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Alex Anselmo

Alex Anselmo Alex Anselmo of Clinton Hill, New York didn't kill his ex-girlfriend, but only because a concerned neighbour called 911. Thank gawd for concerned neighbours! Alex Anselmo planned to kill his ex-girlfriend, but only

Nicolette Beard

Nicolette Beard Nicolette Beard of College Station, Texas, is one scary woman. I kid you not. Fortunately, somebody she knew learned how scary she is and took action. That person saved at least one life.

Edward Carreon

Edward Carreon Edward Carreon of Chicago, Illinois, USA, is indubitably a pedophile. Happily, he's been convicted of sexually assaulting a child, and is now residing in a cozy cell. That's what he deserves -- that's

Ray Ojeda

Ray Ojeda Just before midnight on June 13, 1997, hellbeast Ray Ojeda was driving around Denver, Colorado looking for a victim. When he drove to the 2800 block of Holden Place, he found her. He

Zachary R. Dunn

Zachary Dunn Zachary R. Dunn of Ohio, USA is every parent's worst nightmare. He is a child-snatching, baby-raping, and downright murderous pedophile. It is only by luck that he hadn't succeeded in killing a child,

Johra Kaleki

Johra Kaleki My own mother, R.I.P., wasn't perfect, but I considered her wonderful. She never yelled at us, or insulted us. She didn't spank us or ground us. She was quiet, considerate and thoughtful,

Thomas Joseph Murphy & Carmen Montelongo

Thomas Murphy and Carmen Montelongo It's a weird world when the monsters among us can find love with their fellow monsters, even when they're in prison. Thomas Joseph Murphy, formerly of Crestline,

William Berry

William Berry I am usually very sympathetic to disabled people. My own mother had Multiple Sclerosis for half her life, and still managed to live to the ripe age of 80. I was her sole

Adam Donald Lutz

Adam Lutz Adam Donald Lutz of Michigan is one pathetic excuse for a son. The 46-year-old Waterford Township man was apparently anticipating the day his mother, Gloriann Lutz, would die and leave him his inheritance.

Tyler Holder

Tyler Holder In the evening of July 1, 2013 the Saginaw, Texas Police Department responded to a 911 call stating that a body had been found. And yes, a body had indeed been found.

Mark Borel

Mark Borel Cindy Campbell, a married mother of 2 teenagers, made a horrible mistake. She had an affair with Mark Borel, a married Ontario government worker. He was definitely, positively the wrong man to get

Justin Christien Bourque

Justin Bourque Justin Christien Bourque has just done Canada a favour -- he pled guilty to 3 counts of 1st-degree murder and 2 counts of attempted murder. I, for one, am relieved that we

Charles Reed Black

Charles Reed Black When Lisa and Charles Reed Black got divorced in 2013, you could only be surprised it took so long. They'd only been married for 9 years, but if I were Lisa

Osvaldo Rivera

Osvaldo Rivera Osvaldo Rivera of Camden, New Jersey, USA, is a truly evil man, and thankfully a jury convicted him of his truly evil deeds. In September 2012, Rivera broke into an occupied home