Timothy Loehmann

Timothy Loehmann

For the most part it’s been my policy to wait for a trial and verdict before posting a hellbeast on this site. But based upon recent events in the U.S., I have my doubts that Cleveland police officer Timothy Loehmann will ever be brought to justice.

I am, of course, talking about the recent non-indictments of police officers Darren Wilson and Daniel Pantaleo, who killed unarmed black men. There are, tragically, hundreds more cases of U.S. police officers killing unarmed black people and going unpunished. I wish I could name and shame them all. They are all, in my opinion, quivering, spineless, underwear-shitting, sub-human cowards who chose to end a life instead of facing and overcoming their own irrational fears. How they qualified as police officers I shall never understand.

I had previously written about how the RCMP and police officers in Moncton, New Brunswick, courageously captured Justin Bourque, a maniac who had deliberately stalked the RCMP, shot at them, and killed 3 of their number. Justin Bourque was brought to justice — alive and unscathed — and that is a tribute to the brave people in uniform who showed incredible valour and restraint in the face of real danger.

Constable Douglas James Larche, one of Bourque’s victims, had deliberately put his own life in peril while trying to save the life of a motorcyclist. That remarkable heroism is the stuff of legends. Constable Larche was, IMO, the epitome of what a police officer should be.

Timothy Loehmann, in stark contrast, is the epitome of a gutless, shitless coward. That’s my opinion. What is fact is that he was described as “weepy” during handgun training at his previous job with the Independence Police Department. His job performance there was described as “dismal” in 2012. He was about to be fired for a lack of “maturity” when he resigned instead. Yet this is a man that the Cleveland Police Department saw fit to hire.

I am not going to wait for the trial and conviction of Timothy Loehmann that will probably never happen. His crime is so egregious, so cowardly, so appalling, so damned hellbeastly that I cannot wait.

Now you’re probably going to say, “Cleo, you’re an old, white, Canadian broad. What do you know about policing in Cleveland, Ohio?”

What I know is that on November 22, 2014, Tamir Rice, the victim, was just 12 years old, alone in the playground at Cudell Recreation Center, playing with his toy gun. And he was black. And that was enough excuse for Timothy Loehmann to shoot and kill him.

The video says it all.

The video is courtesy of http://www.vladtv.com.

If you didn’t watch, the video shows Tamir Rice playing all by himself. A child playing in a playground. In broad daylight. Ooooh, scary! The video shows that within 2 seconds of pulling up in the police car, Timothy Loehmann shot Tamir Rice. Two seconds!

A police spokesman said, “Upon arrival on scene, officers located the suspect and advised him to raise his hands. The suspect did not comply with the officers’ orders and reached to his waistband for the gun. Shots were fired and the suspect was struck in the torso.”

That’s the police version. How about you try to figure out how all that happened within 2 seconds.

Tamir RiceBTW I notice how the spokesman says “shots were fired” instead of the far more accurate “Timothy Loehmann shot the boy”. And notice how he repeatedly calls Tamir Rice “the suspect”. Suspect of what? There was no crime being committed! There was a child playing in a playground!

Know what else can be seen on the video? The officers doing absolutely nothing to come to the aid of the wounded child. That’s right, Timothy Loehmann and his partner, Frank Garmback, did nothing to help Tamir Rice, to apply first aid, or even to comfort him. He was still alive at that point, in pain, in shock, lying on the bitterly cold, snowy ground.

There will no doubt be much more written about Timothy Loehmann and his victim — likely a lot in favour of the killer cop and a lot to try to discredit the boy and his family. That seems to be the recurrent theme in the media. Sickening.

I wish I could bring some eloquence to this article, and write a piece full of profundity and life-altering wisdom. I wish I could write something that would bring a halt to the racism and violence, or at least bring some healing. But all I really have to say is this: f*ck Timothy Loehmann! F*ck his irrational fears and his racist mindset! He saw a young, black person target and he immediately shot him. He couldn’t even take 5 seconds, or 4 seconds, or 3 seconds, to ascertain if there was an actual threat to himself or anyone else. He took 2 seconds to aim and shoot.

While I’m at it, f*ck Darren Wilson and Daniel Pantaleo!

I extend my wholehearted sympathies to the family and friends of Tamir Rice, a beautiful boy who was full of so much potential. I shall pray for justice for that boy.

And to Timothy Loehmann and his defenders, f*ck you all! And the same to all the killer cops out there who use their jobs as an excuse and a licence to murder.

Time.com article
NewsNet5.com article

23 Responses to Timothy Loehmann

  1. Brandi says:

    Well spoken!

  2. moodymagic says:

    Fucking monster standing and watching that poor child bleed out. My heart breaks for all the injustices like this in the world. This poor child.

  3. Dzan Ohso says:

    Totally unacceptable. This officer is a coward and had no place “Protecting and Serving”. That being said, parents MUST make sure their child is aware of how dangerous playing with a toy gun in public is. Still,shooting the child within two seconds of swooping down right on top of him (why did they pull up SO close to someone they thought was armed????), is absolutely absurd.

  4. Gabriel W says:

    This is happening in America? In 2014? This cannot go on anymore! Absolutely horrific story!

  5. PJ says:

    Timothy Loehmann is a dog turd scraped off my boot. His partner Garmback deserves to be fired too. He drove that close to the kid, and must’ve seen Loehmann with his gun drawn already before he stopped the car. Both should be in jail.

  6. 2cute says:

    Know who I think should be named and shamed? The old paranoid asshole who was so afraid of a black kid in a playground that he called 911. He even said on the 911 tape that the guy with the gun was sitting on the swings and he still didn’t clue in that that was a kid. He made it sound like the guy with the gun was terrorizing everyone but there was NOBODY ELSE THERE! Freaking asshole should be outed.

  7. Bengalpuss says:

    I may piss some people off here but i don’t give a shit, this cop was an arsehole no doubt about that, but daren wilson did nothing wrong in my book, people seem to forget that michael brown not only robbed the cigars and then threatened the store owner gripping him up, he then went on to punch the cop and try taking his gun. What do people want the police to do? Let the thug and yes i say “thug” fucking take his gun and shoot him? Fair enough if someone is trigger happy but daren wilson wasn’t, maybe the supporters of michael brown need to face reality and realise if he hadn’t been thieving and trying to shoot a cop with his own weapon then he would still be alive. As for this poor boy being shot that was just a dumb cop who should never have been hired, but not daren wilson, even the witnessess at the grand hearing lied about michael brown and were caught out, get the transcript its available, and yes my life is that sad that i read transcripts.

    • Avenk says:

      Thank you Bengalpuss! Well Said! I do think the cop mentioned up there was wrong but DAMN PEOPLE read the transcipts available before you judge. You can read websites and short newsbriefs and get one view. You can watch the news and get another view. But until you gather all the facts that were available in court, STOP JUDGING! Darren Wilson was doing his job according to his training. He stopped a THUG!

      • Awesomeblossom says:

        He stopped a thug? You mean he shot an unarmed man to death. Even if the kid stole that’s not a capital offence.

        • Avenk says:

          No, he stopped a thug who had already committed a robbery and when he was caught by the police tried to get the policeman’s gun. What was Wilson supposed to do? Wait until he has the gun and Officer Wilson has the right to shoot him? Oh wait, Officer Wilson doesn’t have a gun…but he have a Taser, so he can use that and hopefully he can Tase him! Maybe that will stop him.

          It’s so easy to armchair quarterback the who scenario. We have the luxury of taking time to think about it. We can run through it with lots thought. Officer Wilson didn’t have that luxury. He had to rely on his training.

          I am by no means saying every officer of law is 100% right. We have officers who are crooked and racists for sure. But we can not lump every single one in that category. And every single time a white cop shoots a black offender we can not call it a racist act! That is a dangerous path!

          If this pisses people off, so be it.

    • AngryLittleMexican says:

      I agree Bengalpuss. Everyone is saying it’s a race issue, but really it’s a “Do stupid shit and bad things can happen to you whatever color you are” issue. This 12 year old boy had SEVERAL calls made on him bc earlier he was pointing the gun at people NAMELY other children at the playground. OF COURSE there was no people there when cops arrived. The boy had removed the orange tip from his toy gun so it resembled a firearm. PEOPLE TEND TO CLEAR OUT when they see a gun being pointed at them. Also this ‘toy gun’ was an Airsoft BB gun – those can be dangerous if shot in the face or at close range to other children. Also he was alone ‘in shock and pain’ for only 4 Full minutes according to several reports, then first aid was administered.
      Look, do I blame this boy? NO. You know why? OBVIOUSLY no parent said “Hey leave that orange tip on your gun, hey don’t point guns at people. Hey when a cop tells you to do something, do it.” Same with Michael Brown. Don’t steal and cops tend to leave you alone. People need to teach their kids to obey the law – no one said like it, but you do have to obey. Precautionary measures (orange tips on toy guns and safety warnings) are for a reason. You want to play being a thug? You are gonna pay like a thug. I don’t feel terribly sorry for people who cannot be more intelligent about making decisions, these are not toddlers who don’t know any better. These are kids old enough to be out and about alone, who know what a freaking gun is and who know what you should and should NOT do with a gun.

  8. Michelle says:

    Despicable. All these killings have brought back memories of Oscar Grant. I live just south of Oakland and ride 4 stops from the Fruitvale section. At first I didn’t know what to think – I know the tough job cops have, especially in Oakland, and I know that MOST cops, even in departments with bad reputations (Oakland city cops) have a good heart. BART police had/have a reputation of being woefully under-trained and under-staffed, but are seen more as glorified security guards than a private goon squad. I actually thought Mesehrle mistaking his pistol for his taser was possible. Then I saw the video – and another and another. I realized he didn’t even need to be tased, much less shot. Then the excuses started flowing in. When he blamed it on the fact his wife was in labor, when actually she went into labor AFTER the shooting, I was convinced – if it wasn’t intentional, which it very well may have been, it was at least criminally negligent. These douchebags are worse than the scum they are supposed to protect us from. The difference between these asshats and Meserhle is that Meserhle went to trial and actually served time. Not nearly enough, but at least he will never get a job in security, much less as a cop. What has happened to our justice system where a few years ago this behavior was not tolerated and these guys went to jail, while now they walk free, and in some cases continue to serve? Is it just here that justice is served? Two San Francisco cops were just convicted on Federal corruption charges. What is up with the rest of the country? Even just north of here a young teen – Hispanic this time – was shot dead because he carried an air gun. I don’t remember if it had the Orange tip(I think it did), but regardless – that officer was not charged and is back on the street.

    If nothing else, you would think that grand juries would see the outrage and anger that has spread across the country, and look a little more closely at these executions by cop, which is what they are.

    Sorry for the rant, but this has been bothering me. I have had many friends in law enforcement, and they have always been there when I needed them. To see these few pricks give an already maligned profession an even worse rep seriously pisses me off.

  9. Geist says:

    Gutless turd of a “man”, shooting an innocent child. That fuck should be tried and found guilty.

  10. Jan says:

    OMG, that poor child, I can’t get out of my mind that we teach our children to trust and obey authorities. Very very sad

  11. Susan says:

    I am an avid reader of your site. I am truly disgusted with this article. Please know that the facts surrounding the Mike brown case support officer Wilson. Mike brown was a thug. He was only 3 months into being 18 years old and already had an adult rap sheet for violent crimes. Lets not forget that he also strong armed robbed a convenience store, punched a cop, tried to grab the cops gun and told the cop he was going to kill him. Oh and let’s not forget he has a murder charge on his juvenile record. If you are doing what you are supposed to be doing you will not get into trouble. It’s simple. Get a job and be and upstanding citizen. While I do believe and acknowledge that there are many crooked cops, this case is clearly justified. Also quit race baiting. Every time a white does something to a different race, it’s always racist. What about black on white crime. How about the black officer that killed and unarmed white guy at the university of Alabama. Most I’m sure haven’t even heard of it. It was totally unnecessary as there is video of it. But no one hears about it. Black people kill each other at an alarming rate. But no one addresses that.

    • PJ says:

      Susan, when Officer Wilson shot Mike Brown, did he know about the alleged juvenile record? No. Did he know about any alleged rap sheet for violent crimes? No. So those things did not matter to Officer Wilson when he shot and killed an unarmed young man. They were not the reason he shot Mike Brown.

      You only bring those alleged crimes up because you want to make us believe Mike Brown deserved to die. He didn’t. IF Mike Brown had robbed a store of some smokes, he was entitled to his day in court.

      This site is full of hundreds of thugs who have done a hell of a lot more than stealing cigarettes and all were arrested without being killed. They might have been tased or pepper sprayed. Backup may have been called in to wrestle them to the ground. But Officer Wilson chose to shoot repeatedly at Mike Brown until he died over 100 feet away from the police car. He could have driven away and called for backup if he was afraid. That’s why Officer Wilson should answer to a court of law.

      • Susan says:

        I know he was not killed because of his past. But past is a pretty good indication of the future. He didn’t die for stealing cigars to smoke marijuana. He got killed because he punched a cop twice and tried to get the cops gun to kill him. Why else would this fine young man go for officer Wilson’s gun? Read all the evidence. The media sensationalizes everything. They made it seem like he was killed and didn’t do anything. A cop does not have to drive away. He has a right to defend himself. If you were in the situation I’m sure you would not have let this 300 pound thug beat you up or potentially kill you or would you?

      • FlyingLeadChange says:

        To be fair, with the video of him robbing the store, I don’t think it is honest to call them “alleged crimes”.

        He won’t be answering to a court of law because a grand jury, with the benefit of far more evidence than the media provides, did not feel prosecution was warranted.

    • Hatehaters says:

      When black kills black they go to jail. Why r cops any different? More than half don’t have a college education and unstable. When u don’t have money but need to have power to assert yourself u become a cop. Now pls don’t tell me they joined to serve n protect the people n community.

  12. Susan says:

    Why don’t my comments show up?

    • cleo says:

      Sorry, Susan, but I get literally thousands of spam comments every day, and I’ve had to put in filters to block them. Unfortunately the filters also catch legitimate comments and put them into moderation. You’re not being blocked on purpose.

  13. FlyingLeadChange says:

    Out of hundreds of articles that you get 100% spot-on right, I don’t begrudge you for publishing one that I significantly disagree with.

    For the Ferguson incident, I have no sympathy. He was a criminal leaving the scene of a violent crime who went up to a police officer, attacked him, and tried to get his gun. Forensics show his blood on the inside of the cruiser.

    The guy in New York City was likewise a career criminal who was actively participating in a crime (albeit a less serious one). Ironically, the fact that he said “I can’t breathe” shows that he was in fact breathing; you can’t talk without first bringing air into your lungs. I suspect that his body size and general unhealthiness played a far bigger role in his death. The police are not going to “friendly-wrestle” with you just because you’re in poor shape. Also, the racial aspect of that case seems a little sketchy when you consider the police supervisor on the scene was an African-American woman.

    For this specific case, it’s probably the strongest case of the three, but not by much. The sad truth is that 12 year olds do kill people with guns in America. Google Mason Campbell, Mitchell Johnson, and Andrew Golden. If anyone failed this boy, it was not the police (who are trained to treat a firearm as real until proven otherwise), but rather his parents who allowed their child to run around pointing a toy gun at people with the safety tip removed.

    I still like your column and will keep reading it, I just don’t see this case the same way you do :(

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