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Hellbeast Trevor Hall
Crime: Pedophile

Pedophile Trevor Hall of New Zealand can consider himself a lucky man. Why? Because he has emphysema. It’s true. He’s lucky because Judge Peter Rollo of Tauranga District Court took pity on the baby raping bastard.

Trevor the beast Hall, a former Salvation Army volunteer, pled guilty to 4 charges of indecent assault. That’s right, this POS pedophile spent his time volunteering to teach the bible, acting like such an upright citizen when all the time he was scheming to get his grubby paws on little children.

Trevor the rancid meatstick Hall had already faced 10 charges for indecent acts and 4 charges for exposure in Queensland. Those charges were for the disgusting pedophile’s criminal and immoral behavior in 1999 and 2000. His victims were a 4-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl.

The hellbeast Hall was sentenced to 3 years 6 months back in March 2001. Did he serve 3 years 6 months in prison? Hell no! He was paroled and deported from Australia in August 2001. He’d spent a grand total of 17 months in prison.

How the hell did a convicted pedophile get an opportunity to volunteer for the New Zealand Salvation Army? Don’t they do background checks? Actually they don’t. They admitted that the monster molester Hall was never police checked. They also admitted that some of the staff had come to know of his convictions.

I’m sorry but that makes me want to puke. The Salvation Army deals with some of the most vulnerable people in society. Ensuring their physical safety should be a top priority! Neglecting to do background checks on volunteers is inexcusable. And not turfing a discovered sex offender is unconscionable!

Obviously the piddly ass sentence he served in Queensland hadn’t inspired Trevor Hall to change his pervy ways. He met his next victim through the Whakatane Salvation Army. The little girl was all of 7 years of age.

Trevor Hall, who was a bible study teacher, groomed the little girl and her mother in preparation for his perverted plans. The girl called him “Poppa” and the mother trusted him so much she encouraged him to move into a nearby apartment.

All too soon the victim’s mother discovered something nasty was happening to her daughter.

“She kept asking me if she was sexy, and I asked where she got that word from and she told me that Trevor called her sexy,” said the mother. “And she kept asking me if her private parts were beautiful.”

The mother stood by her daughter and she reported the baby raper’s ass to authorities. I myself would have been tempted to beat his old man ass with my cane first.

Trevor Hall was arrested. Yay! Incredibly members of the Whakatane Salvation Army took his side and some actually had the nerve to accuse the victim of lying. Many of them turned their backs on the mother and child.

“All the play dates with the other Salvation Army children stopped for my daughter. She couldn’t understand why,” said the mother.

Trevor Hall pedophileAfter Trevor Hall, 60, pled guilty in Tauranga District Court earlier this year, his victim asked her mother, “Does that mean the Salvation Army won’t call me a liar any more?”

“I don’t want an apology from them,” said the mother (I would!). “I want them not to use any more little girls or little boys who have been sexually assaulted as a sacrifice to try and keep the Salvation Army name pristine.” Amen to that!

“In the past few weeks as we’ve investigated this, we have discovered that some people did have knowledge, but unfortunately nobody came forward,” says Salvation Army spokesperson Lynette Hutson.

There’s no excuse for that! None!

Speaking of excuses, Trevor the baby raper Hall had one. He blamed his naughty ways on his poor health.

“Quite how emphysema could cause somebody to sexually abuse a young girl is beyond me,” said Crown Prosecutor Rob Ronayne.

I agree. But somehow Judge Peter Rollo found a way to believe that stupid-ass excuse. Judge Peter Rollo incredibly sentenced this repeat pedophile offender to 12 months HOME DETENTION and fined him $2000! He also sentenced Trevor Hall to pay reparation of $30 a week.

WTF? That’s punishment? That’s a deterrent?

Despite being assured that the pedo bastard could be cared for in prison, Judge Peter Rollo sent him home.

Judge Rollo“The point is your medical circumstances would make a sentence of imprisonment disproportionately severe to you and therefore out of kilter,” said Judge Rollo.

So this repulsive pedophile is healthy enough to molest children but too sick to go to prison. It’s a lucky break for him that he’s a heavy smoker.

One onlooker from the courtroom gallery had screamed, “Was it okay to sexually assault children?” and then he was escorted out. That person, like me, can’t believe that the judge has sent the molester back into the community.

Trevor Hall was physically attacked by a stranger outside the courthouse. I saw the video. I’m thinking the baby raper had better get used to that sort of treatment.

The victim’s mother is devastated. No kidding! And she’s concerned about the safety of children in the Tauranga community.

On the positive side, Trevor Hall’s legal troubles may not be over. More alleged victims have come forward and police are investigating. Tragically, these same victims had come forward a few years back and police had investigated their stories in 2006. It wasn’t much of an investigation and now the police have apologized to the alleged victims. And so they should!

So people of Tauranga, check out the photos. This child molester and disgusting pedophile is among you. Keep your children safe.

And Trevor Hall, may you drop dead and rot in hell before you lay a finger on another little child!

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30 Responses to Trevor Hall

  1. bengalpuss says:

    That person that attacked this cunt outside court, is my hero. The judge is a fucking idiot and must be on a hallucinagenic drug that warp’s your mind into thinking its ok to let sex offenders loose after committing heinous crimes against children. Its cunts like this judge that are a part of the problem and not the solution. Now sick fuck Extrordinaire Thinks he can carry on molesting with Impunity And not go to jail. Can.t blame him really with the pathetic sentences he’s been receiving. When are judges gonna realise that once a nonce always a nonce. They cannot be cured. The only thing that can cure sick fucks like this is either a bullet to the back of the head, a lethal injection, or a visit to bengalpuss’s basement.

    • bulldoggy says:

      We’re gonna hafta dig a really deep “basement” since we’ve got all these potential “tenants” to “live” there. And we’re gonna hafta save our pennies so the “suites” can be fully “furnished”. Maybe we could accept donations.

  2. bengalpuss says:

    Oh yes i forgot, those other salvation army members that knew this cunt was a child abusing piece of shit and never said anything, are as culpable as pervert pig. How could they know and not say anything, considering he came into contact with children. They ought to hang their heads in shame, cos if i did that, i’d be ganging my head in shame.

    • steve-O says:

      I already have issues with the Salvation Army’s stance on LGBT people, and the fact they hid a pedophile in their midst totally disgusts me. They tried to cover over his evil deeds to protect their reputation and for that they should face charges. That poor little girl being told she’s a liar and treated like a leper — they should hang their heads in shame and pay major compensation, and not any piddley $30 a month either.

      • bengalpuss says:

        Steve-O, your right, that little girl plucked up the courage and said something, or should i say her mother clicked something wasn.t right, only to be called liars. I wonder how the salvation army felt when he said “I did it” Bet they never apologised. No wonder children don.t say anything, with cunts like the salvation arseole army calling you liars and the abuser threatening to kill you if you say anything. Your also right about saying the salvation army should also be charged. Isn.t that called perverting the course of justice? Bunch of stupid cunts they are. Steve-O, what’s this your on about with the s army and LGBT?

        • steve-O says:

          The Salvation Army isn’t a charity. It’s an anti-gay lobby group. They use donations to oppose gay rights around the world. They are so anti-gay that they threatened to shut down their New York soup kitchens if they had to offer benefits to same-sex couples. And their official doctrine is that gay and trans people according to the bible deserve death. A few years ago a trans woman literally froze to death on the doorstep of one of their shelters because they wouldn’t let her in.

          • Flyingleadchange says:

            The Salvation Army is nothing of the sort. It’s a Christian denomination that was started to minister to the poor in 18th century London because none of the other churches would do anything for the starving people on the streets. It’s no more “anti-gay lobby group” than any other denomination, and they provide their services to anyone regardless of religion or sexual orientation.

            Look, I’ll be the first to condemn this local church here for the abhorrent things they did, but the Salvation Army is one of the largest charities in the world and feeds many millions of people every year.

    • Tasera says:

      I’m already refusing to donate to the Salvation Army after learning that they donated money to anti-gay causes. This just validates my decision.

      I also have to add that if I were a parent, I’d spit on that $30/week. What is that, child rental money? That’s all that child’s suffering is worth?

      I’m totally sharing this article on Facebook.

      • 2cute says:

        OK I’m convinced. Not one dime to the Salvation Army!

        Tasera, I like your comment about child rental money. That’s about what it amounts to.

  3. moodymagic says:

    this is one sick pig. suffer long

  4. bengalpuss says:

    Bulldoggy, i should get one of those paypal links where you press it and donate for a good cause “Torturing sick fucks like this” A shop thief would have been given a more harsh sentence ridiculous isn.t it. And talk of digging deep for my basement, we should get one of those machines that they use to dig out coal from deep underground lol.

  5. 2cute says:

    So what was the judge smoking? This shit pile pedophile could have been kept all cosy in prison with oodles of medical care but the judge sent him home? I only hope that Trevor’s neighbours let him know every hour of every day how they feel about him being there. The judge should have sent him to live with his Salvation Army buddies, the ones who looked the other way and even accused the girl of lying. Too bad their names weren’t published because I think they need to be named and shamed too. They’re all a disgraceful lot!

    • bengalpuss says:

      2cute, i don.t know what that arseole judge was smoking, but i wish i had some of it. It obviously makes you deluded and not give a flying fuck, yes i could use some of that lol.

  6. bengalpuss says:

    Oh my god steve-O, i never knew that, how horrible, a poor woman froze to death because they didn.t approve of her sexuality. At this time of year in britain, we have all the charities advertising on tv to donate between £3 and £5 charities such as save the children and Nspcc, the salvation army ask for £19, what a big difference, it must be to update their shitty uniform.

    • Flyingleadchange says:

      Sorry, I call BS on this claim. It’s a rumor that got started by some people who didn’t like the Salvation Army, and the police had no record of any death:

      I volunteered with the Salvation Army for a number of years and we absolutely 100% allowed homosexuals to stay at our shelters and gave them food from our soup van just like everyone else. I don’t know what it’s like in Australia, but I’ve never seen the slightest hint of discrimination in their outreach services. Can you provide a link or article for the incident you claim? Because I’ve never heard of it and I’ve never asked someone if they were gay; I ask them if they need food and a bed. Sorry if my hard work volunteering with the poor is offensive to you.

      • pj says:

        In June 2012 Major Andrew Craibe of the Australian branch gave a radio interview. When questioned on Salvation Army beliefs and doctrines on sexuality, he appeared to agree with scripture that all practicing homosexuals be put to death, as it was part of the church’s “belief system”. He also claimed in the interview that being gay was a choice, like the consumption of alcohol.

        The Salvation Army later apologised for any offense caused by comments made by Major Craibe and reaffirmed their support in helping members of the Gay and Lesbian community.

        In November 2001 the American Salvation Army announced that it would only provide benefits coverage for different-sex spouses and dependent children of its employees.

        In 2004, the Salvation Army said they would close operations in New York City unless it was exempted from a municipal ordinance requiring them to offer benefits to gay employees’ partners. Mayor Bloomberg chose not to enforce the ordinance.

        On December 15th 2012, a Canadian Salvation Amy’s bell-ringer carried a sign that says “if you support gay rights: please do not donate.” He was pulled from his post. Their website describes marriage as heterosexual by definition, and a previously published document called on homosexuals to embrace celibacy as a way of life.

        I don’t know about any trans person freezing to death. But I did find an article about a gay couple being refused shelter unless they broke up and left their “sinful” life behind.

        As for political lobbying, before the passing of the Homosexual Law Reform Act in 1986, the Salvation Army was active throughout New Zealand gathering signatures for a petition seeking to prevent the bill’s passing.

        Hope that helps. And nobody finds your volunteer work offensive Flyingleadchange. The Salvation Army does feed and clothe millions of people, but they are undeniably an evangelical operation.

        • FlyingLeadChange says:

          *sigh* okay, some of those are fair points for criticism. In most of your cases, it’s one idiot in the chain who does something stupid, and is corrected by the higher-ups, much like any other organization.

          In theory (and ideally how it should be), the church arm and the charity arm should be completely separate, with the charity arm run completely secularly.

          The problem is, the vast majority of the volunteers (and it is among the most efficient charities worldwide, dollar for dollar, due to being massively volunteer) are from the church, or at least other churches in general. And while the vast majority of Christians (myself included) do not wish death or any harm on homosexuals, the odd rotten apple gets through and is quickly tossed.

          • 2cute says:

            There’s assholes in every crowd flyingleadchange (is that a dressage term btw?). Sounds like the Whakatane crowd has more than its share, though, if they support a molester over a child.

  7. bengalpuss says:

    just thought i’d let you people know that im a happy woman tonight after finding out that scumbag rigoberto avila, has been executed for stamping on a 19 month old little boy causing the little one to suffer horrendous abdominal injuries, and subsequently these injuries killed the little boy. now these are the sentences that should be given for cunts like this that take a child’s life, not some poxy 5yr sentence. when proper sentences like this are dished out, it makes me love america. im not sadistic, or warped, i just believe in justice and the fact of, if you take a life heinously of anybody whether it be a child, woman or pensioner, i believe that you’ve forfeited your right to be on this planet. Damn i love american death row justice!!!

  8. bengalpuss says:

    Flyingleadchange, i’ve had first hand experience with the salvation army. When i was 26yrs old i was fleeing domestic violence, with my son who was 5months old at the time. I was put in a refuge for women that was run by the salvation army “Mount cross in leeds” Let me tell you they treated people like they were the shit that they’d just wiped off their shoes. The captain, who was a rosie o.Donnell look a like spoke to the women like they were crap, and they were paid £180 a week for each woman, which was a lot in 1996, and there were at least 25 women at this shelter, so they were getting a load of money. I eventually told the captain to fuckoff and left. I thought they were meant to be nice people. The story that we are commenting on, also states that the “Sally army” Knew he was an abuser and said fuckall, so my perception of them is not a good one.

  9. Trace says:

    Hope this baby raper keeps on smoking and finds himself in an early grave. He already looks a lot older than he should so probably his insides are rotting. He should just do us all a favour and die soon so the children in that part of the world won’t have him to bother them any more.

  10. Grant says:

    Bit of an update on Trevor Hall. Other victims have now come forward. The judge released a serial pedophile back into the community without a single days prison time and this is an absolute crime in itself. But then what more can be expected in a country that seems to have soft sentencing policies for paedophiles (there have been at least two other recent cases where tamps have been given home detention). I expect there will be more on this shortly. Let’s just hope the new cases see the prick buried in a deep dark hole for life. All I can say is where is the justice for victims? And what message does this send to child sex offenders?

    PS. Bengal Puss, re this. “That person that attacked this cunt outside court, is my hero.” Mine too. They ought to award him a medal and make him citizen of the year… instead they release a serial paedophile and convict a hero.

    • Mia larsen (nee Joyce) says:

      Kia ora Grant, “Quote , ” Let’s just hope the new cases see the prick buried in a deep dark hole for life.” – lets be realistic in this case the problem is a systemic failure that needs to be recognised that this should never have been allowed to continue as it has been. It the Police and the Governing Authorities got their sh*t together and did their jobs or duties accordingly to give the public or society the protection that they deserved to get in the first place then this man would not have re offended like he has been able to. My deepest regards to all of his victims but even more ka aroha to those who fell double victims to this man and the failed system of New Zealand.

      • Grant says:

        Kia ora Mia, I agree. There is system failure after system failure and as a result a child was sexually abused.Let’s face it the NZ police, CYF, the Salvation Army and the courts all failed this girl horribly. Will they be held accountable? Probably not!How will she feel when she grows up and has to reconcile with what happened to her and the fact that anyone who could have helped failed her (with exception to the mother).

        Mia, something you won’t be aware of yet is one of these system failures actually predates Trevor Hall’s conviction in Australia in 2001 and had NZ Police acted then (15 years ago) his grandniece and grandnephew likely also wouldn’t have been abused. I can’t say much now as it’s an ongoing police matter but I expect will make NZ press soon. For me the greatest system failure here is the grossly inadequate sentences handed out to paedophiles. It’s my belief that policy makers need to introduce mandatory minimums so that judges have no choice but to jail paedophiles for long periods. Frankly I’m all for removing their balls with some rusty pliars but I expect that may be a hard sell.

  11. Grant says:

    Flyingleadchange – I guess its somewhat of a hard sell re the Salvation Army being good people. Much like trying to sell the Catholic Church as good in a conversation about pedophiles. Bottom line, after royal commissions and inquiries have exposed terrible levels of historic child abuse (sexual, physical and emotional) in Salvation Army run hospices etc they still seem to not give a shit about protecting children. I guess the main thing is that they become accountable for the amount of children that were sexually abused (and seemingly continue to be sexually abused) as a result of their inadequate “care”. This would mean, at the very least, implementing far reaching policies such as criminal record checks for all staff and volunteers.The thing is not to blame but to learn. I agree – the SA has done a lot of good work but if one child is hurt unnecessarily much of this is forgotten. Namaste

  12. bengalpuss says:

    Grant, a medal is a good idea. How’s about the best, beast, beating trophy, presented to the person that Gives the best beating to a paedaphile. I bet we wouldn’t be short of contenders lol. I know the majority of blogger’s on this site would happily sign up to try and win that trophy, and its all for a good cause really doncha think.

    • Grant says:

      BENGALPUSS – A town statue would be nice also:-) I guess the message being sent is sentencing is out of kilter to community opinion. I’ve just finished an article on Hall myself which raises the point that under NZ Law the maximum Hall could have received was 6 months imprisonment or 1 year home detention – so in fact the judge gave Hall the maximum of 1 year home detention based on past precedents set by the courts for similar offenses. Contextualising this a person convicted of cannabis possession can also receive 6 months in prison and someone convicted of a property crime such as burglary could be sentenced to up to seven years so what does this tell you about NZ policy and why they have the 5th highese rate of child abuse in the OECD?

  13. Tammy says:

    Oh dear! I have emphysema too and now I’m scared! I didn’t know that this disease could make you sexually abuse children. The plus side is that I live 6 houses away from our local police station. I shall walk down there and explain to them that I have emphysema and am afraid that it will cause me to harm children. That way, someone will keep an eye on me. WHAT A F*CKTARD of a “Judge”! I can NOT believe he bought that excuse! I think his brain cell dried up. As for the old ass maggot slime Trevor Hall, I PRAY that he is gotten to again and again and again…until he dies.

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