Vivian Singer

Hellbeast Vivian Singer
Crime: Animal cruelty

I admit it, I am truly pissed off. I know it doesn’t take much, but the case of Vivian Singer has me frothing at the mouth. I love animals, and I loathe anyone who wilfully causes them pain and distress.

Vivian Singer owned the Kerwood Wolf Sanctuary in the township of Adelaide-Metcalfe, Ontario. The sanctuary was also touted as an education centre.

One would expect the owner and operator of an animal sanctuary and education centre would make the care and health of the animals a priority. Vivian Singer did not.

It turns out the Kerwood Wolf Sanctuary was investigated twice by officers from the Ontario SPCA and London Humane Society. They had received a tip from the Ontario Provincial Police.

The first time the officers arrived at the “sanctuary” on November 22, 2006, they discovered dogs, cats, a blind lion cub, birds, wolves, ponies, goats and many more critters had been neglected and were starving. Their living conditions were unsanitary, with poor ventilation and a whole lot of fecal matter. They had inadequate supplies of water and food — some of them had no water and food at all. You can imagine how skinny those poor creatures were, and how weak and hungry.

At the time 18 animals in distress were removed from the “sanctuary” including the lion cub, 8 dogs, 6 cats, 2 cockatoos and a turtle. The blind lion cub had to be euthanized along with 3 kitty cats. Yeah, that’s some “sanctuary”! Sounds more like a concentration camp.

After that initial investigation, Vivian the animal abuser Singer was charged with 11 counts of cruelty to animals revolving around her dismal failure to provide suitable and adequate food, water, care and medical attention to the animals. She was scheduled to appear in the Ontario Court of Justice in London on May 31, 2007.

Vivian Singer actually shifted her butt and managed to meet standards of care for a short period of time. She had 2 dogs, 2 cockatoos and the turtle returned to her. The Ontario SPCA continued to monitor her for compliance, especially regarding wolves, wolf-dog crosses, coyotes, birds, raccoons, a fox, a horse and a donkey still on the premises.

You would think that, with the impending court date for those animal cruelty charges and the ongoing monitoring of the Ontario SPCA, Vivian Singer would bend over backwards to make sure the remaining animals were treated like royalty. But she didn’t. Nope, she couldn’t keep up the effort, and the animals again began to suffer under her “care”.

Vivian SingerWhy the hell does a f*cktard like Vivian Singer own an animal sanctuary if she can’t or won’t take decent care of the animals? I don’t know if she lacked the knowledge, the money or the humanity to do right by those poor creatures, but I do know that they were made to needlessly suffer. I don’t give a flying rat’s ass about her excuses — she had choices and she chose to let all those animals go without adequate food, water and medical care.

On March 16, 2007, 15 Ontario SPCA investigators arrived at the sanctuary/hellhole and again found filthy pens, and no food and water. Will Vivian the animal abuser Singer never learn?
A whole pile of animals were removed/rescued this time. These included 12 wolves, 3 wolf-dogs, 3 raccoons, 3 coyotes, 6 dogs, a fox and a pony. As well, they found another pony with such severe hoof ailments that the vet on scene euthanized it.

It’s easy enough for me to say the animals were removed, but the Ontario SPCA had to really scramble to find suitable facilities that the animals could go to. It’s not every place that takes wolves and coyotes and foxes. I take my hat off to those fine folks.

When Vivian the animal abuser Singer had her court date, protesters from Friends of Captive Animals demonstrated outside the courthouse. I hope she felt the love.

At least Vivian the animal abuser Singer pleaded guilty to 2 counts of animal cruelty. I want to know what happened to the 9 other counts. Why were they dropped?

Justice John Skowronski sentenced Vivian Singer to 60 days to be served on weekends and 3 years’ probation. He also banned the defendant from owning animals for a total of 5 years — he tacked on an additional 2 years after her probation at the behest of the Crown prosecutor.

Vivian the animal abuser Singer had to immediately find homes for the 3 dogs and 3 birds she still had.

In response to the ban, Vivian the hellbitch Singer told Justice John Skowronski, “I feel a tremendous amount of guilt. … It would be a horrendous shock to the animals to be moved.”

Yeah, riiiight, she was worried that her pets would be traumatized by the move. Why wasn’t she as worried about all those other animals being traumatized by the filth and feces she made them live in, and the deprivation of food and water? What a bitch, pardon my french.

And so, being rendered animal-free by the court, Vivian Singer took on a job as an exotic masseuse. You’d think she would just give up on owning animals then, after having been such a horrible, miserable failure at it. But no, Vivian the f*cktard wouldn’t give up. She appealed.

And that leads us to June 2012. Vivian Singer actually won her appeal. Superior Court Justice Roland Haines ruled that Justice Skowronski should not have added the additional ban. Why the hell not, I’d like to know!

Vivian Singer, whose probation period has just ended, can now legally own animals. Heaven help them if she does.

If only she had been charged after March 1, 2009, she could have faced a lifetime ban from owning any animals.

I guess we can console ourselves that the Ontario SPCA will be watching her, the London Humane Society will be watching her, and the Ontario Provincial Police will be watching her. At least I hope so. And if they catch her causing any more suffering for any helpless creature, she could face that lifetime ban she so richly deserves.

So please, please, please, anybody selling wolves, dogs, cats, birds, horses, coyotes, foxes, donkeys, ponies, lions — do not sell to a petite blonde named Vivian Singer. I wouldn’t trust her with a chia pet much less a living, breathing animal.

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12 Responses to Vivian Singer

  1. bengalpuss29 says:

    What i don.t get is after the first time when animals were in such a bad state that 3 little kitties had to be Uthanized and some removed, even though she sorted herself out to a degree why did the spca, return those animals back to her. You’ve made my blood boil cleo, i told you about my cat tyke my baby, like your four dogs are your family, we wouldn’t dream of hurting them they are part of the family. In fact i love my cat more than most people and you likewise. I just don.t understand why they returned them. And moving on to that bitch it was obvious she didn.t give a shit about those poor animals cos if she did as soon as she realised she couldn’t cope with them she would have gotten help, but no the selfish twat didn.t do that. Did she make money of people coming to this so called Sanctuary? You don.t mention it in the article so im trying to fathom why this piece of Phlem wouldn’t get help for those poor creatures. I just pray to god she doesn’t get anymore, just the thought upsets me.

  2. Trace says:

    The bitch was probably soliciting donations or charging a fee for visitors. Either that or she’s a hoarder who collects animals beyond all measures of sanity. I can’t figure her out. I can’t figure out how she could surround herself with suffering animals without seeking help for them. Was she wilfully blind or just cruel? Either way she should never be allowed to have animals ever again.

  3. bengalpuss29 says:

    Thats what i reckon that she’s either charged people to see the animals or like you said solicited donations, either way the money didn’t go into the poor animals welfare, and when she appealed that decision about when her probation was finished not to own another pet for 2 years and the stupid judge ruled in her favour the judge is obviously not a lover of animals otherwise he would have laughed at her for being so cheeky. These poor animals can.t speak for themselves but if they could it would be shocking how they’d describe their treatment with this bitch. Someone ought to lock her in a room wallowing in her own piss and shit no food no affection and with open wounds that are infected, then she could empathize with the poor animals. I just hope that the animal welfare organisations keep a very close eye on this selfish bastard and if she is ever cruel to a pet again

  4. Trace says:

    I read rumours that the inspectors found bags with dog carcasses in them and saw animals eating other carcasses. I don’t know if that is confirmed, but if it is then she can just rot in hell.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Do you know what i can quite believe that. If she can let those animals suffer like that then i guess finding animals in bags isn.t so far off. And if those poor animals had dead animals near them, then they probably would eat them because the poor things were starving. I hope she rot’s in hell and hope you doesn’t get the chance to do it again, with the animal societies keeping a close eye on the hellbitch.

    • gary says:

      that is true 100% i know her x husband you should hear the stories ive heard.

    • gary says:

      i meant to reply to you not the other comment with the…that is true 100% i know her x husband you should hear the stories ive heard..i hate this bitch man he tells mne so much shit about her and he was there he seen the abuse…fkn cunt shulda been thrown in with the wolves.

      • bengalpuss says:

        “He saw the abuse” I hope he didn.t just stand there and do fuckall. If i saw her abusing those poor animals, i’d have picked up a shovel and twatted the cunt over the head with it. Put it this way, she wouldn’t be abusing any animals again. Cowardly cunt she is.

  5. moodymagic says:

    I really hate her. Why shouldn’t the punishment match the crime. These were poor defenceless animals.

  6. dogwalker says:

    This story makes me feel ill. She should have a lifetime ban from owning animals. She called her place a sanctuary — were all those animals she collected rescued from somewhere else? It’s bad enough they wound up there to live such miserable lives.

  7. Can't say says:

    Well there is tons to the story no one knows the reason she cleaned up after the first time they were there is because someone who loves animals a LOT stepped up and take care of them the reason in march ospca went back in was due to medical issues the lady taken care of the animals was able to make it out there she went right the London humane society and explained everything also filled them in on the rest that was going on and damned they go if they didn’t make it there in 2 days half those animals would die thank good they went feel sorry for all those babies have never cried so hard in my life

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