Thomas Zavaleta

Thomas Zavaleta
Crime: Rape

Thomas Zavaleta, 25, of Los Banos, California, is a bad, bad man. He is a rapist and a sexual predator — in other words, a hellbeast. First in June 2012 and again in August 2012 he raped unsuspecting victims. The attacks were virtually identical. How do we know this? Because the f*cktard raping monster videotaped and took pictures of the attacks.

In June 2012, Thomas Zavaleta had invited a 24-year-old man to his apartment. He slipped the poor guy some GHB, and when his victim passed out the beast got to work. While his victim was unconscious, Thomas Zavaleta anally raped him on the bathroom floor. He made a 17-minute long video recording of the rape.

The victim woke up vomiting and feeling horribly sick. He had no memory of what had transpired so he didn’t really know he’d been raped. What he did know was he was having difficulty controlling his body.

A few weeks later, in August 2012, Thomas Zavaleta decided to have a little birthday celebration for himself. He invited a couple of young brothers over to his apartment to join in the festivities. One brother was the designated driver so he didn’t drink.

Damn! I’m sure Thomas Zavaleta was feeling frustrated that one brother insisted on staying sober and refusing a drink. That must’ve messed up his celebration plans a lot.

At midnight the designated driver stepped outside the apartment to take a phone call. Thomas Zavaleta made the most of the opportunity. He closed and locked the door behind the sober brother. Alone with his victim, he slipped the 21-year-old young man some GBH and got busy.

The brother who was locked out had tried to get back in. He called Zavaleta’s phone and his brother’s phone repeatedly. He banged on the door. Nobody answered. I’m sure he was upset but he probably had no clue what was going on with his brother in the apartment. Maybe he thought they were pulling a prank on him.

The rape was over by 12:30 a.m. That’s when Thomas Zavaleta took photos with his cellphone. The photos were of his victim lying naked and unconscious on the bathroom floor.

When the young man regained consciousness, he threw up and felt really sick. Unfortunately for the rapist, the victim did have flashes of memory. He remembered lying naked on the floor, vomiting and bleeding as Thomas Zavaleta took photos. He remembered being unable to move his body.

When the victim recovered sufficiently, he knew damn well he’d been raped. He shoved Thomas Zavaleta out of the way as he left the apartment.

The victim bravely filed a report with the Los Banos police. Investigators brought Thomas Zavaleta in for questioning. They also found the photos and the video, and through that identified and contacted the first victim.

That poor guy didn’t know what had been done to him until he was shown the video by police.

“When I saw the video, I was humiliated,” the victim said. He had not consented to having sex with Thomas Zavaleta in any way, shape or form. If he had there would have been no purpose to being drugged.

In interviews with Detective Justin Melden, the f*ckwad rapist Zavaleta adamantly denied drugging the 2 men. He did admit, though, that the 21-year-old might have been unconscious. He eventually admitted that both men were unconscious, but they’d wanted sex.

“It was simply space and opportunity,” he told Detective Melden. “One thing led to another and it happened. I don’t look at it as rape.”

I’d hate to think what constitutes rape in Thomas Zavaleta’s mind.

Thomas Zavaleta also admitted that both men probably weren’t aware they were being photographed and recorded.

Still, Thomas Zavaleta insisted that the sex that took place was consensual. How unconscious men can give consent, I don’t know.

The police arrested the sick bastard and charged him with 9 counts of sodomizing, raping and orally copulating his victims, and 1 count of false imprisonment.

Thomas Zavaleta’s family got involved to save the evil bastard from justice. They paid a man, Salvador Agundez Jr., to testify he and the younger victim had once had consensual sex, thus “proving” the victim was a homosexual.

We know this because Salvador Agundez Jr. had obligingly told a police officer about the bribe.

The defense attorney planned to use that false testimony in court to argue the victim was a “closet gay” and was lying about the rape to hide his homosexuality. That’s one hell of a stupid idea — if a “closet gay” wants to hide his homosexuality, he wouldn’t be telling anybody about being anally raped.

I really hope those enabling f*cktardian family members are charged with bribery.

Thomas Zavaleta went to trial in Merced County Superior court in November 2013. He naturally pled not guilty. He probably thought he would win because the police hadn’t found any GHB in his possession.

During the trial Thomas Zavaleta was pretty much his own worst enemy. As if the videotape wasn’t damning enough, the vile hellbeast smiled while it was played in court. The jurors weren’t impressed that the accused showed such inappropriate pleasure and enjoyment.

The jurors weren’t impressed by the contradictory testimony by the defendant, and likewise weren’t impressed by Salvador Agundez Jr.’s testimony. Besides being proven false it was also irrelevant to the case.

After only 2 hours of deliberation, the jury unanimously convicted Thomas Zavaleta of drugging and raping the 2 men. They convicted him of all 9 counts of sodomizing and raping his victims, and on the single count of false imprisonment.

Thomas Zavaleta is facing a maximum prison sentence of more than 14 years. I truly hope he gets the max.

As the Deputy District Attorney, Monika Saini said, “He is a sexual predator who deserves to be behind bars.” Yes, he does!

His family wept after the guilty verdicts were returned. Hopefully they will be facing their own guilty verdicts for bribery. If they’d had their way, their boy would be free to drug and rape young men with impunity.

A sentencing hearing is scheduled for this week. I shall keep readers posted (reminders are more than welcome!).

I hope Thomas Zavaleta spends the next couple of decades reflecting on what constitutes rape — maybe his cellmates can help him with that. I hope the evil little bastard will resolve to turn his life around. I doubt that’ll happen but I can hope. When he is released he’ll still be relatively young and capable of doing a lot more damage to a lot more people. If he doesn’t change, there’ll be more victims without a doubt.

I wish the best to the victims. I hope they get all the support and counseling they need to get over what was done to them. Kudos to them for their willingness to come forward and testify. If they hadn’t then Thomas Zavaleta would be making the most of “space and opportunity” to rape and rape again.


He was sentenced to 14 years 8 months.

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27 Responses to Thomas Zavaleta

  1. Bengalpuss says:

    I think that the family members will be charged with more than bribery, perverting the course of justice springs to mind. If any member of my family ever commited heinous acts like this beast, i wouldn’t be helping them to evade punishment, i’d be wishing along with the victims that his ass would be spending a long time in jail. I can’t imagine the horror of that poor guy who didn’t even know he’d been raped, then having to see the footage of what had been done to him, i bet he wanted to kill this sick cunt. Good on the guy who reported this son of a bitch’s ass, that must’ve been really hard for him, i think he is a hero whoever he is, both guys are. But Thomas rapist zelata, wants to keep victimising them by pleading not guilty and making them give evidence, even though there is footage proving what he’s done, he still pleads not guilty, Fucking lowlife scum sucking bastard. I hope bubba, rapes this piece of shit’s ass with a scaffolding pole, divine retribution.

    • bill says:

      U all know what, that stop talking cause u never know the victim was lieing or anything ok thomas is good guy and stop talking if u don’t know who he really and feel for his family ans if u jeep talk ahit than fucking shut the fuck up ok I sorry but I’m psssss if u know him u would like to take him out of jail ok so stop talking stop talking shit about him he has feelings too not like u by talking about him

      • KXG says:

        oh shut the hell up. you don’t need to KNOW a person when their actions quite obviously speak for themselves. i suspect most of us wouldn’t WANT to know a scumbag who gets off on victimizing people when he could just as easily engaged in a life of meeting people for consenting sex a lot more easily than drugging and raping and wouldn’t end up leaving a trail of victims. if it was HIM that drugged those men, and HIM that took those pictures and videos and it was HIM that denied doing anything wrong along with his family attempting to interfere with a lawful trial, then he’s obviously NOT such a wonderful, nice person. so, really, take your protestations, roll them up real tight and shove them where your buddy chose to rape those innocent victims. no one here cares to hear your justifications or lame-ass excuses on his behalf.

      • LawyerChick says:

        Why are the family members of these criminals always illiterate?! It’s baffling!

    • Bill says:

      First of all his name is Thomas zavaleta not Thomas zelata and u go fuck yourself u weren’t there at courts so u don’t know shit and u weren’t there when that happen and at least Thomas family care about him and it looks like they don’t care about u or u don’t care about them

    • Bill says:

      Wtf are you talking about you don’t know Thomas so if I were u stfu u r not in the court u r just reading what the internet says u don’t know shit so shut ur mouth up

  2. moodymagic says:

    Kudos to the 2nd victim having enough courage to come forward. Zavaleta I hope Bubba finds you in prison and you become his bitch. Then you will know some of the pain you have inflicted.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    Well this story made my sphincter snap shut. I can’t imagine going to a birthday party and winding up drugged and raped. I’d like to think that I’d turn his ass in pronto but it takes a lot of courage to admit that somebody had done that to you. I’d be more tempted to get myself a baseball bat and wait for the bastard in a dark alley. That bat would be used to knock his block off and then jammed up his butt.

  4. pj says:

    This little man will find he’s not so tough without his GHB. Sick little bastard, hope he’s the cellblock piñata.

  5. FlyingLeadChange says:

    So wait, do I understand their logic correctly? The family thought that by “proving” the victim was gay, it must mean he consented.

    Shall I assume that if this scum raped a woman, they’d assume it was consensual as long as she was straight?

    I’m assuming this was a young man who never heard the word “NO” while growing up. The family should sit in prison right along with him. They can all rape each other for all I care. Just sterilize them first.

    • awesomeblossom says:

      Flyingleadchange, maybe they wanted the jury to think if he lied about being gay then he lied about being raped. Or maybe they really think that gay people are up for it all the time, that they can’t be raped. The family needs to be punished for their actions regardless of their reasoning.

  6. 2cute says:

    I guess the asshole’s family figure that gay sex winds up with one partner unconscious and bleeding. They’re all assholes in that family, not only supporting the rapist but trying to pervert the course of justice for him.

  7. Jamaica says:

    What a piece of garbage ass monster. And that poor young man whom he had violated; castrated; penetrated–literally felt like he needed to vomit. He was disgusted, and felt really sick. I feel so sorry for that poor man. I hope Thomas Zavaleta spends at least 15-20 years imprisonment, though to say the least, I feel even that is too good for him. He violated that man’s dignity and rights as a human being and knew he was doing wrong. I mean, just looking at this guy’s mugshot, all I see when I look into his eyes is someone who is an opportunist–someone who takes advantage of others when they get the chance and a bold, arrogant little bastard. He is a bad, sick, twisted and perverted sicko, and I can see the darkness in his eyes–the blackness of human behavior and people like this should never be released.

    Many people who are survivors of rape and molestation describe the anger, stress, sadness, fear, sorrow and total hopelessness they constantly live with since the horrific day they were violated. Most people, if not all, live with this for life.

    He really should never be released, sorry.

    • bill says:

      Shut the fuck up right now you don’t know the fucken story so you were in my fucken postion you would do the same fucken thing god dam

      • Edward says:

        You are doing more harm then good, you are defending a convicted rapist. I just found out about all of this, I knew him well and I’m destroyed by what I have read.not the person who I have known most of his life. I am truly sorry for his stupidity and lack of judgment
        He comes from a hard working family that struggled to be here. Raised by his grandfather, a hard working man. All I can say is it hope he finds himself and makes a solid change for the better.

      • Cin says:

        I know Thomas from high school, I can’t believe this!

  8. Scrappy says:

    The victims are somewhat lucky in that I do believe that mixing GBH and alcohol can be life threatening and sometimes fatal. I seem to recall a few years back college kids in our area getting into danger with it…

    Glad the jury was wise and the perpetrator was egotistical…nice mix for a conviction.

  9. Jules says:

    why couldn’t we just find a gay man to have sex with? -.-

  10. Juror Foreman says:

    Well written article Cleo, you described what we the jury saw very artistically. One might think that only the two hours it took us to arrive at a verdict would not seem fair as to a reasonable doubt. However, that being said we sat through a week of evidence and testimony without being able to discuss the case until deliberation. That being said the two hours needed to make a decision was less than he gave his victims. You are right 2cute and Jamaica we saw him as a necrophile, and both flyingleadcharge and awesomeblossom very observant in your defense strategy assessment. And scrappy you are so correct in the dangers of GHB. A expert Trinka Porrata testified on the characteristic and dangers of this drug. I implore all of you to google the name Trinka Porrata and go to her website on the mission she is on to bring about the awareness of this drug used by these Hellbeasters. Whether your gay or straight does not give anybody right to violate them without consent. No means No especially when you cannot respond back under the influence of a mind altering drug. Proud to have done my duty as a juror for the community.

      • cleo says:

        Thank you for the update!

      • bengalpuss says:

        Jury foreman, well done at coming at the right verdict, for the victims and the public. I can understand what those poor victims went through as i was raped years ago, unfortunately for me they never caught the guys who did it, but it always pisses me off when the victims are giving evidence and made out to be loose and cheap by the defence, only last year in england a music teacher who had been raped by her teacher when she was a child, was so brutally cross examined, she killed herself, did you find that this was the case with the victims while they were giving evidence?

    • Hopeless Pedantic says:

      Care to weigh in on resident troll “Bill” and his brilliant counterdefense of “fuck u stfu”?

      Apparently his objection to all of us readers responding to the facts of the case (as reported by legitimate media and the evidence brought forth by legal proceedings) is that we weren’t at the courts nor did we meet Thomas.

      Since you apparently were in the courtroom and had met the accused, you “know shit” and “know the fucken story”. Are you as wowed by the in-person Thomas as “Bill” is certain we would be, had only “if u know him u would like to take him out of jail”?

  11. bengalpuss says:

    Bill, i don’t give a flying fuck about this piece of shits feelings, he lost that right when he drugged 2 guys, raped them and recorded it. I give a fuck about the poor victims and their families. This rapist lost that right when he did what he did, he wasn’t thinking about his family or anyone while he carried out his depraved acts. I do feel for his family, unfortunately this scumbag didn’t have the same morals. Now i know i can sleep at night which is where i’m going now, hopefully i don’t have nightmares about arseholes like this.

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