Thelma Helen Riddle & Mark Steven Kent

Kent and Riddle
Crimes: Assault, Aggravated Sodomy

Regular readers would know that I spent decades, literally, looking after my handicapped mother. It wasn’t easy and required many sacrifices but I loved her and wanted her to be happy. I worked split shifts for years and years so Mom could have afternoon outings and company. I started a home-based business when her health got worse so I could be home with her almost all the time in her final year.

Believe me when I say there is nothing easy about looking after your sick and/or ageing parents. But that is no excuse to treat them shabbily. That is no excuse to hurt them or neglect them. There is no excuse ever to abuse them!

Thelma Helen Riddle, 59, of Cartersville, Georgia, apparently didn’t believe that. She had taken on the responsibility to care for her 82-year-old mother and she blew it, big time, because she found excuses for abuse.

Apparently Thelma Riddle the nasty bitch would lose her temper and strike her poor old mother with handy objects like a milk crate and a drinking glass. And what had her mother done to deserve that treatment? Well, once she had asked for a glass of milk.

OMG! How dare the old lady ask for a glass of milk! Obviously that egregious offence called for corporal punishment!

I gotta say Thelma Helen Riddle is one nasty hellbitch. She should not have been left to care for her helpless, elderly mother.

At some point I guess Thelma Riddle figured the caregiving was too much for her (well duh!) and she decided to recruit some help.

The trouble with her plan I think was she wanted cheap help. She didn’t require trained help, or experienced help. She didn’t require references even.

Thelma the nasty POS bitch Riddle found caregiving help in the form of a homeless man, Mark Steven Kent, 52.

Now why would a 52-year-old man agree to care for an 82-year-old woman, probably for a very small wage? Desperation, maybe, considering he was homeless and unemployed. But maybe it was because he reckoned on getting some “perks” to make the job worthwhile.

Unhappily for Thelma Riddle’s mother, those “perks” involved aggravated sodomy and sexual assault.

That’s right, Thelma the worthless hellbitch Riddle hired a rapist to take care of her vulnerable, old mother! She gave him total unfettered access so he could violate and brutalize her mother!

If anybody, ANYBODY, had ever laid a hand on my mother, I would have literally gone postal on his ass. I would have then called the police and had his vile, disgusting self hauled away.

But Thelma Riddle didn’t do that. I guess she didn’t want to lose her cheap help. Fortunately somebody — I’m not sure who — called the police. Probably the poor old mom was sporting some visible, unexplained injuries.

On July 26, 2012, Mark Steven Kent was arrested by Cartersville police and charged with cruelty to persons 65 years of age or older, sexual battery, 2 counts of sodomy and aggravated sodomy.

The very next day Thelma Helen Riddle was arrested and charged with 3 counts of simple battery harm and cruelty to persons 65 years of age or older.

And on October 20, 2012, good old hellbitch Thelma was arrested again! This time she visited her mom in the nursing home in violation of a no-contact order. The charge was aggravated stalking.

Gee willikers, I wonder why Thelma wanted to visit with her mom so much she violated a court order? Hmmmm. D’you think mebbe she wanted to convince her to not testify?

I don’t think her visit was out of love. I could be wrong, but seriously if a person has no objections to a hellbeast rapist sodomizing her mom, there’s not much love there.

As it turns out, Thelma turdbrain Riddle made a sweet deal with the prosecutors.

On January 15, 2013, Thelma shitball Riddle appeared in Bartow County Superior Court before Judge Carey Nelson. She pleaded guilty to assault and she testified against the monster who sodomized her mom.

On January 17, 2013, Judge Carey Nelson sentenced her to 5 years, 60 days of which she was to serve behind bars. She got credit for time served, and she will serve the rest of her sentence on probation. Thelma the demonic daughter is also required to pay fines and to complete assessment screenings, whatever those are.

Mark Steven Kent was, naturally, found guilty of aggravated sodomy and sexual battery. He will be sentenced on February 5, 2013. Long may he rot in prison.

Personally I’d like to see both hellbeasts rot and fester in hell. They deserve nothing less than that.

And I hope the dear old mom is safe, contented and treated with loving kindness for the rest of her life.

Mark Kent was sentenced to life and will serve 25 years for sexual battery and aggravated sodomy.

Assistant District Attorney Jana Allen said, “It was a life sentence with 25 years to serve. And it’s a 25 [year sentence] with no parole, so once he gets out, he’ll be on probation for the remainder of his life.”

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14 Responses to Thelma Helen Riddle & Mark Steven Kent

  1. bulldoggy says:

    That stupid c*nt should still be in prison and have to stay there for decades and that rancid pissant old lady raper should never see the light of day again.

  2. 2cute says:

    I can’t imagine what the old woman went through knowing every day that her rapist was in her house with nothing and nobody stopping him from sodomizing her! Aggravated sodomy means he hurt her, he used force, he was brutal. And she couldn’t turn to her own daughter for help because that bitch hit her with a milk carton and a glass for just asking for a drink!

    • bengalpuss says:

      It wasn.t a milk carton 2cute, it was a milk crate, which must have caused that poor lady some right pain, and bruising. And your right 2cute, about that stupid bitch’s grin, i don.t think its funny what she allowed to happen to her mother. If i did have a basement dungeon 2cute, i’d find a man with a huge penis, and i’d let him sodomise Thelma riddle and mark kent, as many times as he wanted. Bless that poor lady, i can.t even imagine the pain she was subjected to, fucking pair of bastards they are.

      • bulldoggy says:

        So when bengalpuss will the excavation be finished? I’ve been working on the doilies and hooked rugs to make your dungeon all cosy like. BTW, that was a lie. How do you plan to find that man with an oversized member for the job? Craigslist? Much easier I think to invest in some inanimate objects like a plunger don’t you think? You don’t have to pay a plunger and it could be used in a number of different ways.

        • bengalpuss says:

          Bulldoggy, a plunger sounds good, but i want something that these twat’s can feel up their arse’s. What about, not a cucumber but a marrow. Don.t know if you yank’s eat marrow’s but they’re like 4 cucumbers side by side, that’d hurt those beastly bastards arse’s. As soon as i start constructing my basement bulldoggy, i’ll let you know so you can get to work on the furnishings lol. And keep your eyes peeled for objects that can cause tremendous pain to bastards like this pair.

  3. 2cute says:

    And what’s with that stupid twat’s stupid ass grin? It’s like lalala I let a monster rape my mom, no biggie, lalala.

    • AngryLittleMexican says:

      I know, right? Made me sick, want to just punch it right off her face – one thing I promise you, every lady in that womens prison gots a mama so her 60 days won’t be overly pleasant. Harming/Raping kids and old folks is mightily frowned upon by most mainstream criminals.

  4. DrWhom says:

    First, why the hell is that repugnant bitch smiling? Does she not realize that she is a total piece of shit? Probably not because she’s batshit crazy. Second, I think that both of these bastards should be dropped buried under the prison, after the rapist has been castrated first.

  5. bengalpuss says:

    Oh my god, just when i think that i’ve heard it all, i read something as horrendous as this. I think that thelma riddle, only took her mother in so she could have her mom’s pension/money. That poor woman, being sodomised, by a homeless scumbag, that her evil daughter brought into that home, and allowed her mother to be traumatised, by a raping fucker. And here we go again with another plea deal, you all know how i feel about them. Bulldoggy’s right, she should be in jail and serving decade’s. because she let that beast abuse and rape her elderly mom. If anyone would have harmed a hair on my late mother’s head, then i’d have killed them. I hope that raping fucker gets life and released in general population. And i hope one day that cunt riddle, will get whats coming to her. She should be doing big jail time, its all wrong that she gets to walk, evil bitch.

  6. moodymagic says:

    Thelma Riddle needs her face kicked in. I to hope homeless scumbag gets alot of time in prison. I still wish punishment would match the cruel evil crime.

  7. bengalpuss says:

    For anyone who’s interested, the trial of tina alberson is on now. She’s the fat bastard that made her stepson stand in a hot room with no water, over a whole weekend. She’s admitted that she withheld fluids from the poor boy, as a punishment. I hope the fat cunt is given life, for causing that poor boys death, fat bitch she is.

  8. bengalpuss says:

    Cleo, have to laugh, i must monitor your sight as much as you, guess who’s sneaked past you again? I know that with the hundreds of spam you get its just not possible to catch everyone, but this little f***er, just keeps on getting past lol.

  9. Bengalpuss says:

    Lets also not forget that the daughter brought that cunt into the home in the first place, she should be in jail serving life also.

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