Tracy Woolridge & Gary Underhill

Hellbeasts Tracy Woolridge, Gary Underhill
Crimes: Bestiality, Pedophilia

I own 4 dogs that I love very much. They are my family. Indeed I love them more than most of my human family members. The greatest thing about my dogs is that they will forgive me anything — the hated nail clipping, the dreaded bath time, the slightly late suppertime, the distressing visits to the vet. They even forgave me for neutering them — something I am sure my human family members would not.

Those are the worst things my dogs have had to endure. Heaven help anyone who does anything worse than that to my babies!

And that brings us to Tracy Woolridge, 45, and her boyfriend Gary Underhill, 35, of Canterbury. Tracy Woolridge “loves” dogs, but not like you and I love dogs. You know where this is heading, right?

Tracy Woolridge also “loves” young girls in much the same way she “loves” dogs. Yes, I do mean in a sexual manner. Gawd I hate pedophiles!

Tracy Woolridge, aka Tracy Scamp, of Downs Road, Canterbury, is a mother of 4. She met up with Gary Underhill of Duck Lane, Canterbury through Internet chatrooms, and subsequently the pair of them got involved in a relationship.

Now I totally don’t care about sex between 2 consenting adults — it’s totally none of my business. But sex involving children and dogs — that’s the stuff that hellbeasts are made of.

How the hell do these perverts find each other? How the hell do they begin conversing about sex with children and animals without fear of being turned in?

Regardless, these two hellbeasts would meet up and Gary Underhill would encourage and take photos of Tracy Woolridge performing unnatural sex acts. He would then upload them onto the Internet because hey, there just isn’t enough of that crap out there already.

In June 2011, Kent police officers searched Gary Underhill’s home because they suspected him of having taken and shared vile and indecent images of children. That was good investigative work and I commend the Kent police for their efforts.

The detectives had discovered that Gary Underhill had been stealing the Wifi services of a neighbour so that he could download and upload images without leaving a trail back to him — or so he thought!

The Kent police seized Gary POS Underhill’s computer and camera equipment and sent them to the Digital Forensics Unit. Big surprise, there were more than 200 indecent and extreme pornographic pictures and movies of children running the full gamut of depravity.

And big surprise, there were images including animals. Ewwww.

Among these disgusting, vile pictures were photos of a woman having sex with a chocolate Labrador retriever taken at a house in Tunbridge Wells. These photos were filed under “Tracy Dogs”.

Analysis of the computer revealed correspondence between Gary POS Underhill and Tracy the pervy skank Woolridge.

The investigation by the Public Protection Crime Unit in Kent led to the arrests of Underhill and Woolridge.

Gary Underhill incredibly claimed that he had downloaded those perverted pictures and taken those photos for “research purposes”. *snort* Yeah, right. He downloaded pictures of babies and toddlers being raped for “research”. He took pictures of his bitch girlfriend being mounted by a dog not for his sick sexual gratification but for “research”. Bullshit!

Tracy Woolridge was charged with 2 counts of sexual penetration with an animal and 1 count of having sex with a girl aged under 13. The f*cking bitch! She’s a mother of 4 children and she not only considered but actually molested a child!

Tracy the skank claimed that it was Gary Underhill that led her into this underworld of depravity and perversion. *snort* As if perversion can be caught like a virus!

On September 23, 2011 Tracy hellbitch Woolridge pleaded guilty at Canterbury Crown Court to all 3 charges. She was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment. She was also given a sexual offences prevention order limiting her access to children and dogs.

Gary POS pedophile Underhill admitted offences relating to child sex assault, indecent images and bestiality.

Gary Underhill pleaded guilty on September 23, 2011 to 10 charges of possessing child pornography, 7 charges of pornographic images involving animals and 3 counts of aiding and abetting Woolridge in her sexual abuse of the underage girl and a dog.

The pedophile Underhill was sentenced to 8 years in prison, and put on extended licence for 4 years. He was also given a sexual offences prevention order that limits his access to children, dogs and the Internet for an indefinite period of time. He will remain forever on the Sex Offender’s Register.

Her Honour Judge Adele Williams described Gary Underhill as “depravity of a high degree”. I don’t think she liked him.

“You delude no one but yourself, you plainly have a perverted and depraved sexual interest in children,” she admonished the pedophilic creep when he tried that “research” crap on her.

Detective Inspector Matthew Long from Kent Police’s Public Protection Unit said, “There is absolutely no excuse for downloading, viewing and taking indecent images of children; images which contain children suffering real abuse.” Amen to that, DI Long!

“Underhill indulged in his crimes for his own gratification. He positively encouraged sexual acts between an adult and a child, and also acts of bestiality,” DI Long continued. “Woolridge has taken part in extreme acts of bestiality and the sexual abuse of a child.”

That she did, the perverted bitch!

“I am pleased that we have been able to prevent any further abuse being inflicted, viewed or downloaded by these two people,” said DI Long. As are we all!

“Anyone who indulges in this type of crime is feeding a need by others to distribute images… People who abuse children and access indecent images of children will be arrested and put before the courts.”

We wish you every success Detective Inspector Matthew Long and the Kent Police’s Public Protection Unit. Catch all the pedophiles you can and put them behind bars!

And meantime, Underhill and Woolridge, rot away in your prison cells and go to hell!

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16 Responses to Tracy Woolridge & Gary Underhill

  1. moodymagic says:

    I don’t understand how pedofiles like Woolridge and Underhill meet. How does the dialogue take place that involves young kids and animals. A normal brain would see this as a redflag. I guess I have my answer. Another great article Cleo!

  2. ಠ_ಠ says:

    Most instances of bestiality are acts of desperation, which is why stereotypical offenders are lonely farm workers. As for child sexual abuse, that’s usually due to someone called an opportunistic predator, who like its namesake, will skulk after the easiest prey like they were a hyena or vulture seeking unattended baby gazelle.

    These people weren’t opportunistic predators and they weren’t desperate for human contact; neither are hideous exactly, just very awkward-looking.

    They *actively sought* animals and children to have sex with, and they probably did it under the guise of something called zoophilia, which is when someone has a romantic interest in animals. It wasn’t an act of desperation, there was no bad influence to gradually slide them towards the muck of depravity.

    It’s a conscious act for people like these. They know what they’re doing is illegal but its the wrongness that escapes them. They rarely if ever change preferences.

    If children are emotionally disturbed because of what grownups did to them, if animals are taken from the home and euthanized, it’s always someone else’s fault- a tyrannical system, closed-minded judges, prudish public opinion, overreacting parents.

    I don’t believe in execution but sometimes it’s scarily gratifying to think about. Thanks, creeps.

    • Jenny says:

      In response to ಠ_ಠ, the statement “Most instances of bestiality are acts of desperation, which is why stereotypical offenders are lonely farm workers.” is completely inaccurate. In reality, more than half of the arrests for bestiality are of individuals who believe they are in a loving relationship with their animal partner. The other half of arrests involve rape, kidnap, and acts of opportunity. About 23% of the cases also involve the sexual abuse or exploitation of a child.

      Very few U.S. or U.K. offenders are “farmers.” Most are gainfully employed outside the home, although they may live (or commit the act of bestiality) in a rural area.

      The stereotype of animal sex offenders as lonely farm boys who can’t find a woman comes from the Kinsey reports, highly controversial studies done more than 60 years ago. Much has changed since that time, so their findings do not reflect today’s offenses.

      Although bestiality has occurred throughout history, most nations have begun to realize that this is an act of animal cruelty, similar to pedophilia and other sexual offenses. For more information, visit

  3. dogwalker says:

    Ewwwww! Was that her own dog she was having sex with? If so I hope that poor beast has a good home now. These people are SICK! And her poor kids knowing that everybody knows what their mom did to get sent to jail! If there were any justice in this world then perverts like this wouldn’t be able to reproduce.

  4. kate says:

    Unfortunately, the doggeh was probably put to sleep. ): People who abuse animals sexually blame this on the fact that we’re too closed-minded and ignorant to understand their twu wuv with Fido, but the truth is that the dogs are usually aggressive towards people when this has been done to them.

    I would be too!

  5. 2cute says:

    OMG, I hope the child is ok after being molested by these freaks. I really hope the dog wasn’t involved in that rape.

  6. Dave says:

    i actualy know underhill.
    i am very glad that he has been sent down, i hope he gets whats coming to him, as for tracey i met her when they first started ”seeing” each other, she had brought dog food!! but she is a drugy and slag so im not surprissed by her, but i am at him.

    peace out


    • Natalie Bennett says:

      Unfortunately gary underhill also known as gary bennett is my step brother, i grew up with him from the age of 10 im now 33 i hope he rots in hell !!!

      • Eponine Cosette says:

        I’m sure Tracy was my neighbour. Did she live at St Gregory’s? Her kids used to just play out in the street all day.

  7. bengalpuss29 says:

    She only got 16 months, thats an insult to the victim’s. And what a load of bollocks about he made her or encouraged her. Any idea cleo what happened to her children, no doubt 4 other little victim’s of those two’s depravity. Like you said about your dogs anybody does anything to them and god help them. My cats my baby and i love him probably more than most human’s. You don’t see animals screwing each other over. But you do human’s. And were supposed to be the more evolved. Could’ve fooled me. And doesn’t it just go to show you the excuse’s these scumbag’s come out with. If he was researching the images like he said, then why did he go to the trouble of stealing wifi off the neighbor, so it couldn’t be traced back to him. Kinda scary the lengths these sick fuck’s go to.

  8. Jenny says:

    In response to Kate – It’s a common misperception that animals who are victims of sexual abuse are typically euthanized. About 30% cannot survive the injuries sustained by the attack, but less than 1% are euthanized simple because of the abuse. Most are either removed and rehomed or remain with the owners (who are not the abusers).

  9. DecentPeopleOnly says:


    Apparently a Woman who Committed Bestiality with a Dog got Spared

    British ” Justice ” A Sick Affront to the Meaning of Justice

    Bestiality Needs to be a Capital Offence so that Means a Future Free of
    ” European Human Rights “

  10. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Seems like Offence took Place in Australia but Still British ” Justice ”
    is an Affront to Justice

  11. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Bestiality is Evil

    Anything that Trivializes Condones or Attempts to ” Normalise ” Bestiality Not Least Advertisements Needs to be Banned

  12. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Any Calendar that has Naked Women and Animals together Needs to be Regarded as Bestiality and Banned

    Nothing ” Erotic ” Just Evil

  13. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    There is Good and Evil Right and Wrong

    Anyone who Condones or Endorses Bestiality is Disgusting Scum
    and as much an Outrage as a Suspended ” Sentence ” For Bestiality

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