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The Ciboros

Crimes: Kidnapping, Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Torture, Pedophiles.

Some days, like today, after researching the slimiest, most revolting and monstrous people, I wish I’d created a site that celebrated heroes and good people. Alas, that’s not what I did, and so we dive into the depths of hell to pull out another repellant pair of hellbeasts.

This time, the couple is not husband and wife but is father and son. Timothy Ciboro and Esteban (aka Esten) Ciboro of Toledo, Ohio, USA, are prime examples of demon spawn. The only good thing that can be said about them is they’re behind bars.

Timothy Ciboro and Esten Ciboro are sadistic pedophiles. It’s as simple as that. They enjoy physically torturing and sexually abusing young girls. Disgustingly, they had victims right in the Ciboro home on the 800 block of Noble Street.

See, Timothy Ciboro, a former firefighter, actually had had a woman in his life — a woman who had young children (two girls and a boy). Incredibly, and disgustingly, the woman left her children to move to Las Vegas. The oldest was only 7.

It was actually child services that placed the children with Timothy Ciboro after the mother moved away. The abuse began almost immediately.

The 3 children were kept at home for homeschooling. What a shock (that’s sarcasm). Timothy Ciboro had some freaky rules in the house that revolved around religion and food. (The children ate tuna fish and dry macaroni for every meal.)

The oldest child, a preteen girl, was treated far more cruelly than her brother and sister. It began with Timothy Ciboro and Estan Ciboro punishing the girl for bad behaviour or wetting the bed. They spanked her and locked her in a bathroom. Obviously that wasn’t enough for these two sadistic hellbeasts.

The punishments meted out grew more and more cruel. The father and son duo began imprisoning the girl in their basement. They actually shackled her by the ankle to a support beam in a dark room downstairs.

The girl was confined in the basement for punishment, or when the monstrous menfolk left the house. During her confinement, which could last up to months on end, she had to use a bucket as a toilet. She was allowed to use the shower upstairs on occasion. She was fed rotten food.

On one occasion when the girl was outside in 2014, neighbours reported to child services that they’d seen her eating out of the trash. After an “investigation”, because the girl wasn’t malnourished the case was closed.

Timothy Ciboro and Esten Ciboro went on to keep their victim shackled downstairs for almost a year. And because they are pedo pervs, they also began sexually touching the girl too. And raping her.

And lest you think the sister was ignored by her stepfather and stepbrother, alas no. The young girl was also sexually abused. She and her brother endured physical abuse as well at the hands of both hellbeasts.

The end of the children’s hell came when the older girl (then 13) somehow managed to find and hide a spare key to unlock her shackles. Hallelujah! This great and glorious day was in May, 2016.

Timothy Ciboro and Esten Ciboro weren’t home, so the girl made her escape. Fortunately for her, a janitor, Karen Loudermill, and her coworkers spotted the girl who had matted hair and scruffy clothes.

Karen Loudermill approached the nervous girl and asked about where her parents were. The girl answered that her mom was in Las Vegas and her dad wasn’t her biological dad.

Karen Loudermill persisted, and asked if she was treated poorly. The girl said, “We on a point system. Fifty points, get punished, shackled to basement.”

Alarmed by that, Karen Loudermill convinced the girl to go with her inside the building where she was cleaning, and contacted authorities. Kudos to that woman for caring!

The girl, along with her 10-year-old brother and 9-year-old sister, were put in the care of Lucas County Children Services.

On May 19, 2016, Timothy Ciboro and Esten Ciboro were arrested and charged with rape, child endangerment, torture and kidnapping.

CiborosIn January 2017, both pieces of pedo shit went on trial. They ludicrously decided to serve as their own attorneys and pled not guilty. Disgustingly, they were allowed to question the girls on the stand.

Kudos to those children! They bravely stood up and answered the hellbeasts’ questions. Thankfully, the court had provided a comfort dog that helped the girls feel safer.

“You think I liked punishing you?” Timothy Ciboro asked the older girl. She answered, “I would say the sexual touching you enjoyed.”

Happily, the jurors found Timothy Ciboro, 53, and Esten Ciboro, 28, guilty as hell of rape, kidnapping and child endangerment.

ciborosJudge Linda Jennings didn’t have a high opinion of the pedo sadists. She called them “depraved, demented and evil”, and described their actions as “disgusting, perverted and reprehensible”.

Timothy Ciboro was then sentenced to 5 life sentences plus 41 years. No parole for him! Kudos to Judge Jennings!

Esteban Ciboro was sentenced to 3 life sentences plus 38 years in prison. Alas, he does get a shot at parole.

I am relieved that the Ciboro hellbeasts are now tucked up behind bars. I am hoping that they suffer greatly every single day for the rest of their lives.

And I hope and pray that the children that were victimized are in a safe, happy, loving environment now, getting all the help and support they need. Bless their hearts.

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7 Responses to Timothy & Esten Ciboro

  1. Moodymagic says:

    Well these Pedos deserve to suffer greatly in prison. Sick bastards.

    • Tom Daly says:

      I totally agree with you. These men need to be seen as the monsters that they are and I hope they die bitter and alone

  2. Alabamdeb says:

    WOW, finally a judge with a backbone!!! Those girls are my heroes. I hope they get to enjoy a wonderful life full of love and support.

  3. Alabamdeb says:

    P.S. Someone in Las Vegas has to know this birth canal. Please stomp a mudhole in her for leaving those babies behind to enjoy her own selfish life.

    • MJam says:

      I was going to say their mother needs to be locked up too! But I also like your advice.

    • Jeni B says:

      I was thinking about the selfish slut mother, who left her kids with 2 men she probably didn’t really know well. She deserves some kind of punishment for leaving her children with strange men, so she could go and live her child-free life in Vegas! She is probably selling handjobs at truck stops, because she can’t be that good looking…so we know she isn’t pretty enough to be a showgirl! Instead of having 3 kids she really didn’t want, she should have gotten sterilized from the getgo! I hope she doesn’t have any more kids. I wonder if she even knows what happened to her kids, and the men she left them with. Probably not. Those kids are better off without her!

  4. AngryLittleMexican says:

    7-13 yrs old, for a child to retain the hope and will to not only free herself and her siblings but also look that man in the eye and contradict him in court – knowing full well how painful and unbearable he was capable of making her life- and tell the truth, that he was a sick fuck who enjoyed hurting her sexually, wow. What an amazing girl. Hopefully her abandonment (thanks dumb fuck mom) issues and her obvious lack of trust in men (thanks stupid fucking Ciboro monsters) will not hold her back too much from becoming the amazing woman she was meant to be.

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