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Keith Baker and Caroline Baker

keith and caroline baker

Crimes: Rape, Sexual Assault, Kidnapping, Sex Slavery. Keith Baker of Craigavon, Co Armagh, Northern Ireland, is a sadistic sex beast. I don’t know if he’s always been one, but he definitely has since 2004. Now, to be fair to Northern

April Corcoran & Shandell Willingham


Crimes: Pedophile, Rape, Child Porn, Child Abuse, Human Trafficking There are times when I feel that a prison sentence is not sufficient punishment. The case of April Corcoran of Warren County, Ohio is one of those. A hefty dose of

Colin Hernandez Mendez & Denicia Alfaro Lleydi

Mendez and Lleydi Colin Hernandez Mendez and Denicia Alfaro Lleydi of Greenville, South Carolina, are inhuman and inhumane hellbeasts. They didn't murder anybody, but that's about the only good thing.

Steven Currence

Steven Currence Steven Currence of Billings, Montana scares the ever-loving crap out of me. I kid you not. And the idea that his prison sentence is only 7 years isn't reassuring at all. The hellbeast

Jean-Claude Kodjo Toviave

Jean-Claude Toviave Jean-Claude Kodjo Toviave is kind of a cool name but it belongs to a totally uncool guy. Uncool and evil. And sick and twisted. And rotten and despicable. Jean-Claude Kodjo Toviave is a

Michelle Randall

Hellbeast Michelle Randall Michelle Randall of Upland, Nebraska is really deep doodoo. I'd say she's up to her filthy, hairy armpits in it right now, and deservedly so. Michelle Randall is a sex offender.

Ibrahim & Basma Julani

Hellbeast Ibrahim Julani I thought I'd have a gander at some other countries for crime and injustice, and encountered this unhappy example of both in Israel. The unfortunate victim was Mary Ann Paoig,

Ferenc Domotor, Gyula Domotor, Gyongyi Kolompar and Ferenc Domotor Jr.

Hellbeast Domotor familyCall me naive, but I never really considered human trafficking to be a Canadian problem. Until now, thanks to the Domotor family.