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Carl Philip Herold & Charles Walker Dunnavant

Carl Herold & Charles Dunnavant

Crimes: Pedophiles, Incest, Sexual Torture, Sodomy, Child Pornography, Child Abuse From outside appearances, Carl Herold and Charles Dunnavant seemed fairly ordinary. By that, I mean, they managed to hide their completely depraved and evil natures from the outside world. The

Michael Warrener

Hellbeast Michael Warraner Claire Warrener deserved a better, happier and longer life. Tragically any chance she might have had for a successful, contented future was taken away from her at the age of 13.

Bill Zeller’s Suicide Letter

Bill Zeller, victim In a departure from our usual showcasing of hellbeasts, we are here focusing on the damage done to victims of pedophiles, specifically to Bill Zeller. Bill Zeller had much to live