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Jacqueline Numata

Jacqueline Namata Hell hath no wrath like Jacqueline Numata scorned. Indeed, her wrath comes complete with gift wrap. Her acts of revenge come signed with a bow on top. The person toward whom she directed

Justin Christien Bourque

Justin Bourque Justin Christien Bourque has just done Canada a favour -- he pled guilty to 3 counts of 1st-degree murder and 2 counts of attempted murder. I, for one, am relieved that we

Isaac Aguigui and the FEAR Militia

Isaac Aguigui Isaac Aguigui is only 22 but is responsible for taking 4 lives. He is a power-hungry, arrogant, amoral, little snotnose who is willing to sacrifice anyone for his insane personal agenda. Isaac

Anders Behring Breivik

Hellbeast Anders Behring Breivik Throughout the history of mankind, admirable deeds and tragic sacrifices have been made in the name of patriotism. We know there’s a reason why Russians call their country