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Sydney Teerhuis-Moar is a killer. He became a killer in July 2003 at the age of 33. Sydney Teerhuis-Moar is also a fame whore. Probably has always been one. So being the pathetic POS attention-seeker he is, he could not resist turning his one act of murder into the spectacle of spectacles. He had to out-Ripper Jack the Ripper. He had to transform his victim, the hapless Robin Greene, from a living breathing man with family and friends into a macabre display of grotesquery and gore. All Robin Greene was to Sydney Teerhuis-Moar was a “human trophy.”

Sadly, Robin Greene will be mostly remembered as the chopped up guy in the bathtub. He deserved better.

Robin Greene was the son of a prominent elder on a Shoal Lake reserve. He was 38 years old, and he was visiting Winnipeg to celebrated Canada Day. He was around 5’8″ and weighed about 150 pounds. He was not especially muscular. He had long straight jet-black hair, halfway down his back.

Robin Greene didn’t know his killer until they met shortly before his death. Both he and his murderer were gay. They had some drinks, conversed and decided to go to Teerhuis-Moar’s suite at the Royal Albert Arms Hotel. The hotel had seen better days; the rooms were typically rented to welfare recipients and low-income residents.

Once in the suite, Robin Greene posed for sexy pictures, first wearing underwear, and then nude, and then nude in the antique clawfoot bathtub. He must have anticipated nothing more than an enjoyable bout of sex. He likely had no inkling of his immediate, ghastly fate.

The details are such that I need brain-bleach to get them out of my head. Poor Robin Greene was stabbed and stabbed and stabbed. I only hope the first strike was fatal and he didn’t suffer unduly. Sydney Teerhuis-Moar, the over-achieving fame whore killer, finally tired after 68 blows. Oh, yes, he just had to outdo Jack the Ripper, didn’t he!

And then, with visions of famous killer Dennis Nilsen no doubt dancing in his head, he spent hours butchering the corpse of Robin Greene. That was a lot of concentrated, meticulous and serious effort. But where Dennis Nilsen tried to hide his handiwork under the floorboards and in the sewer system, the artiste inside Sydney Teerhuis-Moar demanded that he create a masterpiece.

And so the remains of Robin Greene, eight pieces, were posed preposterously for posterity in the bathtub in room 309 of the Royal Albert Arms Hotel. I shall spare you, dear reader, the worst of the details. It is the stuff of horror films.

Sydney Teerhuis-Moar had made a half-ass attempt to mop up blood. There was still plenty left on the walls, the mattress and a bed sheet. Why he was worried about the blood I don’t know — possibly it didn’t fit his artistic vision.

Sydney Teerhuis-Moar was far more successful in making Robin Greene’s organs disappear. The police never did find them, and believe me they looked!

So after spending such a busy night, Sydney Teerhuis-Moar trucked himself to the nearby Remand Centre and approached the two guards at front desk. When asked if they could help him, he calmly announced that he was turning himself in because he’d killed somebody. The flummoxed guards in turn handed him the phone and invited him to tell the police. And he told them all right.

“My name is Sydney Teerhuis and I killed someone yesterday… I chopped up the guy. I blacked out and when I woke up I found the body in the bathtub.”

And without much further ado, police officers were on their way. Sydney Teerhuis-Moar told them that he’d met the victim, they’d gone to his room for drinks and sex and …. he passed out. And when he woke up, Holy Crap! there was a body dismembered in the tub!

Yup, that’s his story. He BLACKED OUT! Doesn’t remember a thing! How nice for him.

He’d been too boozed up, he and his lawyer argued in court, so he couldn’t possibly have planned to kill anybody! He had no motive to kill Robin Greene, so it couldn’t possibly be first-degree murder or second-degree murder he’d committed, right? No no no, it had to be manslaughter!

The police officers that investigated will likely never forget the horror that they saw — what Sydney Teerhuis-Moar meant them to see. The jurors at his trial will likewise never forget the gawd-awful photos and evidence. No, apparently only Sydney Teerhuis-Moar enjoys a blank, gore-free memory.

Know what? I don’t believe this blackout, memory-lapse crap this POS is handing out. You know why? Because, since Sydney Teerhuis-Moar is a flaming fame whore, he sent a whole lot of correspondence to local author Dan Zupansky that proved he knew exactly what he was doing, and remembered every awful detail. He wrote these letters after he was arrested for murder:

“When you kill someone you experience a frenzy, a vehemence for what cannot be changed; the triumphs and trophies Greene’s physical body had to offer when I carved him up, having sex with a dead body was more powerful than anything you could fathom. The poetry of Greene’s viscera, the inexplicable beauty of his intestines elaborately coiled and folded, the rich aroma of fresh human meat, the sound of stainless steel cutting into bone, ripping out the lungs with my bare hands. When Greene was sawed in half, the shreds of flesh hung from his ribcage like colorless frond. Randomly stabbing his corpse, butchering him for the mere pleasure of it, because I can (when you cut off a human arm or leg, then hold it and admire it, you are overwhelmed with this ideology that the victim was ultimately sacrificed for the right reasons).

“When I butchered Greene’s body, watching the steel blade enter the body and the sensation of pulling it out again was beyond any moral connection. I treated the corpse like a side of beef, like Greene was a dead animal and portioned him like a giant turkey, cutting off the arms and legs.”

My God, how can anyone not see this creature Teerhuis-Moar belongs forever in hell? He’s totally orgiastic over killing a human being! Over raping a corpse! Over slaughtering a human body! And that’s not all he wrote to the author:

“I looked into Greene’s eyes as I cut into him. It was kind of erotic.”

Excuse me while I retch.

“Dissecting Greene was a lot of work. It was a messy job… I pulled out the heart. It was smaller than I expected… I was in awe at the sight of his intestines. I looked at them in amazement — the curls, the intricate folds, the transparency … Now I know how serial killer Dennis Nilsen must have felt when he killed his first victim.”

This POS demon beast Teerhuis-Moar wrote extensively about being sexually aroused as he killed his victim and defiled the corpse. He wrote about sex acts he performed on the victim both before and after he was dead. He discussed his admiration for serial killers such as Jeffrey Dahmer.

Sydney Teerhuis-Moar also made tasteless jokes about how the victim was dismembered:

“I guess you could say I’m a cut above the rest. Sometimes I can be a real pain in the gut. But I wouldn’t fall to pieces over it. Just reading this, you must think I lost my head or something.”

Shitstain Teerhuis-Moar even drew a detailed map of the suite inside the Royal Albert Hotel on which he pinpointed exactly how and where he committed various acts including stabbing Green and cutting up his body. How could he do that without remembering everything?

Teerhuis-Moar wrote about getting sexual satisfaction from the actual murder and smoking crack cocaine after Robin Greene was dead.

“I had left Green’s headless nude corpse on the bathroom floor for quite a while before chopping him up.”

Jurors heard these extracts and more during testimony by pathologist Dr. Charles Littman. Dr. Littman testified Teerhuis-Moar’s descriptions of the organs — including their shape, weight and texture — were accurate. So much for blacking out and not remembering!

Dr. Littman said poor Robin Greene’s dismemberment was “almost surgical-like” in its precision and would have needed three hours minimum to complete.

“It would require some degree of manual dexterity and co-ordination,” he testified. So how drunk was that hellbeast Teerhuis-Moar that he could do that?

Defense lawyer Greg Brodsky said his client was suffering from “disorganized thinking and impaired judgment” at the time, and deserved the benefit of the doubt from jurors.

Teerhuis-Moar argued he was a victim of his own desire for fame and made up the details to make a better story.

In his closing arguments defense lawyer Brodsky asked jurors to leave emotion out of their deliberations. While admitting the crime was horrific, he told the jurors, “You can’t decide my client is a horrible person.” No? Then what on earth would make somebody a horrible person if not that?

Brodsky also suggested that “no sane and sober person” would do the things that were done to Robin Greene.

“He lost it,” Brodsky said in closing arguments. He also spoke of Teerhuis-Moar’s “very unhappy background” which included being sexually abused as a child.

Brodsky also criticized the Judge Glen Joyal for allowing jurors to be shown photos of the crime scene, saying they only “inflamed the passions” of the panel.

Crown prosecutor Sheila Leinburd suggested that Teerhuis-Moar was simply “evil”:

“How drunk does a man have to be to do this to another human being? The killing was merciless.”

Teerhuis-Moar was found guilty of second-degree murder.

Justice Glen Joyal, after considering all the facts and details, eschewed the normal sentencing for second-degree murder (life with no chance of parole for 10 years) and imposed a sentence of life with no chance of parole for 25 years. Yay Justice Joyal!

The POS Teerhuis-Moar isn’t happy about this turn of events. He wants out! Through his lawyer, Greg Brodsky, he appealed. Apparently one of their arguments was that the jury shouldn’t have been shown photos of the scene. Too inflammatory and prejudicial, apparently. Never mind that it was the actual scene of the actual murder for which he was on trial.

Seriously? So what photos are juries supposed to see if not the crime scene photos?

Teerhuis-Moar also argued that Dr. Littman erred on how Robin Greene died.

“In 2006, Dr. Littman states Mr. Greene had died of a fatal stab wound to the heart, yet all the internal organs had been removed, so how could he come to that conclusion?”

Does this creature expect anyone to believe Robin Greene died of natural causes? Sixty-eight stab wounds! I think it’s fair to say he was stabbed to death.

Appeal denied. Thank God!

And still the fame-whore Teerhuis-Moar clutches at every gambit for fame. He created a comic strip entitled, “Munchie: Life in the Big City” which portrays a happy day in the happy life of a cannibal. (So where exactly are Robin Greene’s organs? Hmmmm.)

Sydney Teerhuis-Moar

Recently, for those who believe in divine justice, Teerhuis-Moar has claimed he’s recovering from a severe bout of flesh-eating disease. In a handwritten letter from Saskatchewan Penitentiary near Prince Albert, he told a reporter from Sun Media:

“(I) had undergone three major surgeries to get rid of the virus. I almost lost my left leg. To date, I am still recovering from surgery and deemed somewhat crippled for life. I’m dependent on a wheelchair, leg brace and walker.”

He also complains that he’s suffered numerous health problems, “from Hep C to arthritis, diabetes and a rare blood disorder.”

Excuse me while I pray hard for his complete recovery — NOT! Nope, I am actually rejoicing in each and every physical ailment this inhuman being suffers. May his suffering only end upon his death. And then, Sydney, may you roast in pieces!


I understand that there are those inquiring minds who do want to know what was done to Robin’s body, so for the squeamish I suggest you read no further.

In the bathtub the undeserving victim Robin Greene was placed facing the doorway to maximize the visual impact. His decapitated head with the long hair was perched atop the neck and torso. One eyeball was gone (never found) and the other eyeball was punctured. Robin’s mouth was frozen wide open in a silent scream.

The torso was sawn in half at the waist. The forearms were cut off close to the elbows. One forearm and hand had been partially dissected. The legs were chopped off just below the knees. The pieces were positioned close to the elbows.

The penis and testicles were sliced off all together and placed back in their usual position. The chest had dozens and dozens of deep stab wounds carved in a figure 8. The right nipple was cut off, gone.

There was one long slice from the neck down to the waist and the chest and abdominal cavity were completely empty. All of the internal organs were gone. And finally, the poor man’s flesh hung shredded from the ribcage.

The POS Sydney Teerhuis-Moar spent at least 3 hours carving Robin Greene’s body up. That does not include timeouts for sex with the remains. And now I’ve gotta go bleach my brain. Again.

Please spare a thought and prayer for the police officers and others that were exposed to this monstrous display that had once been a living, breathing man.

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10 Responses to Sydney Teerhuis-Moar

  1. CreepyCrawly says:

    Why wasn’t this 1st Degree Murder? Did Sydney have to kill and dismember an entire family? I don’t get it. It was pre-meditated murder in the first degree, IMO.

  2. Rioux says:

    I remember this quite well that year in Winnipeg Manitoba. It was also the year Save The Last Dance with Jennifer Lopez and Richard Gere was filmed here and if memory is correct in that hotel room with them was also a diamond necklace that was in part with the props with that movie. I don’t know if police discovered how one of them ended up with the necklace and how it ended up at the St.Charles. By the way that hotel is a dump ugh cant stand walking by it at lunch time when I head to the exchange district from work. In the 70s and 80s the high class hookers were there and the bikers than towards the 90s and now Winnipeg bands play in there and whoever goes to watch,,,watches I guess. Either way that place is super haunted from standing so long and all the crazy stuff that happened in there. It should be torn down but there are fighting with city hall to make it a historical landmark. For what because of this incident. I don’t either way I feel sad for Robin because he was actually my dad’s relative and my dad still cannot walk by there. TEAR It DOWN!1 and as for Syd well where he is at Sask Penn he is in P.C and scared to leave P.C. He has uber amounts of threats on his life. How I know…my ex husband had come across him a few times in there cause hes in the same prison and its no country club that’s for sure. No prisons are in Canada there more ruthless than people think …. its the justice system that is lack. “memories are memories…most are not well”

  3. against stupid people says:

    how bout a round of LET THE PUNISHMENT FIT THE CRIME. I just don’t understand… do these people who sentence murderers think they can be rehabilitated? cause you cant rehab evil. THE END

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      couldn’t agree with you more, i’m a believer in let the punishment fit the crime, a guy in iran threw acid in a womans face and blinded her, he has been sentenced to having his eyes removed, now that’s what i call justice, instead of pissing around giving stupid sentences and leaving scumbags to roam the streets committing more carnage.

  4. Lisa Foggia says:

    I am wondering if this is the only murder this psychopath has ever committed.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      Lisa, i think he has killed before, you can’t tell me that he just decided to commit a heinous crime like that on a whim. I think this dude should never be released, he is a danger to all canadians, that poor man, my heart goes out to his family, to be murdered is horrible in itself but to die the way he did must bring nightmares to his family.

  5. Ryan says:

    Silly Canadians and your silly laws. After listening to some Canadian pod-casts I’m pretty sure I don’t ever want anything to do with you guys. You can cut heads off like this guy or the guy in the Gray hound bus and you are free to walk the streets because your crazy and I guess that translates to safe neighbors. Oh well guess I’ll stay in Arizona where it’s warm and we execute crazy!

    • BeenThere says:

      Agree 100%…In the US, Do the crime, do the time or GET A NAP…



  6. Sarebear88 says:

    Lethal injection is way to lenient in my mind all you do is go sleep peacefully. They should have to die the same way they killed their victims not by a peaceful little needle

  7. Janice Greene says:

    I’ve read your article before. I was in the court room every day to hear the horrors of what happened to my brother Robin. Everyone got it wrong why he was in Winnipeg. He was on his way to visit me for my Birthday. Robin was not only my brother, but my best friend. He was my daughter’s playmate and caregiver. He was a caring and loving person and that is how I remember him. It is horrific how he died and it kills me each day what Sidney Teerhuis-Moar did to him. What it did to my father, brother and sister who went to identify his body. We were all BROKEN. Robin came home in a silver bullet because his body had decomposed so badly. Saying goodbye to him was extremely difficult especially for my daughter and granddaughter. The worse part of it all, was the city wanted to create a tour involving taking people to the Royal Albert Arms Hotel where my brother was murdered. How gross is that. I told them that my family lives here in the city and I didn’t want my grandchildren to know that people pay to see the grotesque.

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