Thomas Joseph Godwin

Thomas Joseph Godwin
Crimes: Aggravated Assault, Animal Abuse

Thomas Joseph Godwin of Billings, Montana, is a dangerous dude, especially when he overindulges in alcohol. When he does that, he is a danger to women and animals. Just ask his former girlfriend and her kitten.

At 5 a.m. on August 31, 2012, Billings police were called to an apartment on Fallow Lane. A woman identified as PJ told the police how her asshole boyfriend had been drinking when he decided to give her little kitten, Jasmine, some medicine. Cuz everyone knows the best time to give animals medicine is when you’re stinking drunk.

I can only guess that Thomas Joseph Godwin wasn’t doing it right because the 4-month-old kitty retaliated and bit him on his finger.

Now I know that kitty teeth are sharp and pointy, but Thomas Joseph Godwin’s reaction was far beyond reason. It was far below humanity.

What Thomas Joseph Godwin did when Jasmine bit him was to throw the poor thing against a wall, stomp on her and then stab her with scissors.

Holy shitballs, Batman! That was waaaay too vicious and sadistic! He tried to kill a little kitten because of a little bite! I bet he felt real manly afterward. F*cking f*cktard.

Mercifully little Jasmine survived, no thanks to her abuser, but she required emergency surgery to save her life.

Now I am not quite sure what was happening with PJ that she didn’t kick her asshole creep of a boyfriend out of her life (I’m thinking fear had a lot to do with it), but on October 27, 2012, Thomas Joseph Godwin got another major attack of the drunken meanies.

Once again Billings police were called to the apartment on Fallow Lane. This time, big surprise, Thomas Joseph Godwin had been drinking again when he and PJ began to argue. The drunken asshole attacked the unfortunate woman and actually choked her until she passed out.

Now you’d think that having rendered his girlfriend unconscious would have made Thomas Joseph Godwin stop the brutality, but it didn’t.

When PJ regained consciousness, her f*ckwad shitstain boyfriend still had her by the throat. Now I don’t know where he got the rock from, but he used that big old rock to bash in PJ’s head.

Bless her heart, PJ had some fight in her. She was prepared to fight for her very life.

PJ grabbed Thomas Joseph Godwin by the “groin” (that’s what the news called it) and made him stop bashing her. I hope she squeezed him but good. I hope she squeezed his “groin” until it turned blue and fell off. I hope her fingernails pierced his “groin” and made it bleed. I hope she bit him too.

Apparently being grabbed by his “groin” got Thomas Joseph Godwin’s attention, and he stopped his attack. I bet he cried and doubled over from the pain.

PJ managed to call 911, and Thomas Joseph Godwin was soon arrested by the responding officers. PJ herself needed her head wound stapled up at hospital.

Thomas Joseph GodwinThomas Joseph Godwin, being a lowly sort of creature, didn’t own up to his vile and reprehensible actions. Instead the cowardly woman beater and animal abuser claimed a “large Native American” attacked PJ and he had heroically pushed the guy and made him run away.

The police didn’t believe that bullsh*t, and neither did Judge Larry Herman. The fact that Thomas Joseph Godwin, 23, had a criminal record that included assault didn’t garner him any sympathy.

At court on December 6, 2013, Thomas Joseph Godwin pled guilty to aggravated assault, assault with a weapon, and aggravated animal cruelty. He is scheduled to be sentenced for those 3 felonies in March, 2014.

I really hope Judge Larry Herman throws the book at this character. If PJ hadn’t fought back ferociously, she could easily have been murdered.

I shall attempt to keep readers posted about his sentencing (reminders are welcome). Keep your fingers crossed that he’s put away for a good long time — long enough to learn how to be a decent human being.

So take a good look, women of Montana — this asshole is not the guy of your dreams. He’s the guy of your nightmares. If you see him coming, grab your pets and children and run in the opposite direction.

Thomas Joseph Godwin was sentenced to 15 years, 10 suspended. He was also made to pay $1099 in restitution.

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8 Responses to Thomas Joseph Godwin

  1. bulldoggy says:

    I showed this guy’s mugshot to my new dog and told her if she ever saw him to chomp him good. Unlike Charlie my new dog has got teeth. She’s also “groin” height so Godwin better stay away from our neighborhood.

    • 2cute says:

      Happy to hear about your new dog, bulldoggy. What’s her name? Will you train her to track down hell beasts?

      This guy needs to be banned from drinking for the rest of his life. He’s probably still an asshole when he’s sober but the booze makes him murderous.

      • bulldoggy says:

        She came with the name Tulip. Her mother was Daisy apparently. I got her from an old lady who has to go into a home. Seems she named all her dogs after flowers. I don’t much like the name so I’m thinking of giving her a different one. Can’t have a hell beast hunting dog named Tulip, can I.

        • Bengalpuss says:

          Tulip.Awww bless. Now onto this kitty beater, why the fuck did she take him back after doing that to the kitten? Insane

        • Lexi R says:

          Why not? I’ve seen tame as pussycat dogs named things like “Killer, Chomp and Dozer” Why not a cute cuddly name for a hell beast hunting dog? It gives people a false sense of security!

  2. moodymagic says:

    Along with a long jail term I hope he gets a lifetime ban on owning animals. Come to think of it children should be off limits as well.

  3. Bengalpuss says:

    Fifteen years and ten suspended? Ooh harsh that’ll teach him(notice sarcasm) kitty bullying cunt he is. If someone did that to my kitty’s i guarantee they certainly wouldn’t be comin back into my life, they’d be sportin a mashed up face and a squashed pair of bollocks.

  4. Susan Horvath says:

    Its REALLY too bad she didn’t “Squash his Bollocks”… he got my daughter pregnant here in NY. So, so, so Sorry to have to find out about all of this after the pregnabcy test!

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