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Anthony Michael Wainscott Sr.

Anthony Wainscott Sr An alert and concerned teacher at Holly Hill Elementary in Clermont County, Ohio, noticed that one young fellow couldn't stay awake in her class. She asked him why and was, I'm

Jesus Humberto Canales

Jesus Canales It took a lot to bring the hellbeast, Jesus Humberto Canales, to justice, but it was well worth the effort. The monstrous murderer needed to be caught and put away forever.

David McDougall

David McDougall If I had my way, David McDougall of Fife, Scotland would never see the light of day again. Lucky for him I'm not in charge. I have no compassion whatsoever for serial rapists.

Naveed Ahmed

Naveed Ahmed What the hell is wrong with the world these days? I know that makes me sound like an old broad but hell, that's what I am. What I'm referring to is the

Timothy Tucker

Timothy TuckerTimothy Tucker, 51, of Michigan, is one evil turdpile. Already I'm calling him a nasty name but he's deserving, believe me. He's a woman beater and a dog killer. If you still

Roland McKoy

Roland McKoy To call Roland McKoy, of Hackney, east London, a hellbeast is an understatement. His sick, twisted and evil nature is such that I am tempted to label him the devil himself. I cannot

Nikolas Stefanatos

Nikolas Stefanatos Nikolas Stefanatos, of Brossard, Quebec, is not merely a lousy boyfriend. He's a dangerous boyfriend. Tanya St-Arnauld found that out the hardest way possible. In August 2012, Tanya St-Arnauld and Nikolas Stefanatos had

Miguel Mejia-Ramos

Miguel Mejia-Ramos Deisy Garcia of Queens, New York, lived in fear of her husband, Miguel Mejia-Ramos, for months. She feared not only for her own life but for the lives of her two baby girls.

William Berry

William Berry I am usually very sympathetic to disabled people. My own mother had Multiple Sclerosis for half her life, and still managed to live to the ripe age of 80. I was her sole

Mervyn Kenneth Douglas Bell

Mervyn Bell Mervyn Kenneth Douglas Bell, of Broome, West Australia, deserves to suffer each and every day for the rest of his worthless, useless life. That's my opinion, but I'm sure it's shared by many

Anthony Bruce

Anthony Bruce Sometimes I despair of British justice, and I don't even live there. The case of Anthony Bruce reminds me why I'm glad I don't live in Britain. Anthony Bruce, 34, of Chester-le-Street,

Andrew Michael Wilson

Andrew Wilson Andrew Michael Wilson of Wakulla County, Florida, could've had it all. He had a young, beautiful girlfriend and a baby boy. Too bad he also had a vicious, vindictive and jealous nature. Too

David C. Wise

David C. Wise David C. Wise of Indianapolis, Indiana certainly has a friend in Marion Superior Court Judge Kurt Eisgruber. And for the life of me I can't understand it. Why the hell

Albrecht Gero Muth

Albrecht Muth I guess Albrecht Gero Muth ran out of patience. After all, he'd waited 21 years for his elderly wife to die so he could inherit her estate. I strongly suspect he'd married Viola