Thomas Neal Tait

Hellbeast Thomas Neal Tait

Crimes: Child Porn, Murder

I like Circuit Judge Humes J. Franklin Jr of Virginia. He’s my kind of judge. I’m sure Thomas Neal Tait of Waynesboro, Virginia isn’t too fond of him, though. Judge Franklin handed the pedo bastard Thomas Neal Tait a whole lot more justice than was asked for.

Thomas Neal Tait had pled guilty in September 2011 to 20 counts of possession of child porn, the disgusting bastard. He had managed to amass almost 400,000 digital images of baby raping filth and was caught in what had started as a child abuse investigation.

“Mostly girls, some babies, infants, and a couple of boys,” said Jim Camblos, assistant prosecutor for Waynesboro, about the images on Tait’s computers.

The defense attorney, Charles Garner, said the child porn images were “some of the most disturbing, I guess, I have ever seen.”

And that wasn’t even the sum total of Thomas Neal Tait’s legal woes. He was also charged with his wife’s murder. He pled guilty to that too.

Amazingly, if the stupid pedo monster hadn’t gotten into child porn he would likely have gotten away with the murder forever.

Karen TaitSee, what happened is that during the 2011 child abuse/child porn investigation, Cpl Alyssa Campbell of the Waynesboro Police Department got to wondering about Thomas the POS pedo Tait’s wife, Karen Santillan Tait.

The couple had married in the Philippines in 1998. She was only 19. Two years later she joined him in the U.S. and in 2001 she had a baby.

The Taits lived on Fairfax Avenue in Waynesboro, Virginia. Karen didn’t really socialize with anybody, mostly staying home with the baby.

Karen TaitAlas, it was not a happy ever after kind of story for poor Karen Santillan Tait. She disappeared in September 2002. Thomas Neal Tait’s story was she returned to the Philippines. He never reported her missing. And since she had no real acquaintances nobody else noticed she was gone.

Karen Santillan Tait’s body was actually found in September 2002 by people wandering in the Greenbrier State Forest, West Virginia. She was wearing orange shorts.

Police determined that the dead woman had been asphyxiated or suffocated, i.e. murdered. The poor woman.

Because Karen wasn’t reported missing, her body went unidentified for more than 9 years. That’s 9 years of her parents worrying, 9 years of her child likely feeling abandoned. That’s so cruel.

So it wasn’t until her killer perv husband was being investigated in 2011 for child porn that police figured out she was missing.

When asked by Cpl Alyssa Campbell and her fellow investigators about his wife, Thomas the monstrous beast Tait told his tale of her leaving him and returning to her family in the Philippines.

With the help of the FBI, Interpol, the U.S. State Department, authorities in the Philippines and Karen’s family, Waynesboro investigators were able to ascertain that the unfortunate woman had never returned to the Philippines.

Karen Santillan TaitInvestigators were also able, using the DNA from her child and her parents, to develop a DNA profile which they entered into various missing person databases. In December 2011 when the profile was entered into the FBI’s Combined DNA Index System, it immediately matched the body found in the Greenbrier State Forest.

Karen Santillan Tait’s family members were devastated by the news, naturally. They hadn’t heard from her for so long, but they probably were hoping she was living the good life in the States. And then to find out she’d been murdered so long ago… heartbreaking.

And while all this investigating was going on, Thomas Neal Tait was languishing in prison in Virginia awaiting sentencing for those 20 child porn charges.

On November 16, 2012, West Virginia State Police formally charged Thomas Neal Tait, 52, with 1st-degree murder. He was extradited to West Virginia to face trial.

Hellbeast Thomas TaitOn February 11, 2013, in Greenbrier County Magistrate Court, West Virginia, the hellbeast Thomas Neal Tait pled guilty to 2nd-degree murder in the killing of his wife. Investigators believed he had strangled the beautiful young mother during a domestic dispute.

“We are extremely pleased we could solve this case and bring some sense of closure for Mrs. Tait’s family,” said Greenbrier County Prosecuting Attorney Patrick Via.

The POS pedo murderer Tait was given a 30-year term by Judge Joseph Pomponio, and he would have been eligible for parole after 10 years in West Virginia.

Now don’t get your knickers in a knot — the story’s not over.

Judge Pomponio ordered that the murder sentence be served concurrently with whatever sentence was handed out for the child pornography charges in Virginia.

On Valentine’s Day, 2013, Tait was back in Waynesboro Circuit Court for sentencing on those 20 child porn charges.

The defense asked for a 10-year sentence. The prosecution sought a 20-year sentence. Circuit Judge Humes J. Franklin Jr agreed with neither.

“This case shocks the conscious of the court,” said Judge Franklin. He then handed down a 30-year sentence. Awesome.

Actually, I would have preferred 100 years but 30 is still better than 20. A lot better.

Most importantly the killer pedo will sit out his time for both sentences in a Virginia prison. And Virginia abolished parole back in 1995!

That means that Thomas Neal Tait, now 52, will have to rot in his cell for the entire 30 years before he sees the light of day again.

Again, awesome! Thomas Neal Tait will be 82 before he gets out of prison, IF he lives that long. And I for one would not cry if he died in prison. Let him fester and rot there, and then roast in hell.

Karen Santillan Tait’s child, who was not ever abandoned by his/her loving, beautiful mother, has been relocated and is hopefully living a safe, fulfilling life full of love.

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12 Responses to Thomas Neal Tait

  1. bengalpuss says:

    What a horrible bastard this piece of shit is. It must be really bad if even his own defence attorney, says that the child porn images are the worst he’s ever seen. Just shoot this bastard don.t waste tax payers money keeping this filthy disgusting beast in jail. And that poor woman, in the picture that you’ve included with this post, she’s wearing orange shorts, i bet they were the ones she was found dead in. If the paedaphile business hadn.t occurred no one would have been any the wiser about that poor woman being dead. I just wish it was this cunt that was dead. Good on that judge he did so right giving this scumbag 30yrs, life no parole would have been good, death sentence better, but at least grizzly adams isn.t roaming the planet.

  2. moodymagic says:

    This Judge is awesome. Tait I hope each and everyday in prison is off suffering. I hope the little boy is living a life of love and happiness. Rest in peace Karen.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    She was so pretty it is too bad that she settled for that dog faced pervert. I wonder if she knew he was a pedo when they fought and he killed her. I really hope her child was safe and untouched by that pervy bastard of a father. It is bad enough that the child was deprived of his mother and all the love she had to give. Conclusion: this monster needs to die horribly, painfully, and soon.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Bulldoggy, your right(mark your calendar) She was a pretty woman, which begs the question “What the fuck did she see in him” I have a theory on why this turd murdered Karen. I think that she found out about this pig being a paedaphile, and maybe he abused his own child, and to stop her revealing what a scumbag he is, he murdered her. Kudo’s to the police woman who was like a dog with a bone, and wanted to know where the wife was. What i wanna know is, where was the daughter for those 9yrs without her mommy? Did she stay with paedaphile extrordinaire, or was a family member or someone else looking after her? And if thats the case, then why didn.t they ask where the mother was? Anybody have the answer to these questions i would love to know. Its a shame that karen met this pig, he snuffed her life out, like he collects images of child porn, because he’s a sick fucking beast that needs Exterminating And then the tax paying public won.t have to keep this bastard, with 3 hot’s and a cot.

      • FlyingLeadChange says:

        It’s sad, and it’s not an uncommon situation. I’m sure there are some genuine cases of Americans meeting people from developing countries and falling in love due to mutual interests and compatible personalities.

        But all too often, men who cannot find a wife here will go there, enticing the girls with a lifestyle that they simply will never achieve in their own country. That sort of opportunity can put blinders on people. And the subtle clues that women may get here about a guy “not being quite right” are often lost in the cultural translation with an overseas relationship.

        Poor girl, and this sort of thing happens FAR too often.

      • David says:

        hey bulldoggy. i knew the tait family 40 some years ago. the little girl was with tait for those 9 years and a family member figured out what was going on and called the police. tait was indeed abusing the little girl. in 1974 or 1975 tait killed another little boy in TN.

  4. 2cute says:

    I hope the investigators who caught this pedo creep with all that child porn filth were able to track down his fellow pedo creeps and maybe save some of those poor little children who are being so horribly abused. 400,000 images! He and his buddies should be lined up and shot.

  5. bengalpuss says:

    2cute, i like the way you think “lined up and shot” Don.t know if you saw a comment i did last week to bulldoggy, about this guy called subhan anwar, basically he and his wife had twins and one of the baby twins they killed, he had every limb broken, fracture’s to his skull, broken ribs, and 101 visible injuries, anyway he got sentenced to 23yrs, guess what happened, two fellow prisoners got hold of him and beat him to death, they also broke his neck. The two guys were doing life sentences anyway and figured that they had nothing to lose, and sought revenge for the little baby. They were in court the other day charged with murder. Now im not condoning violence, but that lump of shit had it coming to him. And now the wife has been put into protective custody for her protection, i say let the bitch out & Let her get her just deserts. Look up on google subhan anwar, child killer, murdered in prison. And see what these cunts did to that baby, they even tried to fool the authorities using his twin as the other.

  6. hairy says:

    Good police work on this. Amazing cooperation all around the globe it seems to get justice for Karen. I salute all those involved. As to the murderer I am glad he didn’t fly under the radar forever. I just hope he didn’t molest any kids in those years he was collecting child porn. But we all know he wouldn’t have hesitated to murder his victims since he’d already done it once and got away with it.

  7. Akiko says:

    I hope and i pray that the womans family would find peace and solace since they have found the remains poir kids being published at a younger age… I hope all the kids would be okay after what happened

  8. Disgusted and Disbelief says:

    This is the daughter of the “pedophile” and im not exactly sure what attrocity of misinformation and bias i just stumbled upon, but thats just what this is. I can tell you as the one to have undergone those TEN years of my life motherless, that theres only bits of the truth in this disgusting article. I am disgusted by what i have just read and the comments people leave. Is the lack of grammar and decent education so bad that no one here knows how to spell or speak properly, or is it a joke im missing out on? The name calling, to me, is just straight unprofessional and quite frankly immature. Maybe some of the information is so badly skewed to preserve the privacy of the victim in case, myself. However, if that were true, then why publisize real names and not altered names as well? You people disgust me more than the criminal in case, my father. I thank those of you for your best wishes for me and my mother, but those of you who wish for a justice injust as that, youre no better. Dont pretend to be so high and mighty with elite moral fiber if you cannot even find an ounce of mercy towards a man you dont know. Maybe thats just it, you forget that that is a real man. A real person. I find forgiveness and mercy in my heart for him. Its devastating to have lost an angel in my life such as her and to never have known her is something that will haunt me to the end of my days. I constantly ask myself questions like “i wonder what shed say” “i wonder if shed like this or if im like her in this sense” “how would i be different had she still been in my life”. Things like this. But i cannot dwell on the what ifs forever. It will only hold me back in life. All i can do is honor her, and find forgiveness for him. God gives justice regardless of the situation, and if he does not find repetance then that is not my problem. I do still pray for him that he can find it. I also wish to correct the injustice and disgrace this article does to my parents as well as myself. I was born in the year 2000. Not 2001. I am the one who reported him for sexual abuse, not “another family member”. Karen wasnt just “a poor victim” she was a WHOLE WOMAN. The exact reason for her ever marrying him is unknown to me and i most likely will never know. I just ask all of you sadistic bastards who enjoy reading about the tradgedies of others lives and getting infuriated over something that doesnt pertain to you, to reevaluate yourselves. Find something better to do, maybe something positive and productive to spend your life on. And to the author of this article, i hope you found as much joy in writting this abomination as i was i was disgusted. I dont know who you are but i hope that this “exposé” satisfies whatever dark and empty hole you have in your life. Enjoy your life while it lasts, just as im trying to enjoy mine without you people making a game out of it.

  9. BeenThere says:

    Scheduled release date on August 15, 2038. Hopefully in a body bag…

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