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Joey Bertrail Garron, Robert Carl Johnson & Ketorie Dtriston Glover


Crimes: Rape, Aggravated Assault, Torture, Arson, Attempted Murder It’s my opinion that had Joey Garron, Robert Johnson and Ketorie Glover been aborted by their mothers, the world would be a better place. I’m being serious. It would have been far

Darren Byrne

Darren Byrne

Crimes: Arson, Murder. Darren Byrne of Essex, England, had what most would consider to be an idyllic life. He was a banker who could afford to live in a beautiful £450,000 home in the desirable Theydon Bois community. He had

Matthew Brush

matthew brush

Crimes: Murder, Arson. Cassandra Kaake, 31, of Windsor, Ontario, Canada was looking forward to the birth of her baby girl she was going to name Molly. The mother-to-be worked to support herself. She’d split with the father of her baby

Catherine Bartlett


Crimes: Attempted Murder, Arson, Fraud Catherine Bartlett doesn’t deserve to have family and friends supporting her. IMO she doesn’t deserve to have family and friends at all. The woman from Fawley, Hampshire, UK is a fake, a phony, a thief,

John Corver


Crimes: Attempted Murder, Kidnapping, Assault, Attempted Arson, Animal Cruelty John Corver of Bolton, Connecticut has women problems. It seems they keep wanting to leave him. Awwww. But the real problem is that John Corver won’t let them go. He apparently

Nadine Sapp Harris

Nadine Harris Nadine Sapp Harris of Florida, USA is one scary broad. I kid you not. I'd sure as hell hate to have her mad at me. As it was, she was mad at

Jacqueline Numata

Jacqueline Namata Hell hath no wrath like Jacqueline Numata scorned. Indeed, her wrath comes complete with gift wrap. Her acts of revenge come signed with a bow on top. The person toward whom she directed

René Goudreau

Rene Goudreau Lucie Goudreau of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada feared her son, René. Tragically, she had good reason to. The man has a long history of mental illness, including bipolar disorder which must have made life

Paul Anthony Moore, Curtis Ward, & Clarence McGee

crying Nireah Johnson and Brandie Coleman were murdered over ten years ago, but their murders are still very relevant today. You see, Nireah was murdered because she was transgender, and Brandie was murdered for daring to

Margaret Lee Cole

Margaret Cole I know it's not always possible for people to care for their elderly family members themselves. It's a tough, heart-wrenching situation, and very often the best solution is to employ a caregiver.

Mohammed Riaz Inayat

Mohammed Riaz Inayat I really wish the press would stop using the term "honour killing". There is no honour in it, just killing. To me "honour killings" are nothing more than some nasty, petulant,

Mick and Mairead Philpott and Paul Mosley

Mick and Mairead Philpott Mick Philpott of Allenton, Derby, had been dubbed 'Shameless Mick' and for good reason. He had spent his life sponging off of women and the British taxpayers. Instead of

Roger Kingsley Dean

Roger Dean Roger Kingsley Dean blames the devil. I blame Roger Kingsley Dean, the cowardly, murderous, registered nurse who worked at Quakers Hill Nursing Home in Sydney, Australia. It was Roger Kingsley Dean who, in

Melanie Smith

Melanie Smith Lee-Ann Shiers and Liam Timbrell had the downstairs neighbour from hell. The couple lived in an apartment in Prestatyn, North Wales with their 15-month-old son Charlie. Below them lived Melanie Smith, a spiteful,