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Tabetha Van Holtz & Steven Gallegos

Tabetha Van Holtz and Steven Gallegos A month before Leland Valdez turned 3, his father, Andrew Valdez, discovered that the toddler's body was covered in bruises. Naturally he asked the

Garfield Boothe & Nichelle Boothe-Rowe

In 2009, Shakeil Boothe was sent from his grandmother's home in Jamaica to Toronto, Ontario, where his father and stepmother lived. His mother wanted him to have more opportunities and a

Janice Susan Deutsch

Janice Deutsch I wouldn't trust Janice Susan Deutsch of La Cresta, Riverside County, California, to look after a goldfish. Come to think of it, I wouldn't even trust her to look after a

Alyssia Skinner

Alyssia Skinner So guess what happens when you take a perfectly healthy baby girl and shake her repeatedly, stop feeding her for a long period of time, keep her in a freezing room, and leave

Paul and Sheila Marie Comer

Paul and Sheila Comer Some people, seriously, should not be allowed to be parents. Mitch Comer's mother and stepfather are two of those people. Paul and Sheila Marie Comer of Paulding County in

Amy Hockett & Joseph Pierson

Amy Hockett and Joseph Pierson Khaiden Hockett was born on October 11, 2011. On February 5, 2012 the little baby boy was dead. Why, why, why? Because he was born to Amy

William Todd Lewallen & Erin Elizabeth Lewallen

William and Erin Lewallen Some women can really pick them. According to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, William Todd Lewallen of Tulsa was convicted in 2011 of manufacturing controlled dangerous substances (methamphetamine). Nice.

Janet and Ramon Barreto

Ramon and Janet Barreto Let's see if we can give the US Marshal's Office a hand. Janet and Ramon Barreto were arrested in Mississippi, and then freed on bail in 2008 and

Sanae Nakamura

Crimes: Murder, Child Abuse I began writing about hellbeasts because of Rie Fujii, a young mother who abandoned her 2 babies to starve to death so that she could enjoy herself with her boyfriend. I thought at the time that

Tara Ann Bergland-Haugo von Rothlisberg

Hellbeast Tara Ann Bergland-Haugo von Rothlisberg This is wrong, so very, very wrong. On May 31, 2012, Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies responded to a concerned call from an employee of a

Christopher Sheldon & Charlotte Sheldon

Christopher and Charlotte Sheldon When Christopher and Charlotte Sheldon were told by the judge on February 8, 2013, that they were heading to prison, they cried. Good! I'm glad they're upset because the

Anna Marie Rose Wilkes & Harley William Fraser Stueck

Anna Marie Rose Wilkes Nylan Jordan George Clark didn't really stand a chance at survival. His mother, Anna Marie Rose Wilkes had a history of substance abuse and mental health issues. Not good.

Dr. Daniel Meir, Dana Ben-Meir, Dr. Jacob Margolin & Na’ama Dokshitsky

Kfar Shaul Mental Health Center Dealing with individuals with autism is a definite challenge. Families coping with severe autism can face tremendous physical, emotional and financial hardships. Too often parents are

Connie, Kevin and Alan Roberson

Kevin, Connie and Alan Roberson Not everyone is suited to be a caregiver, especially to their parent. I know, after having looked after my chronically ill mother for 19 years, that it