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Elizabeth Wettlaufer


Crimes: Serial Killer, Attempted Murder. Elizabeth Wettlaufer, a former Ontario nurse, looks dumpy and dull. As exciting as dishwater. If you had to imagine a secret life for this 50-year-old, you might guess she’s a cat hoarder, or an identity

Anthony Hussey

Anthony Hussey

Crime: Rape Anthony Hussey of Ardshillane, Sneem, Ireland, grew up in a well-liked and respected family. He was a bit shy when he was younger, and made average marks in school. He trained twice a week as a Gaelic footballer,

Francis Riccio & Ilene Renee Lazar


Crimes: Murder, Abuse of a Body I feel really bad for Maureen Riccio of Melbourne, Florida, USA. At 70 years of age she had health issues and needed care. Her son, Francis Riccio, had her living with him, supposedly so

Georgette Denise Backman, Steven Raymond Backman & Georgio Backman


Crimes: Elder Abuse I feel so bad for 83-year-old Deloris Pettiford. Crimes against elderly people infuriate me, especially when they’re committed by family members. I spent decades looking after my own handicapped mother, and wrecked my back doing it, so

Gary Dale Baker

Gary Baker Being an older broad myself, I really hate reading about crimes against the elderly. They make me feel particularly vulnerable. And the story of Gary Dale Baker terrifies me. For over 2 decades

Alan Troy

No mugshot I could say a lot of bad things about Alan Troy, of Scotland, UK. I could call him a selfish, greedy bastard. I could call him a murderous, slimebucket f*ckturd. I can

Susan Warne

Susan Warne Susan Warne of Leiston, Suffolk, UK is a loser. She's a big time loser. She's lost everything to the game of bingo. I kid you not -- she's lost her money, other people's

Dorothy Kerridge

Dorothy Kerridge See this woman here? This is Dorothy Kerridge of Kelsale, Suffolk, UK. She worked as a live-in caregiver for 90-year-old dementia sufferer, Muriel Munro of Caithness Close, Ipswich. Poor Mrs. Munro is

Diane Davy & James Davy

Diane and James Davy Poor Viola Simonds, she deserved so much better. The elderly former nurse from Ontario, Canada had made the horrible decision to give her daughter, Diane (aka Diana) Davy, power

Joanne Quinn

Joanne Quinn I have said previously that taking care of an elderly parent is a difficult choice that comes with economic, social, emotional and physical costs. Caregiving is definitely not for everyone. The role should

Margaret Lee Cole

Margaret Cole I know it's not always possible for people to care for their elderly family members themselves. It's a tough, heart-wrenching situation, and very often the best solution is to employ a caregiver.

Raymond Miranda & Ruben Melanson

Raymond Miranda Raymond Miranda, 15, and Ruben Melanson, 16, of Southern California are off to a frighteningly bad start in life. In April 2014, when they were only 14 and 15, they almost became

Jesse Peyton Rose

Jesse Rose On Easter Sunday, 2014, Sandra Jean McKinney of Red Mountain, California, was reported missing. It was a shock to the small community because she was well known and much loved by residents. The

Adam Donald Lutz

Adam Lutz Adam Donald Lutz of Michigan is one pathetic excuse for a son. The 46-year-old Waterford Township man was apparently anticipating the day his mother, Gloriann Lutz, would die and leave him his inheritance.