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Deborah Point

Hellbeast Deborah Point Audrey Trudeau of Calgary worked at Rockyview Hospital. The patients loved her and her family really loved her. She was compassionate, caring and generous by all accounts. It was because Audrey

Brian William Frederick Allender

Brian AllenderCheryl Anne Joe of Vancouver was a young single mother of two. Her "adopted" mother described her as "a super person who cared about others. She would always put her own problems

Michael Briere

Hellbeast Michael Briere Holly Jones was a really good kid. She was smart, happy and friendly. Holly Jones was the light of her parents' eyes. In 2003 Holly was a bright Grade 5 student

Stephen Shaun Griffiths

Hellbeast Stephen Shaun Griffiths Sometimes it truly terrifies me to think of the kinds of hellbeasts who live and breathe and share this planet. One such hellbeast is Stephen Shaun Griffiths. I

John Myles Sharpe

Hellbeast John  Myles Sharpe Australia has its share of hellbeasts too. In March 2004, John Myles Sharpe proved beyond a doubt he was one of them. He had what a

Ron “Wikkid” Weems, Laurell Pruett, Ashley Greenhill & Matthew Fox

Hellbeast Ronald WeemsHow well do any of us really know our friends? I'm sure most of us would like to think we know them very well especially if they've been around our family

Omaima Aree Nelson

Hellbeast Omaima Nelson The name Hannibal Lecter is likely familiar to most people as a fictional character who enjoyed eating people. The name Omaima Aree Nelson is likely not so familiar to people. She

Sydney Teerhuis-Moar

Sydney Teerhuis-Moar Sydney Teerhuis-Moar is a killer. He became a killer in July 2003 at the age of 33. Sydney Teerhuis-Moar is also a fame whore. Probably has always been one. So being the pathetic

Yves Bureau

Hellbeast Yves Bureau Some hellbeasts are born and some are made. Yves Bureau defies explanation. Truly. Yves Bureau was a 56-year-old French farmer in the Dordogne region of France. He was married with

Muhammad Arsal Khan and Kaneez Fatima

Muhammad Arsal Khan and Kaneez Fatima Dog walkers find a lot of bodies. And so it was in a Toronto park on December 7, 1999. Mary Smith was out walking her dog