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Robert Eugene Clark & Samantha Simmons

clark and simmons

Crimes: Incest, Pedophiles, Child Abuse. I’m pretty sure that most of the residents of Rockbridge County, Virginia, USA, are normal, decent people with a strong sense of morality. It’s just unfortunate for them that Robert Eugene Clark and his half-sister,

De’Asia Bartee


Crimes: Child Abuse, Murder, Negligence I suspect that Samia Rose Yusuf was a big inconvenience when she died. Hell, I suspect she was a big inconvenience when she was alive, at least to her mother, De’Asia Bartee. That’s an awful

Venette Ovilde & Myriam Janvier

Venette Ovilde, Myriam Janvier

Crimes: Child Abuse, Manslaughter Religion can do bizarre things to people’s heads. I’m not talking about the shape of the heads, but rather the content. Friends and roommates of Irvington, New Jersey, USA, got themselves involved in a whackadoo cult

Isaac Matthew Hernandez

Isaac Hernandez

Crimes: Child Abuse, Neglect, Murder This is a brief story about the brief life of an unloved infant. Sylys Hernandez lived to be almost 3 months old when his pain-filled life came to an end. The poor, helpless infant was

Chloe Thomas & Sean Buckley

sean buckley and chloe thomas

Crimes: Child Abuse, Neglect, Murder Here we go again — another heart wrenching story about a murdered baby. Another pathetic case of a real macho boyfriend brutalizing a helpless infant while the “mother” stands by her “man”. I don’t want

Cody Marshall Baker & Anna Steele

Cody Baker, Anna Steele Anna Steele of Columbia, Missouri didn't deserve to have baby Finley. That's my opinion. The minute she decided to bring her boyfriend Cody Marshall Baker into Finley's life, she

Jordyn Blue Coat & Francis Swan

Stop Child Abuse Little Jastin Conner Blue Coat didn't stand a chance in life, and I don't understand it. He was truly adorable, with big cheeks and a sweet, friendly smile. He loved to

Diane Davy & James Davy

Diane and James Davy Poor Viola Simonds, she deserved so much better. The elderly former nurse from Ontario, Canada had made the horrible decision to give her daughter, Diane (aka Diana) Davy, power

Joanne Quinn

Joanne Quinn I have said previously that taking care of an elderly parent is a difficult choice that comes with economic, social, emotional and physical costs. Caregiving is definitely not for everyone. The role should

Michael Marshall & Sharon Glass

Sharon Glass and Michael Marshall Sharon Glass of Titusville, Florida, began a relationship with Michael Marshall in 2009.

Wayne Sperling & Lorinda Bailey

Wayne Sperling and Lorinda Bailey The children of Wayne Sperling and Lorinda Bailey of Denver, Colorado, would have been better off if they'd been raised by neanderthals. I'm serious. Prehistoric cave-dwellers would

Mary Rader, Deana Beighley & Dennis Beighley

Mary Rader and Deana Beighley Mary C. Rader of Greenville, Pennsylvania, along with her mother, Deana Beighley, and her stepfather, Dennis Beighley, are really lucky people. They might not feel so lucky,

Jodi Russell

Jodi Russell Jodi Russell of Halesowen, West Midlands is absolutely one of the most self-absorbed people I've heard about. She's a single mother, heaven help her kids, and seems to live her life around the

Donnie Anderson, William Antone Edwards, Demontt Allen, Michael Martin, Irkis Forrest, Sandy Brown, Edward Duckworth & Jennifer McDonald

Donnie Anderson, William Antone Edwards, Demontt Allen, Michael Martin, Irkis Forrest, Sandy Brown, Edward Duckworth & Jennifer McDonald