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Edwina Louis, Bobbi Sue Pack & Juan Carlos Sanchez

Louis, Pack and Sanchez I know that I'm sounding repetitive, but life is SO UNFAIR that some people who would make wonderful parents can't have children, yet others who are downright evil, depraved

Mikeal Shane Pruett

Mikeal Pruett It's not often that I can name incestuous pedophiles, which is too damn bad but totally understandable. We have to protect the children, after all. But this is my lucky day -- I

Erik Austin Flores & Mariah Rita Sugg

Flores and Sugg I consider the employees of the Marinello School of Beauty in Victorville, California to be heroes. They saved 3 children from abuse, torture and possible death. Kudos to them! The Marinello

April Cleary McGlamery & Robert Bauguss

April Cleary McGlamery April Cleary McGlamery of Millers Creek, North Carolina, is a freak. No, I'm not talking about her appearance. In fact I shall do my best not to mention her appearance, because

Mervyn Kenneth Douglas Bell

Mervyn Bell Mervyn Kenneth Douglas Bell, of Broome, West Australia, deserves to suffer each and every day for the rest of his worthless, useless life. That's my opinion, but I'm sure it's shared by many

Tom Iles White

Tom Iles White I don't know much about Tom Iles White of Plano, Texas. I don't know his occupation or his background. What I do know negates all of that. Tom Iles White is

Stevie Michael Irwin

Stevie Michael Irwin OK, this is a ridiculously short story in the telling, with not much in the way of details. Still, it's the story of a hellbeast who most deservedly belongs on this

Amanda Dianne Arellano & Daniel Kelly Copeland

Amanda Arellano Yet again I am left to wonder how hellbeasts find each other. Daniel Kelly Copeland of Fort Valley, Georgia, is a drug-using pedophile. His girlfriend, Amanda Dianne Arellano of Knoxville, is likewise a

Michael Richardson

Michael Richardson Lookee what we have here. Another pedophile who has so thoughtfully covered his face and body with tattoos. I love when they do that because it makes them so very identifiable. I hope

Michael Stephen Jacques

Michael Jacques Murderous pedophile Michael Stephen Jacques gets to live until he dies of natural causes. That's more than can be said of his victim, 12-year-old Brooke Bennett. She died a horrible, cruel, senseless

Brett Sanders

Brett Sanders Brett Sanders, 54, of Ash Grove, Missouri, is a vile pile of human feces, IMO. Any man who can sexually abuse his two granddaughters for years is a bottom feeder of society. That's

Sabrina Bonner and Lionel Barthelemy

Sabrina Bonner and Lionel Barthelemy This story has been in the news all over the world for the past couple of days, but I'm going to join in the fray by adding

Ashley Nicole Williams

I've gotten tired of waiting for a resolution to this story, so here goes. I guess I'll have to insert the word "allegedly" as I go along. Ashley Nicole Williams, 19, of Lebanon,

Paul Eugene Wiard

Paul Eugene Wiard I don't know why Paul Eugene Wiard deserves his good fortune. The Claypool, Indiana man should be parked in prison for 4 years, but instead he's serving out his time on