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Philip Michael Chicoine

philip chicoine

Crimes: Pedophile, Child Pornography, Luring. Philip Michael Chicoine of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada is not your typical Canadian guy. He’s a vile, predatory pedophile, and he can’t be incarcerated long enough for my liking. The hellbeastly pervert was arrested in March

Ira Task & William C. Byers Augusta

Ira Task, William Byers Augusta

Crimes: Pedophiles, Rape, Child Abuse, Conspiracy, Child Porn It’s a good thing I took my blood pressure meds because learning about these two hellbeasts nearly made my head explode. I am simultaneously seething with rage about these monsters, and heartbroken

Shannon Grant McCoole

Shannon McCoole Australian Shannon Grant McCoole was the head administrator of a popular pedophile site. Alarmingly, shockingly, disgustingly, 45,000 people were members of that site. No wonder we seem to trip over pedophiles these days

Kevin Bollaert

Kevin Bollaert Kevin Bollaert is a total crybaby. He's crying because he got slammed by the justice system, which is exactly what he deserved. He's crying because he didn't want to face the consequences of

Meri Jane Woods

Meri Jane Woods Meri Jane Woods of Indiana County, Pennsylvania, fights dirty, really dirty. That's not a good thing. It appears that when she wants to get even with someone she's willing to

Donnie Snook

Donnie Snook Donnie Snook of Saint John, New Brunswick, sure fooled a whole lot of people. For years he has posed as a responsible, involved citizen. He was a municipal politician and a youth worker

Farhad Billimoria

Farhad Billimoria Farhad Billimoria, a former chef from Melbourne, Australia is a confessed sex offender. Give him access to a webcam and Skype and he can victimize little girls around the world. His victim

Ronald William Brown

Ronald William Brown Ronald William Brown of Largo, Florida, scares me because he's a monster in the making. I'm afraid that some time in the future we'll be reading about acts of unbelievable barbarity

Kruse Wellwood & Cameron Moffat

Hellbeasts Kruse Wellwood and Cameron MoffatThe world would so totally have been a better place if Kruse Wellwood and Cameron Moffat had been aborted. But unhappily for us

Larry Robert Collins

Larry Robert Dollins Former pastor Larry Robert Collins loves porn. And by that I mean he LOVES porn. He would spend four to five hours a day, every day, viewing it. Porn is