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Amaurus Zaiter

amaurus zaiter

Crimes: Pedophile, Domestic Abuse, Assault, Animal Cruelty I’m going to say it flat out — Amaurus Zaiter of Cleveland, Ohio, USA does not deserve to be in society. He’s dangerous to women, animals and small children. He collected swords, and

Richard Trottier

Richard Trottier

Crime: Attempted Murder Richard Trottier of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is not the sort of man a woman would want to be involved with. I’m not saying that because he’s deaf. I am kinda saying it because he is a drug

Cody Cory-Lea Connolly


Crimes: Torture, Aggravated Domestic Violence Before I get into the pathetic tale of Cody Cory-Lea Connolly, I want to thank readers for their patience while I’ve been recovering from surgery. I’m pleased to report it was a success, but for

Lester Ross, Jr.


Crimes: Murder Back in 2009, Lester Ross, Jr. of Winter Haven, Polk County, Florida was embroiled in a nasty custody battle with Ronkeya Holmes of Georgia. They both wanted full custody of their little daughter, MaSarah. IMO, Ronkeya Holmes wanted

Darius Lamont Virger & Alexis Jade Cave

Alexis Cave and Darius Virger Thirteen-month-old Diarra Nicole Chappell didn't stand a chance. No chance at all, really.

Jacqueline Numata

Jacqueline Namata Hell hath no wrath like Jacqueline Numata scorned. Indeed, her wrath comes complete with gift wrap. Her acts of revenge come signed with a bow on top. The person toward whom she directed

Tony Degrafreed

Tony Degrafreed Tony Degrafreed of Indianapolis, Indiana murdered his first wife. Then he murdered his second wife. That makes him purebred demon spawn and a fine specimen of a hell beast. On January 29, 1994,

Jerry Nichols

Jerry Nichols Marrying Jerry Nichols of Crest Hill, Illinois, was the worst mistake Diane Nichols ever made. She was a loving mother, a beloved sister, and a good person who put others' needs ahead of

Alex Anselmo

Alex Anselmo Alex Anselmo of Clinton Hill, New York didn't kill his ex-girlfriend, but only because a concerned neighbour called 911. Thank gawd for concerned neighbours! Alex Anselmo planned to kill his ex-girlfriend, but only

David William McLeish

David McLeish I'm feeling very judgmental today (just like I've been feeling every single day of my adult life), and thus I proclaim that David William McLeish of Thriepland Wynd, Perth to be the moral

Traigo Ehkid Andretti AKA Dylan Harold Grubb

Traigo Andretti I'm pretty sure that when Traigo Ehkid Andretti changed his name from Dylan Harold Grubb he thought his life would change too -- more exciting, more successful, and all-round better. Too bad for

Anthony Michael Wainscott Sr.

Anthony Wainscott Sr An alert and concerned teacher at Holly Hill Elementary in Clermont County, Ohio, noticed that one young fellow couldn't stay awake in her class. She asked him why and was, I'm

Jesus Humberto Canales

Jesus Canales It took a lot to bring the hellbeast, Jesus Humberto Canales, to justice, but it was well worth the effort. The monstrous murderer needed to be caught and put away forever.

David McDougall

David McDougall If I had my way, David McDougall of Fife, Scotland would never see the light of day again. Lucky for him I'm not in charge. I have no compassion whatsoever for serial rapists.