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Frank Lewis

frank lewis

Crimes: Burglary, Animal Abuse, Torture There’s not much to admire about Frank Lewis of Port Talbot, South Wales. There is, on the other hand, a whole lot to be afraid of. Frank Lewis, 18, enjoys killing animals. He enjoys torturing

Igor Suprunyuk, Viktor Sayenko & Alexander Hanzha


I am pleased to post this article written by contributor Damon. He tackled a very difficult story. Please be warned — there are some awful, gruesome, disgusting photos with dead animals included. Crimes: Serial murder, animal abuse, assault, torture, robbery,

Willie Bee Turner


Crimes: Animal Cruelty, Arson OK, I gotta admit that I’m a dog person. In particular, I love Chihuahuas and have my own pack. They have so much love to give, and ask for so little in return. They’re ecstatic when

Nicole Friedman Hulbig


Crime: Animal Cruelty Nicole Friedman Hulbig of Tennessee, USA, has a whole lot of legal woes coming up involving embezzlement. What I’m concerned about are her past encounters with justice, which IMO don’t constitute justice at all. Nicole Hulbig was

Andrew Frankish & Daniel Frankish

Daniel & Andrew Frankish

Crime: Cruelty to Animals I was all set to write about a rapist, and then along came this horrific story of abuse and injustice from North Yorkshire, England. It features two nasty shitstain brothers named Andrew and Daniel Frankish, who

John Corver


Crimes: Attempted Murder, Kidnapping, Assault, Attempted Arson, Animal Cruelty John Corver of Bolton, Connecticut has women problems. It seems they keep wanting to leave him. Awwww. But the real problem is that John Corver won’t let them go. He apparently

Ian Morgan, John Cauchi & Tony Cauchi

Cauchis and live bait rabbit The Four Corners live baiting scandal in Sydney, Australia made me absolutely sick when it happened. Actually it continues to sicken me, but at least there have

Anthony Bruce

Anthony Bruce Anthony Bruce of Billingham, Teesside, UK, got off way too easy IMO. Of course, IMO, dog torturers and dog killers should spend a long, long time in prison. I feel the same

David Etzel

David Etzel I know that being drunk releases a person's inhibitions and greatly impairs judgment. Some people become gregarious, promiscuous and silly, but others become belligerent, destructive and mean. David Etzel of Florida is

Jason Schiloh Brown

Jason Schiloh Brown Jason Schiloh Brown of Reno, Nevada makes me sick. Literally sick. I didn't want to write about him because his crimes involve dogs. His crimes are the stuff of nightmares, so

Lee Khair AKA Lee Michael

Lee Khair/Michael Make no mistake, Lee Michael, formerly Lee Khair, is a cruel and sadistic hellbeast. If you read no farther just know he's responsible for inflicting horrible injuries to a dog, and causing

Aldair Hodza & Laura Sorensen

Aldair Hodza and Laura Sorensen Truck driver Kevin Kimmel at the very least saved a young woman from future torture and rape. IMO I think he saved her life. Kudos to

Robert S. Melia Jr. & Heather Lewis

Melia and Lewis Robert S. Melia Jr., a former police officer from Mount Holy, New Jersey, USA, is a sexual pervert who doesn't limit his "affections" to human beings. Apparently he has been known

Hayley Cowan

Haley Cowan I've been busy with a facial reconstruction, but I just had to interrupt my efforts when I learned about Haley Cowan of Tyldesley, UK. There is something very wrong with Haley Cowan,