Todd Scott Mortensen

Todd Mortensen

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Crimes: Pedophile, Rape

The people of Farmington, New Mexico have one less pedophile in their midst. In July 2011, Todd Scott Mortensen, 47, was sent away for 30 years. He won’t be be considered for parole until 2035.

Todd Scott Mortensen originally faced 6 counts of 2nd-degree felony criminal sexual contact and 2 counts of 1st-degree criminal sexual penetration. On February 2, 2011, through a plea agreement, he pled guilty to only 3 of the counts of 2nd-degree felony criminal sexual contact.

The victim was his 12-year-old foster daughter. The plea agreement ensured the girl didn’t have to testify.

Todd the POS pedophile rapist Mortensen was given the girl to care for in a private arrangement with her adoptive parents. Todd Mortensen and his wife Lisa had fostered up to 50 children in the previous 20 years, so this was nothing new. Several children had been handed over through private arrangements.

Many people in the Farmington community, including his faithful wife, considered him to be a good Samaritan, a self-sacrificing servant of god, a righteous Mormon. I, of course, consider him to be nothing better than a self-serving, predatory pedophile and rapist.

When will people realize that people who are outwardly religious and churchgoing can also be sick and twisted monsters? This evil bastard hid in plain sight, and fooled his community into trusting him with their daughters.

Sadly, the 12-year-old victim was not his only victim. A 15-year-old girl who had been placed in his home in 2002 accused him of repeatedly raping her. He raped her, and he threatened her with a gun. The poor girl! And kudos to her for speaking out! She was awesomely brave to do that!

Thanks to that girl, Todd Mortensen was arrested in 2004 and faced 20 counts of criminal sexual contact and 65 counts of criminal sexual penetration of a juvenile.

Farmington police firmly believed there was enough evidence to prosecute the sick bastard. But it was not to be. In 2005 all 85 counts were dismissed by the San Juan County prosecutor, Lisa Kuykendall.

WTF Lisa Kuykendall?!? Well, her explanation was, ” At the time it was coming up for trial there were some issues, personal and private issues with the victim.”

The girl, the rape victim, had some issues?!? Well duh! She’d been raped repeatedly and threatened with a gun! Semen in her underwear indicated that the rapist was Todd Mortensen. She lived with her rapist. She lived in fear for years!

“The parents and I met and talked extensively and felt like it would be more detrimental to try to force her to testify,” said Lisa Kuykendall. Riiiight, and did anyone ask the girl?

Apparently she was deemed by her parents and the prosecutor too mentally unstable to testify. Todd Mortensen was released from prison an innocent man.

And so Todd Mortensen was able carry on doing what he had been doing, taking in more troubled and vulnerable foster children. His devoted wife probably felt vindicated, and I’m sure the community did too. And I hate to think what they put his young accuser through when the charges were dropped.

BTW Lisa Kuykendall is no longer the prosecutor in San Juan County. She was accused of being lenient on sex offenders during her time in office there. *shock*

Having dodged the proverbial bullet once, you’d think Todd Mortensen would try to behave himself. But of course he didn’t. He just had to target another foster daughter, the 12-year-old.

This girl was awesome. She confided in an older girl about the sexual assaults. This older girl used to live in the Mortensen home and had no difficulty believing her.

The older girl provided young victim with a video camera. They were out to catch themselves a pedophile.

The 12-year-old set up the video camera in her bedroom and caught the nasty bastard raping her on film. Hah! Get out of that one, you bastard Mortensen!

There was no getting out of it. The girl showed his family the video, and his family confronted the evil rapist Todd Mortensen. No longer could his family deny that he had sexually assaulted the foster daughters in his care.

On April 1, 2010, after he learned of the existence of the video, Todd the festering meatstick Mortenson quit his job and immediately presented himself to authorities to confess.

“I had inappropriate interactions with my daughters,” Todd Mortensen told a sheriff’s deputy. Note the plural. He wasn’t just confessing to raping ONE girl.

At the sentencing in July 2011, the gallery was filled with 40 supporters of the vile rapist. That’s right, 40 supporters!

“This is the case of a 12-year-old girl who had the courage and foresight to set up a video camera to catch her abuser molesting her,” Prosecutor Robert Gentile told the court. He pointed out that because the girl knew when and where to set up the camera, she was a victim of systemic abuse.

And did that made Todd Mortensen’s herd of supporters rethink their unquestioning support? I hope so. But it didn’t shake his wife’s faith.

Todd Mortensen’s wife Lisa stood up in court and spoke on the hellbeast’s behalf. The deluded woman described her husband as a good Samaritan, but did admit that her words did not minimize or diminish the “error in her husband’s judgment.”

Riiiight, error in judgment. I call it rape. R-A-P-E. I really want to shake that stupid woman by the throat for trying to shrink her husband’s brutal crimes down to the same level as buying the wrong brand of toothpaste.

The young victim didn’t appear in person but her statement was read in court.

“I would feel very unsafe if Todd got out of prison or if the Mortensens came near me,” the girl wrote. “I want Todd to stay in prison for life or as long as possible because I have no doubt in my mind that Todd did and most likely will hurt more people.”

Out of the mouths of babes…

Todd Mortensen’s defense attorney, Scott Curtis, spoke of mitigating circumstances. He said that his client chose to turn himself in and confess.

“He was compelled to do this because he wanted to be right with god,” Scott Curtis said.

Really, Scott Curtis? He didn’t want to be right with god before there was a video. He didn’t want to be right with god when his previous victim accused him. I am pretty damn sure being right with god had nothing to do with his confession, and hope for a plea deal had everything to do with it.

Scott Curtis asked for the minimum — 3 years on each count to run together. He said his client would be a “remarkable candidate” for treatment. *snort of disbelief*

And then Todd the good Mormon Mortensen had his turn to speak. He apologized to his victim very prettily.

“I would like to sincerely apologize. My actions were wrong and inexcusable and I’m truly sorry,” he said.

District Judge William Birdsall listened to all this and then sentenced the pedophile rapist to the max — 15 years for each of the 3 counts. He ran 2 of the counts together for a total of 30 years in prison.

The judge expressed concern that Todd Mortensen had not been completely honest about the specifics of the crime, and therefore he did not fully embrace his actions.

While Mortensen had done things for the community, “the acts of which he was accused and later admitted to are reprehensible,” Judge Birdsall said.

“It will be OK,” Lisa Mortensen told her convicted rapist husband as he walked past her to prison. “We’ll work it out.”

Some people will never learn.

I don’t feel sorry for Lisa Mortensen. The girls who were abused over the years were in her house and she had to have been completely uninvolved with them to not know something was horribly, terribly wrong. And faced with irrefutable evidence AND his confession, Lisa Mortensen stood by her man as if he’d made a boo-boo.

I hope the girls who had suffered at the hellbeast rapist’s hands feel safe now, and vindicated, and are leading contented, successful lives. And if any of you think I believe there were only 2 victims out of those 50 foster kids, think again.

And lastly I hope Todd Mortensen rots and festers away in his dingy little cell. I hope he is haunted by the pain and suffering and terror he caused his victims. And I hope he is tossed out of the Mormon church for being the evil, lying, raping hellbeast he is.

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19 Responses to Todd Scott Mortensen

  1. bulldoggy says:

    I’ll bet the first victim’s parents convinced her not to testify because she was causing them embarrassment in the mormon church. I’ll bet their biggest concern was not the girl’s welfare or mental state but their standing in the community. They weren’t about to admit they put their girl in the hands of a rapist. That poor kid, I’m sure she was shunned and called a liar after the prosecutor dropped the case. That Lisa Kuykendall should have never been allowed to drop it. I wonder if the new prosecutor can resurrect it. Those 85 counts should see this bastard die in prison.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Hey bulldoggy, loved your comment in the guardian the other week about that murdering cunt kimberly Mccarthy, the one who’s toast tonight. Very funny, if she,s dead then she can’t kill again. Im Fucking sick of hearing all that bollocks about the state of texas is gonna murder her. This evil cunt killed 3 elderly women for money to buy crack cocaine, hope the bitch rots in hell and as for this beast, he should get his ass kicked by his new mates, i mean inmates lol.

  2. 2cute says:

    I wonder if Toddy boy convinced his wife that he was just following Joseph Smith’s footsteps — he had sex with young girls too. Maybe he told his wife that he had a vision that the girls he raped were intended to be his brides or some shit like that. Or maybe he was blessed with the most gullible wife in the world who can watch him on a video having sex with his foster daughter and consider it an error in judgement instead of infidelity AND a crime.

  3. pj says:

    The evil bastard should get another 30 years for that stupid ass hairdo.

  4. rocketman88 says:

    Hey cleo I know this guy is ugly and a rapist and all but could you write about the philpotts who killed their kids in a fire?

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Hey rocketman, cleo would need a bucket to vomit in researching the turd of an excuse mick philpot, narcissistic lowlife. Now getting onto this piece of dogs vomit, i hope his wife can no longer foster any more children, as its obvious that their priorities don’t count. Sticking by her husband after knowing he’s a beast wtf. The 1st prosecutor should be investigated, i wouldn’t be shocked to learn she was a moron! Sorry i mean’t mormon. And as for that bollocks about him coming forward, he came forward cos he knew the game was up, do ya think if that video didn’t exist he would’ve admitted it, if the girl made a statement? Of cause he wouldn’t, he probably would’ve said the girl was lying, glad the judge didn’t listen to that bollocks from the defence attorney asking for 3yrs, the judge gave him 2 sentences back to back=30yrs Awww pwoor baby. Fucking mormon, moron’s

  5. Lillith says:

    I believe there is a special place for people who hide behind thier “beliefs” and use them as an excuse. I believe there is an extra special place right next to him on that particular grill for his idiot wife. No woman can be so deluded as to excuse something this heinous as a “mistake”. May they both rot.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Yes lilith, the mormons would’ve hidden the fact, if that video didn’t exist. The poor girl would’ve been branded a liar, and this scumbag would’ve walked. Thank heavens for technology, tilt video made sure his arse was sent to jail. Serves the piece of shit rightl

      • pj says:

        You’re right, they would have hidden the truth. I know a girl who went on mission and was molested and they told her to keep quiet about it. She told them who did it but the mormon church did nothing to punish him.

        • Lillith says:

          I’m wondering why the Mormons can’t see what’s happening to the Catholic church & all those priests. Learn from others mistakes, or repeat them.

  6. moodymagic says:

    I wish nothing but good and great things for the 12 year old rape victim. A slow painful death is what you deserve Mortensen. Bastard

  7. Lillith says:

    BTW, anyone ever notice how all these child-molesting & rapist church guys all seem to look the same? LOL…So generic!

    • pj says:

      You’re right Lillith, they are such fugly bastards they have to be religious to get women. Atheist women would recognize them for the evil toads they are but religious women assume they are decent people just because they go to church and spout the “right” religious crap.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      I’ve commented on that before lilith, that all these paedaphiles seem to have the same look. Its weird like something from invasion of the body snatcher’s. They all seem to wear glasses, and dress the same, freaking spooky lol.

  8. MSM says:

    Typical Mormon behavior, sadly. When something evil occurs, hide it as fast as possible and under as many layers of stories as possible to protect the perp. Just bear in mind that not all church going people are like this – I’ve known many who were awesome. It’s the assholes like this one who make them all look bad. Hopefully this guy becomes some big Dine bruiser’s bitch in prison.

    • Clinton Marshall says:

      This isn’t typical Morman behavior, Typical for people to say stupid stuff like this. Every morman I know thinks Todd is a disgusting pile of dog crap.

  9. KXG says:

    another scumbag mormon cultist who likes ’em young and female. what a shock. needs to have his testicles removed with a rusty set of hedge-clippers.

  10. Corey Mortensen says:

    My name is Corey Mortensen I’m the adopted son of this motherfucken sick son of a bitch this is just the tip of what happened in that fucking house and honestly lisa mortensen should be in prison to

    • Rachael says:

      Cory, it’s Rachael. Thank you for standing up for me. I have to live knowing that he gets out next year and that this fucking pig gets a chance to live life free again. When even 8 years later I wake ever night from nighares of this creep. I was robbed by the judicial sentence. And Lisa is no innocent wife. I opened up three different times shareing the truth of all I encountered. And the video was the only reason that evil bitch couldn’t hide this monster anymore. She starved me and hurt me emotionally and physically. And I’m still trying my hardest to heal many years later. And yet I still have to suffer. Lisa is more of a monster if you ask me. And this cunt deserves to rot even more than him. We both know the hell they scared us all with. I remember what the did to you and Kyle. And shawn. They were innocent. But Lisa and Todd are monsters. You were innocent too and I know this Corey.

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