Thomas Dee Huskey

Hellbeast Thomas Dee Huskey
Crime: Serial Killer, Rape

Thomas Dee Huskey is undeniably, irrefutably a serial killer. Known as the “Zoo Man” because of his job at Knoxville Zoo, Thomas Dee Huskey murdered at least 4 women in Tennessee. He admitted it! He not only admitted it but he kept souvenirs! Amazingly, astoundingly, disgustingly he hasn’t been and never will be found guilty of those murders.

Now don’t get me wrong. Thomas Dee Huskey is in prison right now, just not for murder. He’s been convicted of sex crimes and unbelievably this murdering psychopath qualifies for parole in 2 1/2 measly years! All thanks to a f*cking technicality.

Thomas Dee Huskey, 52, is serving a 64-year sentence at the South Central Correctional Facility in Clifton, Tennessee, with a chance for a parole hearing coming up in April 2015.

The women that the hellbeast Huskey strangled and murdered were all sex trade workers. The first body was discovered on October 20, 1992. A hunter found the remains of Patricia Rose Anderson in some woods off Cahaba Lane in East Knox County.

In the days after the unfortunate woman’s discovery, 3 more bodies were uncovered. All of the dead women were naked, beaten and strangled. They were Patricia Ann Johnson, Darlene Smith and Susan East Stone. Patricia Ann Johnson had been pregnant.

Search for evidenceThomas Dee Huskey had been arrested in those woods a few months before. It was a popular spot for sex trade workers and their customers.

Investigator Tom Pressley had arrested Thomas the human scum Huskey for tying up, raping and robbing 2 women in those woods. Very unfortunately those women refused to testify and Thomas Dee Huskey walked free.

And then the dead women showed up in the same woods. Not, of course, a coincidence. The hellbeast had learned not to leave witnesses.

Acting on a tip, investigators tracked the hellbeast Huskey to his parents’ home in Pigeon Forge. They found the killer/rapist there, along with rope, porn and what they discovered to be jewelry stolen from the dead women’s bodies.

Hellbeast Thomas Dee HuskeySo the police had the murderer dead to rights, right? They thought so, and Thomas Dee Huskey was arrested and charged and went to trial. Yay!

But actually not so yay. There was a problem — a big problem. The court refused to accept the search warrant. WTFH?!? Why on earth would the court do that? Because the bloody thing was issued and signed by a city judicial commissioner instead of a judge.

No search warrant meant no evidence from the house and no subsequent statement to the police. It was all tossed, all of it.

The trial proceeded regardless and the Knox County district attorney general Randy Nichols still pushed for the death penalty. That was nervy of him considering all the evidence they’d gathered from the search warrant was gone. All he had left was circumstantial evidence.

“He killed more people than anybody in the history of this county,” Randy Nichols said. “I’m going to do my best to try to put a case together.” Kudos to him for trying.

The first jury deadlocked 6-6 on February 13, 1999.

The Knox County district attorney’s office didn’t give up. They kept on trying because, damnit, this motherf*cker is a serial killer!

Two trials and 2 juries later the monster Huskey was found guilty of the rapes committed before the murders, but was not found guilty of the murders themselves.

In October 2005 Judge Richard Baumgartner dismissed the murder charges once and for all after prosecutors gave up that case. They decided to settle for the 64-year sentence the hellbeast got for the rapes.

Thomas Dee Huskey through all of his trials never denied the murders. He blamed them on “Kyle” who was his “alternate personality”. Seriously, that was his claim. He didn’t kill the women — one of the other people living inside of him killed the women, using his hands to strangle them and to frame him, poor Thomas Dee Huskey.

That insanity defense had never been tried before in East Tennessee courts. Prosecutors figured the murdering monster was just faking his “mental illness” and had pulled the name Kyle from the street his family once lived on. He also got his other personalities from soap operas, they suggested.

No matter, without the trophies and other evidence that had been covered by that voided search warrant, prosecutors had no real murder case. They’d spent 13 years and oodles of county money trying to make him accountable for the horrific murders of Patricia Rose Anderson, Patricia Ann Johnson, Darlene Smith and Susan East Stone. Those poor women and their families got no justice.

And so Thomas Dee Huskey is serving his 64-year sentence at the South Central Correctional Facility in Clifton Tennessee. And he’s coming up for parole all too soon. He’s only 52 years old right now, young and healthy enough still to do a helluva lot of damage.

I truly, truly hope that this monster is forever denied parole and just rots his life away in prison. The people of Tennessee needs him free like they need a sucking chest wound. Thomas the festering pus pocket Huskey needs to suffer, suffer, suffer and then die in prison, IMO. He may not have been convicted of murder, but we all know he’s responsible for 4 dead women.

May Thomas Dee Huskey die soon and rot in hell. That’ll be the best justice for his victims.

Knox News article
State of Tennessee Court Opinion

24 Responses to Thomas Dee Huskey

  1. bengalpuss says:

    So he’s trying that old trick of multiple personalities. Wasn.t that pulled before by kenneth bianchi one of the hillside stranglers. Oh well here we go again with a technicality, i mean what the fuck is all that about, we don.t have that bollocks here in england. Best way to sort this is for someone to put the fat bastard out of his misery and do america a favour. Although i have to say i would be very shocked if he gains parole. But the parole board have made stupid decisions. And its nice to read these ladies who lost their lives, as sex trade workers, it pisses me off when someone calls them prostitutes, like they meant nothing. Thankyou for that cleo x

    • PATTI LOVE says:

      I worked years with Patricia Rose Anderson, Mouse’s Ear West Lounge in the eighties, yes she had a problem with drugs however a person who loved Stevie Nick’s every set on stage. I loved her and I left in the late 80s. Every year I sent a Christmas card always with my phone number and the day from her step mother to inform me that Patti was gone and what happened. Husky rot in HELL with Kyle. She may be gone however not forgotten. YOUR NARCISSISTIC, SCUMBAG and I HOPE every inmate has a turn with you wait you might love it.

  2. bengalpuss says:

    Cleo, that was a really good article, well written.

  3. 2cute says:

    I was thinking if only those first 2 women had testified then he would’ve been put away for a long time. But then I got to thinking no, those women were probably afraid of being labeled hookers, and most people think hookers can’t get raped because their business is sex. They were probably thinking they and their families would be exposed to ridicule and the bastard would still get off. I guess the only good thing about this whole disgusting mess was that Huskey was stopped before he killed more than 4 women.

    • bengalpuss says:

      2cute, i had that said to me years ago, that a working girl can.t get raped. Just look at it as you’ve done a punter or trick as they say in america, and haven.t been paid. You’ve have to shake your head at the way some people view things.

  4. bulldoggy says:

    I’m looking at the picture of the searchers in the woods and thinking just how terrifying it was for each of the victims, to be in those woods at night, maybe with a bit of moonlight, tied up, knowing they were alone with a beast with no help coming. And there they’d be laying, waiting for him to rape them or beat them and praying he would let them live. The bastard needs to die.

  5. bengalpuss says:

    Bulldoggy, i remember one time i got in a guy’s car, and i let him take me to the middle of nowhere. I had to go, no money, get battered. Anyway as soon as i got there i panicked, luckily the guy was ok, but who’s to say that he could have been a nutter. The fear i felt was undescribable, so those poor women when they were being attacked, i can.t imagine the fear they felt before being murdered. When i threw myself out of that van that time, when i managed to stand up i pissed myself, and the strange thing was i had no control over my bladder. The police surgeon told me it was shock and that usually happens in severe traumatic cases. That part of my life has gone, im one of the lucky ones. But like you said bulldoggy, just looking at that picture, in the middle of nowhere those poor women must have been desperate to go there. Probably drug users or some bastard taking their money. And 2cute is right, you get some arseole’s who thing working girls can’t get raped, just sex without being paid.*Riiiight*

  6. bengalpuss says:

    Cleo, do you know how far pregnant patricia anne johnson was? What sort of animal does that. I was reading an article by the FBI and it said that “in america at any given time, upto 50 serial killers are active. How do these monsters get spawned. You have to be sick and very twisted to want to kill as many people as you can, and the worst ones are the child rapists and killers. Wouldn’t it be great if they could evaporate.

  7. Moody magic says:

    Burn in hell Huskey

    • Lillie (Jeannie) Baker says:

      Why did he get away with this? I knew Pat Johnson. I carry the guilt of sending her to the mission because she was using. He said he did the world a favor. He said she was ugly. Pat had used so much that she was simple minded. She was a victim the day she was born till the day she died. I hope that this featuring sore rots in hell. I hope he hears the screams of his victims and may that sound remain with him for the rest of his days.

  8. steve-O says:

    I hope they have uncovered and recovered all of his victims. This guy is an evil SOB and should be executed.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Steve-O, have you ever heard as much bollocks in your life. Because the search warrant was naf, all the jewelry and Trinkets That this fat bastard collected off his victims don.t count. Wtf is all that about, this murdering fucker is laughing his fat arse off. I say we should go back to the victorian times, we didn.t have that bullshit then. Man some of the things these fucker’s get away with is ridiculous.

  9. steve-O says:

    Too bad one of his personalities isnt suicidal. Asshole needs to die.

  10. 2cute says:

    Why the hell didn’t the guy who signed the search warrant tell the police he didn’t have jurisdiction or authority or whatever it was? Didn’t he know that any search warrants he signed would be invalid? It’s a horrible injustice that this serial killer’s fat ass carcass isn’t rotting in prison forever for murder convictions. Those women and their families and that unborn baby got no justice.

    • Tammy says:

      I live in the U.S. In Michigan. I am in no way involved in any form of law enforcement but even I know that a search warrant HAS to be signed BY A JUDGE in order for it to be valid! WTF were they thinking? And, by the way, I hate “technicalities”.

  11. bengalpuss says:

    Because 2cute, some people tend to look at women that work in the sex trade deserve everything they get. Apparently a working woman can.t be raped, its only like she didn.t get paid for her services. Yep sad to say but thats how a lot of people view it when a street worker gets murdered “She brought it on herself, if she wasn.t a prostitute then she wouldn’t have been killed” Doesn’t matter who your are or what you do, no one has the right to take another human beings life or injure them deliberately. Those poor women had loved ones and family. And now this fat tub of shit might get out of jail because someone who shouldn’t have Signed The search warrant did. If this piece of lard is released he’ll kill again, no doubt about it.

  12. Reality says:

    Here’s hoping that one of his victim’s family members has a gun, a chainsaw, trash bags, and a good enough grasp of forensics that s/he won’t get caught.

    Oh … and a crane large enough to lift and transport that dick-sneeze to the nearest swamp or landfill.

    I don’t normally condone murder (which is why I’m on this site), but sometimes, it’s a societal imperative.

  13. herpaderp says:

    Its a shame Baumgartner turned out to be a pill head and prostitute humper himself. He wasnt of sound mind and body when he threw out the murder charges in ’05. But i do have to say, all the “they had loved ones” and “they had family” quotes are a piss off. If these skanks had contracted HIV and died from AIDS none of you would have known nor cared, and the families were obviously not to concerned about the whores if they were on the streets selling skin. I beleive some people are born with a gene malfunction that reverts their insticts back to an animalistic mode. Compared to the age of the universe, the human species hasnt been around very long and thus hasnt had time to perfect. Dont blame the offender, blame Darwin.

  14. steve-O says:

    Hey Herpaderp, why don’t you “piss off”. You and your attitude are far more repellent than those “skanks” and “whores” you are deriding.

  15. bengalpuss says:

    Sounds to me herpes, oh sorry meant herpaderp, that you seem to have a problem with skank’s or i shall call them sex trade workers. Was this because your actually a client(Punter) Of these ladies and when they seen the size of your knob, and your inadequate performance, they ridiculed you, hence your hatred for these women. If anything, i do hope they passed their diseases on you. I suggest that next time you have a 5 knuckle shuffle(Wank) Don.t despair, i can solve your problem with not being able to hold your weener as its so small, use a pair of tweezers and that should sort your problem out. And maybe next time you visit the red light area, you may be able to ask for a discount seen as your prick is so tiny. Good luck you inadequate turd.

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