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James Osbourne & Heather Koon

heather koon, james osborne

Crimes: Pedophiles, rape, conspiracy, child porn James Osborne of Ohio, USA, is a pedophile. A rotten, stinking, festering pile of sheep shit kind of pedophile. You might get the idea I really don’t like pedophiles and you’d be right. I

Shayne Lund, Avery Taylor & Kathryn Thompson

Kathryn Thompson, Shayne Lund, Avery Taylor

Crimes: Pedophiles, Conspiracy, Child Abuse, Child Porn, Bestiality I don’t get it. I look at photos of Shayne Lund and I see an ordinary guy. I don’t see a “chick magnet” who attracts great numbers of girls. I don’t see

Igor Suprunyuk, Viktor Sayenko & Alexander Hanzha


I am pleased to post this article written by contributor Damon. He tackled a very difficult story. Please be warned — there are some awful, gruesome, disgusting photos with dead animals included. Crimes: Serial murder, animal abuse, assault, torture, robbery,

Carl Philip Herold & Charles Walker Dunnavant

Carl Herold & Charles Dunnavant

Crimes: Pedophiles, Incest, Sexual Torture, Sodomy, Child Pornography, Child Abuse From outside appearances, Carl Herold and Charles Dunnavant seemed fairly ordinary. By that, I mean, they managed to hide their completely depraved and evil natures from the outside world. The

Ira Task & William C. Byers Augusta

Ira Task, William Byers Augusta

Crimes: Pedophiles, Rape, Child Abuse, Conspiracy, Child Porn It’s a good thing I took my blood pressure meds because learning about these two hellbeasts nearly made my head explode. I am simultaneously seething with rage about these monsters, and heartbroken

Michele Anderson & Joseph McEnroe


Crimes: Mass Murder If life were fair, which it isn’t, then the most evil among us would be destined to suffer the most unimaginable horrors and pain. And if life were fair, Michele Anderson and Joseph McEnroe of Carnation, Washington

Jeannie Mae Carpenter & James John Kirksey

Jeannie Carpenter and James Kirksey Jeannie Mae Carpenter and James John Kirksey are a lovely pair -- of pedophiles. The couple from Belmont County, Ohio, won't be able to continue being a

Louis Ray Perez, Dorothy Grace Marie Maraglino & Jessica Lynn Lopez

Louis Perez All Brittany Killgore of Fallbrook, California wanted to do in April 2012 was move out of her apartment. She'd just filed for divorce from her husband who was deployed to Afghanistan and

Dina Rodrigues, Sipho Mfazwe, Mongezi Bobotyane, Zanethemba Gwada & Bonginkosi Sigenu

Dina Rodrigues Dina Rodrigues of Cape Town, South Africa is the kind of woman you don't want to cross. Seriously, if you value your life or the lives of those you love, don't mess with

Nicolette Beard

Nicolette Beard Nicolette Beard of College Station, Texas, is one scary woman. I kid you not. Fortunately, somebody she knew learned how scary she is and took action. That person saved at least one life.

Edward Carreon

Edward Carreon Edward Carreon of Chicago, Illinois, USA, is indubitably a pedophile. Happily, he's been convicted of sexually assaulting a child, and is now residing in a cozy cell. That's what he deserves -- that's

Amy Hillrich, David Olvera & Emilio Pelayo Saldana

Olvera, Saldana and Hillrich It's my opinion that if one is contemplating murder, one should have at least one working brain cell. Luckily for investigators in Ontario, California, Amy Hillrich, David Olvera and

Maria del Carmen Granados Fajardo

Maria del Carmen Granados Fajardo Hell hath no fury like Maria del Carmen Granados Fajardo scorned. Her ex-boyfriend, Victor Hugo Sanchez, found that out the hard way. He found out that she

Donnie Anderson, William Antone Edwards, Demontt Allen, Michael Martin, Irkis Forrest, Sandy Brown, Edward Duckworth & Jennifer McDonald

Donnie Anderson, William Antone Edwards, Demontt Allen, Michael Martin, Irkis Forrest, Sandy Brown, Edward Duckworth & Jennifer McDonald