Walter Morrissey

Walter Morrissey
Crimes: Murder, rape, abduction, torture

Walter Morrissey may look like a gormless little worm, a harmless old rotter, but he is in fact a devious, cunning monster. He has killed, tortured and raped his way through life, and never encountered what I consider to be serious justice.

Walter Morrissey, 70, was originally from Tipperary, Ireland. He moved to the UK when he was 14 and set about making his livelihood buying and restoring properties. But he was by no means a solid citizen. He soon enough began participating in theft and receiving stolen property and was convicted for some of those crimes.

While in Britain, Walter Morrissey became interested in DIY gynaecology. Seriously. He “specialized” in DIY artificial insemination.

Don’t get me wrong — Walter Morrissey had no medical training, no medical background. He was just a scary, freaky guy who liked to mess about with women’s vaginas. Heaven help the women he experimented on.

Eventually, Walter Morrissey returned to Ireland — to Callan, Co Kilkenny to be precise. He set up shop fixing lawnmowers and bikes. Harmless, right? But Walter Morrissey was anything but harmless.

In March 1977 Walter the hellbeast Morrissey was convicted of double manslaughter. Who did he kill? His neighbour, Francis McEnery, and his 4-year-old son, Marcus. How did he kill them? He drove right into them as the man and his little boy were out for a walk. Why the hell did he kill them? He got it into his rancid brain that Francis McEnery was sleeping with his girlfriend.

Get that? Walter Morrissey suspected his girlfriend of having an affair with the neighbour so he mowed down the man AND his little boy cold-bloodedly in the road.

For killing these 2 people Walter Morrissey was sentenced to 4 years. Four piddly-ass years. What kind of f*cktardery is that? He had cowardly crushed a man and a little boy with his car and he only got 4 freaking years?!? That is so totally, completely wrong!

And naturally Walter Morrissey didn’t even have to spend the entire 4 years in prison. How do I know this? I know it because on September 4, 1980, he was convicted of threatening to kill somebody. At least nobody died this time. The evil bastard was sentenced to another 4 years.

Again, Walter Morrissey didn’t spend the entire 4 years in prison. On June 6, 1984 he was convicted of wounding and possession of firearms. What the hell? Thank gawd he was caught and stopped before he managed to kill somebody. Again he was handed a 4-year prison term.

As the monster got older, his sick and twisted mind apparently moved on from thoughts of murder to thoughts of rape. And his thoughts naturally turned to action.

In 1997 Walter Morrissey abducted an underage girl and unlawfully took a child out of the UK. He was sentenced to a whopping 5 years for the abduction.

On January 14, 1999, Walter the rapist/murderer Morrissey was convicted of 7 counts of indecent assault on a female. I’m guessing that means he got out well before his 5-year sentence for abduction was up.

Who the hell kept letting this evil bastard out early?

The victim of the indecent assault was horrifically injured. Remember Walter Morrissey’s unnatural interest in gynaecology? Yeah, well apparently he decided to find out if his fists would fit inside his victim’s vagina. He tore that poor woman apart to the extent that the local newspapers considered her injuries too grotesque to report.

Walter Morrissey got another 5-year prison sentence. When he got out he blithely continued with his evil, violent and murderous ways.

Walter Morrissey got himself a girlfriend, Lorraine White. She had no idea the man she’d gotten involved with was a completely evil monster. Lorraine White did not survive the relationship.

On March 8, 2008, at St Luke’s hospital in Kilkenny, Lorraine White died a horrible death. Incredibly, the woman opted to take the blame for her injuries herself. She told the nursing staff that she had put a showerhead “in her front passage with the water running for some time.”

Lorraine White died of internal bleeding. Somehow a 10-inch copper pipe had wound up inside her, ripping apart her “front passage”.

At the coroner’s inquest, Walter Morrissey told authorities that Lorraine White had “fallen” and somehow, I guess, landed on the homemade showerhead.

Incredibly, the inquest found Lorraine White had died of “misadventure”. Wow. Walter Morrissey certainly lucked out when his girlfriend took the blame. Was it love, I wonder, or fear that made her save his worthless hide?

And so the hellbeast was free to carry on preying upon the weaker sex. One of his victims was an alcoholic. She was alone in the world pretty much, so she was likely grateful at first for the monster’s “friendship”.

Walter Morrissey had found himself another victim to try out his DIY gynaecology. Once again the evil bastard decided to use his fists to sexually assault the woman. And once again he inflicted damage of such magnitude it pretty much ripped the woman’s womb apart.

The poor woman was taken to St Luke’s hospital in Kilkenny. Intensive care nurse Eileen Joyce was immediately reminded of poor Lorraine White’s horrific injuries.

When Eileen Joyce and the other hospital staff spotted Walter Morrissey hanging about, they called the gardai (police) who came and arrested his pasty old white ass.

The latest victim, unlike Lorraine White, survived her ordeal, but it took a great deal of medical expertise and 4 months in hospital.

At Walter Morrissey’s trial, the brutal beast pled not guilty to aggravated sexual assault and intentionally or recklessly causing a woman serious harm. Not guilty! Hah!

Dr Ray O’Sullivan testified that the life-threatening injuries the victim suffered was one you “would more likely see in Sub-Saharan Africa where women have been raped with machetes.”

Dr O’Sullivan also expressed wonder that the victim survived.

The victim testified that it was the worst pain she’d ever felt in her life. She also testified that Walter Morrissey had sexually assaulted her regularly, and that he’d offered her 10,000 euro to have his baby.

Walter Morrissey denied injuring the woman but admitted his interest in “amateur gynaecology”. I don’t think that impressed the court.

On August 1, 2013, Walter Morrissey, 70, the raping murderer was convicted and sentenced to 13 years in prison. Judge George Bermingham characterized the monster as “cunning, devious and manipulative” and a significant threat to the public. Well duh!

When Walter Morrissey was being led off to prison, the stupid f*cktard actually saluted the judge and bowed to the crowd, as if he were a celebrity.

And the monster is not a celebrity. He’s done nothing worth celebrating. He’s a cold-blooded killer, kidnapper, rapist and sadist. What will it take to put him away forever?

And why the hell wasn’t Walter Morrissey charged with attempted murder along with aggravated sexual assault? His victim damn near died!

Lorraine White’s family is asking that her case be reopened in light of this trial. I truly hope they succeed, and that Walter Morrissey dies in prison.

I have no doubt that there are far more victims out there who have yet to come forward. Bless all the victims, I hope they recover from whatever trauma the hellbeast Morrissey put them through and live happy, safe lives.

RIP, Lorraine White and Francis and Marcus McEnery.

May Walter Morrissey rot in hell forevermore! And may all those who bestowed lenience trial after trial after trial be kept awake by nightmares of the suffering and death they indirectly caused.

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16 Responses to Walter Morrissey

  1. 2cute says:

    Jeez Louise this asshole went from bad to worse. I cannot even begin to fathom the pain of this guy fisting those poor women and ripping their innards apart! Somebody in prison should try fisting him to give him a taste of what he put his victims through! With both hands too! May this bastard die in prison!

  2. moodymagic says:

    This asshole needs 2 have a 2 fister shoved up his rectum so he gets tore up real bad. Burn in hell Walter. Irish justice sucks.

  3. Bengalpuss says:

    Unfortunately, the reason why doctor death never served the full four years is because in great britain and northern ireland, a convict only serves half his sentence in the community and half in jail. They only have to serve the full sentence is when they’ve been tariffed by a judge to serve a certain length of time, usually life sentences are tariffed to serve 15yrs or more. I know its bullshit, but blame the namby pamby polititions, who are Fucking useless. As for this cunt, why did the 1st woman say she did it herself? Embarrassment? This cunt hopefully will die in jail, and i hope they can get some justice for the first lady who died due to this sick fuck, twisted hobbie.

    • bulldoggy says:

      Bengalpuss are you saying that this asshole will get out after half of his 13 year sentence even though he damnit nearly killed the woman? He’s only 70 – that means he’ll be loose when he’s almost 77. Geez I hope he gets cancer or something horrible so he dies before they let him out. He’s a sadistic killer, can’t the courts see that?

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Im afraid so bulldoggy, unless it is life sentence, or he has been deemed a dangerous offender, then they serve half in jail and the other half in the community. If they misbehave while out on licence, they are recalled to finish the rest of the sentence back in jail. Its Fucking stupid i know, and ain’t worth a wank, but thats the law in this shite hole of a country. The other day the goverment have got vans driving round with a sign saying “go back home or you will be arrested if your are illeagle in this country” next day they’ve only been made to stop because, the advertising complaints committee have had complaints. I mean wtf is all that about. I’ve had to stop working in the last month due to my health being fucked, i’ve paid in all my working life, yet i’ve had to shout and carry on to he what im entitled to. I honestly thought of committing a crime just to go to prison, at least i’d get 3 meals roof over my head, good health care. A guy even sued the prison service for pain and suffering, because they were ages getting him dentist and he got £45:000. The criminals and illeagal immigrants get to shout out human rights, while the genuine law abiding tax payers get told to fuckoff. The guy that killed the off duty guards man in the middle of london through the day, has kicked off in jail, the officers that restrained him managed to knock his two front teeth out, the prison officers have been suspended. Yes im angry, yes im Fucking sick of it, and yes im ranting. Rant over:-(.

    • pj says:

      Bengalpuss you seriously mean that this bastard only served 2 years in prison for killing that father and his little boy? That is seriously fucked up! He should’ve been put away for life at the very least!

  4. burbler says:

    Someone should scoop out his innards with a spoon. Maybe then he’ll know how his victims felt when he tortured them.

  5. FlyingLeadChange says:

    “Amateur gynaecology”

    This would be hilarious in any other context except this one. Maybe this weekend I’ll try a bit of amateur quantum mechanics.

    • bulldoggy says:

      Maybe this weekend Walter’s roomie Bubba will practise amateur proctology.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Bulldoggy, proctology? I just know im gonna regret this but what is proctology? I know i could look on google, but i’d get a funnier explanation off you. Lol

  6. Bengalpuss says:

    I just had to look on google. I love that new word in my vocabulary, which is an extensive list of profanities. Nice one bulldoggy. ROFLMFAO

  7. Mindy says:

    Oh god. Horrible thought – this guy was trying to pay women to have a child, and then leave it in his care. I wonder what the fuck he wanted to do to that kid… I think I’m going to be sick.

  8. Elizaberth White says:

    For all of you that don’t know me. I am the eldest daughter of the late victim Lorraine white who died on march the 8 2008. Thank Yu to all the well wishers and those who finally managed to put him in prison for along time! I personally will do time for seriously injuring him if he manages to get out early! Because of all the manipulation and bribes that he had over my mum he controlled her with money and made her believe that he loved her. I had argument after argument with my mum over him taking all of her money and living with her Scott free whilst claiming his own money from the state in bothe Ireland and England he manipulated her into doing the same and got her into trouble with the benefit office! When what happened had happened my head gave up I couldn’t breath I automatically accused him and said what have you done to her. I cant even bring myself to say his name because it sickens me knowing I wasn’t there for my mum when she was scared and embarrassed to say what really might have happened on that night I am still quite numb over this. Myself and my brothers and sisters really do miss mum and all of their children will grow up without the most loving and caring gentlest person I have ever known and he isn’t the only one that I hate! My grand father who I’m ashamed to know made a mockery of my mothers funeral and made all of us kids walk to the church on the day of my mothers funeral. Telling us there was no cars booked and he pocketed all of the remaining funds of the Lorraine white fund which was apparently set up to cover the costs of transporting my mum from Ireland to Wigan. I really doubt my grandad felt any shame as he caused chaos in Ireland over money claiming he loved her whatever mate for what you did to her I’m not surprised to how my mums life paned out I’m just grateful to have spent the last 4.5 years of her life with her unfortunately I Ireland because of satan! I wish that it was possible to speak to my mum I know she must have been scared somebody should do something about the justice system in relation to determine who’s dangerous and who’s not

  9. j.c. says:

    What is the relevance of the colour and age of his arse , as in “arrested his pasty old white ass”.

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