Timothy Tucker

Timothy Tucker

Crimes: Domestic Abuse, Assault, Animal Abuse

Timothy Tucker, 51, of Michigan, is one evil turdpile. Already I’m calling him a nasty name but he’s deserving, believe me. He’s a woman beater and a dog killer. If you still think I’m being too judgmental, move on. I’m going to get a whole lot more judgmental.

Timothy Tucker, the dog killing f*cker, had a history of battering women. Before the November 2014 incident, he’d already been convicted 3 times for domestic violence, and once for illegal entry and destruction of property. He has also been convicted of various and sundry other illegal acts.

In November 2014, Timothy Tucker’s unfortunate girlfriend was on the receiving end of the monster’s wrath. The vicious hellbeast attacked her in her Kalamazoo home. He first punched her, and then he grabbed a helpless 2-week-old puppy and pummeled her with the poor thing. The puppy defecated all over the woman as its wee body was brutally slammed against her. No big surprise the poor puppy died.

The shockingly abused victim had to be hospitalized after the attack. Her eye was swollen and she was blinded for weeks. She had to cope with depression, and she said that the horrific attack “put me in a real dark place.”

Timothy Tucker agreed to a plea deal. In exchange for his pleading guilty to felony assault, the single count of killing/torturing an animal was dropped. I hate plea deals like that that minimize the evil nature of the hellbeast’s crimes.

Circuit Judge Alexander C. Lipsey listened to what the victim said about the aftermath of the attack.

“I was hurt, scared in my own house, being attacked in my own house,” the woman told the court. “I’m still scared and I shouldn’t have to feel like that from someone I cared about, someone I loved. He’s going to find the wrong broken person and either they’re going to kill him or he’s going to kill them.”

Judge Lipsey looked at the POS bastard’s lengthy criminal record and previous domestic abuse convictions.

“The court looked fairly extensively at the history in this particular matter and it does appear the defendant has potential anger issues,” Judge Lipsey said.

Potential anger issues? Excuse me? IMO those are real, existing anger issues.

The judge continued, “There is a point at which the system can help but help is the operative word. The initiative has to come from the defendant, he has to be able to figure out if he’s willing to accept help and act on it.”

On January 20, 2015, Circuit Judge Alexander C. Lipsey sentenced the dog killing woman beater to only 6 months in prison. And because Timothy Tucker was given credit for 68 days of time served, he had less than 4 months remaining before he’s on the loose again.

Once he’s released, Timothy Tucker will be placed on the Swift and Sure Sanctions Program, which is a strict probation program. I gather from the name that at the tiniest infraction Timothy Tucker will be thrown back into prison swiftly. At least I hope that’s the case.

“This is one of the few cases that turns my stomach,” Kalamazoo County Assistant Prosecutor Mike Reisterer said in a media interview. “To take a two-week-old puppy and bludgeon his significant other to the point that she requires hospitalization and the puppy is dead … is incomprehensible.”

This case turns my stomach as well. Timothy Tucker assaulted a woman who loved him, and he killed a tiny creature she loved to do it. Only someone lacking a heart and soul could do something as cruel and vicious as that. I hope that this hellbeast becomes known for his brutality, and that women will run in the opposite direction when they see him coming. He doesn’t deserve to have the love of another woman.

To the victim I wish her all the best. I am relieved that her eyesight returned but depression is a helluva thing to cope with.

To Timothy Tucker I wish a life full of bad luck and hardship if he doesn’t reform himself. Considering he’s 51 years old, I doubt he’ll change. He’ll probably get older and meaner. Hopefully he’ll get far more serious prison sentences if he continues on committing such heinous, sickening crimes.

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5 Responses to Timothy Tucker

  1. moodymagic says:

    I wish you Tucker but suffering. Burn in hell .

  2. awesomeblossom says:

    Vicious bastard. He could have grabbed anything in her home to hit her with but he chose a helpless little puppy she probably loved very much. What a worthless creature he is.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    Gotta say that Tully and I had better not come across this pile of shit excuse for a man. Tully might just wind up sinking her teeth in his flabby ass and I might wind up with my fist in his fugly face, accidentally of course.

  4. 2cute says:

    This monster needs a tattoo on his forehead saying “dog killer” or “woman beater” so he won’t have much luck getting another girlfriend. The next woman might not survive the relationship.

  5. Bengalpuss says:

    Can’t believe i missed this article, what a lowlife cunt to bludgeon a woman with a two week old puppy. Only someone who is a coward and a pussy would do that. I bet if he came face to face with a man he would shit himself literally, fucking coward he is.

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