Tina Cuffie and Floyd Wimes (aka Latiff Hadi)

Floyd Wimes and Tina Cuffie
Crimes: Child Abuse, Murder

Khalil Wimes should be living a happy life in a loving home. In fact, for the first 3 years of his life that’s exactly what he was doing. His foster family adored him and he adored them.

But the happy life Khalil Wimes was living was curtailed by unfortunate and unwise decisions made by the Philadelphia Department of Human Services and judges in Family Court.

Khalil Wimes wanted to stay with his loving foster parents, Alicia Nixon-James and J. Evans. They desperately fought to keep him. But alas, the little boy’s social worker and court-appointed child advocate decided to turn him over to his biological parents.

The social worker and child advocate considered only that the mother, Tina Cuffie, and the father, Floyd Wimes (aka Latiff Hadi), had met 3 piddly-ass criteria: they’d passed 3 drug tests, they’d rented an apartment, and they’d taken classes in parenting.

Never mind that Tina Cuffie and Floyd Wimes had at least 5 other children removed from their custody. Never mind that Tina Cuffie and Floyd Wimes had a history of drug abuse, neglect and child abuse.

Khalil WimesFor one year the Department of Human Services monitored the care that Khalil Wimes was being given by his parents. And for that year Tina Cuffie and Floyd Wimes treated him well.

As soon as that year was up in 2010, Tina Cuffie and Floyd Wimes stopped being decent parents and devolved into hellbeastly monsters.

There is absolutely no excuse to hate a little boy as much as those two vile beasts must have hated Khalil. It had to be hate — sadistic torture never springs from love.

Tina Cuffie and Floyd Wimes began beating little Khalil almost every day. He was only 4 years old, a helpless little boy, and they beat him! They most likely used belts and cords to whip his wee body.

Tina Cuffie repeatedly made him stand in a corner with his face to the wall for hours. To make the punishment worse she’d throw books at him. What fun she must have had!

As punishment she also forced him to do push-ups and sit-ups and run laps in the apartment.

KhalilLittle Khalil was forced to sleep on a filthy, soiled plastic mattress in an otherwise empty bedroom. I’m sure the poor little guy dreamt of his comfy bed in his comfy bedroom waiting for him in his foster parents’ house.

And then Tina Cuffie and Floyd Wimes began depriving that helpless little boy of food. He got plenty of beatings but very little nutrition. What he did eat he often threw up, and that only made the monsters angrier.

To make sure Khalil didn’t sneak food they would lock him in his bedroom at night.

To make sure Khalil’s injuries weren’t discovered they kept him hidden away from relatives and visitors. Tina Cuffie and Floyd Wimes also chose to “home school” him (riiiight) so his scars and bruises wouldn’t be noticed.

And so Khalil’s life of hell continued on for another 2 years without respite from the abuse. He went from a happy, jolly, well-nourished little guy to an emaciated, scarred and scared little guy.

There were witnesses to the abuse. Two of Khalil’s adult siblings knew he was being locked in his room without food. They chose to do nothing to save him. Maybe they figured they’d survived their own abusive childhood so he would too.

KhalilA truly horrible fact is that a Department of Human Services worker spent time with Khalil 8 times in 8 months while supervising visits for 2 of his siblings. The boy was the size of a 3-year-old despite being 6 years old. He was scarred and bruised. He was emaciated. The worker incredibly didn’t notice a thing, didn’t say a thing, didn’t do a thing to rescue Khalil.

Be in no doubt, Khalil needed rescuing. Tragically the only thing that delivered that poor little boy from his hellbeast parents and his hellish life was death.

On March 19, 2012, Khalil was so weak he could barely stand up. He’d had a bath and was drying himself when his monstrous mother hit him on the back of his head. Little Khalil fell down and couldn’t get up. He tried to crawl to his bed but he was too weak. He just lay there on the floor, bleeding from his lip.

And did Tina Cuffie and Floyd Wimes give the tiniest f*ck about him? Hell no. Floyd Wimes played Call of Duty for the next few hours. Tina Cuffie went to Popeye’s. And Khalil was left to die on the bathroom floor.

It was a few hours later when one of Khalil’s older brothers insisted very loudly that the little boy should be taken to the hospital. Amazingly Tina Cuffie and Floyd Wimes did just that. They took their tiny son’s lifeless, battered body to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

The dead 6-year-old Khalil Wimes weighed only 29 pounds. He was emaciated. He was covered in scars — too many for the medical examiner to count. There were at least 15 scars on his face alone. There were lash marks on his body where he’d been whipped with a cord or a belt.

The final blow to Khalil’s head had caused bleeding in his brain.

That deaf, dumb and blind Department of Human Services worker hadn’t noticed any signs of abuse when he saw Khalil before he died. In fact, the last visit with Khalil was a mere 2 weeks before his death. That worker was placed on desk duty after the tragedy. That’s all? I really truly hope there were far greater sanctions imposed by the DHS bosses than mere desk duty.

Tina Cuffie, 45, and Floyd Wimes (aka Latiff Hadi), 50, were arrested and charged with 1st-degree murder. The District Attorney’s Office offered them a deal to plead guilty to 3rd-degree murder and serve a mere 20 to 40 years in prison. The murderers rejected that offer.

At the hellbeasts’ nonjury trial, Assistant District Attorney Carolyn Naylor said both defendants should be convicted of 1st-degree murder.

“Khalil’s death was intentional and inevitable,” she said.

Assistant District Attorney Ed McCann said, “Day after day, this child was screamed at, he was deprived of food, he was deprived of fresh air.” Poor little Khalil.

Floyd Wimes’ lawyer, Derrick Coker, argued that his client had moved out of the house several months before Khalil’s death. He also argued that it was Tina Cuffie who inflicted most of the abuse.

“Does that matter?” Common Pleas Court Judge Barbara McDermott asked him. My answer to that is no.

Khalil WimesThe hellbeasts’ attorneys argued that their clients’ actions had lacked malice and the intent to kill. Derrick Coker went so far as to claim that Khalil’s death was due in part to his sickly nature.

Sickly nature? He sure as hell wasn’t sickly until he was starved and beaten daily by his monstrous parents! Look at the pictures of him as a 3-year-old! He was healthy!

Judge Barbara McDermott convicted both parents of 3rd-degree murder. She also convicted both hellbeasts of child endangerment and aggravated assault. They face at least 20 to 40 years in prison when they are sentenced in November 2013.

First Assistant District Attorney Edward McCann was disappointed with the verdict.

“I think we got a fair trial in front of a fair judge, but I do believe that we put on evidence of a 1st-degree case,” he said. “The most haunting thing for me would be that this child did not have to die this way.”

That is so true. Khalil Wimes had a foster family who loved him and cherished him and wanted him. Why the hell he was torn from their arms and handed over to those major f*cktard losers I cannot understand.

RIP Khalil Wimes.

I extend my sincerest condolences to Alicia Nixon-James, J. Evans and the other members of the foster family who loved that darling little boy.

I pray that the Philadelphia Department of Human Services and the judges in Family Court have learned from this horrible, senseless tragedy caused by their own bad decisions.

And finally I pray that Tina Cuffie and Floyd Wimes (aka Latiff Hadi) suffer daily and excruciatingly. They deserve nothing better than to die in prison, alone and unloved, in pain.

I shall keep readers posted about the sentencing (reminders are more than welcome!).

The pair of hellbeasts have been sentenced. “This is not a day for mercy,” the judge said before sentencing them to 30 to 60 years in prison.

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11 Responses to Tina Cuffie and Floyd Wimes (aka Latiff Hadi)

  1. Thundar says:

    What is truly sad is that foster family got to know, and love, this young boy. To sit and think of the horrific abuse inflicted on him has to haunt them. Sadly, there is no shortage of material to write these.

  2. moodymagic says:

    Cleo this one breaks my heart. This little boy suffered terribly. How the hell could he be taken away from such great foster parents. Sounds like he had a really great life with them. 40 years in prison is not enough in fact its nothing. I hope they both end up in general population with baby killer carved into theier foreheads. And what the hell was wrong with dhs and the courts. Home schooling right. Finally starving him everyday and beating him everyday doesn’t qualify as 1st degree murder. WTH!!! I hope little Khalil is at peace. My heart does go out to Alicia Nixon-James and J. Evans.

  3. 2cute says:

    That beautiful little boy didn’t deserve anything except a loving, happy family. I hope the DHS idiots have nightmares every single night for their stupidity. I hope the killers are afflicted with lifetimes of agony. And I hope they die in prison. RIP little boy Khalil.

  4. MsM says:

    Argh! Stories like this make me ashamed of my profession! Seriously, it pisses me off when I see stuff like this happen. The system is SUPPOSED to protect the child. Social workers are SUPPOSED to take prevalent history into account! Criteria meeting is just a small part of the process yet so many social workers jump the gun – it drives me crazy! The little boy was perfectly happy with his foster parents – that, in and of itself, is a rare and wonderful thing. Good, excellent foster parents are hard to find. They should have left him there – frankly, and I know it will never happen, but the social worker in question here should be held accountable as well. The bio parents had a history that they willfully ignored and if one is going to test the parenting waters after successive removals it’s SUPPOSED to be with the OLDEST child, not a three year old! I’m complaining to NASW about this one. Stuff like this HAS to stop!

  5. bulldoggy says:

    What more would it take for the judge to think it was first degree? You don’t accidentally starve someone, and you can’t possibly think starvation can have a happy ending. You starve a kid and beat him and it’ll be no surprise when he dies. That’s intentional in my book. Poor little guy! I hope his killers suffer the same fate they put him through.

    • Queen Bengalpussy says:

      Bulldoggy, think my torture dungeon is well overdue to be built, otherwise cunts like this would be guests. I’d whoop their arse’s, make them lay on a pissy mattress, and stand them in a corner with their hands on their heads just to amuse myself. Sad thing here though is it won’t be the last child to die because the authorities fucked up. When deaths like this happen, the social workers who fucked up should also be jailed. And as for that dumb ass that didn’t notice this little boys misery while supervising contact for the other children, needs their arse kicking, and sacked from their jobs. Poor little boy, many people have blood on their hands.

  6. Boscorelli says:

    Here’s hoping they’re both tortured, and murdered in prison after they spend a few years there.

  7. Dave says:

    The truth is, democrats run the system. They hire worthless maggots who are not qualified for any job. Government jobs are given to minorities. Qualifications do not matter. When we see things like this we wonder why the system let the child down. Well, the system is run by democrats, for democrats, protcting democrats. Simple as that. No morals, no honor, no integrity. Worthless Maggots.

  8. Oz Of Wizard says:

    ” He’d had a bath and was drying himself when his monstrous mother hit him on the back of his head. Little Khalil fell down and couldn’t get up. He tried to crawl to his bed but he was too weak. He just lay there on the floor, bleeding from his lip.”

    Broke. My. Fucking. Heart.


  9. BENGALPUSS says:

    DAMN, Tina cuffie, is one god damn ugly mofo, is being ugly was a crime, she would be sentenced to death. she’s got a face like a kicked in piss bucket, that’s my supper in the bin, can’t eat it after looking at that ugly twats face, what a waste of food.

  10. Agrippina The Elder says:

    Anyone can breed children, but not all people can be parents! These two are definitely breeders! Those unfortunate enough to not be able to biologically produce children dream of having the ability to just have one child, meanwhile depraved POS like this just keep popping them out while beating, neglecting, and abusing them. The history surrounding this family with DHS was very long and that alone should have sent red flags out to the worker! How in the world could this worker not see this child was near death? What idiot thought it would be a good idea to remove this boy from his foster parents custody? The fact that all the pictures on this page show him aged as a healthy 3 year old and younger show that all of these pics were taken by the foster parents…..he looks so happy and healthy! This should have never happened!

    My nephew (my brother’s child) has a breeder mother. My family had our reservations about this girl when we first met her and hinted around to my brother to be careful and not get her pregnant, but he had to make his own choices. My nephew was the first child to be born. After his birth, they were expecting another baby, but she had a miscarriage. Oddly enough, she became pregnant again at the same time that I became pregnant and we were both expecting the babies within a week of each other. My family were pretty excited about that and my brother proceeded to tell everyone he knew that he was going to have another kid. Well, she proceeded to get into an argument with him when she was around 4 months pregnant and she blurted out that it was probably the baby of the guy she had been cheating on him with. My brother was devastated and spent the whole pregnancy wondering if it was his kid or the other guy’s. Turned out to be the other guy’s kid and that guy wound up going to prison for 5 years. My nephew actually had to witness the cops busting into the house to catch this guy because his dumbass breeder mother had hidden him. Also, this girl REFUSES to work or go to school! She lives like a vagabond going from house to house of anyone who will let her stay there. I watched this situation and told my brother to get my nephew out of this environment or I was going to have their right’s taken away myself. He confronted the mother and wound up believing her crap that she would change and I’ll be damned if she didn’t get pregnant again with my brother’s kid (according to him, but who the hell knows who the baby belonged to at this time). My brother definitely deserved the dumbass of the year award! Well, she wound up having this baby aborted. Then she proceeded to tell my brother that she has had five other babies aborted since my nephew was first born four years ago! WTF! Well, she wound up living in a motel with some guy and wound up pregnant by him. She just had this baby last week. My brother has been giving her money for my nephew and her second baby so that the second child can be provided for and this new guy has also been helping her take care of the second baby (the second baby had a dad who is in prison). Well, she decided that she doesn’t want to be with this new guy either, even though she just had his baby last week (the last week of April 2014). Like I said before, this girl just keeps breeding and breeding. Well, the school has actually been making my nephew see a shrink. I told my brother that there is absolutely no reason that a four year old should have to see a shrink unless he is not being taken care of properly. I myself have called DHS about the conditions these children are living in with this breeder many times, but they always end up returning my nephew and his brother to her. Finally the shrink told my brother and this breeding mother that my nephew DESPERATELY NEEDED to be placed with our family for stability and proper care and that he would have my nephew removed and placed in my family’s care if she didn’t agree to it. After many years of trying to get her to place him in my family’s care with no results, she finally relented and my family now has custody of my nephew. My brother left his job and home in Texas and moved back to Florida to live with my parents so that my nephew would have a stable home. My nephew also stays at my house quite often. I am so relieved that he is in our care. The other two children are still in her care at this moment, but the DHS worker told my brother that they are about to remove these children from her care. This breeder mother has been pregnant ten times in four years (three live children by three different men, one miscarriage, and six abortions). I have personally offered to buy this girl’s birth control for her, but she always refuses it. I believe that she breeds these kids because she gets child support for each of them and that she considers it regular income. Situations like these show how the children needlessly suffer for the sins of the parents. We have also recently learned that she has allowed different people to “discipline” him while she was staying at their homes. Heaven knows what this child has had to endure because of his mother’s poor choices and her refusal to be a responsible parent. I am actually more angry with my brother than I am with her because we have been trying to get him to be more proactive in helping my mother and I to remove him from this girl’s custody. Like I told my brother, you weren’t raised in an environment like that and I will be damned if your child is going to live in an at risk environment. I am ten years older than my brother and my brother and I had a very good home environment. I was abused sexually by various family members, but my parents never knew because I kept it hidden from them. My abusers threatened to hurt or kill my parents, so I became really good at keeping the abuse a secret from them. My parents still do not know about my sexual abuse and I will never tell them because it would absolutely devastate them. The one thing I can definitely say about the situation with my nephew and DHS is that they are very, very, very, very, very frustrating to deal with. They would ‘investigate’ (if you can even call it that) the situation and call us to take the children out of her care. We would have the kids for a while and get them stable and happy, but they would always determine that she could care for them just because she agreed to take a parenting class and they would then return the kids to her. This has been an ongoing pattern for four years. I have asked them how it can be in the best interests of the kids to be returned to her when she has had them removed from her care six times in less than four years and I am always told that they feel that it is best for the kids to be with their biological producers (note that I didn’t call them parents because parents don’t have their kids removed from their care)! What a fucking crock of shit! My nephew is four years old and pissed off at the world. It’s sad that he won’t call his mother ‘Mommy’……he actually calls her by her name. I have asked him why he calls her by her name and doesn’t call her mommy and he told me that he’s mad at her. One thing that we have always made sure to do is NEVER EVER talk negatively about his mother in his presence. My brother and this girl fight like their in high school and talk bad about each other in front of my nephew. I have told them both to quit acting like a couple of bickering brats and act like mature and responsible adults. My nephew shouldn’t have to hear and carry the burden of their bullshit on his shoulders. They both still have a lot of growing up to do in how they conduct themselves. Since my brother and nephew are living with my parents, I know that my parents will make sure that my nephew is taken care of. My brother is a good guy, but he can be immature at times. He told me that he is no longer going to have anything to do with this girl except to talk to her about things concerning my nephew, but I am not sure that I believe that. I hope that I am wrong, but past history is the reason that I have my reservations.

    On another note, I absolutely HATE people who will homeschool their children so that they can abuse them and deprive them of contact with others. I homeschooled my oldest daughter from 7th grade until she finished school by using Florida Virtual School as our curriculum. It was the best thing I ever did for her because she went from being an A and B honor roll student to a straight A student. Even though it was considered homeschooling, my daughter still had teachers that she communicated with via internet, skype, and phone. In Florida, the homeschooling standards require the children be tested in person by a certified educator to see that their being taught and ingesting knowledge at their appropriate grade level. People like this ruin and give homeschooling a bad name, while continuing to make the homeschooling requirements tougher and tougher for well meaning parents and children.

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