Warren James Ross and Donna Deaves

Warren Ross and Donna Deaves
Crimes: Child Abuse, Murder

How can anyone hate a beautiful 2-year-old girl? How can anyone hate a darling toddler enough to beat her and whip her? How can anyone hate a sweet little girl so much as to kill her?

Tanilla Warrick-Deaves was the 2-year-old. She lived in Watanobi, a suburb in New South Wales, Australia with her mother, Donna Deaves, and her mother’s boyfriend, Warren James Ross.

Unfortunately for poor wee Tanilla, her mother’s choice of boyfriend was a fatal choice. The evil bastard, Warren James Ross, was a brutal beast who caused little Tanilla no end of suffering — at least no end until she died at his hands.

And unfortunately for little Tanilla, her mother, Donna Deaves, was far more interested in having a man than having a daughter. Yup, she chose to have a vicious, sadistic beast of a man over having no man at all.

Tanilla Warrick-DeavesOn August 25, 2011, Tanilla Warrick-Deaves was murdered for the crime of not being potty trained. Or for being black, if what her mother testified was true.

According to Donna Deaves’ testimony at Warren James Ross’ trial in November 2013, her boyfriend had moved in and was “fine at first”. But then Warren James Ross got the notion that HE would potty train the little girl. This was after he’d been in the house for 2 whole weeks.

Yup, Warren James Ross was going to toilet train the little girl and Donna Deaves was just fine with that. How could she be fine with that? This new boyfriend had toilet trained how many kids? Zero? Was he an expert at toilet training? Hell no!

And when Warren POS Ross began to get frustrated because little Tanilla wasn’t instantly potty trained, he began to get nasty. And Donna Deaves was just fine with that. When the brutal bastard began swearing at Tanilla and calling her names, Donna POS Deaves didn’t stop him. When he began hitting Tanilla and making her run laps, Donna the useless twat Deaves didn’t stop him. And when he began whipping the little girl with various implements, Donna the hellbitch Deaves didn’t stop him.

In fact, Donna Deaves thought Warren James Ross was such great father material that she actually had a contraceptive device removed so she could have his baby! WTF?!?!? Thank the stars she didn’t get pregnant.

I can’t imagine the fear little Tanilla felt each and every day living with that monster, just waiting for more abuse and torture. I can’t imagine the heartbreak she felt knowing her own mother was going to do nothing to help her.

Then August 2011 rolled around. Tanilla hadn’t put the chicken back in the chicken coop. OMG, another excuse for Warren the f*ckwad Ross to punish the little girl.

Donna Deaves and Tanilla

Donna Deaves and Tanilla

“I remember the noise … the whipping noise … it was all across her back,” testified Donna Deaves. And did she come to Tanilla’s rescue? Hell no! (Side note: if Donna Deaves only heard the whipping, how did she know it was across her daughter’s back? Methinks she was watching.)

And then, according to Donna Deaves, Warren Ross took her daughter into the bathroom.

“I heard like a thud, like a bang,” the hellbitch testified. And finally, according to her, she got off her ass to investigate. She saw little Tanilla being held by the hair under a cold shower.

“You don’t like the cold water do you? If you don’t like the cold water then don’t shit in my house. You’re an animal,” Warren Ross had said, according to Donna Deaves.

And did the hellbitch intervene then? Hell no!

“I seen him hit her head on the glass on the side of the shower,” Donna Deaves testified. “She looked real drowsy, like she was going to pass out or something.”

And did the hellbitch rescue her daughter then? Hell no! And with the little girl’s head bashed in, Warren Ross then “held her over the toilet bowl by one leg”.

“He was saying, ‘You’re a black dog, you’re a black c___,'” said Donna Deaves.

To me that was probably the real reason Warren James Ross hated that helpless little girl — the colour of her skin.

According to Donna Deaves, her boyfriend also banged Tanilla’s head on a cupboard door.

Donna DeavesSo after all that violence, what happened then? Nothing. Donna Deaves didn’t call an ambulance for her badly injured daughter. Donna Deaves didn’t call police to turn in her abusive boyfriend.

According to Donna Deaves, she didn’t do that because Warren Ross threatened to accuse her of abusing her daughter. Riiiight. So it’s much better to leave her badly beaten daughter alone to live or die than it is to call for help, save her daughter and have to answer to authorities.

Tanilla Deaves was ultimately put in her pram and left there for 2 days until she stopped breathing. Finally, with her daughter dead, Donna Deaves picked up the phone and called for help. She told the operator her daughter had fallen off the bed.

Too bad for the killers that Tanilla’s back and legs were black and blue from being whipped. That made it rather obvious right away that that darling, defenseless, little girl had been horribly abused.

Warren James Ross and Donna Deaves were both arrested and charged.

Donna Deaves, 29, was found guilty of manslaughter on July 9, 2013 and was sentenced to 12 years prison. Her sentence was reduced to 9 years after she agreed to testify against Warren James Ross.

Nine years for standing by and allowing her toddler to be repeatedly abused by a grown ass man. Nine years for leaving her daughter lying unconscious for 2 days without getting her medical assistance. Donna Deaves got a bargain, IMO.

Warren the baby killer Ross, 30, was convicted of murder in December 2013, thanks in large part to Donna Deaves’ testimony. He didn’t behave very well in court. He swore, threatened and yelled at witnesses, media and spectators. And then he cried when he was found guilty.

I cannot say that I believe everything Donna Deaves testified to in court. I don’t know that I believe that Warren James Ross was the only one to beat that precious little girl. I do believe that Donna Deaves not only heard but watched the brutal punishments that her daughter suffered.

I also believe that Tanilla was not only beaten but also unloved to death. If Donna Deaves had cared one jot for that beautiful little girl, she would have tried to save her life. As it was, a stranger would likely have done more for Tanilla than her own “mother” ever did.

Warren James Ross will be sentenced in May. I shall endeavour to keep readers informed, but reminders are more than welcome in the event I forget.

RIP, Tanilla Warrick-Deaves. And sincerest condolences and best wishes to her surviving siblings and family members.

Warren James Ross was sentenced to 40 years with a minimum of 30 years! Thanks to JennyM for the update.

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29 Responses to Warren James Ross and Donna Deaves

  1. moodymagic says:

    This poor poor baby girl. Burn in hell you bastard Ross and Donna deserves no mercy either.

  2. Lichelle says:

    This just breaks my heart into pieces. If people don’t want to love their babies, give them to me.. I’ll love them .. I hope both of these losers get what they deserve x2439843 ..and they really deserve nothing less than death.

  3. Jessice11 says:

    I’m so sick of pity sentences! I live in the same state as these hellbeasts and the government here has decided to enforce a minimum sentence of 9 years for king hits yet people that abuse, murder, rape get deals. I hope they both rot for what they did to that innocent little girl. R.I.P baby girl x

    • JennyM says:

      This filthy dog is to be sentenced soon. He yelled abuse at Tanilla’s family in the court room. Sentencing submissions will be heard this month (May) and his defence has asked the judge to take into consideration that he will have to serve his sentence in strict protective custody.. As if he deserves protection. He nor the putrid incubator, afforded Tanilla no protection.
      I am also ashamed to say I am from the same state as these POS’

  4. awesomeblossom says:

    How the hell any woman can be stupid/selfish enough to invite that baby beater into her home and not throw his ass out or call police on him I don’t understand.

  5. 2cute says:

    That little Tanilla was gorgeous, anyone would have been happy to be her mom except the bitch who gave birth to her.

    • Scrappy says:

      Really. Who couldn’t love a baby? They are so precious, even in the emotional toddler days. This little one was just so beautiful. Personally, I really wanted a dark haired dark eyed baby…I got two beautiful blue eyed blondes.

      I will never understand how anyone, let alone a mother can stand by while people violently assault these helpless little creatures. Why don’t these women who want to keep the violent boyfriend give the kids up? Surely they don’t believe that allowing a grown person to torture a child is any form of love?

      I can’t even stand to listen to someone berate my kids, much less lay a hand on them…even when they really need it, and they are 8 and 10.

  6. BENGALPUSS says:

    I would really love to know what that cunt of an excuse of a mother, finds so funny in that picture? it makes me wanna kick her fucking teeth down her throat. She stood by while that twat abused that little angel and did nothing, i hope to god she gets the beating of her life in jail for putting a penis before her daughter, what a pair of fucking lowlifes they are, my basement is long overdue to be constructed.

    • AngryLittleMexican says:

      Bengalpuss I’m happy you said it bc seriously I want to rip that smile off her face. With a rusty knife. UGH. Sick bitch.

  7. Datsun says:

    Every time I come to this blog I get upset how the hell can someone do this to a child? FUCKING BITCHES I hope someone kicks your ass in prison.

  8. Eri says:

    Someone should start an anonymous cell of snipers to kill these cunts and their boyfriends I for one think it’d be hysterical. Then half alive and bleeding out hang them in a cage in the village and let ppl shoot them or stick things up their ass whatever they want until dead. I’d so go to that

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      Eri, they used to hang scumbags out in chains to deter other would be scumbags. I too would so go for sticking objects up their arse until dead, and your idea of an anonymous cell sounds good to me, hell id even let my identify known if i was doing the world a favour by getting rid of cunts like this.

  9. Abdul Azhar says:

    The satanic act of Warren Ross will not be forgotten. To kill a small defenceless child will attract revenge for all for Tanilla. Warren Ross will be butchered slowly if the chance ever arises. He will sustain a saltwater crocodile for a few days. Break off both his hands(for their evil actions against Tanilla)and throw the rest of Warren Ross into a crocodile pit. Good food for the crocs ! Or slice up Warren Ross with a chainsaw. Let Ross get a taste of his own medicine.

    • Mazuri bin Tahir says:

      You watch your back, Warren Ross. Because we’re going to break it sometime. We can still get you for all you did to Tanilla. You know what a chainsaw is, don’t you ? Your hands and legs cut off ? You can sit pretty and laugh at Tanilla, with your intelligence equalling that of an amoeba. You torture and kill a 2 year old for your pleasure ? We will torture you to avenge our Tanilla’s death. Your genitals sawn off.

  10. Hanif Sadar says:

    All the remorse, all the weeping, all the tears shed will never bring Tanilla back. That little 2 year old child is a picture of true joy. Its in her smile. Blowing up Warren Ross is too quick and easy. Ross inflicted suffering upon an innocent child for a period. A period that ended her life on Earth. Ross should be tortured slowly in jail.Pour kerosene on his genitals and set them on fire. Watch Ross run the way he brutalized Tanilla and made her run. Why not just dump Warren Ross in a crocodile pit ? Then watch Ross do the Lambada or the salsa without the music, as the crocodiles begin their dinner !

  11. BENGALPUSS says:

    could do with employing you two in my basement.

  12. 2cute says:

    Are you taking applications then?

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      Only if your evil and sadistic 2cute, to scumbags? so i guess you’ve got the job. Bring bulldoggy along and we can kick some of these evil fucks to kingdom come lol.

      • 2cute says:

        Bengalpuss, I don’t think I’m evil and sadistic. I’m more snide and snarky. But I’m willing to cook up special goodies for your “guests”.

  13. BENGALPUSS says:

    P.J, you have to be sicker than that, but hey that’s a good start, but your spit has to be the green variety, the one when your full of cold and blow your nose type snot, but i’m very confident that you will pass muster, so your hired also, so that’s 2cute, bulldoggy and you pj, anyone else want on board? LOL

  14. Tom Daly says:

    Those people are a pair of disgusting monsters. They’re like a pair of animals. Scratch that, animals are better than them. I SERIOUSLY pray to the heavens that they suffer every second for the rest of their pathetic lives.

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      So do I, unfortunately these two scumbags will be given protection while inside, lets hope one of the guards forgets to lock a few cell doors so this cunt gets his just deserts.

  15. BeenThere says:

    Goddamn cunt and the fucking racist asswipe. For him I would ask my son to commit a crime and have him beat his ass and drown in a shit filled toilet. POS

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