Thomas Joseph Murphy & Carmen Montelongo

Thomas Murphy and Carmen Montelongo
Crimes: Kidnapping, Assault, Witness Intimidation, Murder, Dismemberment

It’s a weird world when the monsters among us can find love with their fellow monsters, even when they’re in prison. Thomas Joseph Murphy, formerly of Crestline, California, was sentenced to 248 years in prison. His fiancée, Carmen Montelongo, formerly of Ontario, California, was sentenced to 26 years to life. He’s a neo-nazi, white supremacist kidnapper. She’s a boyfriend murdering and dismembering kind of woman. Isn’t love grand!

In 2009, a raging Thomas Joseph Murphy was looking for his estranged girlfriend. He went to a house in Crestline, where the woman wasn’t hiding, and began to threaten the occupants. He was certain they knew where she was.

I don’t blame Thomas Joseph Murphy’s estranged girlfriend for hiding from this asshole. She knew beyond any doubt he was a brutal beast. He had a prior conviction of robbery in 1988, assault with a deadly weapon in 1979, and another assault with a deadly weapon in 2003.

Back in 1996, Thomas Joseph Murphy had a violent incident with his then girlfriend. He beat her with a telephone, and broke the receiver over her head. The cowardly POS then fled and, after an extensive search by police, was nabbed by a SWAT Team in a San Bernardino apartment.

The monstrous Thomas Joseph Murphy wasn’t about to calmly face justice. Nope, that’s not what members of the KKK do. He tried to hire a hit man to kill his girlfriend and her baby. He particularly instructed the hit man to throw a lit road flare through the baby’s bedroom window. What a great guy *snort*!

While the investigation was underway into his solicitation to commit murder, Thomas Joseph Murphy started phoning his victim and threatening her. Too bad for him the investigator was able to document those threats.

Incredibly, under a plea deal, the 1996 solicitation to commit murder, solicit specified criminal acts and dissuade a victim charges were dismissed after Thomas Joseph Murphy agreed to plead guilty to 1 account of assault with a deadly weapon. WTF were the prosecutors thinking? This neo-nazi tried to get his girlfriend killed and her baby burned alive! The murderous, monstrous Murphy received a sentence of 8 years in the state prison.

This is the kind of hellbeast Thomas Joseph Murphy’s estranged girlfriend was hiding from. Good thing he didn’t find her. Instead he found 5 innocent people to terrorize.

Thomas Joseph Murphy doused 4 of his hostages with lighter fluid and threatened to set them on fire if they tried to escape. The ordeal lasted several hours, and I’m sure the victims were afraid every minute their kidnapper was in the house. It’s hard to find reassurance that Thomas Joseph Murphy might be a nice guy, what with his Hitler and swastika tattoos on his neck and a hammer in his hand. He was 6’1″ and 230 pounds of rampaging racist.

One of the hostages bravely decided to make a break for it. She didn’t succeed. She was beaten with the sharp end of a hammer. When another of the hostages tried to help her, Thomas Joseph Murphy beat her with the hammer too. It’s a mercy neither were killed.

Eventually another courageous hostage managed to escape and contact a family member who called the police. Thomas Joseph Murphy ran for it. The next day he was spotted in Fullerton and the chase that ensued on the 91 Freeway got up to speeds as high as 100mph. The hellbeast slammed into several vehicles before his capture.

Almost immediately after he was placed in jail he phoned up his KKK buddies and Aryan pals to try to intimidate the witnesses.

Thomas Joseph Murphy was charged with 16 counts in total, including attempting to prevent or dissuade a witness, kidnapping, animal cruelty (I can’t find out what animal), assault with a deadly weapon, assault and battery and being in violation of his parole. He was also caught with a shank in his cell and charged with possession of a weapon by a prison.

In court, Thomas Joseph Murphy pled not guilty, and chose to act as his own attorney.

At his 2014 trial, because of several incidents of witness intimidation, the 46-year-old evil bastard was ordered to be represented by a real attorney. Thomas Joseph Murphy then filed a motion for a new trial because his right to represent himself was violated. The motion was declined.

The neo-nazi, hate-spewing, woman beating kidnapper was convicted on 16 counts. On October 2, 2014, he was sentenced to 248 years to life in prison. I doubt he’s getting out.

Thomas Joseph Murphy met his fiancée, Carmen Montelongo, during their bus trips to court. She was facing trial at the same time as he was.

Carmen Montelongo, of Riverside, was arrested in May 2011 when she was caught pushing a wheeled trash bin full of soil and body parts belonging to her boyfriend, Samuel Wiggins Jr. Police officers couldn’t help but notice the bin smelled suspiciously of decomposition.

Not all of the body parts were in the trash bin, though. Just the torso and legs. Investigators found the murdered man’s head and arms inside large flowerpots that Carmen Montelongo had given to a cousin for Mother’s Day.

Samuel Wiggins Jr. had been stabbed 24 times in his chest and back. He had been dead for about a month before his relatives reported him missing in early May 2011.

Carmen Montelongo, 54, was found guilty of 1st-degree murder in August 2014, and was sentenced to 26 years to life in October.

I don’t know quite how Carmen Montelongo and Thomas Joseph Murphy will maintain their romance. Incarceration might make that difficult, but as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

RIP Samual Wiggins Jr. I extend my condolences to those who knew and loved him.

Long may Carmen Montelongo and Thomas Joseph Murphy rot and fester in prison. They are both where they belong — behind bars. Hopefully neither of them will be able to harm another person as long as they both shall live.

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11 Responses to Thomas Joseph Murphy & Carmen Montelongo

  1. moodymagic says:

    Murphy the only good thing is that you will never get out. As for the fiance you 2 deserve each other.

  2. awesomeblossom says:

    Cleo, is there any reason given for Carmen killing her boyfriend? Was he going to kick her to the curb or cut off her credit cards? It takes a lot of hate to do to him what she did. Murphy looks like he’s full of hate. Good thing the judge didn’t wait for him to murder before sending him away forever.

    • cleo says:

      Awesomeblossom, I can’t confirm but from what I read she was a con woman who used different names. It seems she got her paws on the victim’s money.

  3. AlabamDeb says:

    This big neo-nazi/racist/KKK/aryan idiot…engaged to a latino? Ooooo, they may revoke his membership!

  4. FlyingLeadChange says:

    I find it interesting she only got 26 years for murder, while he got 248 for kidnapping and assault. Both crimes are reprehensible, yet such a wide gap exists between the sentences… I’m sincerely confused as to why that is.

    Note that I don’t disagree with his sentence in the slightest. I just find it extremely odd that she got only 10% of it.

    • 2cute says:

      Flyingleadchange, do you think the difference is she looks like a friendly motherly type and he looks like a raging tattooed freak? I can’t believe she didn’t get life. Killing and chopping up a guy is beyond the pale. And hiding his head in a flower pot and giving it as a gift is such sick!

      • Jacob Wiegel says:

        U both should re-read… Carmen DID get life. The max sentence for murder in the 1st degree. She was sentenced to 26yrs to Life. He was sentenced to 246yrs because that is the total sentence for all 16 charges combined. None of which carried a life sentence. Either way, the outcome is the same… They with BOTH spend the rest of their lives in prison.

  5. Methany says:

    All lies… Murphy was set up

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      Yes and do you see that pig flying with wings outside your window? Because you’ve got more chance of seeing that than he is innocent. Some people are just too Fucking stupid or gullible to take seriously. That Nazi cunt is right where he needs to be. I’ve gotta laugh because him being with her is like saying “Hitler was winnie mandelas boyfriend” ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    • Narcissus and the Bunnymen says:

      Shame that this stunning testimony couldn’t have made it to court…. I guess they had to make do with all the rest of the evidence the lawyers got stuck with, like eyewitness testimony, motive, opportunity, priors, fugly neck tattoos, a credo of hate, and actual documentation.

      If only you could have shown up at that dramatic moment before the gavel fell, and bellowed “Setup!”,then the prosecution would have thrown up their hands in helpless despair, a flurry of legal briefs fluttering to the polished wood floor.

  6. Cookie says:

    Well I’d like to say….. I dated Mr. Murphy… Boy did o dodge a huge bullet! I kick him to the curb when he tried to be possessive of me and question my young children of my where abouts. He was in prison at the time. Some how he was able to call me directly. Thank God I got away from him! Btw I’m Mexican. Lol

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