Tania Coleman & Xavier Hollamon

Hellbeast Tania ColemanHellbeast Xavier Hollamon
Crime: Child Abuse, Murder

When Erie, Pennsylvania firefighters were called to put out a kitchen fire in May 2011, Captain Herrmann caught sight of something odd on the street. It was a torn black suitcase with flies buzzing all around it. Very suspicious it was, very suspicious indeed.

After the fire was dealt with, Captain Herrmann had a chance to investigate the suitcase. As he approached it he noticed a lot of flies and a bad smell, the “smell of something dead”.

The suitcase was ripped on the side. Captain Herrmann looked through the rip and saw a blanket. Inside the blanket was a tiny, wee body of a little girl.

The firefighters immediately secured the scene and called the police.

Erie police began canvassing the neighbourhood and asking questions. Tania Coleman, a pregnant woman with 2- and 3-year-old daughters, admitted to them that the body was that of her 14-month-old daughter Alayja.

Hellbitch Tania Coleman’s living daughters and fetus were fathered by her then boyfriend and future co-defendant Xavier Hollamon. Poor little Alayja had a different father. I’m thinking that had a lot to do with her winding up dead and discarded like trash.

Hellbitch Tania Coleman’s living daughters were just fine. Very healthy in fact. Poor little Alayja though was not only dead but had died of starvation.

Baby AlayjaJust how unwanted and unloved can a child be to be denied food? It’s heartbreaking. And worse, I am positive that besides being denied food and love little Alayja was completely neglected and ignored.

It must be hard to ignore a crying, hungry toddler and refuse her food, unless you’re a completely sadistic hellbeast — it’s much easier if she’s locked in a back room out of sight, out of mind.

There were no signs of trauma on the tiny body. I’m glad the baby wasn’t battered. But the thought of little Alayja being isolated, removed from everyone and everything and left to dwindle and die of starvation just breaks my heart.

It’s like the hellbitch Tania Coleman, 20, and her hellbeast boyfriend Xavier Hollamon, 19, had erased the child from their life. They denied her existence, denied her food, denied her love, and ultimately denied her any chance to live.

Tania the evil bitch Coleman told investigators that Alayja had died in April 2011. She’d been dead for a month already when her body was found.

Tania the heartless monster Coleman and her beastly boyfriend had gone so far as to dig a shallow hole in their backyard with the intention of burying the baby, but reportedly Xavier Hollamon got all emotional and couldn’t go through with it.

WTF? Was the idea of secretly burying the body of a toddler he’d watched being starved to death too heartless for “Mr. Sensitive” Xavier Hollamon? Yeah, right. Cuz killing the baby wasn’t so bad but burying her was?

Maybe Xavier Hollamon feared discovery — how could he deny knowing about a body buried in his backyard?

Maybe Xavier Hollamon just didn’t like hard work and didn’t feel like digging any deeper.

For whatever reason, little Alayja’s decomposing body wound up in that black suitcase and was put out with the trash. In a brand new trash can bought specially for that purpose. MUCH better than putting her in a hole! Why? Because it resulted in her discovery.

An unsuspecting neighbor had removed the suitcase from the trash can. Soon afterward heavy rains had washed the suitcase down the street where it was ultimately spotted by Captain Herrmann. Very serendipitous.

Just a thought — I wonder where the body was kept for the month? Decaying bodies are not pleasant to be around.

Anyway, authorities concluded that Alayja had been neglected for “a period of time” before she died. That poor little darling. Does that mean weeks? Months?

Was she given tiny morsels daily so it took longer for her to die or was her food cut off abruptly? Both of those are too horrible to contemplate. Either way, little Alayja suffered a lingering, horrible death — alone, unloved, neglected, and unwanted.

Weeks before the death and after Tania Coleman told everyone that Alayja was with her father and he wouldn’t let Tania see her.

Too bad that hadn’t been the truth. Just maybe the father or his family would have wanted and cared for the baby.

Hellbeast Tania ColemanTania the hellbitch Coleman was charged with criminal homicide, concealing the death of a child, tampering with or fabricating evidence, endangering the welfare of children, and abuse of a corpse.

What, no child abuse charges?

Xavier the dickhead Hollamon was charged with concealing the death of a child, tampering with or fabricating evidence, and abuse of a corpse.

Ummmm, wasn’t he THERE when little Alayja was being so criminally neglected? Wasn’t he there doing NOTHING to help her? Why no child abuse charges? Just because she wasn’t his daughter he’s off the hook?

That’s just wrong!

At her trial in March 2012, Tania Coleman’s defense was that Alayja’s death was due to a medical problem, not murder.

Jamie Mead, the defense attorney, said the baby just would not eat and his client had trouble keeping Alayja’s weight up.

Mr. Mead admitted that his client should have gotten medical treatment for her daughter, but said she did not intend to murder Alayja.

“This is classic, classic example of failure to thrive,” said Mr. Mead to the court. “Combine that with an overwhelmed mother and you may have tragedy. You don’t have murder.”

A pregnant woman with 3 little children would be overwhelmed, I agree. But why was Alayja the only one of the 3 who suffered?

If Alayja truly had a medical condition, why did she get no medical help? The poor little toddler at the end was emaciated, with bones protruding, on the brink of death — wouldn’t that call for a trip to a clinic at least?

Nah, it wasn’t failure to thrive that killed her. It was her mother’s failure to give a goddamn about her.

The prosecution played a video recording of the police interview with Tania Coleman. Throughout the inteview, the murdering mom was adamant that she never beat her daughter because she’d been beaten as a child and “it is not cool.”

Tania Coleman explained that 2 months before she died Alayja got sick and stopped eating and later stopped drinking. She admitted she should have taken the baby to the hospital but hadn’t.

“It is my fault,” she said. Damn straight it is. She gave no explanation for her failure to get medical care.

On the day they found Alayja dead, Coleman and Hollamon spent a few hours thinking and conspiring about what to do. Apparently calling 911 and turning themselves in was a non-starter.

Xavier Hollamon had just completed US Army basic training and was afraid of military prison, Tania Coleman told the investigators.

She herself was afraid of losing her other children. She was afraid of disappointing her family. She was afraid of never getting a good-paying job. She was afraid her boyfriend would lose his job.

Tania the evil bitch Coleman gave a lot more thought to disposing of her daughter than she had about keeping her alive!

The pair of nasty f*cktards chose to hide the tiny body in the suitcase and then outside in the trash can because of the smell.

It was odd, Tania the heartless beast Coleman said, “how something so small can turn into something so huge.” OMG she was talking about her dead baby’s body like it was an inconvenience!

“Am I going to be on TV?” she asked the investigators. What a f*cking stupid, narcissistic thing to think about! I wonder what the jury thought of that question when they heard it.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Elizabeth Hirz speculated that little Alayja was an obstacle to Tania Coleman’s plans to move to North Carolina with her boyfriend.

Yeah, probably. What man wants to take on another man’s child when he’s got 2 already and another on the way?

Ms Hirz also pointed out that in the weeks before, and not just after, the baby died Tania Coleman had repeatedly told lies about where Alayja was.

Now why would the monstrous mother do that? So nobody would ask to see the baby. Because if they saw the baby they’d see her protruding bones, her sunken cheeks and eyes, her parchment-like skin, her emaciated little body.

If anyone saw the baby in the weeks before she died they would have done something to save her! Anyone, that is, except the mother and her boyfriend.

Dr. Eric Vey testified that Alayja had no blood disorders at birth that would cause her failure to thrive.

Another doctor who saw Alayja at 6 months testified that her weight then was already in the “danger zone.”

Consider what that means — Alayja was already starving at 6 months of age. That poor baby. She’d been hungry for most of her brief little life.

The doctor had instructed Tania Coleman to feed her baby fruits and veggies. Alayja was never taken back for another medical checkup.

In closing arguments, Jamie Mead said that his client was “an overwhelmed young woman not prepared to be a parent.”

The prosecution responded by saying that Tania Coleman already knew how to be a parent — she had 2 older daughters who were well cared for.

The prosecution, in arguing for a 1st-degree murder conviction, said to the jury, “You are here today because she got caught … That little girl was treated like a piece of trash.”

The prosecution also said that 1st-degree murder doesn’t require a plan. “Each and every day her mother didn’t bring her food. It was a decision.”

On March 23, 2012 the jury convicted Tania the murderous mother Coleman of 1st-degree murder.

Erie County Judge Shad Connelly sentenced the killer Coleman to the mandatory sentence of life in prison with no chance of parole for 1st-degree murder. He also added 4 to 24 months on the charge of concealing the death of a child.

Judge Connelly told the murderer she needs to pray for forgiveness “for what was and never should have been.”

Tania Coleman did not mourn the child, said Judge Connelly. She had “placed her in a suitcase to rot.”

And so she had.

Jamie Mead immediately filed motions aiming to set aside Tania Coleman’s 1st-degree murder conviction, or to win her a new trial.

Mr. Mead said the jury found his client guilty based on emotion, not facts.

I guess we shall have to wait to see the outcome of his motions. In the meantime Tania Coleman can sit and rot in her prison cell.

Hellbeast Xavier HollamonAnd whatever happened to her cohort, her partner in crime?

The bastard Xavier Hollamon pled guilty to 2nd-degree misdemeanor counts of tampering with evidence and abuse of a corpse. He had made a plea deal agreeing to testify against Tania Coleman.

The bastard Hollamon’s testimony was considered necessary. Without it the jury might have drawn the wrong conclusions about his participation in the baby’s murder.

Xavier the disgusting turdball Hollamon got a very nice plea deal. Prosecutors agreed not to oppose running his sentences for those misdemeanors concurrently. As well, an unrelated felony gun charge was dismissed. Lucky guy.

Xavier the hellbeast Hollamon was sentenced on May 2, 2012, to serve 9 to 18 months in the Erie County Prison, plus 2 years’ probation and 250 hours of community service. Judge Shad Connelly gave him credit for time served and made him eligible for immediate release on parole.

Yup, a sweet deal indeed for someone who not only stood by and did nothing while a baby was neglected and starved to death, but who participated in the cover-up.

Judge Connelly noted that although the bastard Hollamon had testified truthfully at Coleman’s trial, he didn’t reveal everything he knew of Alayja’s death.

The judge noted because of that plea bargain, he could not sentence Xavier Hollamon for his actions before Alayja’s death.

“He was in a position to do more than he did,” Judge Connelly said. Damn straight! And he pretty much got away with it.

The shitstain Hollamon had said, “I apologize to the court and all the families for the pain and trouble I caused.” Yeah, real heartfelt apology that. Makes me all teary-eyed. Doesn’t even mention the dead baby.

And so the murdering monster mom Tania Coleman has a lifetime in prison ahead of her for starving her baby daughter to death. And the heartless hellbeast boyfriend Xavier Hollamon has a lifetime free from prison ahead of him despite allowing baby Alayja to die. That is, of course, unless he f*cks up and gets caught for another crime.

Both of them deserve to suffer and rot in hell. That would be justice.

RIP little Alayja.

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15 Responses to Tania Coleman & Xavier Hollamon

  1. 2cute says:

    That poor darling little girl! There is no justice in this world when beautiful babies like her are murdered and their murderers are allowed to breathe. R.I.P. baby Alayja, you beautiful little girl.

  2. bengalpuss says:

    That little girls face breaks my heart. Why oh why oh why, did that bastard of a mother ignore her baby and let her starve. At least the mother got a life sentence. As far as the boyfriend goes, i feel that he is wrong for doing nothing, he should have alerted authorities, but the onus was upto the mother she was the caregiver and did fuckall to care for that little girl and then treated her as rubbish. I believe it was because she didn’t belong to don juan, so she was ignored and starved. Don.t get me wrong, the boyfriend is a cunt, how can someone stand around knowing a little baby is being denied the basic necessities that child requires to live. For him to do nothing makes him Culpable, but like i said the onus is on the cunt of an excuse mother. Im fucking sick of hearing the term plea bargain, he should have at least served some jail time. That little girls face has broke my heart, what a little cutie she was, bless.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    If there were natural justice then the more evil a person is the less fertile they should be. It is so wrong that these creatures can breed. I hope that Xavier is rejected as the repulsive, repellent beast he is by every woman he meets, but we all know somebody is going to get involved with him. I hope everyone googles his name and finds out what a disgusting human being he is and then chooses to shun him.

  4. FlyingLeadChange says:

    When I first looked at that picture, I honestly thought the guy on the right was a monkey, and that this was another abused animal case. Lord knows he looks stupid as hell and she looks stoned. Maybe they were just too stupid to figure out how to feed the poor girl?

    Glad she’s locked away. Something tells me her partner in crime will screw up sooner or later and join her before too long.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Flyingleadchange, thats exactly what i thought about the “So called mother” She looks fucked out of her skull. Her eyes are like piss holes in the snow. Jesus whoever she got her dope from, she needn.t have worried about it being low grade with a look like that. Like the comment about the guy looking like a monkey and thinking it was another abused animal case, but thats a bit bad saying that flyingleadchange, don.t insult the monkeys, its not their fault that he looks like them lol.

  5. Trace says:

    I am glad the jury did not buy into that failure to thrive crap. Not getting her medical help proves what a heartless bitch she is. She is a baby killer and should die in prison.

  6. awesomeblossom says:

    OMG how can anyone do that to a baby? To their own baby? She was beautiful but even if she were the fugliest little baby on the planet she deserved to live a happy, safe life. I am so glad the “mother” is going away forever, but I’m not happy at all that Xavier Hollamon gets a walk. I wish divine retribution would turn him into a helpless cripple with sadistic caregivers.

  7. bengalpuss says:

    If theres any justice in this world, that so called mother should get her arse whopped. It has to take someone who is evil, to do what they did to that pretty little girl. I don.t like violence, but i wouldn’t bat an eyelid watching this bitch of a mother getting beat every day. Then she would realise just how her little daughter felt. The only difference is that she’s a big grown woman that can stand up for herself when she’s not loaded on drugs, a baby can.t.

  8. awesomeblossom says:

    I hope her other children are in a good, safe, healthy place where they are loved and cherished.

  9. bengalpuss says:

    And a baby relies on the mother to feed her. It must have been hell for that little girl being starved of food, and starved of affection. And it had to be deliberate because the other children were healthy and fed. I don.t buy that bollocks about failure to thrive, what a load of shite. Funny that its the only child that doesn’t belong to don juan, sex symbol of the year *choke* That is starved and neglected and ultimately murdered. Damn i wish the fucking death penalty could apply to fucker’s like this. Now thats what i call justice.

  10. 2cute says:

    I forgot about the other children. I hope they can have good lives. I don’t believe in her failure to thrive story. She intended for that child to die. Otherwise she would’ve moved heaven and earth to get her baby well. All she sacrificed was a suitcase and a trash bin to hide the body. Evil bitch!

  11. moodymagic says:

    These 2 make me so sick. That poor poor baby. I hope Tania the baby killer suffers lots in prison. Xavier I hope nothing good happens for you and you get to suffer all the rest of your living days.

  12. Maryann Mariconde says:

    What two pieces of shit they are! She had 2 other kids n wasnt prepared for motherhood. They have to stop with these multi pregnancies n expect others to pay for them…state welfare. You all know that bitch wasn’t ever gonna get a career nevermind a job. Scumbucket bitch…now u lost all your kids n your freedom! He got off too easy but hope this haunts them forever

  13. easthigh says:

    The Tania Coleman Murder Case
    Firefighters in Erie, Pennsylvania, on May 24, 2011, while on a call on east Eighth Street, detected the odor of death coming from a discarded suitcase. When they opened the suitcase, the firefighters found the badly decomposed remains of 14-month-old Alayja Coleman.

    The next day, at the Erie Police Department, detectives questioned the child’s mother, 20-year-old Tania Coleman. The pregnant mother of two lived in a house near the discovery of the suitcase. The dead girl’s father, Rahsean Murphy, had been in prison most of Alaja’s life. Murphy had last seen his daughter in late March 2011. Xavier Hollamon, Tania Coleman’s 20-year-old boyfriend, was the father of her other two children as well as the baby to come.

    During the low-key, videotaped interrogation that lasted 45 minutes, Tania said that two months earlier she had discovered Alayja dead in her playpen. Panicked, she called Hollamon who rushed to the house. A high school dropout, Hollamon had just completed his Army basic training, and feared this situation would land him in military prison.
    Rather than report Alayja’s death to the authorities, Coleman and her boyfriend put her body into the suitcase and hid it in the house. Before long, the odor became too much. On April 25, (this was later determined through investigation), Tania and Xavier, at the cost of $73, purchased a fancy plastic trash bin from Walmart. They placed the suitcase containing Alayja’s body into the trash container and set it outside until they figured out how to permanently dispose of the body. (Someone, in stealing the trash bin, removed the suitcase.)

    Forensic pathologist Dr. Eric Vey performed the autopsy, and determined the cause of Alayja’s death to be starvation. (Her body had been consuming her muscles and organs.) The Erie County Coroner ruled her manner of death as homicide. Due to the condition of the corpse, Dr. Vey could not pinpoint the victim’s time of death.

    Dr. Vey’s review of Alayja’s pediatric records revealed that when she was 11 months old she weighed less than she had at the age of 4 months. When examined by a pediatrician 6 months after her birth, the doctor declared Alayja’s weight in the “danger zone,” and recommended that Tania feed her a lot of fruits and vegetables. The little girl missed her 9th and 12th month check-ups.

    Erie County District Attorney Jack Daneri charged Xavier Hollamon with abuse of corpse and tampering with evidence, a pair of misdemeanors that together carried a maximum sentence of 4 years in prison. He charged Tania Coleman with these crimes plus first degree-murder. In Pennsylvania, first degree-murder carried a mandatory sentence of life in prison without the chance of parole. To make his case, the district attorney would have to prove the defendant deliberately starved her daughter to death.

    In early March 2012, Xavier Hollamon pleaded guilty to the abuse of corpse and tampering with evidence misdemeanors in return for 2 years probation and 250 hours of community service. He had been incarcerated in the Erie County Jail for almost a year. Hollamon, as part of the plea bargain, agreed to testify against his former girlfriend, the mother of his two children and the unborn child. (I presume the Army issued Hollamon a dishonorable discharge.)

    Tania Coleman’s first-degree murder trial got underway in mid-March 2012 before Judge Shad Connelly in the Erie County Court House. District Attorney Jack Daneri, on the theory that the defendant had killed her daughter because she had not been fathered by her boyfriend, and didn’t fit into the family, put on his circumstantial case of intentional murder.

    In early March 2012, Xavier Hollamon pleaded guilty to the abuse of corpse and tampering with evidence misdemeanors in return for 2 years probation and 250 hours of community service. He had been incarcerated in the Erie County Jail for almost a year. Hollamon, as part of the plea bargain, agreed to testify against his former girlfriend, the mother of his two children and the unborn child. (I presume the Army issued Hollamon a dishonorable discharge.)

    Tania Coleman’s first-degree murder trial got underway in mid-March 2012 before Judge Shad Connelly in the Erie County Court House. District Attorney Jack Daneri, on the theory that the defendant had killed her daughter because she had not been fathered by her boyfriend, and didn’t fit into the family, put on his circumstantial case of intentional murder.

    Jamie Mead, Coleman’s court-appointed attorney, presented the defendant as an overwhelmed single parent who had neglected a child who died despite efforts to feed her. Attorney Mead argued that if Coleman had intentionally murdered Alayja, she would have come up with a better plan to dispose of her body. The defendant did not take the stand on her own behalf. In the defense attorney’s closing statement to the jury, Mead accused the prosecution of manufacturing a motive to support their theory of an intentional murder.

    On March 22, 2012, the Erie County jury found Tania Coleman guilty of first-degree murder. Attorney Mead immediately filed motions to either replace the first-degree murder conviction with a lesser homicide, or for a new trial. The defense attorney argued that the jury, in finding her client guilty of intentional murder, had relied more on emotion than evidence, citing witnesses who had testified that Tania had expressed concern about Alayja’s refusal to eat.

    Judge Shad Connelly, on May 17, 2012, sentenced Tania Coleman to life in prison without chance of parole.

    On October 7, 2013, a state appeals court upheld Coleman’s conviction. The appellate affirmation meant that Tania Coleman would spend the rest of her life in prison.
    Posted by Jim Fisher at 5:27 AM


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