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Gao Chengyong

gao chengyong

Crimes: Serial Killer, rape, murder, dismemberment. Before I begin the tale of Gao Chengyong, I want to thank my readers for their patience. I haven’t written for a long time, but I’ve been battling a bad bout of depression. The

Chisako Kakehi


Crimes: Serial Killer This story admittedly boggles my mind. I look at this picture of a youngish-looking 67-year-old woman and see a friendly, open face. I would not ever suspect her of being a veritable siren who lured men to

Elizabeth Wettlaufer


Crimes: Serial Killer, Attempted Murder. Elizabeth Wettlaufer, a former Ontario nurse, looks dumpy and dull. As exciting as dishwater. If you had to imagine a secret life for this 50-year-old, you might guess she’s a cat hoarder, or an identity

Igor Suprunyuk, Viktor Sayenko & Alexander Hanzha


I am pleased to post this article written by contributor Damon. He tackled a very difficult story. Please be warned — there are some awful, gruesome, disgusting photos with dead animals included. Crimes: Serial murder, animal abuse, assault, torture, robbery,

Tamara Samsonova

Tamara Samsonova

Crimes: Serial Killer, Cannibalism Tamara Samsonova used to be a looker. I kid you not. She was a good looking woman — way back when. Obviously she didn’t age well. I have to wonder which withered away first, her good

James Seay

James Seay 2014 I must admit that I just don't understand the Kentucky justice system that let a convicted killer out of prison early so that he could murder again, and then let that

Thomas Dee Huskey

Hellbeast Thomas Dee Huskey Thomas Dee Huskey is undeniably, irrefutably a serial killer. Known as the "Zoo Man" because of his job at Knoxville Zoo, Thomas Dee Huskey murdered at least 4

Camille Cléroux

Hellbeast Camille Cleroux The first time Camille Cléroux committed murder was in April of 1990. His first victim was his wife of three years and mother of two, Lise Roy. And for decades nobody

Irina Gaidamachuk

Hellbeast Irina Gaidamachuk It took her over 8 years, but Irina Gaidamachuk of Russia managed to supplement her income with around $2,000. As commendable as it was for Irina Gaidamachuk to bring more

Sheila LaBarre

Hellbeast Sheila LaBarre Anyone who has read this blog has to understand that I hate pedophiles. I wish the ills of the world and the torments of hell upon them all. Beyond wishing,

Stephen Shaun Griffiths

Hellbeast Stephen Shaun Griffiths Sometimes it truly terrifies me to think of the kinds of hellbeasts who live and breathe and share this planet. One such hellbeast is Stephen Shaun Griffiths. I

Lila and William Young

Lila and William Young Ask most Canadians who Lila and William Young are and you'll likely get a shrug. Except maybe in Nova Scotia. They were the kindly couple that operated

Lynn Ellingsen

Lynn Ellingsen Lynn Ellingsen did testify against her pal Robert William Pickton at his trial. Her testimony was bought for the price of immunity. It was a pact the prosecutors made with a future