Toby Hayden

Hellbeast Toby Hayden
Crime: Domestic Violence, Abuse

I was all prepared to write up about two American hellbeast killers when up popped another British asshole on my radar. I’m already steaming mad about British assholes Christopher Graney and Samantha Fenton, and learning about Toby Hayden turned my steam nuclear.

Toby Hayden, 27, is a disgusting hellbeast woman beater from Christian Malford, Wiltshire. On February 9, 2013, this useless piece of drunken shit got totally completely blotto while out with his girlfriend. He had ingested several shots of tequila and at least 8 pints and 3 cans of lager. Toby Hayden was shitfaced, no doubt, but that’s no excuse.

That evening when he was unsuccessful at withdrawing any money from a cash machine Toby Hayden erupted in rage and attacked his girlfriend.

That’s right, Toby Hayden the total drunken loser didn’t have money in his account so he beat his girlfriend brutally and mercilessly. He only stopped when passers-by responded to the poor girl’s screaming.

Now asshole Toby Hayden was already on a suspended sentence for a previous bout of violence. The magistrates in their “wisdom” had sentenced him to an anger management course with an 18-month community order to work 200 hours unpaid.

Obviously this suspended sentence didn’t teach this vicious, vile bastard one single thing. He assaulted his girlfriend whose crime was …. NOTHING except being near him when he got mad, and then — get this — when police arrived on the scene Toby Hayden spat at one officer and tried to poke the eyes out of another.

So off to court Toby Hayden went again. He pled guilty to 3 charges of assault.

British justice had one more chance to teach the brutal drunken bastard a lesson and what did they do? Well, the magistrates in Chippenham Magistrates’ Court considered that Toby POS Hayden was already on a suspended sentence for a violent crime, that he’d assaulted 2 police officers, and that he’d beaten and battered a helpless woman. They considered all that and decided to NOT send him to prison.

WTF? Why the hell wouldn’t the Chippenham magistrates send this brutal bastard to prison?

Their reasoning was — get this — a community sentence is “tougher” than prison. O.o

The Chippenham magistrates had said to the hellbeastly loser Toby Hayden, “We are going to take the hard line by not activating the suspension order. Horfield [Bristol prison] would be the easy option – you could get this over with in 4 weeks. But this way you’re going to spend the next year-and-a-half addressing your behaviour.”

Wow. Prison is the “easy option”. That’s what British justice has come to.

Toby the shitstain loser Hayden was also banned from contacting his victim for 2 years and ordered to pay her £750 compensation.

He was also ordered to pay £250 in compensation to PC Andrew Aves from Wiltshire Police and £100 to PC Joel Bunting, the officers he’d attacked.

Toby Hayden's victimBig whoop. The woman he’d so severely beaten said, “I work near him and it worries me that I might bump into him. I really, really don’t want to see him.” Bless her heart, I totally empathize with her situation.

Look at the photo of what Toby Hayden did to her. Do you think £750 is sufficient compensation for that? I sure as hell don’t.

She has no doubt been traumatized by her experience. She said, “When I found out that he had walked free my heart sank. I was shocked and angry.”

I call Toby Hayden’s sentence completely and totally inadequate. He was vicious, violent, nearly murderous, and if passers-by hadn’t interfered he just might have succeeded in killing his victim.

As well, how many victims of domestic violence are going to bother seeking justice in Chippenham if that’s the sort of shitty sentencing the perpetrators get? Women are put in danger when British justice minimizes their plight and delivers pathetic sentences such as this.

Toby Hayden’s victim said, “He definitely should have gone to prison. He had previous convictions, he had been violent to people before, he was on probation when it happened.

“He resisted arrest, assaulted 2 police officers, caused criminal damage and that doesn’t even cover what he did to me.

“He punched me repeatedly, he didn’t stop – but that wasn’t enough for him so he kicked me in the back of the head as I lay on the floor unable to defend myself.”

The Chippenham magistrates knew all that and still chose to not send him to prison. Pathetic.

Please, people of Britain, raise your voices about the state of British justice so vicious thugs like Toby Hayden don’t get to waltz about free after attacking innocent women and police officers.

And please, women of Wiltshire and area, for the sake of your health and safety please don’t get involved with the drunken bastard Toby Hayden until he reforms, gets counselling and gives up the booze.

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30 Responses to Toby Hayden

  1. 2cute says:

    OMG that’s how he treats someone he “loves”? I hope women he approaches realize he’s dangerous to be around. What the hell were the magistrates thinking letting him walk? I just don’t understand British magistrates.

    • bengalpuss says:

      2cute, i don.t understand british magistrates either. When this pig, kills someone through his temper, because he will, i hope those dumb arse magistrates burn with shame. If they had sentenced this turd to at least five years, then he probably would realise that if he beats anyone again, he’s going to jail, but letting him off with a slapped wrist, when he was on a suspended sentenced anyway, is absolutely insane. Just look at that poor woman’s face, he’s really battered her, the scumbag bastard. I hope someone beats him like that, serve the cunt right. But as for british justice, its just let that poor woman down, and every other woman in great britain, who is suffering domestic violence, because if their husband/Partner beats her, she’s gonna be too afraid to report it, because in her mind, the judge will let him go, to beat her again, so she’s definately not gonna bother now is she!!!

  2. pj says:

    I sure hope the girlfriend (ex I presume) has all healed up and is fully recovered. Poor girl, how awful for her. Sure hope they don’t have kids together.

  3. chris says:

    I have unfortunately known this low life piece of shit and as I heard this about what happened to the poor girl I became infuriated I felt for her and then I heard about the sentence I hit the roof he should have been sent down for life I hate the British justice system it really needs to be updated.

  4. bulldoggy says:

    OK I got a question. Just how comfy are British jails that they are the easy option? Must be like luxury hotels to be better than criminals’ homes. And why would he only have gotten 4 weeks in prison anyway? They said to him, “you could get this over with in 4 weeks.” That’s pretty paltry for battering someone into a smudge on the pavement.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Bulldoggy, he assaulted someone before, and they failed to send him to jail. So in hayden’s mind he thinks it must be ok to beat people up, because they didn’t send me to jail, so i’ll do it again. Again he didn.t get to go to prison, after committing such a brutal attack on a woman. The message that the magistrates court has sent to this piece of snot, and others, is that if you physically hurt someone, your gonna walk. I think its fucking disgusting that this cunt, brutally beat this poor woman, while on a suspended sentence, and got away with it, just look at her face, and she’d done fuckall to deserve it. This mother fucker should have been locked up, those dumb cunt magistrates, have failed that woman, and put british society at risk, because they are slack bastards, what more can i say. If this turd kills someone, because he’s obviously unbalanced, then those stupid judges have blood on their hands, and should go to jail.

    • Martin says:

      Yes they are luxury hotels – because we are so scared of being accused of violating human rights, if you go to prison you can expect a comfortable room, colour TV, access to over 900 channels, play station with all the latest games, access to a gym & sports facilities that you’d pay hundreds for, whilst food is not Michelin star it would pass in a good restaurant

      It has been suggested prisoners should change places with pensioners (seniors) who have a much worse standard

      Yes, in UK prison is the easy option

  5. moodymagic says:

    This asshole makes me sick. What a joke sentence. burn in hell loser.

  6. awesomeblossom says:

    I truly hope the girl didn’t suffer scarring or broken teeth. Looks like she’s been through a war, poor kid. Wish Toby Hayden would wind up looking like her somehow. Maybe he’ll someday soon bump into a wall. Repeatedly. Head first.

  7. awesomeblossom says:

    Cleo, who did this asshole beat up before? Was it another girlfriend or someone outside a pub? He’s nothing but a drunken bully, a worthless dipshit.

  8. MsM says:

    Sadly that pic looks all too familiar. The ex did that to me when I was pregnant. He pretty much got off scott free too. The system doesn’t take this type of stuff anywhere near as seriously as it should. Guys like this are dangerous and they won’t quit it, this dude will keep it up until he finally kills somebody.

  9. Richard Pike says:

    He has the cheek to take the micky in one of the photos on his facebook lying down with black make up on his eyes

    This man is scum.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Well that just says it all doesn’t it. He’s basically stickily the middle finger up to british justice, society and that poor woman. I wish they were real fucking bruises.

  10. bengalpuss says:

    Ha ha martin, your obviously british like me, and know the prison system is a joke. I wouldn’t mind going inside for two weeks, it’d be a bit like butlin’s holiday camp, good food, healthcare, gym, education etc etc etc. And if you’ve been really naughty i.e paedaphiles, rapist’s and beasts who beat the old, you get your own little section of paradise, appalling isn.t it. I watched a documentary the other night, about a jail, Maricopa County jail, the warden has brought back chain gangs, the black and white striped prisoners uniform, and he has a vacancy sign flashing 24hrs a day 365 days a year. When the interviewer asked prisoners how it was, they said they hated it, and wanted to go to another jail. And get this, when the jail became overcrowded, they put massive army tents up outside and called it tent city, and moved hundreds of them outside. Now thats how prison is supposed to be, not some fucking fairytale. And im sick of this human rights bullshit, their victim’s didn’t have any rights did they.

    • Martin says:

      Yes – and sometimes despair at the legal system, all too frequently the arseholes get off lightly, but you can’t always blame the judge as they’re restricted in what they can do

      • bengalpuss says:

        Martin, without a doubt the judges hands are tied sometimes, but the magistrates court are only allowed to sentence upto 6 months, this case should have gone to crown court, the magistrate failed because he/She obviously wasn.t capable to deal with a case like this. I think the prosecution should appeal this sentence, and get him served with a prison sentence. What i can.t get my head around his, the fact he was already on a suspended sentence for violence, so to let him walk on another violence charge, is absolutely insane. I think that magistrate needs to go, it obviously isn.t using the guidelines it has been given, stupid idiot. If that stupid magistrate is gonna believe every sob story its been given, then it clearly can.t separate its emotions from the accused to be able to deliver an adequate sentence, the magistrate needs to go.

  11. loretta says:

    IM so glad its all over the internet and everyone knows. IM Loretta by the way! My friend posted a link to this site on my Facebook wall. Toby is absoloute scum and i feel nothing but hate and anger towards him. IM going on a talk show on Monday to discuss this situation. Thank you for acknowledging this and helping! Loretta

    • cleo says:

      Loretta, I did not give your name as the victim in case it would be too painful for you. Thanks for responding to the article. I and my readers hope you have recovered completely and we are all disgusted to know Toby is walking free. Keep well and safe and best wishes in the future.

      • loretta says:

        Thank you, i really appreciate it! Ive never known or come across a website like this one, fair play to you for exposing so many horrible, cruel people!

    • bengalpuss says:

      Lorretta, hope your ok, and i was appalled to see what this pig did to you, and appalled at the british magistrates court, for letting him walk. He may be free and walking around likes he’s a winner, but believe me when i say that a hell of a lot of people know what a scumbag he is. And hopefully women will see his picture and know the story, and run in the opposite direction. You take care, and remember “What goes around, comes back around” He will get his karma.

      • loretta says:

        Thank you, i hope so. I am honestly suprised he has the confidence to walk into town (Chippenham) he hasn’t been spotted in the last few days. But im sure he will be kicked out of our old place soon, as hes lost a job because of this, owes £1000 roughly between myself, the police officer injured and the court. On top of that he has to pay rent,electric bill and manage to buy his food and tobacco. So he will have to come out sooner or later to get rehoused and start claiming benefits! IM doing okay though, thank you. I know ive got great friends and fantastic support from everyone. Very grateful. Loretta x

        • bengalpuss says:

          Lorretta, your more than welcome. Everytime i see that picture of your horrendous injuries, i get bloody angry with those stupid magistrates, what were they thinking, he was already on a suspended sentence, so he should have gone to jail. They have let you down, and all the women who suffer domestic violence down. The police do a fantastic job, they arrest this pig, gather all the evidence and get it to court, for some liberal arse magistrate to let him walk, what a joke. By the way hope the tv show you go on goes well, it wouldn’t be jeremy kyle by chance? Anyway good luck and take care, this prick will get his commupence, its only a matter of time.

          • loretta says:

            I completely agree with you, the police were fantastic. It gives out a terrible message to others. Il be on Daybreak tomorrow morning.

  12. bengalpuss says:

    Cleo, just wanted to say thankyou, your an amazing person exposing scumbag’s and letting the general public know about them. Its a really nice thing what you do, championing the underdog. Thought i’d tell you this cleo as i appreciate what you do, and your poor fingers must get sore or ache at times, thankyou

  13. agnos says:

    Unfortunately Britain has followed a liberal agenda for the past four decades. Nothing is anyone’s fault any more – it’s somebody else’s. Get into debt? It’s the loan company making it too easy to borrow. Get drunk and beat somebody up? It’s the supermarket’s fault for selling beer cheaper than milk. Get caught stealing? It’s not my fault – the cocaine and cannabis I need is so expensive I have no option but to steal. These are the excuses offered to explain away criminality. The general idea is to try and avoid sending people to jail in the hope they won’t become more criminal. Sadly the experiment has failed. Couple that with a prison system that is bursting at the seams – there’s just no more room. The huge influx of migrants into the UK over the last decade also brought in a tide of thieves, rapists and murderers in from Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. These people brought their Third World standards with them and it comes as no surprise to read government figures that show roughly one quarter of the jail population of 90,000 were born elsewhere in the world. And that is why human excrement like Hayden is allowed to walk the street – there’s nowhere else to put him. The cell he should be sitting in contains a Polish mugger who should be in his own country. Every single foreigner jailed for whatever reason in Britain should be deported immediately afterwards. But, no. The Human Rights legislation would prevent that. It has so far benefitted only the dregs of our society.

  14. kim jun says:

    Hi guys would just like to say that he is not the only one to blame in this yes he did go to far but on the other hand she shouldn’t of kicked him in the balls or spat on him when he was walking home and turn to him and say she had slept with his mate just sent him over the edge. But yes he went to far and he should of gone to jail

    • Bengalpuss says:

      “went too far?” this pig had no right to lay a finger on this woman whatsoever, and where did you learn that she spat on him and kicked him in the balls? No doubt him. The fucking bully that he is, bet he wouldn’t beat a man though would he? Fucking pussy he is.

  15. goat says:

    He looks like Beavis…

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