Terrance Moquin

Terrance MoquinCrimes: Domestic Abuse, Child Abuse, Assault

Terrance Moquin of Manitoba, Canada has finally, finally been labeled a dangerous offender. It’s taken a long time to get the job done, and Terrance Moquin had to work hard to deserve his new status. In fact, the busy hellbeast racked up 66 criminal convictions over the years, most of them involving violence, cruelty and deceit.

Over a period of 15 years a number women and children from across Canada and the US had suffered at the hands of Terrance Moquin. His favourite shtick has been to dupe lonely women into believing he was a well-to-do fellow who was an outstanding military man and a supportive father to his children. Lies, all lies.

In the early 1990s Terrance Moquin became known to police for repeatedly attacking his own wife. Apparently the woman didn’t like that he used phone-sex chat lines and whenever she’d complain he’d attack.

Terrance Moquin, the nasty POS wife beater, even forced his wife to perform oral sex on him while he held a knife to her throat — IN FRONT OF THEIR LITTLE BOY! I can’t even imagine what that did to that poor child, seeing his mother sexually brutalized and threatened by his father.

And what did he say while he was assaulting his wife? He said, “Well, I can’t enjoy this with you bawling.”

Terrance Moquin went to prison for that bit of evil and he got out in 1998. Right away he befriended a lonely, married woman from Red Deer. Her husband was overseas for a long stint, and Terrance Moquin took his place by moving into the house. Not only did he take control of the household, he took control of her 3 kids aged 7, 9 and 11.

Terrance Moquin was a terrifying substitute father for those children. He had no qualms about administering corporal punishment, and he had no qualms about escalating it to the level of torture.

In one very repellant act of punishment, Terrance Moquin told the kids he was going to kill them all. He made them choose between beating, hanging and throat-slitting. I can’t even imagine what it was like for those kids.

Once the children chose their manner of death, Terrance Moquin then began to act them out. He even went so far as to tie a dog collar around one child’s neck and hold him over the side of the staircase.

For the abuse he put the children through, Terrance Moquin was arrested, convicted and was sentenced to 2 years in prison plus 3 years probation.

When this nasty roadturd got out of jail he discovered the joys of the Internet. He met nearly a dozen gullible and lonely women in Manitoba online. Invariably these relationships ended when Terrance Moquin abused the women and their children and/or stole money from them.

In one relationship the shitstain Moquin strung up his girlfriend’s dog by its hind legs and beat it in front of his girlfriend’s children.

In another relationship Terrance Moquin stomped his girlfriend’s 2 children with his steel-toed boots. He then used a hypodermic needle to inject the boy with an unknown substance that gave him double vision. WTF?!? He’s a monster!

Because of this nasty criminal behavior, Terrance Moquin was given several prison terms in the early 2000s — usually less than 6 months each! Lucky guy.

In 2005, having been totally not rehabilitated one iota, Terrance Moquin started the same shit again. This time he befriended a married woman from North Dakota and actually managed to convince her to come to Canada to post his bail (he’d been arrested for breaching the terms of his probation).

This gullible woman left her husband, left her children and made her way to spring the bastard from prison. Why? Because she believed his bullshit story that he was in prison for “defending the American flag” in a fight with a rude Canadian.

(A rude Canadian? Never heard of such a thing!)

Anyway, the woman was thankfully intercepted by the police who told her the real truth about the real Terrance Moquin. The real Terrance Moquin is a scheming, evil predator who spun incredible tales of bravery and other bullshit in order to win the trust of trusting women on the Internet.

In 2007, when Terrance Moquin was released again on parole, he befriended a single mother in an Internet chat room. He told her his name was Lane Kidd and that he was a former marine/sniper from Texas. He told her he’d fought in Iraq and had a successful career in the oil and trucking industry in Manitoba.

The gullible woman bought this bullshit hook, line and sinker. After all, this “hero” had an army tattoo. I guess she never figured out before that ANYBODY can have a tattoo of ANYTHING and it’s proof of f*ckall!

Incredibly, the day after they met in person he moved in with her.

The fact that a single mother would let a strange man move in immediately after meeting him makes me want to bang her head against the pavement. I’m sorry but IMO a mother does not have the right to expose her children to a dangerous situation (and a strange man in the house qualifies as a dangerous situation) just because she’s desperate for a man.

The POS hellbeast Moquin didn’t bother reporting this new relationship to justice officials and that was a no-no. I’m not surprised — it’s not like Terrance Moquin respected rules and regulations and laws and other people’s right not to be abused.

In the 6 weeks of the relationship, Terrance Moquin didn’t behave very well. He assaulted the poor woman repeatedly. He also threatened and attacked her 12-year-old daughter.

Manitoba Court of AppealTerrance Moquin was sentenced to 8 years in prison for assault, less 1.5 years for time already served. The Manitoba Court of Appeal erased that because the Crown appealed the verdict. The Crown claimed the initial judge was wrong to find the monster guilty of only simple assault — he should’ve been found guilty of assault causing bodily harm.

In 2010 the Manitoba Court of Appeal agreed with the Crown and sent the case back for retrial. This opened the door for the application of dangerous offender status. FINALLY!

In December 2012 Terrance Moquin, 39, got his much-deserved dangerous offender status. He’ll be kept behind bars until he can prove to federal parole officials he’s not a threat to the public.

Judge Ken Champagne

Chief Judge Ken Champagne

“I strongly urge all future service providers, therapists, correctional staff and women … to carefully assess and critically examine any information that [Terrance Moquin] provides,” said provincial court Chief Judge Ken Champagne in a not-so-subtle warning to the federal parole board. “He has proven time and time again that he will deceive and manipulate his circumstances and environment to suit his needs and achieve his goals.”

Chief Judge Champagne has got that right. Terrance Moquin should never be believed or trusted again. This is a hellbeast who has earned his permanent residence in prison. May he rot and fester there for the rest of his pitiful, useless life.

The only blessing in this whole thing is that nobody died at this monster’s hands. I hope and pray that the children especially who were subjected to those horrific abuses have recovered and go on to lead safe, happy lives.

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10 Responses to Terrance Moquin

  1. Geist says:

    What a waste of oxygen this fuck is! Thank God this oxygen thief is finally being treated like the danger he really is, but it is a bit late.

  2. 2cute says:

    Does anyone know if Dangerous Offenders in Canada are kept in a segregated or separate part of the prison? This guy with his knack for lying and manipulating could cause a whole lotta trouble among his fellow prisoners. I really hope he’s not allowed to use the Internet ever again. He’d have vulnerable women all over sending him money if he could get them into chat rooms and shmooze them with his line of BS.

    • FlyingLeadChange says:

      Not necessarily, and I hope not in this case. My understanding of prison culture is that guys who commit crimes against children (and women, to an extent) are at the very bottom of the pyramid. A lot of the car thieves and drug dealers have wives and kids of their own, and probably very little sympathy for those who would hurt them.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    My dog Charlie and I think he should be hung by his thumbs for beating that one dog, and that’s just for starters. I am glad no people were killed by him but it sounds like he ruined a lot of lives. But I just do not understand women – married women and mothers – who would invite him into their lives totally on the strength of his lies. In this day and age women should at least google the guys they want to get involved with.

    • Bengalpussy says:

      Bulldoggy, not his thumbs, but his knackers. And now i’ve read that comment about him killing little kittys and Doggys, i hope the bastard dies a horrible, painful and horrendous death, something like having acid thrown in his eyes and a big metal bar stuck up his ring piece. I could even chop his gonads off, and leave them out for the foxes, but i don’t want to be charged with being cruel to the british wildlife lol.

      • bulldoggy says:

        Knackers I assume mean gonads. Yeah, he deserves that then especially if he’s been killing dogs and cats. Bad enough what he was doing to children. Evil bastard. Hope the parole board won’t ever fall for his bullshit and let him out.

  4. moodymagic says:

    This guy makes me sick. Cleo wish you found a picture of him.At least he is behind bars.

  5. Lyndal says:

    Just pure evil. Fullstop.

  6. Lichelle says:

    How in the hell did this loser get off so easy so many times.. what a fucking bastard.. and some of those women, wtf.. I would have killed him for laying a finger on my child.

  7. scrappy says:

    What kind of desperate mother lets a strange man into her house after one day? I understand you can have internet conversations and feel as though you really know someone, but you don’t let them interact with your children without some background verification…

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