informed the French police of a witness against Spinks in relation to his exploitation of young French children being abused.pleade lobby every patent because while he is free each child in uka d abroad is at risk.Spinks also had connections in the child support agency where they could use the government income support database to trace children who had been moved away…all they needed to do was transfer departments to get access to the “alphasplit”(a to z section)and type a similar name ir birthday.That’s 20,000 children endangered in 1999-2007ish….the system has since randomised accounts. Please lobby UK parents to hold enquiry into CSA and links to Spinks.in addition, another abuser linked to Spinks and torture supplied youngsters at parties also attended by Rev Cotton, and linked to Pritchard..it is this ring that Chichesters last Bishop covered up, and the current Chichester Bishop has covered up up the harassment of a witness (BBC reporter aware).

  17. rene says:

    He uses the alias ‘Willem van Wijk’ and lives still in Prague. On Facebook you can find him as ‘Willem Prague’.

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