Thomas Fleming & Autumn Ash

Thomas Fleming and Autumn Ash
Crimes: Pedophiles, Rape, Molestation, Child Abuse

Here we go again! A couple of hellbeastly pedophiles meet, begin a relationship and then begin to rape and molest children together to spice up their sex lives. Damnation! How the hell do these monsters even meet? How do they find each other?

The pair of pedos I’m writing about are Thomas Fleming and Autumn Ash of Volusia County, Florida. So far only Thomas Fleming has faced justice, but I feel confident enough to write about Autumn Ash based on her admissions to police and the evidence.

Now I admit I don’t know who uncovered this nasty pair’s horrible secret, but in September 2012 somebody had found child porn on Autumn Ash’s cell phone and contacted the Sheriff’s Office. Kudos to that unknown person for doing the right thing!

The Sheriff’s Office immediately launched their investigation. Thanks to the Sex Crimes Unit they were able to identify the perpetrator in the child porn. It turned out the images and movies on the cell phone were of Autumn Ash’s ex-boyfriend, Thomas Fleming, raping a 4-year-old girl. When they questioned Autumn Ash about them she denied knowing anything about them. The investigators didn’t buy that bullshit so they pressed on.

Autumn Ash, after some quibbling, admitted knowing all about those photos and videos. She told the investigators that when she and Thomas Fleming were dating, he sent those to her. They would then text and chat about their sexual fantasies about that little girl.

Ewwwww. How sick can you get?

Thomas Fleming, 22, was arrested within hours, and charged with 2 counts of sexual battery. But that wasn’t the end of the investigation. With a bit more digging the investigators discovered more images on Autumn Ash’s phone that showed yet another child being abused. This one was a 7-month-old baby girl!

The investigators identified the children (I’m not going to speculate on their relationship to Autumn Ash), and subjected the hellbitch to more questioning. She admitted that she and Thomas Fleming had taken those images and had molested the baby multiple times. Apparently this got the pair hot and bothered and they would have sex with each other afterward.


Autumn Ash, 20, of Orange City was summarily arrested and charged with 5 counts of sexual battery. Her ex, Thomas Fleming of Deltona, faced 3 additional sexual battery charges. I’m sure he had kind thoughts for his former girlfriend at that time. If her cell phone hadn’t been checked out by that unknown person, he might never have been caught! He might have continued raping little girls for another 50 years!

When Volusia deputies questioned Thomas the POS pedo perv Fleming, he admitted to having sex with — which means raping — the 4-year-old girl on multiple occasions, taking pictures of the abuse and sending them to Autumn Ash. He also took videos of the sexual assaults and stored them on his cell phone.

When Thomas Fleming went to trial in 2014 he entered no-contest pleas. He was found guilty of 5 counts of sexual battery on a child, and 1 count of lewd and lascivious exhibition on a child. What? No charges of production and distribution of child porn?

Regardless of that oversight, on January 5, 2015 Thomas Fleming was sentenced to 5 life terms for the sexual battery plus 15 years for the lewd and lascivious charge. Yay! That’s one pedo bastard who won’t be able to harm another baby or child ever again!

Autumn Ash, I anticipate, will enter no-contest or guilty pleas. I’d be shocked if she didn’t. The evidence is incontrovertible, after all. She admitted to performing sex acts on the baby and the abuse was recorded. I am hoping she will face the same terms of imprisonment as her pedo pal.

I shall endeavour to update readers about her trial and sentencing. Reminders are welcome!

I truly hope the victims grow up with no memories of what was done to them, and no damage caused by the sexual assaults. I also hope they are being raised in a safe, loving, supportive and nurturing home now. Bless their hearts, they deserve nothing less.

To the pedophile perverts Thomas Fleming and Autumn Ash I wish a lifetime of being isolated, unloved and reviled. They’d put their own sexual gratification before everything, and for that they are the lowest of the low. They are purebred hellbeasts.

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52 Responses to Thomas Fleming & Autumn Ash

  1. 2cute says:

    I for one would not be surprised if the victims were Autumn Ash’s own daughters. How else would she get such free rein to abuse them? Both of these evil bastards need to be strung up.

    • tehslyness says:

      I knew Autumn Ash and was best friends with her throughout middle and early high school. One child (7 months) was hers, and the 4 year old was Thomas’
      They will both be raped and beaten on a weekly basis in their new home.

      • Africana says:

        Its crazy i might know you then. I rode the same bus as her ib middle school. Meanwhile i just moved from the bronx. Autumn & her little friends always made racist slurs calling mme a “nigga” or “sasquach” little did autumn and her little friends i could have beat them up in a heartbeat. But i chose not too. It’s crazy how people just pop back in your life. It bothers me to see someone who was so bold to “pick” on someone she knew who could take her,do something so low. I kind if wanted pay back but not in this form. She put matters iher own hands & caused her own chaos. God bless those children, im a victim of child abuse & mentally i have not moved on so I pray god revises those children. Thomas flemming how could you get satisfaction fron causing a child ppain? Sicko may you rot in peace ✌✌

    • hope says:

      Unfortunately, the 7 month old was. Her nae was Chloe. The 4 year old was Thomas’s :(

      • AngryLittleMexican says:

        Oh that’s truly disgusting. Of all the people in all the world it’s a special kind of unforgivable to have the ones you should be able to count on to protect you (parents) be the very ones to completely damage you. Horrible.

      • N/A says:

        Yes. The 7 month old was Autumn’s daughter and the 4 year old was Tommy’s daughter. I feel absolutely horrible because I was the one in high school who hooked up and introduced Tommy and the mother… The mother was my best friend in late middle school and Tommy lived in my neighborhood. Tommy was always weird but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine… quite that weird. Never.

        • N/A says:

          Fortunately the mother has a level head on her shoulders, smart and responsible. Has a good job and is a good person at heart. And has found a good fiance as well. The 4 year old (well she’s much older now) daughter is in good hands, trust me. I don’t know about the 7 month old who’s now a few years old.

      • William Green says:

        this needs to be removed it violates federal law about naming underage children victims of sex crimes
        or i will report this immediately

    • Amber Kelley says:

      Yes her daughter was a victim. I was in jail with her over a year and I talked to her about her charges. She’s very open about it and she’s actually in denial. Thinking she might just get 10 years for cooperating.

      • N/A says:

        Hopefully you can get your act together and get clean. I’m not judging, I’ve messed up a lot in my life and went through exactly what you appear to be going through now. The question is how many times are you going to do the same thing over and hope for a different outcome before you make a change for the good? I’ve been in that vicious circle. You can break it. You have to break it or you’ll be the one doing 10 years at the rate you’re going. Think about it. Words from someone who’s been in your exact shoes.

  2. moodymagic says:

    I love the judge Yahoo!. Burn in hell Fleming you piece of shit. I can only hope as well that Ash faces the same consequences. She needs to burn in hell and if these are her kids she is one sick bitch he needs to be locked away. I wish all the best to the the poor little baby girls.

  3. Awesomeblossom says:

    If those aren’t her kids I hope the real parents get to spend 10 minutes alone with her in a back room.

  4. MSM says:

    Sadly this story did not come as a shock to me. Orange City is full of rednecks and weirdos – this is not the first time pedophile cretans have been caught in that neck of the woods. My aunt has lived in OC for decades and she swears it’s gotten worse and worse. When they first moved there in the sixties it was a nice little Mayberry type of town. Now? Now it’s full of pedophiles and child traffickers…

    • bulldoggy says:

      MSM, you make me glad I don’t live there. I’m not fond of pedos and child abusers. Come to think of it I’m not fond of rednecks and weirdos either. At least these 2 are out of circulation now. Sick bastards should never see the light of day again.

      • MSM says:

        I agree wholeheartedlly Bulldoggy! I live clear on the other side of the state and try to steer clear of that county entirely. Unfortunately, the way the prison system works here in Florida, she’ll be out within five years, him probably a few more. Life terms aren’t supposed to get parole but somehow they always manage it. It infuriates the hell out of me…

        • N/A says:

          The sentences have NO possibility of parole I’ve heard. Regardless one can’t parole for FIVE life sentences. That only works when someone has one life sentence WITH possibility of parole.

    • N/A says:

      Orange City isn’t full of rednecks. I mean it’s full of weirdos, every city in the world is, let alone Florida. There’s more old people in Orange City than anything. And hardly any of the people are real rednecks. They’re just hipsters who drive lifted trucks and wear boots and call themselves rednecks, haha.

  5. Michelle says:

    The mere thought of getting so sexually aroused by raping a baby that they would have sex makes me want to vomit. Ugh. Where do these people come from?

  6. Deb says:

    I wish with all my heart that child rapers would get an automatic death sentence. There is no coming back from that. Once you cross that line you have given up your right to exist.

  7. jane says:

    I live in the area and knew of both of them. Highschool and whatnot. It pains me to say that the toddler was Thomas Flemming’s child and the infant abused was Autumn’s newborn. They are both horrible people and I can only hope those children went to living families instead of living their lives stuck in the system.

  8. CaitCait says:

    I was friends with Autumn on FB and she was such a holy roller telling everyone she was the worlds greatest mom and bragging about how she never went out to party and drink like other teen moms! What a pathological loon! Crazy crazy crazy. I felt so bad for the other young moms who let her around their child before this came out!!

  9. dingo says:

    Autumns phone was actually found during a drug raid on her house she was living in with her 7 month old. Not only was all this craziness going on, but she was raising her daughter in a house with a drug grow op going on…

  10. Ashleigh says:

    Autumns only child was the infant girl, Tommy’s was the 4 year old. They got caught because autumn was living in a grow house and the police confiscated everyone’s phones as evidence and found the child pornography. I grew up with her and was close with her family so please get your facts straight

    • Some dude says:

      Who cares about the facts when it’s proven she did lewd acts to a kid. She’s still an ignorant slut and has been for a looooong time even before the child.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Even with our facts straight, she’s still a sick beast!!!

    • unknown says:

      Their were two other little girls, and two more adults in that home. Every adult in that house knew what happen to those girls. That cellphone was hid in a shoe box in the other couples closest for months before their house was raided.Every adult in that household was guilty of not protecting them.I know this to be true cause I knew the people that lived their.The female called me and asked me what to do about the cellphone.She told me some very sick things that was in the videos. I told her to turn in in to the police. I had assumed she had.Come to find out months later she hadn’t. I couldn’t turn it in cause I didn’t know names or address’s. I was just told about what was on the cellphone.

  11. Bengalpuss says:

    I fucking hate nonce’s what a sick bitch she is to get turned on by babies being raped, i’m hoping that they both suffer and get raped in their new homes. I like this judge, need a few more like him.

  12. thatperson says:

    Tommy was charged with 5 counts of sequel battery against a child under 12 which in the state of Florida is a felony/capitol offense. He received 5 life terms… with out the chance of parole. (Plus the lewd and got 15 but does it matter?) Autumn is being charged with 4 counts of sequel battery… which again is a felony/capital offense. In the state of Florida if someone is found guilty of a felony/capital sequel battery on child under 12 punishment is life in prison with out parole or death. Tommy got lucky and I assuming so will Autumn. I knew both and both are scum. How parents could do that to their own kids! Thankfully I know at least Tommy’s little girl is with her mother doing fantastic since she has an awesome mom!

    • cleo says:

      Thanks for the added information, thatperson. I appreciate it.

    • N/A says:

      Agreed. The mother is a good person and responsible. She’s in good hands fortunately. Leaves a good amount of hope the daughter will turn out great and move past this.

  13. thatperson says:

    Sorry for the autocorrects, meant sexual not sequel.
    Weird how you think you know someone, Tommy was Mr. Hotshot football star (well Deltona football sucks but still) popular… and he turns into a sick, demented piece of shit pedophile! Autumn was always a little out there. There is one missing piece of the puzzle I still do not have though… I know who Tommy’s little girls mother is (which by the way if you read this you are doing a great job you deserve so much praise for not just being a great “typical” mom but for being a great mom to a little girl who went thru such a horrible tragic event at the hands of her “father” and very glad to know you have a very special person in your life who loves your daughter very much and will be an amazing daddy for her!) Anyway, I have no idea who the father of Autumn’s baby girl is. There have been speculations but nothing concrete.

    • Anotherperson says:

      I unfortunately grew up with Autumn and became close again when she became pregnant because she wasn’t hanging out with her scum friends. The baby’s dad denied her and didn’t want any part of raising her. I’m not sure where she is I know Autumn’s family doesn’t have her. I hope she is safe.

    • Yupppp says:

      Paul hayslip

  14. K8 says:

    the 6month girl was their child and the older child was his from a previous relationship it has been officially released by the police

  15. b. hill says:

    I am the guy that found the images on her cell phone. You are correct they should both die in jail.

  16. b. hill says:

    The child of autumn ash was from a guy in the military his family has taken custody of Chloe. It is try I was growing in the house and when I found the phone I was in process of shutting down and turning her in. She turned me in first in hopes that I would be discredited but I hid the phone so she couldn’t get it back. There us a lot more to this story. Will add later.

  17. Jay says:

    I was in the same pod with this Bastard and after hearing his charges and about two weeks later, Kicked his ass one night in our cell. He was in pretty bad shape. Needless to say, the guards quickly looked the other way and it was noted that he “fell” from his bed having a nightmare….Satisfaction November 2013

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Jay, now i normally don’t condone violence, but i have to say that reading what you did to this sick fucker gave me a good feeling, nice one!

      • LawyerChick says:

        Not the first time you’ve expressed this sort of thing. Your posts are generally vitriolic. Saying you don’t condone violence doesn’t make it true. At least own it and don’t be a hypocrite.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Its also nice to know that they left this pos in general pop, i couldn’t be a prison officer because i’d lose my job after kicking ten balls of shit out of all the pedo’s. Well done jay, still smiling knowing pedo boy got the shit kicked out of him, now he’ll know whats its like to be afraid like his little victims were, cunt he is.

  18. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    About Anything which Violates the Innocence of Children or Undermines the Innocence of Children is Inherently Evil and Needs
    to be Opposed

    Have the Death Penalty For Child Pornography and Conspiracy against
    the Innocence of Childhood

    Children are the Future and Deserve Protection

  19. Ashley Dack says:


  20. AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

    Seriously Ashley Sack… I mean, Dack?

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